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Following a few requests, I’ve prepared financial fact sheets for some international football clubs. This is not new information as such, but a summary of previous data. This thread covers #FCBarcelona, #RealMadrid, #Juventus, #Milan, #Inter, #ASRoma, #FCBayern, #BVB & #PSG
#FCBarcelona 2019 revenue surged 23% to €852m, the highest in the world, due to taking merchandising in-house and new Champions League deal. First club with wage bill over €500m. Profits 8 years in a row, but increasingly reliant on player sales. Debt & transfer spend shot up.
#RealMadrid revenue flat in 2019, but lower wages and €99m profit from player sales resulted in €53m pre-tax profit, the highest in Spain (though posted €44m operating loss). Financial debt down to €83m. Revenue will be boosted in 2019/20 after taking merchandising in-house.
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After the decision to end the French football season, I thought that it might be interesting to look at the financial position of clubs in Ligue 1. This analysis will highlight the financial dominance of Paris-Saint Germain, who have won 7 league titles in 8 years.
Overall #Ligue1 is unprofitable, losing a total of €126m in 2018/19, a small improvement on the previous season’s €159m deficit. There has only been one profitable season in the last 8 years, which was 2015/16 which achieved a small €20m surplus.
However, 15 of the 20 #Ligue1 clubs were profitable (same as previous season) with the highest profit before tax reported by #PSG €32m, followed by Toulouse €12m and Lyon €8m. The problem was that 3 clubs reported heavy losses: Marseille €91m, Lille €67m and Bordeaux €26m.
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I spoke to @soenen_florian about the next steps at the #CAS and beyond regarding #ManCityBan.

A short thread to share some of my key points (in English)

#Sportslaw #UEFALaw #FFP
1. This is the beginning of a (potentially decade long) judicial journey, not the end. Yet, the #CAS will decide (this summer?) the fate of #ManCity in the short term (e.g. for the 2020/2021 season).
2. The #CAS is unlikely to find that #FFP is contrary to EU law after its #Galatasaray decision, but it could find that the sanction is disproportionate/unfair if #ManCity’s lawyers manage to show that #PSG was in a similar situation and got away with it.
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UEFA have now published the final payments to clubs for 2018/19 European competitions. In the following thread, I will first look at the Champions League distribution, then the Europa League and finally payments by country (with a focus on the Big Five leagues).
In 2018/19 each of 32 clubs qualified for Champions League group stage got €14.5m plus €2.7m for a win and €900k for a draw. Additional prize money for each further stage reached: last 16 €9.5m, quarter-final €10.5m, semi-final €12m, final €15m and winners €19m.
#FCBarcelona had the highest 2018/19 Champions League payment of €118m, but English clubs received four of the top six distributions: winners #LFC €111m, runners-up #THFC €102m, #MUFC €93m and #MCFC €93m. #Juventus were 4th with €96m and #PSG 7th with €86m.
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From Feb 2014 to Feb 2019 #PSG's 3 Executive Directors were paid R242 million, around R80 mil each, excl unvested options. What exceptionally rare skills did they possess, and how did they perform to justify these extraordinary payments ? 1)
