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Uli #Hoeneß dijo que los Ultras del #BayernMunich llegaron a su casa y le dijeron que "limpiara el desorden del club de #Brazzo y #Kahn".

🗞 @SZ Image
"Queríamos que Oliver y Hasan se enteraran (sobre el despido) directamente de nosotros, queríamos mantener el tema alejado del equipo antes del partido en Colonia y queríamos anunciarlo al público de inmediato después de decirle a los jugadores en el vestuario" Image
"No podemos tomar una decisión tan importante para el futuro del FC Bayern dependiendo de si el Dortmund logra el 3-2 en el minuto 97 o no. No funciona de esa manera"
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[A LA UNE A 18H] L'agence de presse américaine AP s'est dite "choquée et horrifiée" par la frappe israélienne qui a détruit la tour abritant ses bureaux et ceux d'Al-Jazeera à #Gaza, la qualifiant de "développement incroyablement inquiétant" #AFP 1/5
[A LA UNE A 18H] À Paris, l'interdiction des autorités n'a pas arrêté les soutiens aux Palestiniens, qui se sont rassemblés cet après-midi. Plusieurs autres rassemblements, autorisés, ont lieu à travers la France #AFP 2/5
[A LA UNE A 18H] #Covid19: La France a franchi le cap des 20 millions de personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin, selon Emmanuel Macron, quelques jours avant d'alléger les contraintes sanitaires mercredi en rouvrant commerces, terrasses et lieux culturels #AFP 3/5
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Government works only when all follow the rules. Republicans are obstructing & defeating checks & balances. #Lewandowski & Republican games today prove why we need new president & new Senate & why professionals should question witnesses hell bent on not answering.
To extent @RepJerryNadler intended today to show 45 and his Republican enablers are obstructing legitimate Congressional oversight, he's succeeding, but the message is getting lost. HJC needs to do more of what @RepHankJohnson did and must insist #Lewandowski read from Report.
Need to hear Lewandowski saying the words 45 said to him. He is the witness, not the Dems. Stop letting him force Democratic questioner to do the reading.
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1. What should concern every American is that Trump and his @whitehouse attorneys are clearly committing the crime of obstructing a congressional committee witness in violation of 18 USC 1505. #Lewandowski has said they have.
2. Indisputable, @PTOTUS Trump and his attorneys can all be charged in 2021. So what's their plan? Or said more accurately what's the Russkies' plan? And the scary answer is Trump and Putin are planing a coup and people like the @ODNI and @JudiciaryGOP are part of it. @FBIWFO
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Smug stonewalling Corey #Lewandowski & GOP cohorts are subverting democracy at today's #impeachment hearing. Americans voted to put Democrats in power to hold this corrupt POTUS accountable. But Repubs shamelessly obstruct & spew propaganda to protect idiot POTUS & their power.😒
Lewandowski/GOP Logic: Obama, Clapper, Comey, Brennan are to blame for Russia subverting our election to install Trump … which never happened.

Also let’s jail those who tried to stop Russia’s attack but failed b/c corrupt Trump & GOP encouraged & gave Putin cover.

GOP propaganda agitprop circus aside, Lewandowski & Trump KNOW their conduct is culpable #obstruction. Otherwise Trump wouldn't be directing White House lawyers to silence Corey w/ baseless privilege assertions. & Corey would answer Judiciary Dems' questions. #ImpeachmentHearings
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1. We are seeing what a hearing in a Congress that has so many members who are part of the Russian mob. The @HouseGOP @SenateGOP are both Kremlin fronts and every member engaged in obstruction should be charged with their conduct occurring off the floor.
2. Congress is protected from what they say on the floor and the committee. But their actions to conspire against the US can become a basis for criminal proceedings and law suits. We can simply wait to charge Trump and the @WhiteHouse counsel with 18 USC 1505 obstruction
3. in 2021. The key is to insure that the criminals in @TheJusticeDept and the @WhiteHouse never practice after what we must presume will be convictions for obstruction and RICO. Many should face treason charges for conspiring to levy war on the US.
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Nadler Clown Show - Fantasy Fishing Edition
1PM Hearing - "Presidential Obstruction of Justice and Abuse of Power"
Nadler and team insanity will grill and try to entrap former Trump Campaign staff
Starring: Lewandowski, Dearborn, and Porter

The real abuse of power is Nadler's use of the House Judiciary Committee. The HJC is supposed to oversee the courts/justice department. Under Nadler it has been perverted into a political weapon to smear and persecute the President. Nadler is a sick human being drunk with power.
Executive Privilege Notification.
White House Counsel issued a letter to Nadler and the HJC stating correctly that Porter and Dearborn are "absolutely immune" from testifying. Furthermore, WH Counsel directed both Porter and Dearborn to ignore the Nadler's subpoenas.
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At 5:34pm election night Vlasto emailed Bossie the polling data he requested. Trump was down 5-8pts in 8 key states. The polls at this point had never been wrong.

Bossie shared the data w Bannon, Preibus & Kushner 1/ ImageImage
Frank Luntz over at Fox was given Fox exit polls at 5:03pm election night. It wasn’t even close. Hillary would be President.

Luntz says Trump had the (illegally obtained) polls & knew what he knew. 2/ ImageImage
August 2016 Roger Stone writes a column for the Hill accusing Priebus of rigging Wisconsin elections.

Step 1 publish a rigged poll
Step 2 rig the voting

3/ Image
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