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Since Dragon warriors or whatever are posing with some blades on a stick, I thought I would share some Indian boys with knives. These boys know how to go chop-chop with it. When it flashes, heads roll. Literally. Let's begin with Glorious Gurkhas #IndianBlades #IndiaChinaFaceOff
And this Dao is from our 'Rhinos' boys of Assam Regiment. Comes in handy when patrolling in jungles or high altitudes. Cuts through the bushes or bushy-tailed princes really well. #RezangLa #IndiaChinaFaceOff #IndianBlades
Next in line are our Sikh boy. Best avoided when they charge with their 'Kirpans' with the name of Wahe Guru on their lips and breathing fire. I am sure you would recognize them, they spent quite some time in the Dragon country. #RezangLa #IndiaChinaFaceOff #IndianBlades #Galwan
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#Thread on Lothal : One of World's Oldest and First Port City | #Lothal | #Gujarat |

Lothal is located in the western Indian state of Gujarat, about 85 km southwest of Ahmedabad. As per the Legends It was on the banks of the river Saraswati, which has since dried up.
Lothal was discovered after India had to give up the sites of Harappa and Mohenjodaro to Pakistan during the partition in 1947. A flourishing and prosperous city during the Harappan era, its culture can be divided into two phases.
The remains dating from 2440 to 1900 B.C are of Incredible & thriving Harappan culture while those belonging from 1900 to 1600 B.C. represent the late Harappan culture in its decline State.

As same as other cities of the Indus Valley Civilization,
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Welcome to 10th Part of #Temple Series |

Today's Thread on #Dwarkadhis Mandir , #Gujarat
The main temple at Dwarka, situated on Gomti creek, is known as jagat mandir (universal shrine) or trilok sundar (the most beautiful in all the three worlds). Originally believed to l
be built by Vajranabh, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, more than 2500 years ago, it is a glorious structure seeming to rise from the waters of the Arabian Sea. Its exquisitely carved shikhar, reaching 43 m high and the huge flag made from 52 yards of cloth, can be seen from
as far away as 10 km. The grandeur of the temple is enhanced by the flight of 56 steps leading to the rear side of the edifice on the side of the river Gomti. The temple is built of soft limestone and consists of a sanctum, vestibule and a rectangular hall with porches on three
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#DeepakNitrite manufactures Basic #Chemicals, Fine & Speciality Chemicals and Performance Products.
Major products of the company are #Phenol #Acetone #Cumene #DASDA #Inorganic Salts #Xylidines #Toluidines
#Revenue Mix and #Location details as below:
Company’s turnover entails from the Domestic Revenues which stood at 58% of Total Revenues and the rest 42% came from Exports
Recently company has started commercial production of #Isopropyl Alcohol #IPA.
Isopropyl alcohol is mixed with water for use as a rubbing-alcohol antiseptic. It is also used in aftershave lotions, hand lotions, and other cosmetics.
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Varaha Avataram is from RaniKiVav, Patan #Gujarat
We Visit temples but rarely pay attention to what Murtis of our gods had to convey us
1) Prabhaavali/PrabhaaMandala- Like ring of light around God, it's a ornamental circular ring with many "Jwalas" or emblems related to the God.
Here we can see Avataras of Sri Vishnu
2) Padma Chatra/Atapatra - Used for high dignitaries. It's the symbol of High Spiritual power. How did they sculpt that delicate umbrella & it stays there without breaking for generations?
3) Bhudevi - Rescued form patalaloka being drowned
by Asura Hiranyaksha with bhujaaMadhya (Elbow). Observe that affectionate touch of Bhudevi on Varaha Mukhi
4) Kaumodaki Gada - Symbol of supreme Sovereignty
5) Varaha Avatar – the third avatar of SriVishnu - the god himself.
6) Panchajanya Sankha-Representation of Pranava
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Undertook a rudimentary analysis on the light #tank requirement basis data from the #IndianArmy RFI released in 2009.
Turns out the K21-105 & K21-120 tick more boxes than the Sprut SDM1 .
Moreover the K21 could be built at the @larsentoubro factory at #Hazira #Gujarat .
Did not consider Harimau due to Turkish content .
Similarly did not consider US MPF program vehicles as they're still in development.
Anders & CV90/120 due to 30+T weight restrictions .
That said the US MPF program offers two intriguing light tanks with the @BAESystemsInc M8 BUFORD & @GD_LandSystems Griffin 2.
Adding our numbers to the US requirement a run of 800 vehicles can be achieved reducing cost for both. BufordBufordGriffin 2Griffin 2
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Rani ki Vav (રાણકી વાવ)

A Marvelous monument built in 11th Century by a widowed Queen Uadyamati in memory of her husband Raja Bhimdev Solanki I of Solanki Dynasty.