2) Exec remuneration increased from R16.75 to R127.39 mil from Feb '14 to Feb '19 for these 3 Execs. That's an avg compounded annual increase of 50% ! #PSG's share price cagr was 21.07% in same period /3
3) in same period Capitec's share price increased from R194 to R1452, or an 49.50% avg compounded annual increase. Just accounting for it's Capitec stake, PSG's share price should have increase by c. R204-50 / share, but managed only R148-50 of that. Lost value R56 / share /4
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#ManchesterUnited’s long-standing relationship with Chevrolet, at £64 million, is the most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League. From the US automotive brand’s perspective, the agreement looks less attractive in view of #MUFC’s brand value declining since 2018
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV #ManUnited is the Premier League club most often perceived as having a rich heritage and history, coming behind only the top Spanish clubs and #Bayern Munich.
These factors are the driving force behind the rewarding partnerships that the brand attracts – at first look Chevrolet
@utdxtra @utdarena @fcbusiness @utdreport @sistoney67 @MUFR_ @MUnitedFR @FlexUTD @UnitedPeoplesTV seems an unusual sponsor, considering its target markets compared to the markets that Manchester United gives access to – but it is the associations with globally recognised heritage that makes the #sponsorship worthwhile. The role that shirt sponsorships can play for commercial
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Bayern Munich 2018/19 accounts cover a mixed season. Domestically, they won the Bundesliga for the 7th season in a row, securing the league and cup double for the 12th time. However, they crashed out of the Champions League in the last 16. Some thoughts follow #FCBayern
#FCBayern profit before tax increased from €46m to €75m (profit after tax €52m). Revenue (per Bayern’s definition) rose €93m (14%) to €750m including €90m profit on player sales. The board described the figures as “outstanding”, as both revenue and profit set record highs.
Excluding player sales, #FCBayern revenue rose €31m (5%) from €629m to €660m, mainly due to TV, up €34m (20%) to €211m, though commercial was also up €8m (2%) to €357m. On the other hand, match day down €11m (11%) to €92m. Profit on player sales €62m higher at €90m.
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Borussia Dortmund 2018/19 accounts cover their first season with Lucien Favre as manager when they finished second behind Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and reached the Champions League last 16. Some thoughts in the following thread #BVB
#BVB profit before tax decreased €13m from €35m to €22m (profit after tax €17m), despite revenue rising €60m (19%) from €317m to €377m, as profit on player sales fell €49m from €126m to €77m and total expenses were up €26m, but net interest payable was €3m lower.
All #BVB revenue streams increased, though the largest growth by far was in broadcasting, up €45m (37%) to €167m. In addition, commercial rose €9m (6%) to €157m, match operations €2m (6%) to €45m and other operating income €4m to €8m.
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#Municipales2020 : @BGriveaux, candidat #LaREM (@enmarchefr) à la mairie de #Paris, sera l'invité d'@EliMartichoux ce mardi 3 septembre à 8h30.

