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#MahatmaGandhi had a complex relationship with Maharashtra, where his mentor Gopal Krishna Gokhale hailed from.

This thread is about #Gandhi and his relationship with #Marathi (and #Maharashtra)

#Maharashtra produced some of his staunchest supporters like Acharya Vinoba Bhave and Sitaram ‘Appasaheb’ Patwardhan, who was referred to as the ‘Konkan Gandhi,’ and his most bitter critics, like Dr #BabasahebAmbedkar and V.D. #Savarkar.
Eventually, a man from #Maharashtra--#NathuramGodse, killed #Gandhi.
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Sardagriha opposite the office of the Commissioner of Police, #Mumbai was #LokmanyaTilak's lodging and base in the city. It is here that he took his last breath in the wee hours of 1 August 1920. Tilak's mortal remains were kept for darshan on a chair in this balcony.
#history ImageImageImageImage
Thousands braved the pouring rain for his darshan. Women did their artis before the wicks were extinguished. Tilak's procession to Girgaon Chowpatty was joined by around 2 lakh people including mill workers. One of the bearers of his mortal coils was #MahatmaGandhi & the other
was Maulana Shaukat Ali. The Parsi merchants of #Mumbai ensured that necessary permissions for his cremation on the beach were secured & provided sandalwood logs. As Tilak was being cremated, a grieving Muslim youngster threw himself into to the fire & was singed.
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#LokmanyaTilak was a journalist & freedom fighter. This thread is about his guru & nationalist 'Bramharshi' #AnnasahebPatwardhan, who had attempted to 'liberate' the Berar province from the #British for revolutionary activities
#Pune #history #Maharashtra #Vidarbha #Marathi
Ramchandra Vinayak Patwardhan aka Annasaheb was born in a #ChitpavanBrahmin family in 1847. He was muscular and had dedicated himself to a physical culture in his youth. He claimed to have the strength of a horse.
Annasaheb would dare British soldiers to a race on foot from Wanowrie to Swargate (around 6km). It was a passion for him to outpace and defeat them.
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#Netaji #SubhasChandraBose and his #INA launched their struggle against the #British with the help of #Japan in #WorldWarII. But did you know that Indian #nationalists & #revolutionaries had deep ties with #Japan even earlier?
#history #LokmanyaTilak #Maharashtra #IndoJapanties
Indian revolutionaries were eager to go to #Japan and #America to gain knowledge in manufacturing arms and bombs to be used against the British rulers.
#freedommovement #nationaliststruggle
The rise of #Japan as a military and industrial power and the crushing defeat inflicted by it on #Russia in the Russo-Japanese war (1904-5) inspired Indian nationalists. The country was also seen as a counter-weight to the European powers.
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Of late, I have been tweeting threads on issues like #history & on #Maharashtra & #Mumbai. This is a compilation of some threads over the month

On a little-known attempt by an inebriated #British policeman to kill #MahatmaGandhi in #Pune

The #ParvatiSatyagraha launched by Ambedkarites and reformist activities seeking that #Dalits be allowed to enter the Parvati temple in #Pune

#DrBabasahebAmbedkar #DrAmbedkar #DalitMovement #history
How #Dussehra was once a rallying point for the Swadeshi movement. It was on this day in 1905 that #VinayakDamodarSavarkar organised a massive bonfire of imported clothes

#Savarkar #LokmanyaTilak #Tilak #Pune #Maharashtra #swadeshi #Gandhi #MahatmaGandhi
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Bhawanrao 'Balasaheb' Pantpratinidhi (1868-1951) who ruled Aundh in #Maharashtra was an unusual king. His work at reforming criminals & convicts inspired V.Shantaram's acclaimed ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’ (1957). Balasaheb was born on 24 October 1868
#history #Marathi #films #art
Unlike rulers who tried to cling to power even when the end of British rule was evident, #BalasahebPantpratinidhi handed over the reins of the state to the people much earlier in an experiment inspired by #MahatmaGandhi. He also helped freedom fighters & revolutionaries.
In a sense, #BalasahebPantpratinidhi was among the reformist kings who tried to birth welfare states in colonial India. He was also associated with one of the most popular forms of exercises—the suryanamaskars.
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#ShivSena president #UddhavThackeray & #Maharashtra CM #EknathShinde have organised a show of strength on #Dusseshra. But, over 100 years ago, the festival was used to protest against the British & popularise swadeshi
#Savarkar #Tilak #Bengal #Dussehra2022 #Dashera #Maharashtra ImageImageImage
This is also about the historical links between #Maharashtra and #Bengal & how people from #Maharashtra supported their Bengali brethren in their fight against the British colonialists

