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Ever wonder, how did we get to this place where clinicians and scientists discourage people from taking basic health precautions, like wearing #N95 masks or running #HEPA filters to deal with wildfire smoke?

Look no further than the tobacco industry's historical playbook.

1/6 Journal article: "The ...
By the 1950s, the data were in. Smoking causes lung cancer. The facts were overwhelming.

The tobacco industry responded by launching its own junk science funding program and propping up experts who would question established findings.

Great review:…

2/6 Am J Public Health. 2012 Ja...
The Tobacco Industry Research Committee (TIRC) funded & propped up scientists who used favorable messages.
🔹There are no RCTs, only observational data. Lung cancer could be caused by alcohol or genetics.
🔹Seeding doubt
🔹Promoting fatalism
🔹"Don't be afraid"
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If the studies which show #COVID can cause brain damage was on the news, wouldn’t more people be asking for air filters in schools and protections? Why isn’t it on the news?
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We testified today at a closed door meeting where @CDCgov HICPAC Commitee recommended that #N95s are no longer needed to prevent #COVID19 transmission, although #COVIDisAirborne
The presenter wore a KN95 while sharing a flawed collection of mask studies #HICPACUndemocratic 🧵 screenshot of Zoom, white w...
First and foremost, the public should be included in the development of public health and PPE guidelines, including impacted workers, and unions, and patients and communities and utilizing the expertise of occupational health experts, industrial hygienists & aerosol scientists.
#N95RespiratorsWork and #COVIDisAirborne.
Decades of science support the efficacy of #N95 Respirators. The appropriate way to assess efficacy of PPE is via engineering assessments not by experimenting on health workers by exposing them to lethal and disabling pathogens via RCT Screenshot of Fact sheet Ti...
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#n95 with the horrific air quality crisis and of course Covid it's now more important than ever to get high quality, authentic n95s at the best prices and choices going:

Lots of classic masks on here:
such as the 3M Aura: which is a staple and always reliable:…
The website ships worldwide and has such a wide range of masks and choices you just don't see anywhere else: especially in the UK:
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'We need to do better' - over 14,000 people died with Covid after catching it in hospital last year. Patients continue to die from hospital acquired infections because the government took masks away and ended testing. Covid is an airborne virus and there…
Is ongoing denial of this from WHO. They have already announced once that it was airborne but then backtracked. The current guidelines are completely inadequate. Many staff are ending their careers due to long covid. It is on no one’s interests to stop masking.
The government should have also advised wearing an #N95. I don’t understand why the some of the medical profession are failing to support vulnerable patients. They are also endangering themselves. Why believe the Tories on #COVID being just a ‘mild’ cold.
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In JAMA Oncology today, the "debate" continues.

Should hospitals do MORE or less to help people with #cancer avoid severe outcomes from COV1D?

I'll take you through each article! 🔁

1/… Graphic of 4 articles in JA...
Dr. @drlennardlee and colleagues found that people with #cancer had diminished vaccine antibody response, leading to breakthrough infections and hospitalizations.

2/… Selected graphs. Diminished...
Dr. Lee's study was one of the best I've read in a long time, so we wrote an Editorial building on it.

We offered 10 tips for hospitals to provide people with #cancer with more comprehensive supports.


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COVID-19 increases risk of developing Alzheimer's by 50-80% in older adults. What are we doing allowing this virus to circulate? We must protect ourselves from COVID. Wear a mask #N95. Why isn’t the government acting on this?…
Covid is linked to Prion disease and we are allowing children to become infection with this. Even if there is only a small risk of this we should protect them.…
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Polio has a higher level of asymptomatic cases than #SARScov2 (up to 95%). The history of polio should act as a warning shot to us for Covid. In 1916 in New York there was a large polio outbreak, much of the transmission came from patients that showed no symptoms whatsoever.
Yet this left over 2,000 people dead and nationally in the US 6,000 people died. Many were paralysed by this condition. We know from studies and testing that #SARSCoV2 transmits asymptomatically.
We are still learning about the many hundreds of strains that cause COVID. There are many studies highlighting the long term risks from neurological, blood clots to heart conditions. We should be trying to suppress infections and stop the spread.
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I wear my #N95 at the gym every day, 2 fans running on high, doors open, window open, & CO2 reading under 550. It's not hard. I do it because I don't know who was here before me, or if they were sick. 😷 Haters ask: "ArE yOu GoInG tO WeAr a MaSk FoReVerR?" Here is my answer: A CO2 monitor held by a per...
I still wear a seatbelt more than 3 yrs after it became law. Still don't smoke indoors more than 3 yrs after it became law. Still use condoms more than 3 yrs after the HIV/AIDS crisis began. Still only drink clean water, still wear sunscreen when out in the sun. So do you!
😷 "ArE yOu GoInG tO WeAr a MaSk FoReVerR?" haters ask. Nope! But I will wear a #respirator. And I'll keep doing it until we legislate #CleanAir indoors everywhere. I'll keep using HEPAs, and condoms, and SPF, and drinking clean water, and wearing a seatbelt. It's not hard.
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Our governments have let #COVID spread and infections and reinfections are running high. Even a mild infection can cause brain damage. We don’t know the long term effects of this brain damage, it could effect our society forever.…
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Fit Testing to ensure a good seal on your mask [Part 2]

