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🧐Trump is being acquitted -- in FIRST Senate impeachment trial in history w no witness testimony -- on premise the House process was unfair.

(THREAD on this misleading premise)👉

1. 17 witnesses w knowledge of Trump withholding of Ukraine aid testified. The GOP called, and got
, Amb Volker & Tim Morrison.

2. Trump blocked anyone in position to exonerate him & R's made no attempt to call them: Mulvaney, Blair, Pompeo.

3. The GOP witnesses denied -- the whistleblower & Hunter Biden -- have nothing to offer on Trump's motives in withholding Ukraine aid
They are immaterial. Sen. Cornyn, T-Texas, even said this about Hunter.

4. On scorn for Schiff for failing to "do his job" and call Bolton. House Dems badly wanted to call him but Bolton wouldn't do it. He said .. take me to court. It wasn't until EARLY JAN that he agreed.
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👉🏻Trump campaign email on SOTU address:

“This Address will be unlike any other. Your President is in the middle of an all-out IMPEACHMENT WAR, and the Left is doing everything they can to try and take me down. They’re trying to take you down.” ...

I promise you that I won’t go down without a fight, and I certainly won’t let Chuck and Nancy’s second-rate scare tactics keep me from addressing the American People.
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The death of democracy. A THREAD.

On January 21st, 2010, the landmark Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case was decided by the Supreme Court, overturning a lower court decision, granting first amendment protections to special interests and corporations...

1/ the form of virtually unlimited campaign donations, and clearing the path for an American oligarchy.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote at the time, in support of the decision, "there is a difference between judicial restraint and judicial abdication."

Ten years and ten days later, the same Federal Election Commission that was the loser a decade ago is hobbled by intentional neglect at the hands of Trump and McConnell, unable to attain a quorum... Unable to investigate, litigate, regulate or castigate.

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Trump is being acquitted primarily on the premise that the House process was unfair to him.

Your guide (THREAD)👉

1. 17 witnesses w knowledge of Trump's withholding of Ukraine aid testified. The GOP called, and got, Amb Volker & Tim Morrison.
2. Trump blocked anyone in a position to exonerate him & R's made no attempt to call them: Mulvaney, Blair, Pompeo.

3. The GOP witnesses denied -- the whistleblower & Hunter Biden -- have nothing to offer on Trump's motives in withholding Ukraine aid. They are immaterial.
Sen. Cornyn, T-Texas, even said this about Hunter.

4. Lots of scorn for Schiff for failing to "do his job" and call Bolton. House Dems badly wanted to call Bolton but Bolton wouldn't do it. He said, basically, take me to court. It wasn't until EARLY JAN that he agreed.
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USMCA Deal - Notice POTUS uploaded multiple Facebook photos - Including a specific one - him signing a helmet with a 'Q' sticker (not directly a 'QANON sticker') still, notebook, pen, desk QDROP > so I can 'time' the QDROP and connect QANON, myself and POTUS > 727,656 > '355'
'355' given from 727-656 in ]TARGET] brackets - also mentioned numerous times. 13 seconds after I saved this photo to my Phone -- Majestic 12 tweets > notice last tweet from them was 41 minutes before. See here:…

#RIPAmerica #ChildreninCages #coronarvirus
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On "due process:"

The witnesses were ALL cross-examined by GOP & Dem attorneys and lawmakers in House *hearings."

So Cipollone's complaint is that the president's *attorneys" didn't cross examine the witnesses, which they would do in a *trial* but now r now choosing not to.
Also, POTUS lawyer was invited (in Judiciary hearings) to cross examine the House Dem lawyer who knows the most about the case and declined.
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Welcome to today's #Trump #ImpeachmentTrial thread (potentially one of a few)! I've been playing around with tags a little in other tweets this morning but for now, I'm going to stick with the two I've used here. That may change later on, though. Follow/mute at will!
Today is going to be procedural stuff. The Senate will have to approve the (completely BS) rules proposed by McConnell. Dems will offer amendments, of course, but since a simple majority rules I don't have a lot of hope any of the amendments will pass. #Trump #ImpeachmentTrial
For those of you just tuning in, McConnell is proposing that this trial have:

Zero witnesses
Zero admitted evidence
Ridiculously little time set aside for opening arguments and questions.
As little sunlight as possible.

#Trump #ImpeachmentTrial
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So @Jim_Jordan just got to the heart of the matter.