#Dussehra #Dussehra2022 #Dasara #Dasara2022 #LokmanyaTilak #VDSavarkar #Savarkar #swadeshi
It was on #Dussehra day in 1905 that #VinayakDamodarSavarkar, a student at the Fergusson College in #Pune, organized the 1st such bonfire of imported clothes with stalwarts like #LokmanyaTilak & #ShivramMahadevParanjape & a huge crowd in attendance
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Public celebrations of #Navratri in #Maharashtra began in 1926 & are linked to reformers Prabodhankar Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, Dr #BabasahebAmbedkar & Rao Bahadur S.K. Bole. This was a form of counter-culture against #Ganeshutsav, which was then dominated by #Brahmins
Incidentally, #Ganeshutsav was popularised by #LokmanyaTilak in the backdrop of the Hindu-Muslim riots in 1893-94. It soon replaced #Muharram, which was then the most popular festival in the Bombay Presidency, with massive participation from Hindus
The #Ganeshutsav at #Dadar in #Mumbai, saw donations being collected from people across castes. However, the organising committee was dominated by Brahmins, who kept other groups away from it. The singers and religious orators were also Brahmins. In short, they ran the show.
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A little-known nugget about Netaji #SubhashChandraBose. At a time when most politicians supported prohibition, he was among the few who opposed the idea. #Netaji #SubhasChandraBose #history
The Bombay Presidency Government under Balasaheb Kher (Congress) had decided to impose prohibition from 1 August 1939. Netaji, who had then had quit as the Congress president, stood by the Parsi community which was opposed to prohibition & criticised the govt for this decision.
However, #MahatmaGandhi was upset at this & issued a statement from Abbotabad (he was touring the NWFP). Earlier #MahatmaPhule had pointed to the adverse social effects of liquor. #LokmanyaTilak had joined forces with Muslims & Christian missionaries to clamp down on liquor vends
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Thread: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is a symbol of resistance towards tyrannical regimes. He was a rallying point for nationalists after the partition of Bengal in 1905. The 'Shivaji Utsav' tradition struck roots in Bengal in 1902

#ShivajiMaharaj #LokmanyaTilak #history
because of Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar. He was a Maharashtrian settled in Bengal. Deuskar taught in a school at Deoghar & was part of a revolutionary group set up by Rajnarayan Basu, the intellectual & grandfather of Aurobindo & Barindra Ghosh
Deuskar was the first to write about #ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj & Peshwa Bajirao-I in Bengali, detailing their bravery & exploits. His 'Shivajir Mahatva' was republished as 'Shivajir Diksha' in 1904.
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While #GaneshUtsav is celebrated across #Maharashtra & India, few know that the genesis of these public celebrations lie in the communal conflict that happened in the late 19th century.
#LokmanyaTilak #Ganapati #Muharram #Hindu #Muslim #Pune #Mumbai #GaneshChaturthi #Tilak
In August 1893, there was a massive communal riot around the Hanuman Temple at Pydhonie in #Mumbai. The #Marathi textile mill workers entered the fray, and the violence intensified. The army was summoned, but more riots were reported from places like Raver and Yeola.
As @BharGo8 notes: Before industrialisation, #Mumbai was a #Hindu minority city. The demographics changed due to the influx of the Marathi workers from the Konkan after the launch of the textile mills. The 1893 riots (not those in 1992-93) changed the social fabric of #Mumbai
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#LokmanyaBalGangadharTilak - the ‘Maker of Modern #India’ and the ‘Father of India’s Revolution’

Tributes to a nationalist, teacher, social reformer, author and one of the first leaders of the Indian Independence Movement on his death centenary.

(1/9) Image
#LokmanyaTilak made everyone aware of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s idea of #Swarajya (self-rule).

He started grand public celebrations of ‘Ganeshotsav’ and ‘Shiv Jayanti’ in order to unite the masses.

#LokmanyaTilak ignited patriotic consciousness among the masses...

...during one of the most difficult periods in the freedom struggle.

His trisutri or three-point programme for national awakening – Swaraj, Swadeshi and Nationalist Education – lit the fire of self-pride and activism in a nation that was despairing and directionless.

(3/9) Image
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The Hindu scholar Lokmanya Tilak credited Jainism with influencing Hinduism in the area of the cessation of animal sacrifice in Vedic rituals. Bal Gangadhar Tilak has described Jainism as the originator of Ahimsa.
#BalGangadharTilak #LokmanyaBalGangadharTilak #LokmanyaTilak Image
and wrote in a letter printed in Bombay Samachar, Mumbai:10 Dec 1904: "In ancient times, innumerable animals were butchered in sacrifices. Evidence in support of this is found in various poetic compositions such as the Meghaduta.
But the credit for the disappearance of this terrible massacre from the Brahminical religion goes to Jainism." Swami Vivekananda also credited Jainsim as one of the influencing forces behind the Indian culture.
Info source -: The speaking tree.
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Today, July 23rd marks the birth anniversaries of two great sons of India—Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Chandra Shekhar Azad.

I feel that present-day youth must read about their lives and sacrifices made for country's freedom.

Read my full facebook post-… ImageImageImage
Tilak was among the first and strongest advocates of ‘Swaraj’. His famous declaration “Swaraj is my birth right, and I shall have it” served as a powerful clarion call to the future revolutionaries of India’s struggle for independence. #LokmanyaTilak Image
He also endeavoured to awaken the political consciousness of people through two weekly newspapers that he owned and edited: Kesari, published in Marathi and The Mahratta, published in English. He vehemently criticized the British rule through these publications. #LokmanyaTilak ImageImage
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