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CO2 Meter Reads Dangerous Levels within minutes

Imagine what this is doing to your child, wearing it all day!

Take The #Masks Off Immediately

#UnmaskOurChildren #Mask #UnmaskYourChildren #Unmask
#UnmaskOurKids #MasksInSchool
#MasksDontWork #MaskMandate…
The stain of the forced #masking of children will forever live on as an unparalleled and unequivocal moral abomination. A society that mainstreams institutionalized child abuse is a society that does not deserve to exist
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A few hours ago, the @OttawaCitizen posted an article entitled, "Face to Face with COVID deniers in the ICU."

Here is the reply I posted:

- It is OK to believe that some people will get really sick...and some with die from COVID-19.

- It is OK to realize that the vast majority of those patients are elderly, have at least 3 comorbidities (affecting heart, lungs, immune system), AND live in a cohorted care setting - such as LTC.

- It is OK to realize that smoking is a HUGE risk factor for respiratory infections - and one that is often forgotten or discounted by patients, the health care system and media.
(Still looking at vaping and CV-19...)

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A few hours ago, the Ottawa Citizen posted an article "Front-line hospital workers say they feel betrayed by the province."
(… )

However, this (clearly) union-fueled article completely missed the mark.

Yes, we are feeling worn down and betrayed by the Governments of Ontario & Canada.

But we are feeling worn down and betrayed NOT by the pandemic (aka the disease itself) - but by the governments' response to it:

1) that has:

- riddled our children with fear,

- riddled our patients with fear,

- riddle our employers with fear,

- paralyzed those outside our hallowed halls with fear...

2) that has lead to myopic, singular-focused government & public health policy - that has:

- undermined democracy,

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Fauci's emails stating the obvious (masks in the community are useless) energised mask zealots. They go around and post this paper in comments, claiming "science evolved and masks now work".

This paper is dodgy, here is why:
People who wrote it knew that CDC and its European equivalent found no solid evidence to support the usefulness of cloth masks.
CDC: "We found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks"…
yet PNAS paper: "we recommend the adoption of public cloth mask wearing, ... in conjunction with existing hygiene, distancing, and contact tracing strategies".

That's problem #1: claim masks work while not able to show they do a thing as a measure in its own right
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Ciao Bernie...l'unica differenza con MarioD... è che lui poteva creare liquidità dal nulla e tu no...👽

Colui che è responsabile primo della morte di migliaia di persone...con la sua gestione criminale a base di "tachipirina e vigile attesa"...non solo deve essere rimosso ma deve finire la sua vita al gabbio

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I’ve decided to do a thread on masks to show how harmful they can be, I fully expect to get mocked/attacked for my beliefs, that’s fine, just know all you trolls I won’t be entertaining you, you’ll just get muted.
I’m posting research, not arguing with brain dead idiots.
#NoMasks Image
One thing to understand is that this is a satanic ritual...even if you don’t believe in God & the devil etc, those in power do & do their utmost to serve it, their ‘god’ & they are truly evil.…
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HCQ works...says multiple random clinical trials and several doctors around the world! Even Fauci the Fraud knows about these studies - but he would never present that to the public due to the orders from his masters of the NWO agenda! Proof? NO PROBLEM! Read whole thread!
read full article... most links that can be clicked on are included in this thread
You can confirm that Fauci the Fraud worked for the NIH here is you are a skeptical democrat that loves & admires the MSM along with all their lies.…
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Making face masks compulsory is not just a matter of public health. It's a cultural shift for Western countries.⁠

To help you navigate the New Normal, we have put together an essential guide...

👌 How to wear it properly 👌

✅ For a mask to be of any use it needs to cover both the mouth and the nose.

🙅‍♀️ How NOT to wear it 🙅‍♂️

❌ Under your chin
❌ Covering only your mouth but not your nose
❌ In your pocket
🧼 How to care for it 🚿

Experts recommend washing fabric masks or coverings following every use.

⚠️ With disposable masks, the clue is in the name: don’t reuse them (and also kindly don’t throw them on the ground after wearing) ⚠️
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