He argued that “I want to do us a favor, though” was perfect because America HAD been through a lot because of the Mueller investigation, Trump was "ticked," and he wanted to find out what was going on.
@Jim_Jordan Now @jim_Jordan said that Trump "consistently" cooperated with Congress.

Up is Down.
@Jim_Jordan Right. It's a violation of the Impound Control Act.

The idea seems to be that Trump's actions were justified, so if he broke a few laws along the way, no biggie.

Yes, a hard sell.

All the other nonsense being thrown is to distract.

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The House Judiciary Cmte hearing begins in just under an hour. Live-tweet thread will start here. Read the story embedded below to freshen up.
@CourthouseNews With the very familiar crack of the committee gavel, we are underway.
@CourthouseNews Chairman Nadler begins. "We meet to consider articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump."

For such an important and solemn occasion, Nadler adds, it is appropriate for all members to make an opening statement, a change from the typical chair and ranking member stmt.
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Let me be clear: We actually don't have to read the President’s mind on his intent. As we saw on television, he told us himself exactly what his intent was when asked what he wanted from President Zelensky. #ImpeachmentHearing…
Uncontested Fact: President Trump didn't even mention the word “corruption” during either of his calls with President Zelensky & he disregarded all talking points related to corruption that were prepared for him by the National Security Council. #ImpeachmentHearing
Uncontested Fact: Investigations of the Bidens & a debunked conspiracy theory about the 2016 election were not aligned with official U.S. policy. #ImpeachmentHearing
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1/ THREAD: #SteveCastor displaying an R2E2 (Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression) while he's being asked about #DonaldTrump asking Pres. #Zelensky into investigating Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #ImpeachmentHearing #Impeachment
2/ The Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression is a common nonverbal signal which varies in duration (e.g., very briefly, such as a microexpression or near-microexpression) - but it may also manifest via longer-duration facial displays.

#ImpeachmentHearing #BodyLanguageExpert
3/ Most body language novices will mistake this the R2E2 with the thought-emotion signal of disgust - yet these have two completely different meanings.

#ImpeachmentHearings #BodyLanguageExpert
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The impeachment of @realDonaldTrump is unique in the 243-year history of the U.S. experiment & Barry Berke explains why:

He abused his power "in the ways the founders feared the most."

1. Abuse of power: the biggest violation? Serving his interests over the nation's.
@realDonaldTrump Direct quote from Trump: "I have an Article II and I can do whatever I want."

2. Betrayal of the nation: of the nation in a way that hurts our national security interests.

3. Corruption. The worst case scenario? Foreign powers corrupting our elections.

@realDonaldTrump These are the ABC's of impeachment that @NBCNews reported on previously.

Trump, according to House Judiciary Democrats and legal experts, has violated ALL 3.

THAT, is unique in U.S. history.
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"It is not a requirement that the President be a good person... It is a requirement that the President be a person who does not abuse his power." Barry Berke #ImpeachmentHearings
A: "The evidence is overwhelming that the President abused his power." Barry Berke #AbuseOfPower #ImpeachmentHearings
“Documents, actions, sworn testimony, uncontradicted contemporaneous records” support the case against the president, says @BarryBerke #ImpeachmentHearing
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Chairman Nadler opens today’s #ImpeachmentHearing and immediately he is interrupted by a guy shouting who is escorted out. Now Nadler says in his statement that even if the president doesn’t honor his oath of office “I honor mine.” “Charismatic demagogues” is also mentioned.
“President Trump put himself before country.” Nadler is coming out strong, hitting this point several times, noting the whistleblower’s complaint has been substantiated over and over by multiple officials. Nadler looks like he is trying to sway independent voters.
About that protestor planted in the gallery who was removed. He was accusing Nadler of treason. “We voted for Donald Trump and they’re trying to remove him because they don’t like him!”he yelled.
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So is #Schiff also involved in the #Ukraine scam along with the Bidens, ambassadors and 'high ranking officials'?