📺 #LaMatinaleLCI sur @LCI #La26.
#Municipales2020 - @BGriveaux vs @VillaniCedric : un duel fratricide.

📺 Écoutez l'édito de Jean-Michel Apathie (@jmaphatie) dans #LaMatinaleLCI sur @LCI #La26.
📌 Dans quelques minutes...

#Municipales2020 : @BGriveaux, candidat #LaREM (@enmarchefr) à la mairie de #Paris, répondra aux questions d'@EliMartichoux.

📺 #LaMatinaleLCI sur @LCI #La26.
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Cronología de un disparate. #Neymar #PSG #Barca. Dentro hilo.
Cuando el Madrid tiene cerrado el fichaje de Neymar en 2013, el Barça se mete en el último momento y con una prima importante convence a Neypai.
El Barça declara oficialmente que el fichaje ha costado 57,1 millones, pero Florentino tiempo después asegura que al Madrid le costaba más de 100.
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A supposer que le classement reste le même en 2020-21 et que le calcul de redistribution ne change pas, lorsque les droits 📺 vont augmenter de 54% (passant à 1,153Mds€), voilà ce que toucheront les clubs #Ligue1
#Thread ⚽⚽
1️⃣ #PSG 92M€
2️⃣ #LOSC 58,9M€
3️⃣ #OL 74,2M€
4️⃣ #ASSE 62,2M€
5️⃣ #OM 71,76M€
6️⃣ #Montpellier 45,4M€
7️⃣ #OGCN 49,28M€
8️⃣ #Reims 38,2M€
9️⃣ #Nîmes 34,9M€
1️⃣0️⃣ #SRFC 38,5M€
1️⃣1️⃣ #RCS 33,11M€
1️⃣2️⃣ #FCN 38,2M€
1️⃣3️⃣ #SCOA 33,11M€
1️⃣4️⃣ #FCGB 43,81M€
1️⃣5️⃣ #Amiens 29,7M€
1️⃣6️⃣ #TFC 33,1M€
1️⃣7️⃣ #ASM 49,89M€
1️⃣8️⃣ #Dijon 29,2M€
1️⃣9️⃣ #SMC 32,8M€
2️⃣0️⃣ #Guingamp 33,5M€
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#RealMadrid are the most valuable football club in Europe according to The European Elite 19 report, prepared by KPMG. The Whites have a value of €3,224 million, ahead of #ManchesterUnited (€3,207m), #Bayern (€2,696m), #FCBarcelona (€2,767m) and #ManCity (€2,460m) #SportsBiz
The Premier League has confirmed its absolute dominance, having nine clubs on the full list (32 clubs) and accounting for 43% of the total aggregate value. The overall EV of the 32 most prominent European football clubs has increased by 9% (an impressive 35% over the past 3 yrs)
Los Blancos jumped above €3bn EV level for the first time, the only club to do this alongside the Red Devils, however, the Spanish giants' current EV is still lower than the #MUFC's was last year. Similarly, the Bavarians' current value is lower than the Blaugrana's in 2018
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Paris Saint-Germain’s 2017/18 financial results cover a season when they won every domestic completion, including Ligue 1 for the 5th time in 6 years, but were eliminated by eventual winners Real Madrid in the Champions League last 16. Some thoughts in the following thread #PSG
#PSG were acquired in 2011 by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), a subsidiary of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), making the club by far the richest in France and one of the wealthiest in the world. Nasser Al-Khelaifi is the club’s chairman and CEO.
Pre-tax #PSG went from a €19m loss to a €40m profit, a €59m improvement. Revenue (DNCG definition) rose €54m (11%) from €503m to a record high of €557m, while profit on player sales shot up €132m to €145m. This was partially offset by significant cost growth.
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Le #PSG a officialisé son nouveau sponsor maillot : Accor Live Limitless…
Le flow est validé ?
C'est une coïncidence, mais la police du logo d'ALL ressemble à celle de Fly Emirates. Ce qui donnera une certaine continuité visuelle. Surtout, le #PSG sera le seul club en Europe à avoir ce sponsor maillot et Accor est un groupe français, l'UEFA va être contente !
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🔴🔵 Antero #Henrique a accéléré ces dernières heures sur un joueur offensif argentin appartenant à Pablo Sabbag (agent de Paredes et Di Maria). Marcelo Simonian est également impliqué dans le dossier. Le nom du joueur n'a pas encore filtré.
🔴🔵 Comme le rapporte le Washington Post, il s'agit de Luciano Acosta. Le joueur arrive sur Paris dans la journée. Première offre @PSG_inside autour de 9M€. Discussions en cours entre les clubs. Joueur déjà OK avec le #PSG.
🔴🔵 Visite médicale pour #Acosta, #Gueye à Paris, Joâo Mario proposé.…
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🔴🔵 Pour Paredes : nouveau RDV prévu cette semaine entre le PSG, Marcelo Simonian et Pablo Sabbag (ses représentants)
🔴🔵 Parallèlement, le PSG continue d'avancer sur Idrissa Gueye. Le club de la capitale va formuler une nouvelle offre à Everton pour s'attacher les services du Sénégalais.

Plus d'informations à retrouver demain 😪
🔴🔵 #Simonian à #Paris pour @LParedss, #Zahavi présent pour Gueye. Henrique a rencontré De Laurentiis...A quelques jours de la fin du #mercato, la pression monte. #PSG…
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🔴🔵 Pour répondre aux questions sur #Paredes, nous vous parlions début janvier d’une 1ère offre du #PSG. @DiMarzio parle aujourd’hui d’une offre de 35 millions. #mercato #zenith #allezparis

