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Strong #Fourth Cir. published #asylum decision today finding that #immigration judges have a statutory duty to fully develop the record, especially in #ProSe cases, especially, and for #ParticularSocialGroup cases 1/3 #
"The Govt cavalierly suggests that delineating a legally cognizable PSG should be 'nothing difficult or complex for an unrepresented person fleeing persecution' unless the applicant 'is trying to construct an artificial group to create #asylum or withholding eligibility...'"2/3
"This view of the matter is utterly divorced from reality." As Judge Learned Hand once said, "standing is a word game played by secret rules." The same can be said for #PSG formulation, and CA4 appropriately recognizes #asylum as one of the complex areas of #immigration law. 3/3
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The 4-2-3-1 Formation:


🔵Natural Strengths and Weaknesses
🔵Building with a Double Pivot
🔵High/Mid/Low Block


RT's appreciated!

More formations coming soon!
Strengths and Weaknesses of the 4-2-3-1

🔵Naturally Flexible Shape
🔵Addition of Two Holding Midfielders (CDM) For Balance
🔵Can Create 3v2 Opposition Overload if playing in a 4-4-2

#MUFC #Bayern #PSG
The In and Out of Possession Shapes can vary from team to team as per the formations ability to adapt naturally in different match situations.
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No sooner had a European Super League (ESL) been announced than the plans were shelved, at least for the time being, but what were the factors that drove the 12 breakaway clubs to this deeply unpopular move? As usual, it was all about money, a combination of fear and greed.
Whether football is broken is debatable, but there is little doubt that many of the 12 Super League clubs are facing serious financial problems. To some extent, this helps explain why the “dirty dozen” would seek more revenue, but does not excuse this horribly ill-conceived plan.
You don’t have to look too far to see the seriousness of the financial predicament with pre-tax losses of the 12 ESL clubs adding up to a worrying £667m, even before #LFC announce their results. Three of them lost more than £100m: #Milan £169m, #MCFC £125m and #FCBarcelona £112m.
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📢 LIVE TWEETING @fuoridallabolla

🗞️ RASSEGNA STAMPA 20/4/2021

📣 @ceciliasala: "era stato pudore a parlare di questa storia negli ultimi due anni, invece da questo momento in poi sarà diverso. Vorrei capire perché è venuto fuori con questa veemenza adesso." #fuoridallabolla #Grillo
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After news of the European Super League broke, the estimated earnings of clubs from the Big Five leagues in the 2020/21 Champions League might seem a little bit “after the Lord Mayor’s show”, but here’s an analysis up to the semi-finals in any case.
I should emphasise that these figures can only be considered as indicative. They are based on UEFA’s revenue distribution guidelines, but also include estimates for the TV pool and rebates to broadcasters following losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Based on my assumptions, the top 10 TV earnings from the Champions League up to the semi-finals are: #PSG €109m, #RealMadrid €109m, #MCFC €104m, #CFC €101m, #FCBayern €92m, #LFC €88m, #FCBarcelona €84m, #Juventus €82m, #BVB €78m and #Atleti €74m.
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Metto in ordine 2 o 3 pensieri sulla questione #SuperLega #SuperLeague, ma ho più dubbi che certezze.

Premessa: tifo per una delle squadre che ne farebbero parte. La mia opinione peggiorerebbe se tifassi per il #Napoli, per l'#Atalanta o per il #Leicester? Ovviamente sì.

Altre due premesse:

- Il cambiamento in sé non implica un miglioramento della situazione, anzi le probabilità sono quasi sempre le stesse: al 50% andrà meglio, al 50% peggio.
- la @UEFA è un'associazione a delinquere che è auspicabile radere al suolo.

#SuperLeague #SuperLega
La @UEFA non ha fatto niente per impedire al #PSG di spendere 700 milioni in una sessione di mercato alterando bilancio e competizioni. Né ha mosso un dito per impedire a procuratori come #Raiola e #Mendes di acquisire potere di ricatto contro i club.

