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🔬An international consortium, led by #IRBBarcelona & the biotech company @MerusNV, reports the discovery of MCLA-158, the first clinical candidate screened in #organoids targeting 🎯 #cancer #stemcells of solid tumors.



#IRBScience Image
Named Petosemtamab, the antibody MCLA-158 prevents the onset of #metastasis (that is, the spread of #cancer to other vital organs) and slows the growth of primary tumours in experimental models of cancer. Image
The study also lays the groundwork for the use of #organoids in the #DrugDiscovery process undertaken by pharmaceutical companies.

Organoids are patient-derived samples that can be grown in the laboratory, and they reproduce certain aspects of the tumour compartment. Image
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Palm oil corporations, whose products are found in so many of our foods, are gaslighting us & greenwashing a horrifically exploitative & damaging industry. They are responsible for deforestation and are driving many species to extinction.
#SayNoToPalmOil… ImageImageImageImage
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(1/n) A brief #tweetorial highlighting the key aspects of our recent paper in #Cancer Discovery ⁦@CD_AACR⁩ on how cancers with #Chromosomal_Instability evade immune surveillance prompting #metastasis #ScienceTwitter…
We’ve previously shown that CIN can drive #metastasis through the generation of chronic #inflammation arising from persistent activation of #cGAS #STING signaling. However it wasn’t clear how cells eschewed the immune stimulating effect of this pathway.…
To address this, we compared isogenic cells with high vs. low levels of CIN and found that cells with high levels of CIN upregulated #ENPP1 an extracellular enzyme shown by @lingyinli1 and Tim Mitchison to hydrolyze #cGAMP
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I told my family from age 7 that I wanted to be a zoologist.

I am so proud of myself for all I have achieved so far and am grateful for life's opportunities everyday.

Our STEM journeys are important and I am excited to share mine with you.
I graduated in BSc (hons) Zoology from @AngliaRuskin in 2015.

I struggled, mostly with exams.

After three years, I convinced myself I would never be smart enough to pursue any post-graduate studies so I got a job at @sangerinstitute as an animal tech 🐭
I immediately fell back in love with science.

I realised that commitment and enthusiasm were just as valuable as being able to take an exam.

I learnt so much from so many and before I knew it, I was looking up papers in the evening just to better contribute to the conversations
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Take a look at this month's spectacular image from our calendar📆!

"Raspberry cookie"🍪, by @criispuig 👩‍🔬 from Roger Gomis' Lab, is a fluorescence image🔬 of an #organoid generated from #breastcancer cells🧫, where we can see its heterogeneity = presence of different cell types Image
#Organoids are 3D cell cultures🧫 that mimic some of the structures and functions of an organ🫀. They are derived from stem cells from a tissue or a tumour🏥

📷 from @soclamu at @BatlleLab with @elenasanchosuil Image
#Organoids are very useful to study human diseases in the laboratory🥼 and to test drugs💊 for personalised medicine🏥, such as #cancer and #metastasis

