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Announcements by utilities like Duke Energy, Southern Company, and now DTE Electric, as well as fossil-fuel asset owners like NRG, are making a mockery of climate reduction goals.

It's extremely hard to see how these are anything but pure #greenwashing.…
DTE Electric is literally building a massive new natural gas plant as we speak, having rejected more cost-effective portfolios of clean energy.

Their pending resource plan shows it adding practically no solar over the next 5 years outside of its voluntary green program.
Duke Energy is planning to build 15 GW(!!) of new natural gas in the coming decades in the Carolinas and Indiana. (None of that capacity will have CCS installed to capture and store emissions.)
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Alors que l'#Amazonie est en feu, on voudrait vous parler d'un géant distributeur, @amazon (lui ne brûle pas bien au contraire).

Le plus important distributeur au monde. Un énorme site où on peu trouver tout et n'importe quoi à des prix compressés, ça donne envie non ?
Amazon c'est bien plus que des livres ou de l'électroménager !

En plus du fameux site marchand, la firme accumule les services et multiplie les secteurs d'activités.
Liseuses, Cloud, IA, assistant Alexa, streaming vidéo Prime, etc.
Et tout ça, ça rapporte du fric ! 💸💸💸

178 milliards (M) d'$ de chiffre d'affaires annuel, 3M$ de bénéfices.
Son PDG, @JeffBezos (hey salut toi 😏) est la première fortune mondiale avec 154M de $.

Des chiffres que le commun des mortels (nous 😅) peine à imaginer...
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This is reallyyy big (and good!) news‼️

Vanguard just dropped for-profit prison company GEO Group from its #ESG funds.

Vanguard is GEO's largest investor, owning a nearly 15% stake in the company (as of March 2019).…
While this won't affect the entirety of Vanguard's $340 million worth of holdings in GEO Group, it's nonetheless a huge blow to GEO and marks an important milestone in the global movement for socially & environmentally responsible investing. #ESG #SRI
Though the fact that a) Vanguard's #ESG fund held shares in GEO in the 1st place is appalling (bt not the least bit surprising); & b) the article quotes the CIO of State Street Advisors, GEO's 6th largest shareholder, indicates how pervasive #greenwashing is in the 🌎 of finance
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So I have been talking about this on Instagram a lot but it's time to bring it to Twitter. #Greenwashing. Particularly coming from white women influencers on Instagram. Cut that shit out, immediately. WE ALL SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
The thing is, up until about last year no one wanted to talk about #sustainability and god knows no one was paying you talk about sustainability or wear sustainable clothing. So those of us who did so were pretty much willingly making a choice to not take the money.
I mean if we're honest ... the big bucks for "influencer marketing" still isn't coming from sustainable brands. Not yet. But the thing is ... that's the future. Fast fashions numbers are in the hole. The days of H&M and Inditex making upchecked billions are behind us.
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Royal Dutch Shell invited me to give a plenary talk at their "Powering Progress Together" conference tomorrow. Upon reviewing my talk slides today, however, they canceled my talk.

Too much truth for Shell 😂 @GretaThunberg
OK, here's a summary of my slides (thread). I was/am genuinely interested in having a constructive conversation with Shell and the other attendees.

But to that end I realized there were certain things I simply had say. Greenwashing isn't constructive. And there are hard truths
I planned to start off asking the audience to raise hands if they agreed with these 3 statements. (I like two-way connection)

1. I am concerned about climate breakdown
2. I am BEYOND EXTREMELY concerned about climate breakdown
3. fossil fuel causes harm
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@lemondefr @cecile_crampon Le #nucléaire serait la solution au réchauffement climatique, si les journaux bien-pensants comme @lemondefr arrêtaient leur #bullshit #greenwashing antinucléaire !
@lemondefr @cecile_crampon Un exemple pratique :
C'est le #GIEC @IPCC_CH qui attribue 12g au nucléaire, 11g à l'éolien, et 44g #CO2/kWh au photovoltaïque.
@lemondefr s'empresse de citer une des études les plus défavorables au #nucléaire, à 66g #CO2/kWh, et oublie gentiment de préciser
@lemondefr @cecile_crampon @IPCC_CH que le #photovoltaïque et l'#éolien ne se suffisent pas à eux même, et imposent de boucher les trous AVEC DES ÉNERGIES FOSSILES, seules disponibles et assez flexibles pour "boucher les 70% de trous" dus à l'immense intermittence de ces #EnR !
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India hasnt seen a species extinction as an independent country. But that could change. Do you know of a bird called the Great Indian Bustard?
Allow me to acquaint you. THIS IS A GODDAMN THREAD. SO READ ON.
The Great Indian Bustard is endemic to India.

The amazing fact is that it was to become our national bird but it was denied the honour for the worry that its name might be misspelt! Bastard 😒😒

But this is not it. Infact the National bird title is the least of it. India has been pretty hostile to this majestic bird.
The bird has vanished from nearly 95% of its historical range.
Less than 150 remain today.
Take a look at this map. And let that sink in for a sec.
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