A genius piece of Architecture & Heritage, recognised as World Heritage Site by #UNESCO on 22June2014. #RankiVav
Raja Bhimdev I, son of Mularaja, founder of Solanki Dynasty of Anahilwada Patan, the than Capital of #Gujarat.

#RankiVav stepwell was built near the ancient Rigvedic Saraswati river which was later buried in the debris & silt after floods in the river in around 13th Century.

In 1960 ASI uncovered the hidden treasures of this brilliant creation thru scientific excavations.

#RanikiVav stepwell is in 7 levels of stairs decorated with more than 500 principal sculptures & more than 1000 minor sculptures.
@MrsGandhi @ShefVaidya @Bittu_Tufani
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An update on the #COVID19 confirmed cases in #India

# of days for 0-1L cases- 70+
# days for 1L-2L - 15 days
# days for 2L-3L - 10 days
# days for 3L-4L - 8 days

#MasksSaveLives #CoronaVirusUpdates

@nebuer42 @aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @AkshayMarathe

Plotting the moving average of new cases and new deaths due to #COVID19

#Gujarat again has a higher CFR. #Maharashtra also shows no signs of slowdown and CFR higher than the national ratio

The next 12 most affected states.

CFR is under control for most of these which is a good sign.

#Telangana has the highest CFR amongst these followed by #Punjab

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Moving average of new cases of #COVID19 and new deaths in #India

#Gujarat has a way higher case fatality ratio than the national value, followed by #WestBengal and #MadhyaPradesh.

We need the CFR to fall to 0!


@aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @nebuer42 @oommen
In the next 12 states, #Telangana has the worst CFR followed by #Punjab - though the latter is lower than the national CFR.

#Uttarakhand has seen a sudden spike in deaths over the last few days, though luckily the base is low

Deaths due to #COVID19 in #India is yet to really slowdown, we need this to happen.

Early #detection, #quarantine, #treatment & #Masks4All is crucial for this.

Given that we have to live with this for a while, we need to reduce the #deaths to zero!

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Beginning a thread on some less-known temples of #Gujarat. These pics are of a grp of 7th century CE temples, Maitraka dynasty, Bhanasara vil, #Junagarh. Lie a short drive frm the coast, on the road that connects #Mangrol to #Porbandar.
A giant stepwell, with four entrances, outskirts of Chobari vil, #Surendranagar, #Gujarat. But perhaps more shrine than stepwell, going by its ornate iconography, including a 12-13th century CE Shesasayi Vishnu. A story I did on this once:…
At Miyani vil, close to #Porbandar, a medieval gateway leads to two 13th century CE temples. One of these, called the Neelkanth Mahadev, remains in worship, despite being in bad shape. #Gujarat
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स्तुति of सरस्वती & गणेश in one of the Jain #Temple

• Place = देलवाडा near Mt. Abu (#Rajasthan)
• Patronage = King वीर धवल of #Gujarat (13th c. CE)

1st line of #Inscription (1267 विक्रम. सं.) has सरस्वती स्तुति while 2nd has गणेश स्तुति

Reproduced text of the both in Pic 3
Let us see what both the स्तुति of this #Inscription says :

1) सरस्वती स्तुति

ॐ वन्दे सरस्वतीं देवीं याति या कविमानसम् ।
नीयमाना निजेनेव यानमानसवासिना ।।

सरस्वती देवी को वन्दन, जो कवियों के मानस में मानसरोवर के हंसरूपी यान से भ्रमण करती है ।

Simple yet beautiful
2) गणेश स्तुति

यः शान्तिमानप्यरुणः प्रकोपे
शान्तोऽपि दीप्तः स्मरनिग्रहाय ।
निमीलिताक्षोऽपि समग्रदर्शी
स वः शिवायास्तु शिवातनुजः ।।

