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बुद्ध-आनंद संवाद: प्रभु, संत होने के लिए चमत्कार ज़रूरी हैं?

बुद्ध 'सूर्य नमस्कार' कर उठे तो आनंद ने आनन-फ़ानन में उनकी चटाई व्यवस्थित करके कोने में रख दी और पास पड़े आइपैड के नोटिफिकेशन को पढ़ने लगा।

#motherteresa #conversion @noconversion

"हे तथागत! क्या आपको ज्ञात हुआ कि मदर टेरेसा को वैटिकन ने 'संत' मान लिया है क्योंकि उनके नाम दो चमत्कार पाए गए हैं। पूरी दुनिया में हैशटैग मदर टेरेसा ट्रेंड हो गया है," आनंद ने पूरी ख़बर पढ़ते हुए, स्प्लिट स्क्रीन द्वारा ट्विटर ट्रेंड देखकर, बुद्ध से पूछा।

"महर्षि पतंजलि के योग के द्वारा कई रोगों के ठीक होने की बात को 'अंधविश्वास' कहकर उड़ा देने वाले, मदर टेरेसा के नाम दो 'चमत्कार' हो जाने के कारण मिली 'संत' की उपाधि पर कितने भावविह्वल हो रहे हैं," बुद्ध ने मुस्कुराते हुए कहना जारी रखा,

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Mother Teresa: The Mistaken Saint (Long Thread)
#MotherTeresa #ArundhatiRoy

@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72
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I was indoctrinated about the greatness of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu aka Mother Teresa during my schooling at a convent. Read the story -
#Rupee @sankrant
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But, what first helped create the “illusion” that was Mother Teresa?

The answer: Malcolm Muggeridge ‘s 1969 documentary & 1971 book titled “Something Beautiful for God.”

#AmbedkarStatue @mariawirth1

Book Link -
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To all the people, designated White by colonizing nations, who are becoming disillusion by your evangelical or Christian faith: When you walk away from Jesus you are not #woke. You are operating out of the white supremacy you say you abhor. 1/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism
When you walk away from Jesus and Christian faith to be “woke” you are walking away from a faith that sprang from brown, indigenous, colonized people. You’re walking away from faith born on the underside of empire in the context of oppressed peoples. 2/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism
You’re walking away from the faith of enslaved people who found such profound liberation in Jesus that they broke laws to gather together and worship in #trees! 3/
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"#Science" and the "unquestionable truths" of this world have the familiar patterns of #freemason #deceit. #Newton with a #Marrano crypto handsign, #HenryCavendish, the only one who ever proved #gravity in a dodgy experiment, doing a #masonic #hiddenhand. #AlbertMichelson, too.
The greatest scientist (or the greatest fraud?) of all time: #AlbertEinstein, doing a #masonichandshake, or two. Classic "thinking poses", that #freemasons do. I don't trust anything these folks write, given their age-old tendency for intricate deceit and misleading, do you?
Probably nobody heard of this guy, #RabindranathTagore, poet and writer of the anthem of #India, inciting a nationalistic spirit in the country. Winner of a #Nobel literature prize. The classic #hiddenhand of freemasonry. Surprise, here he is with fellow #mason fraud #Einstein.
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1. What’s #Hospice? It’s a recent term coined by #MotherTeresa to serve dying & destitute without any proper medical investigation. Simply put, feed them without any medical aid till they die, even if they recover & serve the society. #StJosephHospice
2. #Hospice keeps patients against their will (read #kidnapping). They served us in their youth, worked in the farms to create crops, vegetables etc.. which we might have consumed. In-turn, our shameless society has no regard & leave them to die as destitute? #StJosephHospice
3. Having a #Hospice is understandable in a financially or medically challenged society. TN is lacking neither of that. Why do we need it? Above all, why a foreign church needs to fund & organize these kinds of activities? @PMOIndia and @CMOTamilNadu needs to answer
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29,000 have died in our one house since we began in 1952. We give them all the special ticket of St. Peter. [Laughter] - #MotherTeresa
The one book the admirers of #MotherTeresa wish had NEVER been written, is the one book that MUST be read.…
#MotherTeresa's must be the single-most successful emotional con-job of the 20th century. - Hitchens. [Clip voiceover, Dr Aroup Chatterjee]
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