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@SashaMyBird @julie_dutto @PalmOilDetect @ukwondering @RileyTChiweenie @sustainablist1 @DrBirute @GreenpeaceUK @designsravi @BoycottPalmOil @georgecmcgavin @Benfogle @Bron1954 @awkward_1110 @bluewave_elaine @stickiebeak1 @romanysands @orangutan2 @Meldawson6 @Wolf_Girl_Yulia @unaiwind @ZientekMary @hfrohlich241 @zooinspectors @BravoMilagro1 @BarbaraNavarro @WWF @wwf_uk @RSPOtweets Here in Germany, children in the 3rd grade are already being informed about palm oil and its harmful effects on the rainforest. I myself also go to schools (from the 7th grade onwards, secondary schools and high schools) and ...
@SashaMyBird @julie_dutto @PalmOilDetect @ukwondering @RileyTChiweenie @sustainablist1 @DrBirute @GreenpeaceUK @designsravi @BoycottPalmOil @georgecmcgavin @Benfogle @Bron1954 @awkward_1110 @bluewave_elaine @stickiebeak1 @romanysands @orangutan2 @Meldawson6 @Wolf_Girl_Yulia @unaiwind @ZientekMary @hfrohlich241 @zooinspectors @BravoMilagro1 @BarbaraNavarro @WWF @wwf_uk @RSPOtweets explain about #greenwashing and who benefits from it. As a rule of thumb, one can say: The more environmentally harmful, unhealthy and cheap it is, the more #greenwashing and lobbying it takes. The #RSPO takes this to the extreme. There "environmental organizations" like ...
@SashaMyBird @julie_dutto @PalmOilDetect @ukwondering @RileyTChiweenie @sustainablist1 @DrBirute @GreenpeaceUK @designsravi @BoycottPalmOil @georgecmcgavin @Benfogle @Bron1954 @awkward_1110 @bluewave_elaine @stickiebeak1 @romanysands @orangutan2 @Meldawson6 @Wolf_Girl_Yulia @unaiwind @ZientekMary @hfrohlich241 @zooinspectors @BravoMilagro1 @BarbaraNavarro @WWF @wwf_uk @RSPOtweets #OrangutanLandTrust are founded by the palm oil lobby #RSPO to produce heartbreaking pictures with sympathizers, the orangutans, with the promise to protect these animals' habitat if you only buy their products, marked with the #RSPO -Seal. The exact opposite, as illustrated ...
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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A thread on palm oil

Our consumption of products containing palm oil feeds on a burgeoning oil palm industry. Our expanding population means oil palm monoculture also needs to expand into new areas. Oil palms can only grow efficiently in warmer climates;…1 Image
… areas often occupied by relatively undisturbed tropical and subtropical forest. These forests need to be ‘cleared’ (hacked and burnt) to make way for the palm plantations. Apart from being the ‘lungs’ of the planet, the forests are (were) also home to a myriad …2
of wild animal species, many of them already endangered, and, in some cases, indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years. To destroy the forests kills the animals and dispossesses the people. …3 Image
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Happy #internationalcatday2022 Cats range from being our are agile, intelligent, funny and loyal companions to being apex predators of different ecosystems. Their regal reputation is well deserved. Check out this #Oncilla #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
The elusive, beautiful Marbled Cat is a small #wildcat found throughout #Asia. Near Threatened by #palmoil #deforestation #Chinese medicine and #hunting. Join the #Boycott4Wildlife #Boycottpalmoil to help them #InternationalCatDay2022… via @palmoildetect
DYK Black #leopards only differ from other leopards by the colour of their coat, a genetic variation that's #recessive also known as #melanism. Help them with a #Boycott4Wildlife on supermarket #brands sending them #extinct with #palmoil #deforestation…
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@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans Brendan - you haven't read beyond the playbook of the #palmoil industry.