शांत होते हुए भी कुपित होने पर रक्तवर्णी और बुद्धि से दीप्त, नेत्र निमील (बन्द) होते हुए भी सर्वदर्शी ऐसे पार्वतीपुत्र हमारा कल्याण करे ।
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'Rajasthan'....Why NOT getting some limelight in #COVID19 context? At a Glance:
- 5119/mil tests
- 66% recovery rate
- 31% active cases
- 2.23% mortality
- 3% growth rate, which needs to be down further.
The state is doing fine so far!! #rajasthancoronaupdate Image
States w/ 1000+ #Covid_19 cases: Sample tested until 31 May & Positive rate(%)
#Maharashtra 14.63%, highest
Trouble: Delhi, Telangana, Bihar & Gujarat, need intervention.
Excellent: Andhra, Karnataka, J& K positive rate below 1.5%.
Good: Rajashthan, Haryana, UP #COVID19India Image
As on 1 June, #TamilNadu added 1162 new cases. Positive rate stands at 9.77%, highest in last 7 days. Recovery 57%, Active cases 42%, mortality is just 0.79%. #TamilNaduCoronaupdate #IndiaFightsCoronavirus @Sheks65 @pibchennai
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Starting a thread on #कामसूत्रम् (1/n)

I will dismantle vile propaganda to denounce this wonderful text as a sex manual

Before I start, read this article by me to understand कामसूत्र as a शास्त्र…

Hindi version -…
Lack of basic information leads to false propaganda (see the tweet in the image)

कामसूत्र is not written by Richard Burton. Authorship is with वात्स्यायन (~300 BCE) - a well known fact

Person who doesn't know such basic info has made a video to denounce this text !!
In fact, title of Burton's translation work in 1883 was - Kamasutra of Vatsyayana

Burton himself has acknowledged that this is not his work but is of वात्स्यायन and Burton has just translated it

So, saying "Burton written Kamasutra" is an agenda driven white lie.
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Jambudweep is the realm where ordinary human beings live.

Mount Meru is at the centre of the world surrounded by Jambudweep.

See the thread.


@vinayak_jain @YoungJainsIndia @bahubali09
@truejainology @Charmi_Ankit @SarikaJainBJP
An early 19th-century #painting depicting the map of Jambudweep.
1810 CE cloth painting from #Gujarat.

Jambūdvīpa continent has 6 mighty mountains, dividing the continent into 7 zones (Ksetra).

The 3 zones i.e. Bharat Kshetra (India), Mahavideh and Airavat are also known as #Karma Bhoomi as the practice of austerities and liberation is possible.

Work of Art showing from 17th century CE Manuscript of 12th-century Jain text Sankhitta Sangheyan

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****Long Thread on #PoolTesting****

This is the time for India to increase the ratio of #Pool tests.

The number of #COVID19 cases in #India has seen a constant rise over the past two weeks. This has been concerning considering that most cities are gradually coming out...
...of the lockdown. Domestic flights have resumed operations and soon, we may see other relaxations coming into effect. Offices and factories are opening up across states and this may certainly lead to a new wave of cases being identified.
#COVID19India #PoolTesting
As of the morning of 27th May, the top four infected states in India, which are Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat & Delhi amount to around 67% of the total cases recorded in India. But, the concern has also been the rising number of cases in states that were very much in control...
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#Dhaman1 controversy has now led to Puducherry CM cancelling the order for these ‘ventilators’. The order from other states - Puducherry and Maharashtra- was used by the health Dept to leverage the efficacy of this device less than 24 hrs ago.
However some red flags:
1. A tranche of documents were shared y’day by health Dept. This included this EQDC test report on the device. While the health dept says this is a certified ventilator, note this is merely a nomenclature. Doesn’t imply it IS a ventilator
2. IEC stds are intnl stds for testing & safety stds for electrical/electronic devices. Medical equipments should be tested as per IEC 60601 stds. The document shared by health Dept however shows testing as per IEC 61000 stds. IEC 61000 deals with electromagnetic compatibility...
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Thread: #prithvirajchauhanjayanti

2001: Bandit/Parliamentarian #PhoolanDevi (#Bundelkhand, #UttarPradesh) ki!!ed by Sher Singh Rana.
2004: Sher Singh Rana escapes #TiharJail. Travels #Kolkata-#Dhaka-#Kabul, #Afghanistan.