#SuperLeague #SuperLega
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Thread [#SuperLeague]
What it is - 12 European clubs have come together to announce a new competition called the Super League governed by its founding clubs. Arsenal, Atletico, Chelsea, Barca, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, City, United, Madrid and Spurs are the 12 founders
Along with the current 12, 3 more clubs are set to join them as founders making it 15 in all.
How it's going to work - 20 teams (15 founders + qualifying mechanism for 5 teams to qualify annually). Midweek fixtures with clubs playing their domestic leagues
Which is "the heart of the club game". Competition starts in August, 2 groups of 10 each and both home and away fixtures. Top 3 from each group qualify with the 4th and 5th from both groups playing a playoff round for remaining QF positions.
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Autopsie d'un plantage avec l'article du Parisien sur Sarkozy et la fête clandestine dé-publié sans explications. Arrêt sur Images lève le voile et c'est lunaire… (par @PaulineBock) #Sarkozy #PSG #Fete
La SDJ du Parisien a interpellé le directeur Jean-Michel Salvator pour savoir pourquoi l'article avait retiré alors que des modifications avaient été apportées. Ce dernier a répondu "ne pas connaître cette pratique"... Hallucinant... #Sarkozy #PSG #Medias
L'attachée de presse de Sarkozy Véronique Waché soupire devant le procédé: "C'est presque pire de faire ça (...) La bonne méthode, cela aurait été de dire : « C'est faux », de reprendre mon démenti, et probablement de s'excuser, aussi." #Sarkozy #PSG #Medias
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Why top #Football teams are going #Crypto
A growing number of #Football teams are now venturing into #crypto for obvious reasons, with a #COVID19 battered global economy,
#football teams have had their stadium gates closed amid the compliance of lockdown measures in taming the virus leading to billion of dollars in losses
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#Koeman insiste con #Mingueza e la difesa a 3, il canterano sulla fascia di #Mbappe verrà messo alla prova
Bel #Barcelona in avvio anche se il #PSG a ogni ripartenza può rendersi pericoloso
E scelta che non ha pagato: #Mingueza fuori dopo poco più di 30 minuti per evitare il doppio giallo
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[THREAD] In attesa del derby di Madrid in programma oggi, il #Barcelona conquista 3 punti con un secco 2-0 ai danni dell'#Osasuna facendo il suo lavoro
Alcune considerazioni sui blaugrana di seguito
#Koeman ha riproposto per la terza volta in una settimana la difesa a 3 stavolta con #Lenglet, #Umtiti e #Mingueza (senza capitan #Pique), #JordiAlba e #Dest sugli esterni e #Griezmann in coppia con #Messi…
La settimana scorsa parlando della gara contro il #Sevilla, ci si chiedeva se questa rivoluzione copernicana potesse avere futuro
Per #Koeman, in questo momento, è la sistemazione più adatta alla sua squadra
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Voy a hacer un hilo de jugadores random que han pasado por el Barça. Luego serán 5 o 6 tuits porque me aburriré rápido.
Santi Ezquerro.

Un tipo apodado "La Moto" que llegó gratis al Barça de Ronaldinho. Una vez marcó un gol de chilena.

Un tronco simpático pero gran bregador, de los que se dejan el alma por evitar un saque de banda. En 2008 cumplió su ciclo natural fichando por el #Osasuna. Image
Primera víctima de Messi, cuya irrupción le relegó al ostracismo. Aún así, 8 g en 41 p siendo siempre suplente. Casi los mismos que Kodro en un año entero de titular.