🔴🔵[Info P.U] Concernant @LParedss, reprise des discussions avec le #Zenith depuis Doha lors du QWT. #Paris a aussi réactivé #Lobotka ces dernières heures en plan B. @sscnapoli a formulé une offre pour ce dernier. D'autres clubs anglais intéressés. Article ce soir. #mercato #PSG
🔴🔵 Pour @33Juweigl, le @BVB reste ferme pour l'instant mais le joueur et son entourage poussent pour débloquer la situation.
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Le fond Eliott prévoit de faire recours à la Cour Européenne contre l'#UEFA si ces derniers ne les laissent pas utiliser leur propre capital librement en vertu de la liberté d'entreprendre. Les Rossoneri ne seront pas seuls, le #PSG et @ManCity les accompagneront. [Via @GFI65 ]
Si jamais quelqu'un doute, la source est quelqu'un qui a des contacts direct avec le fond Eliott. Wait and see 👀. 🔴⚫
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🔴🔵 Le #PSG continue d'avancer sur la De Jong & De Ligt pour l'été prochain. La priorité de Frenkie De Jong reste le #PSG. On parle d'un salaire à 7M/8M€ par an. Paris tente de trouver un accord avec l'Ajax.
Pour De Ligt, le #PSG discute avec l'Ajax qui est toujours intéressé par Nsoki. Mino #Raiola, avec qui Antero #Henrique s'est quasiment mis d'accord, et #Maxwell s'impliquent dans le dossier.
🔴🔵 Pour répondre aux questions : c'est pour cet été et non cet hiver. Comme évoqué, #Zahavi est impliqué dans le dossier. Les bonnes relations entre #Overmars (DS Ajax), #Raiola et #Henrique facilitent les négociations.
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[Info Paris U] Le #PSG espère vendre #Diarra cet hiver.…
Lassana #Diarra : vers une fin de carrière prématurée ?…
[Info Paris U] 🔴🔵 Lassana #Diarra négocie pour résilier son contrat avec le #PSG.…
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Some fascinating bonus clauses in #PSG player contracts.
Because of a lack of a fines system in Ligue 1, they pay players to behave:

E.g: Neymar,

*€2.5m/yr for not criticising manager's choices
*€375k/yr for greeting fans before/after games
*€2m for Balon D'Or top 3 finish
So many of these clauses included in contracts these days.

Reminds me of one from Arsenal's deal for Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Every 20 minutes played, Southampton were due another £10k fee.

Wenger subbed him on in min:

'72 vs Stoke,
'73 vs Liverpool,
'72 vs Coventry, etc.
Southampton later claimed that injury time should be included in the deal, and Arsenal were forced to pay back the outstanding balance after the Daily Mail published a story on the clause.
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C’est parti pour le procès de #Jawad Bendaoud
Beaucoup de journalistes pour le moment et quelques victimes, notamment les habitants de l’immeuble où étaient logés les terroriste. Ils espèrent être reconnus comme victime
#Jawad Bendaoud est jugé pour « recel de terroriste ». Des avocats vont demander qu’il le soit pour « recel de terroriste aggravé ». Il pourrait alors être condamné à 12 ans de prison contre 6
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Alors le Real, voilà ce qui se dit dans les médias à un mois du #PSG..:
1/ Equipe qui semble usée physiquement
2/Marcelo symbole d'une équipe qui s'est enflammée, 380 ballons perdus cette saison, 2ème but du celta hier sur une roulette ratée au milieu de terrain du brésilien.
3/La force du real de Zidane, c'était le trio du milieu, Casimero en éponge, Kross/Modric pour dicter le tempo de l'équipe. Le premier est sombre de lui-même. Les 2 autres, sont sans jambes cette saison.
4/Statistique incroyable, aucun joueur du Real a marqué + de 4 buts en liga
5/Benzema, blessé hier, en prend plein la figure, CR7 aussi, encore invisible hier, enchaine les mauvais choix..
6/Zidane est accusé de ne rien changer, de laisser toujours l'équipe dans les mêmes dispositions alors que rien ne marche.
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