This thread describes my quantitative fit testing experience with some real-world results of various types of #masks including #NIOSH #N95 and ear loop and how 1 mask leaked 70x more than the other on my face. 🧵1/ Photo showing a Canadian ma...
The table of contents with quick links and unrolled one-page web views for this multi-part thread can be found here ( ). 2/
If you missed Part 1 which explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative fit testing and how they work, you can find it here ( ). 3/
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#Arcturus is already in the UK at lower levels. We can all play our part to prevent a bigger wave. #WearAMask #N95 Open windows. Please watch this video from WHO ‘hundreds of millions’ of people will need long term care. Why isn’t this on the news @BBCNews the Public need to know
Risk increases with each reinfection as you can see from the graph below. The more times you catch COVID the greater your risk.
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This is so important, anti-vaccine disinformation has swept the planet and the focus on spreading covid infections has left many who couldn’t be vaccinated marooned. The let it rip strategy risks every single one of us. We are rapidly heading back to square one. We should not ..
Rely solely on vaccines at this point. Yes get them as they are very important BUT we need #N95 respirators and #Airfilters. If the let it rip strategy continues variants may well outstrip vaccines altogether. Our governments have been too complacent.
Moving ahead the UK government isn’t even planning to vaccinate. This will leave many at risk. Do not rely on so called ‘natural immunity’ you will be at risk from long covid and other long term risks.
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I am 💯 behind Doctors but please stop listening to the Tories on #COVID #COVIDisAirborne #N95 #Ventilate No infection should be thought of as mild there are long term risks and vulnerable patients deserve protection from HAI. They should not be on the same ward it’s Airborne.
Please watch this recent video from Dr Fauci
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Science has brought us solutions to #COVID infections but our government isn’t using the science. Here are the things the Tories could be doing to prevent infections, instead we are all suffering a constant round of exposure.
The Tories sold off VMIC. This was a flagship vaccine development centre…
They have been giving constant advice on hand washing but failed to informed the Public that Covid is an airborne virus.
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Another example of the constant disconnect we are seeing. No wonder everyone is confused on #COVID. Biden is declaring it’s over but clearly it isn’t. The Tories are pretending it’s over but it’s not and much more importantly they are telling us all to continue to accept …
An endless round of preventable infections which they are pretending are no worse than the flu. Omicron has been deadly, please read the study below. Then after the initial infection there are long term health risks.
All of this is totally unnecessary if the governments rolled out #Airfilters and mitigated for the #Airborne infection that it is. One day we will have better vaccines but that day isn’t now.
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We are in a cost of living crisis which is another reason that #COVID has been a lower priority for many families. However, getting long covid is a reason why so many people are losing their jobs, homes and unable to pay bills.
So one of the most important things we can do is safeguard our health, without that we can’t work. The Tories don’t care about our health. Please wear a #N95 open windows in schools and offices. Use a co2 monitor and #Airfilter.
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The Tories have divided the nation over so many things. They have divided us over #COVID and marginalised those suffering from long covid and who are at higher risk. Many of us have campaigned daily for over three years for change.
Over three years on the damage from #COVID is clear to see from the many lived accounts on here. Everyone is at risk from this virus. We need a sensible and balanced approach moving forward.
We need #Airfilters in hospitals, schools and work. So that the risks decrease for all of us. This will save tens of thousands of lives a year.
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Guess what my husband brought home? #covid #xbb116 from #India. ✈️ landed 6am 🕕 today. He 1st-time tested [+] w/Symptoms: Sore Throat &🥴cough. Doc informed. Case reported. Waiting for #paxlovid. #n95 doubled-up and windows-downed for me. 😷
#CovidIsNotOver @TogetherWeMask Image
@TogetherWeMask @DemeTech @TheWHN @Survivor_Corps I just want to add one more thing: my husband is triple-boosted, and had the latest bivalent booster. He still caught the 🦠— this is his first time. Let's pay attention to XBB.1.16 please. #travelsafely Wear N95 even if you go nude anywhere!
Making soup 🥣 for my love…hope he will recover quickly 🙏🏽😷 ImageImage
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Many people need to be aware that just because you have been vaccinated does not give you an impervious shield to covid infections. Vaccines are waning and you can still get #LongCovid. You can also spread your infection to someone vulnerable and you don’t know who is around you
On the bus/train into work. Sitting in a school concert. There are vulnerable children. Also All of us are at risk from long covid. 1 in 10 infections are resulting in this. There are also long term risks of brain damage, heart attacks and strokes. Covid is not mild.
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So many posts talking about Johnson during lockdown. Deaths have fallen considerably thanks to vaccines but hundreds are still dying each week. Your covid infection can cause: blood clots, heart attack, stroke, diabetes. So many are back in hospital months later. No one is …
talking about what happens months down the road. 1 in 5 infections on the US are now long covid. People are also dying from longer term complications and nothing is being said. This isn’t transparent, we all need to be talking about this.
Vaccines are waning and moving forward what happens when most people can’t access them? More cases of long covid? More hospitalisations and deaths. This is the reality and CEV are at considerable risk every day from infections. People stopped being careful during the Spanish flu
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Johnson promised a wall of immunity. Instead the Tories failed to deliver vaccines to all age groups. Even cev children are only being offered half doses. Now they are planning to stop most vaccines in the Autumn.
UKHSA keep pushing natural immunity but ignoring the long term risks of infection. Covid can cause #BloodClots strokes, heart attacks months after the initial infection. It can increase the risk of dementia and diabetes. It is not a good thing to catch for your long term health.
I don’t know a family apart from those masking, who haven’t had #COVID repeatedly. If you had lasting immunity you wouldn’t keep catching it. There is no lasting immunity. There are studies that show #COVID is causing immune dysregulation and damaging our immune systems.
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Good reasons to start wearing a respirator #N95
Protects you against #COVID reinfections #LongCovid and increased long term health risks of heart attacks, strokes, Diabetes and brain damage.
The air we breathe is full of #microplastics #ProtectYourLungs #Pollution
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