Me ha costado encontrar una foto con la camiseta amarilla, que misteriosamente es con la única que le recuerdo.
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Deloitte have published the 24th edition of their annual Football Money League, which ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue, this time covering the 2019/20 season. Some thoughts in the following thread.
The 2019/20 season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a £1.0 bln (12%) fall in revenue of the top 20 Money League clubs from £8.2 bln to £7.2 bln. Broadcast and match day fell £822m (23%) and £227m (17%) respectively, though commercial rose £87m (3%).
In terms of Euros, match day fell €257m (17%) from €1.5 bln to €1.2 bln, driven by matches either being cancelled or played behind closed doors without fans. Match day revenue is largely derived from gate receipts (including ticket and corporate hospitality sales).
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Aujourd’hui, j’ai un peu de #temps (je blague), et je tente un #thread #scpo sur la #démocratie, parce que c’est un tout petit peu d‘actualité. Et oui, je vais mettre des #mèmes Internet parce que, en vrai autocrate, je trouve cela très très drôle. Prêts ?
2) D’abord, la #démocratie, ce n’est pas la #République (la chose publique). La République, c’est moi...euh, c’est quand le #pouvoir est exercé par tout ou partie du peuple (exit la monarchie) et que les élus représentent plus que le peuple (la #Nation dixit #Sieyes).
3) Les #députés représentent l’intérêt #général plus que le peuple. Utile pour voter une loi impopulaire, comme l’interdiction de la peine de mort (#Badinter), ou la taxe carbone sur l’essence. Encore faut-il bien prouver l’intérêt général (n’est ce pas les gilets jaunes ?).
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Tre anni fa pubblicai questa formazione che rappresentava il possibile XI dell'Italia - proposto da Squawka - all'Europeo del 2020, quello che purtroppo non si è ancora giocato causa Covid.
Tre anni più tardi è bello tornarci sopra.
#Donnarumma si è preso il posto e #Bonucci è ancora lì.
Purtroppo il resto della difesa non ha ad oggi rispetto le attese: giochiamo a 4, quasi sicuramente l'altro centrale non sarà e non sarebbe stato #Romagnoli, che anzi io nemmeno convocherei... per non dire di #Rugani!
Fluidificante destro #Florenzi direi che ci siamo, #Bernardeschi con #Pirlo sta provando davvero a giocare a tutta fascia a sinistra, ma sembra francamente un giocatore abbastanza perso e, nel mentre, si sono imposti #Emerson e #Spinazzola.
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This thread will look at debt at football clubs, focusing on the Premier League Big Six. The fundamental question is whether this debt is too high, but the answer is complicated by the numerous definitions of debt, all of which can be valid #AFC #CFC #LFC #MCFC #MUFC #THFC
At the narrowest extreme, we have just bank debt, but the broadest extreme covers total liabilities, which includes all financial obligations, including transfer debt, tax liabilities, trade creditors, provisions for future losses, accrued expenses and even deferred income.
The net debt reported in an English club’s financial statement is in line with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and essentially covers purely financial obligations, such as overdrafts, bank loans, bonds, shareholder loans and finance leases less cash.
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#Juventus 2019/20 accounts cover a COVID impacted season when they won the league (for the 9th year in a row), but were eliminated in the Champions League last 16 by Lyon. Head coach Max Allegri was replaced by Andrea Pirlo after the season ended. Some thoughts follow.
#Juventus loss before tax widened from €27m to €82m (€90m after tax), as revenue fell €88m (18%) from €494m to €407m, partly offset by €43m (13%) wages cut from €328m to €284m and profit on player sales rising €40m to €167m, though non cash flow expenses were up €48m.
Driven by COVID, all #Juventus revenue streams fell, including broadcasting, down €40m (19%) to €166m, and match day, down €21m (30%) to €49m. Commercial only fell €1m to €186m, as new sponsorships compensated for lower merchandising sales. Player loans down €25m to €5m.
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🚨 #Outgoing update:

- #Everton always wanted #Tomori. #CFC now believe they can let #Rudiger go, so want to keep Fik. One will go this window.
- #Milan have stalled negotiations for #Bakayoko due to Chelsea’s persistent on obligation to buy. #PSG interested, long way to go.

- Clark-Salter likely to head out on loan this window. Champ or aboard
- #Emerson or #Alonso will leave this window. #Inter want Alonso more, others interested in pair
- Haven’t heard too much on #Arsenal’s interest in #Jorginho. Not reading into it too much for now.
Questions on #Malang #Sarr:

- Still likely to head out on loan. Training for fitness.
- Easier deal to be done as just a loan. Not a priority as of now with other deals (ie sales) taking precedence
- Numerous 🇫🇷 & 🇩🇪 clubs interested

- Will he loaned out later this window 🔜
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Goals prevented in the last 2 seasons:
- Edouard Mendy has prevented 5.7 with Reims two years ago and 3.1 last season at Rennes.
- Kepa let in -1.9 more in his first season and -10.7 last season.