A report from 71 NGOS shows the @RSPOtweets FAILS to stop palm oil #humanrights abuses #deforestation from entering the EU.
Via @milieudefensie for @EU_Commission
@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans @RSPOtweets @milieudefensie @EU_Commission If u are asking Brendan for the average consumer to have faith in the rampantly corrupt #palmoil industry - the answer is NO @WHO reports that the #palmoil industry is akin to the alcohol and tobacco lobby in their report #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans @RSPOtweets @milieudefensie @EU_Commission @WHO Here's a thread about @NutellaGlobal/ @Ferrero_EU and how they sponsor school "education" programmes through @ChesterZoo about "sustainable" palm oil, all while continuing with child #slavery, #deforestation for palm oil.
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Happy #CloudedLeopardDay! #Sunda #cloudedleopards in #Sumatra #Borneo are declining from #palmoil and #timber #deforestation & illegal #poaching The Red List says there are 3,700-5,580 individuals alive (2020). Help them #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
#Cloudedleopards are #wildcats that live in #rainforests from the #Himalayas to SE Asia and southern #China. Considered a 'medium-sized cat', they weigh about 23 kilos. #CloudedLeopardDay #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
Clouded #leopards get their name for their remarkable "clouds" on their coats. Their large paws make them agile climbers and hunters. Their main threat is #palmoil #deforestation. #CloudedLeopardDay2022 Help them and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
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Happy #WorldSnakeDay. #Snakes have an unfair reputation as being poisonous/ aggressive. Our fear of snakes may come from Christianity. Satan took the form of a snake tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet snakes aren't bad at all! They're critical to ecosystems around the world
#Snakes evolved 130 million years ago in the Cretaceous period from a common ancestor that they share with #birds and other #reptiles. They have cloacal spurs or vestigal limbs, which shows their shared ancestry with limbed reptiles. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍🐍🐍
#Snakes see on the infrared spectrum using heat receptors called pit organs making them epic predators with natural night vision goggles to see prey. Snakes have a detachable jaw which can swallow food whole that is much larger than its own body weight. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍💚
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@rwritextinction You need to look deeper into this. In the past few days @ConvocaPe @pulitzercenter published a joint global investigation into the @RSPOtweets it is absolutely NOT effective in stopping #deforestation or handling #humanrights complaints - it fails.…
@rwritextinction @ConvocaPe @pulitzercenter @RSPOtweets A June report by @GRAIN_org @FOEInt @bmfonds @Global_Witness and many other NGOs throughout the world strongly recommended the @EU_Commission DOES NOT use certification as a protective mechanism in the #EU anti-deforestation regulation - it does not work.…
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This is the truth of palm oil production: indigenous people deprived of their land and rainforest destroyed. Buy products which use alternative oils. #BoycottPalmOil

Palm oil firms depriving tribes of millions of dollars…
Palm oil producers responsible for these abuses supply well known brands like Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and Mondalez. RSPO designation is no guarantee of responsibly and sustainably produced palm oil. #BoycottPalmOil
Putin’s war in Ukraine will increase pressure on companies to use palm oil as Ukraine’s ability to produce sunflower oil is affected. Reason to be extra vigilant in the products we buy. #BoycottPalmOil
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Palm oil corporations, whose products are found in so many of our foods, are gaslighting us & greenwashing a horrifically exploitative & damaging industry. They are responsible for deforestation and are driving many species to extinction.
#SayNoToPalmOil… ImageImageImageImage
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Here's a long thread with evidence about why the @RSPOtweets has failed to make any difference with key sustainability promises incl. stopping #deforestation #indigenous #landgrabbing #ecocide #slavery #humanrights abuses for supermarket brands. 1/7…
Source: @EIA_News @RSPOtweets members using so-called "sustainable" #palmoil continue with #deforestation #ecocide #illegal #landgrabbing from #Indigenous peoples.
Thus the certification is a #greenwashing con. @EIA_News #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
The certification of #palmoil is considered to be a con by @GreenpeaceUK as it doesn't stop #ecocide #deforestation. Certified "sustainable" #palmoil doesn't exist #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife
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