Guess we might also see some lawyers popping up soon

The #ImpeachmentHearing is beginning to make a lot more sense. 🤔

h/t @ChaponMarilyn

Oh what a surprise! This alleged fraud has links all the way up to Obama. But I suppose with $7.4 billion of US taxpayers' money to play with, there wouldn't be a need to leave anyone out.…
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NEW: Are RICO charges coming for Donald Trump and the GOP? Plus who is "-1"? It's all in may latest podcast. Watch it here it. @Narativlive #Impeachment #FridayFeeling…
Remember to join Narativ at and support independent journalism. #ImpeachmentHearing
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<THREAD> Exclusive: Is "-1" in the impeachment inquiry call logs former GOP Rep Pete Sessions? Listen to my interview with him below. @narativlive #ImpeachmentHearing
Seems Lev Parnas knows Sessions really well. And Sessions came through with that letter to Pompeo criticizing Ambassador Yovanovitch and asking for her expulsion./2 @narativlive #ImpeachmentInquiry
According to the Parnas indictment - Sessions received huge contributions to his campaign efforts in 2018 - $3m! /3 @NarativLive #ImpeachmentInquiry
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GOP hypocrisy: A THREAD.

There may be no better example of the hypocrisy, disingenuousness and easily-triggered nature of today's GOP than the universal feigned outrage and pearl clutching over this sentence:

"The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron."

The party that celebrates a man (Limbaugh) who once called Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog," revels in mocking teenage climate & gun control activists, & supports policies of taking children from parents with no record or plan for reunification, finally draws the line...

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Remember when I told you that the #Impeachment Inquiry was really about Russia? The same show I told you about Rudy and #Trump taking bribes. That was at the end of October.@NarativLive #ThursdayThoughts…
@NarativLive Then I laid out how Vladimir Putin seemed to be calling the shots as Trump and Giuliani were scrambling to deal with Zelensky's surprise election win. /2 @NarativLive. #Impeach #UkraineScheme…
I revealed how profits from Liquid Natural Gas plays a big factor in the #UkraineScheme and that Republicans were set to make a mint off Ukrainian LNG tenders. /3 #TrumpImpeachment…
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After the events of Ukraine unfolded, the President claimed that the reason he requested an investigation into his political opponents and withheld desperately needed military aid for Ukraine was supposedly because he was worried about "corruption." #ImpeachmentHearing
However, contrary to the President’s statements, various witnesses—including Vice President Pence’s special advisor, Jennifer Williams—testified that the President’s request was political. #ImpeachmentHearings
Lt. Col. Vindman testified that he prepared talking points on anti-corruption reform for the Pres. Trump's call w/Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky.
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#ImpeachmentHearing #Giuliani Giuliani's overlooked contacts with the Kremlin/KGB/oligarchs thread. In 2004, #Giuliani visited Moscow & Magnitogorsk to meet Moscow corrupt mayor #Luzhkov, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov & more. The screenshot of the video (now deleted.
Luzhkov--Trump. In Nov1996, Howard Lorber & Ben LeBow brought Trump to Moscow & arranged discussions about a joint venture between their Liggett-Ducat tobacco factory, Trump Organization and the city of Moscow with the Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov’s office.
3. During the 1993 and 1997 campaigns, USSR-born Sam Kislin, his relatives and companies donated $46,250 to #Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns. Kislin landed a post on the city’s Economic Development…
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Republicans already jumping on the fact that Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler dedicated a decent portion of his opening statement to Russian interference #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentHearings Image
Rep. Doug Collins, in a word...animated #ImpeachmentHearing Image
There weren’t as many off-the-rails moments in Intel committee #ImpeachingHearings as expected. From the beginning of day one in Judiciary, it seems that may not be the case. Lots of interruptions -not only of the chair but the first witness as well. ImageImage
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Okay folks, let's get this party started. Welcome to your #ImpeachmentHearing thread! For your following/muting needs, I'll be tagging these with #ImpeachmentInquiry, #ImpeachmentHearing, and/or #ImpeachingHearings.
Unlike the previous #ImpeachmentHearings, this hearing won't include witnesses to #Trump n' Co's shenanigans. Instead, this hearing is about legal and constitutional theory. It's a panel of nerds, folks, and I am HERE FOR IT.
Oh god. Jim Jordan just sat down. Thor save us all. #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachmentHearings
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🔥#BreakingNunes🔥Nunes, the TOP Republican on the House committee handling the #ImpeachmentHearing, NEVER DISCLOSED to the committee that he was working with INDICTED Lev Parnas, who is funded by Mogilevich’s mob lieutenant, FIRTASH‼️…
Nunes on secret tape: Keep the @GOP majority or “all of this will go away...”…
💥The @SenateGOP will control the #ImpeachmentTrial narrative w Putin’s propaganda. @DevinNunes and others brought up these conspiracy theories everyday. Nunes conspired w Lev Parnas. We need answers👇
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