To bring back the remains of our Maharaja #PrithvirajChauhan.
Who was #PrithvirajChauhan?

The ruler of a Kingdom stretched from #Rajasthan to #Gujarat to East #Punjab with twin capital cities; #Ajmer and #Delhi - 1178 CE to 1192 CE.

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Are districts in #Maharashtra at its peak in terms of new #coronavirus confirmed cases?

Plotting the daily new cases with a moving average for a 7 day period.

Lets #StayHome and all be #CoronaWarriors!

@aparanjape @CafeEconomics @MulaMutha @MakrandParanspe
Plotting this for #Gujarat
.. and for #Tamilnadu
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-Request @cleanganganmcg @CPCB_OFFICIAL to also look into changes in riparian biodiversity in addition to conventional chemical analyses. Apart from good #rainfall, halt in sand mining hs helped #Yamuna with lean season flows. @RajivRanjanMis5… @yamunajiye
Its time for #Delhi govt @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia to start real-time monitoring of #river.

Hope @DrGargava @CPCB_OFFICIAL wld also put outcome of sample analysis done for #Yamuna in public domain.…
@IndiaRiverForum @sidagarwal @Venkatesh_D @DefeatKorona
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Are #Hindu/#Muslim riots inevitable in #India?
-Of course not. (So much academic literature-- see @ProfVarshney among many others).

One key variable is government response. Take two conflagrations in #Gujarat in 2002:
-Feb 2002: 58 #Hindus killed in #Godhra. ~1,000+ #Muslims killed while police (under #Modi) stand by.
-Sept 2002: Terrorists kill 30 at #Akshardam temple. Could have led to mass riots, but #India's PM Vajpayee sent CRPF in quickly to control the situation. No riots.
In both 2002 #Gujarat cases, the initial provocation was extreme (in #Godhra, still disputed whether fire was intentional or accident: Separate question).
-Govt can't stop killing of 30 people, or even 58. But it CAN stop the killing of 1,000.

If it doesn't, it's complicit.
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In Gujarat history Solanki Rajput dynasty rule of 10th to 13th century is an important age. Classic Gujarati novels 'Jay Somnath','Patan Ni Prabhuta' & 'Gujarat No Nath' written by K.M.Munshi are based on the ancient history of Solanki age.
In 11th & 12th century during the rule of Solanki dynasty Rajput kings Siddhraj Jaisinh & Kumarpal, the prosperity of Gujarat was at the peak. It was golden period of Gujarat.
There are two myths about the birth of ancestor of Chaulukya (Solanki) Rajputs- (1) Their ancestor was produced in Yagna Kund fire at Mount Abu in very ancient time (2) He was produced by Lord Brahma in Chuluk (cavity of hands) in very ancient time.
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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Once Nagarparkar area of #Tharpakar district of #Sindh province of Pakistan had a large population of Jain traders.There are many ruined Jain temples in Sindh.Godi Parshwanath Jain temple was built in 14th century.There is no idol of Jainism.
In reply to @pruthvi87172164
@pruthvi87172164 Godi Jain temple is located 14 miles northwest of the Viravah Temple in #Nagarparkar area of #Sindh. The temple was built in 1375-1376 AD, in a Gujarati-style, and features 3 mandaps, with 52 Islamic-style domes. Frescoes at Godi Temple are oldest existing Jain frescoes in world.
@pruthvi87172164 An account of Godi Prashwanath Jain temple of #Nagarparkar construction is given in "Gaudi Parshvanath Stavan" written by Pritivimala in 1594 AD. According to it, a merchant 500 years ago named Manga Oswal from Nagarparkar had gone to Patan -Gujarat to purchase some items.
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Here's a compilation of some timelapse animations that show different stories from across India over the 3 decades (1989 - 2018) . Created with @googleearth @EarthOutreach #newyear2020

1: Restless #Brahmaputra n tributaries meandering,changing course in #Assam
2. Growth of Brick Kiln industry in the banks of #Hooghly, #Rupnarayan rivers near #Kolkata (brown polygons close to the rivers' banks) #WestBengal
3. Embankment failure in #Kosi River (2008) caused flooding. It also left a sediment footprint that was visible from satellites. #Bihar
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