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Unveiling the shocking truth behind #Bihar's notorious nickname, #JungleRaaj. Brace yourself for a riveting thread 👇👇 that delves into the tumultuous history.
#JungleRaaj, the dark legacy of @laluprasadrjd 's 15-year rule in Bihar, where our beloved state Bihar plummeted to the rung bottom of economic and social rankings. Law and order crumbled, kidnappings soared, and gangsters turned politicians thrived.
August 5, 1997, the fateful day when during a hearing, #Patna High Court declared, '#Bihar me sarkar nahi, Bihar me jangal raaj hai.' A moment of truth that exposed a state plagued by lawlessness, where progress was devoured by chaos.
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The police begin to investigate the brokers that are hotbeds of kidnapping crimes.
A Korean broker try to acquire the police by saying, "I'll donate 10,000 yen, and you should allow us to operate".
#The_criminals_are_Koreans #kidnapping #broker #acquire
#GovernorsOffice_Measures #STD
The smoke has been raised to exterminate venereal disease!
Various STDs are spreading.
There are 20,000 public and private prostitutes.
The number has increased by 2,000 in one year.
Kidnappings are on the rise.
Brothels are selling prostitutes to the provinces.
Police are planning to shut down operations.
#The_criminals_are_Koreans #kidnapping #brothels
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The Korean adoptive father forced the Korean adopted daughter into prostitution.
#The_criminals_are_Koreans #force #prostitution
A Korean restaurant owner forced a Korean waitress into prostitution.
#The_criminals_are_Koreans #force #prostitution
A 20-year-old Korean kidnapped a 17-year-old Korean waitress.
#The_criminals_are_Koreans #kidnapping
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1. Aligarh, UP: Mohsin molested a minor dalit #Hindu girl. #Hindus are being terrorised by Mohsin and his community which is leading to another #Hindu exodus.
2. Udham Singh Nagar, UK: Shahrukh, CCTV technician, posed as a #Hindu Rajkumar, had 2 Aadhar cards, tried to befriend a #Hindu girl. When she refused he harassed and stalked her and threatened her with #Ankita like act. Case registered.
3. Dumka, JH: Kamran Sheikh befriended a married #Hindu women by posing as #Hindu. Family of the women were alert and aware and instantly found out the real id of Kamran.
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1) Official wire of #alQaeda in #Yemen has just released a plea for freedom by @UN official kidnapped with 4 colleagues in February. It's emotional. Some is scripted, some clearly not. Begs for #AQAP demands to be met or "get the body bags ready" Image
2) Incredibly bizarre ending appears to implicate #China:
Captive reads from script, saying his message was recorded on 9 Aug following🇬🇧Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. He says that #China warned there would be consequences.
#AQAP #Yemen #alQaeda #Kidnapping
3) Other points of note
-We do not see or hear the other 4 captives
-Conditions clearly stressful (no daylight, no fresh air)
-Mentions mental & physical health issues
-Warns of same fate as Luke Somers
-No actual demands included
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🧵In #Georgia you can go to sleep in your own house and wake up in Russian controlled territory. That's the reality of Russian #occupation and #borderization. Monthly 5-10 Georgians are kidnapped and unlawfully arrested by Russian-backed de facto authorities . Image
At the age of 80, one morning famous Data papa woke up and realized that the wire was going through his house. He had to decide where to stay in his home where he lived for his whole life or leave. He stayed with his wife and a year ago, at the age of 88 he passed away. Image
#Borderization: Occupiers continue marking and expanding their controlled territories. Huge amount of Georgian territories were annexed, which affect civilians living in the area. Borderization separates them from their farmlands, family, livelihoods and critical infrastructure.
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#Taliban's Ministry of Interior:
"The IEA has cracked down on all criminal/insurgent groups over the past few months, which is why the level of security incidents has dropped dramatically."
TB's spokesman 4 MoI, confirmed that #kidnapping is still a concern&they work on it.
Since couple of weeks, the number of the ISKP claimed attacks, significantly decreased. It is important to not lable the decrese or even absence of the ISKP attacks for some weeks, a big success for the TB or end of the group's activities. In Dec. 2019& Jan. 2020, ISKP claimed... attack in #Afghanistan (even not a single attack in two months).
2020 at all, was a year with very low number of #ISKP activities in AFG.
But in 2021, ISKP with hundreds of attacks, took second position, after Iraq, in number of casualties on the annual infographic of ISIS.
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On March 30, a court in #Erbil sentenced the Iranian #terrorist agent, Samira Moradpour, missioned by the regime’s intelligence apparatus, to 5 years in prison for attempted #kidnapping and #assassinating Ali Javanmardi; an Iranian-American journalist & political activist. 1/4
Samira Moradpour was arrested in October 2019 while she and her team were planning to #assasinate Ali Javanmardi, an Independent journalist and founder of Avatoday Media Network who was based in Erbil at that time. @USConGenErbil 2/4 Image
According to Avatoday; the Iranian regime has put significant pressure on the KRG gouvernement to extradite Samira Moradpour to Iran. 3/4 Image
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#Nigeria #Kankara #Terrorist #Kidnapping