Mendy outperforms Kepa on all shot stopping metrics but is a better passer. #CFC
Funnily enough, Marcin Bulka may have had a window of opportunity had he stayed at Chelsea instead of joining PSG. Now he is looking for a loan or permanent move away from Ligue 1. Story by @B_Quarez… #CFC #PSG
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Deloitte’s annual Football Money League has become essential reading, but it only ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue. The following thread adds details for expenses, profits and balance sheet for an “enhanced” version of the money league.
First, we will include some handy one-pagers that include the details for the Top 20 Money League clubs, both in Sterling and Euros. Then, we will drill into each of these in turn to highlight how each club has performed in various categories (only in Sterling).
The revenue overview includes details for each revenue stream (match day, broadcasting and commercial) with broadcasting further split between domestic and UEFA competitions. Other revenue is mainly player loans that are not always included in the Deloitte definition of revenue.
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Following yesterday’s UEFA Champions League final, I can update the estimate for the 2019/20 revenue distributions. We will also explain how #PSG are likely to receive more money than #FCBayern, even though they were defeated on the night.
Based on my assumptions, the top 10 TV earnings from the Champions League will be as follows: #PSG €134m, #FCBayern €130m, #FCBarcelona €104m, #MCFC €99m, #Atleti €95m, #TeamOL €89m, #Juventus €87m, #RealMadrid €84m, #CFC €81m and #LFC €80m.
Looking at how Champions League revenue is distributed in the current cycle, the importance of the UEFA coefficient is evident. TV pool is much less important than it was before. This rewards historically successful clubs rather than those with larger national TV rights deals.
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La foule joyeuse sur les #ChampsElysees pense qu’il y a égalisation du #PSG
D’un coup des dizaines de motards de la #BravM passent très rapidement et gazent depuis les motos, la foule encore festive ... attitude irresponsable de la @prefpolice !
Depuis ça chahute.
La police lance des grenades lacrymo sur une foule jeune qui hurle et part à l’opposé à chaque salve. Gros mouvements de foule, vers le haut puis vers le bas des #ChampsElysees
Difficile de comprendre la stratégie de #MO , Sauf : faire mal et faire peur!
Après une charge policière, les CRS parlent au mégaphone « en raison d’une crise sanitaire, le port du masque est obligatoire »
Les capsules de lacrymo pleuvent toujours ..
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À #Marseille, quand le #PSG gagne t'as des groupes de Marseillais qui sillonnent le Vieux-Port en hurlant "Paris on t'encule" et en claquant des pétards. #PSGRBL
Avec les #CRS (ceux envoyés pour faire respecter le port du masque) en position de maintien de l'ordre sur le Vieux-Port pour un match où... #Marseille ne joue pas 🤨 #PSGRBL
Je ne suis pas resté plus longtemps sur le Vieux-Port (vacances oh) mais c'était pas après la victoire, il y avait pas vraiment de "tensions" et morale de l'histoire, ne suivez pas Conflits c'est de la daube ✌ #PSGRBL
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Following a few requests, I’ve prepared financial fact sheets for some international football clubs. This is not new information as such, but a summary of previous data. This thread covers #FCBarcelona, #RealMadrid, #Juventus, #Milan, #Inter, #ASRoma, #FCBayern, #BVB & #PSG
#FCBarcelona 2019 revenue surged 23% to €852m, the highest in the world, due to taking merchandising in-house and new Champions League deal. First club with wage bill over €500m. Profits 8 years in a row, but increasingly reliant on player sales. Debt & transfer spend shot up.
#RealMadrid revenue flat in 2019, but lower wages and €99m profit from player sales resulted in €53m pre-tax profit, the highest in Spain (though posted €44m operating loss). Financial debt down to €83m. Revenue will be boosted in 2019/20 after taking merchandising in-house.
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