📷 from @soclamu at @BatlleLab with @elenasanchosuil

Join our #MetastasisChallenge 💪➡️ Image
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Anybody that tells you we can just open things back up and the economy will hum right back to life after a shock this big is lying to you, please for the sake of working people stop listening to them. (OpenTable restaurant dine-in visit traffic, YoY % change)
It's hard to imagine a worse policy course right now than "get America back to work". Thousands - possibly a lot more - will die needlessly, the recovery in output will not take care of itself, and the end of lockdowns will be used to argue against stimulus.
You have to be an absolute ghoul to both understand how massive demand shocks, services sector margins, and balance sheets work to want this outcome. Do not listen to anybody that argues for it, they're hurting people either intentionally or through lack of comprehension.
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(1/n) Delighted to share our work using #scRNAseq to explore the intersection between regeneration, development and #immune recognition in #cancer #metastasis online @NatureMedicine @sloan_kettering @WeillCornell @scell_papers @dana_peer @LabMassague…
@NatureMedicine @sloan_kettering @WeillCornell @scell_papers @dana_peer @LabMassague (2/n) human primary #lungcancer is characterized by the emergence of regenerative cell types, typically seen in response to lung injury, but showing striking lineage promiscuity (identity confused!)
@NatureMedicine @sloan_kettering @WeillCornell @scell_papers @dana_peer @LabMassague (3/n) #metastasis exhibits a continuum of more primitive stem to epithelial progenitor states – driven in large part by key embryonic and lung-specifying transcription factors, SOX2 and SOX9.
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El investigador @icreacommunity del @IRBBarcelona Roger Gomis es uno de los beneficiarios de las becas de investigación entregadas anoche por la @FundacionFero y @Mango para impulsar la investigación en #cáncerdemama. Enhorabuena @RogerGom1!!👏
➡️… Image
Gracias a @FundacionFero y @Mango por apoyar la investigación en #cáncerdemama, el tumor más frecuente en mujeres occidentales. Hace unas semanas recordábamos la importancia de seguir investigando esta enfermedad con 3 miembros de la comunidad #WeAreIRB.…
El equipo liderado por Roger Gomis estudia la formación de #metástasis en cáncer de mama para seguir avanzando en la lucha contra esta enfermedad. Gracias a @FundacionFero por apoyar la investigación biomédica👨‍🔬👩‍🔬. #RetoMetástasis💪
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Celebramos el #DiaContraelCancerdeMama charlando sobre la importancia de la investigación con tres miembros de la comunidad del @IRBBarcelona que tienen mucho que decir sobre este tema: Teresa Blasco, Cristina Figueras y Ester Lizandra. #súmatealrosa
➡️… Image
Según la @aecc_es, en 2019 se han diagnosticado 33.307 nuevos casos de cáncer de mama. "Es necesario seguir investigando porque será lo que logre curar al 100% la enfermedad”, dicen Teresa Blasco y @criispuig, científicas del @IRBBarcelona. #súmatealrosa
@aecc_es @criispuig @_BIST @iCERCA @SOMM_alliance @recercat @FundacionFero @BCNCiencia @PCB_UB “Yo superé un cáncer de mama, pero hay muchísimas mujeres que no, y hay que investigar para ganar a la enfermedad” nos cuenta Ester, quien colabora con la investigación contra el #cáncer y la #metástasis a través de nuestro #RetoMetástasis💪 #sumatealrosa…
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👩‍🔬👨‍🔬Científicos del @IRBBarcelona han demostrado que la proteína p38 regula el proceso de angiogénesis en tumores.
¿Qué es la angiogenesis y que importancia tiene para las células tumorales?👇 Image
La angiogénesis es la formación de nuevos vasos sanguíneos a partir de vasos preexistentes. Es un fenómeno normal durante el desarrollo embrionario, el crecimiento del organismo y la cicatrización de heridas. Pero también se puede dar en tumores.
La formación de vasos sanguíneos o angiogénesis permite a las células tumorales alimentarse, crecer y eventualmente, generar #metástasis.

Hasta ahora se habían descrito funciones de la proteína p38 en células tumorales, pero se desconocía su papel durante la angiogénesis. Image
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Hay muchas formas de sumarte al #RetoMetástasis💪, la campaña del @IRBBarcelona para impulsar la investigación biomédica 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 de esta enfermedad. ¿Ya conoces a nuestros colaboradores?👇
El Club Esportiu @elsibers organizó el 10 de marzo una carrera🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ solidaria a favor del #RetoMetástasis. Un gran plan, disfrutar del entorno del Parc de la Serralada Litoral y ayudar a la investigación de la #metástasis
¡Gracias a todos los participantes!…
Ester superó un cáncer de mama y desde entonces colabora con el #RetoMetástasis💪 a través de diversas campañas como la que lanzó con motivo de su cumpleaños o la venta de pulseras que hace ella misma. ¡Muchas gracias Ester! 😊… Image
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