Around 300 young men were kidnapped from a school by strangers in northwest Nigeria. The authorities said that 321 students were missing.
Representatives of the military and the secret services are in Kankara to lead measures to free the youth. The act took place on Friday in the high school of the boys school in Kankara. The background is not yet known.
Militant Islamists are more likely to be active in northeastern Nigeria. In the north-west, however, armed gangs often roam. They attack or kidnap civilians in order to later collect ransom.
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#Iraq #Germany #Bagdad #Kidnapping

Berlin curator Mewis wanted to promote young artists in Baghdad. Now she has been kidnapped. The Federal Foreign Office in Berlin has creazed a crisis team, and the Iraqi Interior Ministry is also investigating the case.
Armed men had dragged and kidnapped Mewis into a car the night before in central Abu Nawas. According to Iraqi security circles, the kidnapping occurred near a police station in Baghdad without intervening by the police.
There are also various government buildings in the area near the Tigris River. The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior also formed a special staff with intelligence and crime experts to investigate the case, a spokesman said.
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##cliffordbrandt serait atteint du #COVID19 au pénitencier! Eh puis!!!

J'aurais pitié si cétait un petit criminel de milieu défavorisé mais ce bonhomme est un KIDNAPPEUR! Il a choisi ce qui lui arrive! Qu'on le soigne en prison! Pourquoi un traitement spécial pour lui? #Haïti
Toutes les excuses sont bonnes pour faire sortir ce bonhomme de prison!!! On le disait fou mais cela ne l'empéchait pas de diriger une grosse entreprise de #kidnapping.... Maintenant c'est le #COVID19! N'importe quoi! #Haïti
Tout le monde connaît la situation catastrophique des prisons haïtiennes alors si vous choisissez la vie criminelle quand vous êtes né une cuillère en argent à la bouche, tant pis pour vous... #zérotolérancepourleskidnappeurs
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36. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼…
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I’m traveling in #Canada 🇨🇦 right now. A few observations:

First of all, if you haven’t visited #Canada, COME VISIT. The people are awesome, as is the nature, food, and general vibe.🤗

(In case you haven’t guessed, I ❤️ our northern neighbor.)
When someone asked me what I do, I mentioned my biomedical research stuff, plus my work to fight the #corruption in my country.🇺🇸💙
He responded that his country were “huge supporters. We *want* you to do well. And what’s happening is scary to ALL of us.”😳
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2. How did it happen? A large man followed a frantic woman inside #Ephraim’s #Charlotte, North Carolina #karate studio claiming he was there to pick her up. She repeatedly insisted that she did not know him and that he “tried to #kidnap her.…
3. The man refused to leave and tried to force himself further into the #Dojo. In #Ephraim's words: "I then went into action defending myself and got him out of the #Dojo...Once outside he attempted to attack again and was dealt with accordingly."…
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1. What’s #Hospice? It’s a recent term coined by #MotherTeresa to serve dying & destitute without any proper medical investigation. Simply put, feed them without any medical aid till they die, even if they recover & serve the society. #StJosephHospice
2. #Hospice keeps patients against their will (read #kidnapping). They served us in their youth, worked in the farms to create crops, vegetables etc.. which we might have consumed. In-turn, our shameless society has no regard & leave them to die as destitute? #StJosephHospice
3. Having a #Hospice is understandable in a financially or medically challenged society. TN is lacking neither of that. Why do we need it? Above all, why a foreign church needs to fund & organize these kinds of activities? @PMOIndia and @CMOTamilNadu needs to answer
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