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A deep dive into the #N95 - a thread 1/x

This little piece of fabric that keeps us safe - and the topic of so much debate

N95 respirators were originally designed for industrial use and then adapted for medical use for highly contagious pathogens.
2/x Medical grade N95 Invented by a Taiwanese American materials engineer Peter Tsai in 1995
(but it's not N95 for the year - more below)

“If I can have this opportunity to help the community, then it will be a good memory for the rest of my life,” Tsai…
3/x Listen to him here on @npr…
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इस रिपोर्ट को देखिए और देश में हो रहे लूट के ख़िलाफ़ आवाज़ उठाये। जनता के पैसे पेड़ पे नही उगते।

#COVIDー19 #Corona #N95
Maha govt used to buy #N95 from Venus Safety at ₹11.6 in 2019 & ₹17.3 + gst in Jan 2020. As soon as #COVIDー19 struck, price of same product went up to ₹42 (more than 250% increase). Now, same mask was available in market for ₹180-350 & more. That's more than a 1000% increase
Prices kept on increasing because the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) did not cap the MRP even after #N95 masks were notified as essential commodity under the Essential Commodities Act.
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Each shift in the ER I put on my surgical mask, grab my #N95 from the storage room, and prepare to see patients. I covet my N95 to protect me from #COVID19, but I wear my surgical mask to protect others from me. So why has this act somehow become political? Some thoughts>>>> 1/18
Early in the #pandemic, the CDC did not recommend the widespread wearing of masks. They wanted supplies saved for healthcare workers, and there was no hard science telling us that the public wearing masks was a significant component to stopping the spread of #COVID19. 2/18
The science evolved, as it always does, and on 3 April, in a packed WH briefing room, flanked by the #coronavirus task force, @realDonaldTrump announced that masks were officially recommended, stating that he would not be wearing one. Thus began the politicization of masks. 3/18
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Based on 👇

Land,Labour,Liquidity&Laws that are not isolationist but inclusive

Ease of Doing Business

DBT,JanDhan,Aadhar, Micro Insurance,Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Awaas Yojana,PM FasalBima Yojana,Krishi Sinchai,Swachh Bharat--Key Landmarks
GST,IBC&PSU Bank Recapitalisation in last 6 yrs,have been big reforms

52606Cr given via #DBT to 41Cr #JanDhan holders

Free wheat&rice to 69Cr ration card holders

18000Cr tax refunds given

Free cylinders to 8Cr #Ujjwala holders

#20lakhcrores #COVIDー19
Project DevelopmentCells,working for Promotion of Champion Sectors,in States

#MakeInIndia&Upgradation of Industrial Infra,a success&more will be done to #Decongest economy

3376 SEZs&IndustrialParks with 5 lakhhectares,to be ranked& mapped,in terms of readiness for competition
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“What the eye doesn't see and the mind doesn’t accept, DOES EXIST!”

👇 picture of the hands of Thomas Edison’s assistant. Later died from Cancer due exposure to the same ‘invisible’ X-Ray radiation

Why are we discussing this in 2020, during #Covid_19 ?

1/ Image
Radiation is not visible to the human eye and neither is Coronavirus.

The size of the virus is about 0.1 um, smaller than a red blood cell and even some bacteria

Both can have devastating effects , if we do not protect ourselves

2/ Image
#Covid_19 can be transmitted by droplets >5 µm which can quickly form aerosols ≤5 µm.

Besides the well-known transmission by coughing and sneezing, the virus can be transmitted even during SPEECH….in fact the louder you speak, more are chances of transmission..

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I don’t like posting depressing posts but I think it’s time. When this all began, I would walk into the #COVID unit with the energy of a #hype man at a #hiphop show. I hate COVID19 but I love being an #ICU doctor & getting people better. Today I am mentally & physically exhausted
Other than my AM commute, I’ve seen daylight only once this week - today when I had a few minutes for a #coffee break. Today was also the first time I got home before 10 pm, but before I even had a chance to take my #decontamination shower...
I got called about yet another complex #COVID admission by my even more hard-working #PCCM fellows. The amount of face-to-face time required to take good care of these patients cannot be truly appreciated unless you’ve worked in an #ICU. The days are long & the work is relentless
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.#Thread N95 masks (respirators) and their rational use is a hot topic of discussion. A lot of queries are being raised regarding their usage & durability and why general public is being asked to restrict themselves to cotton/cloth mask. So, let us tackle them one by one.
The best PPE ever imagined was probably the armour donned by Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)made after he was rescued from a fight with his Jedi master that left him with 3rd degree burns & 3 amputated limbs, functioning both as life-support system and prosthetic encasement
Real respirators built by humans are of two types:
1. Air purifying respirators: They use filters/cartridges/canisters to remove the particulate matter from the air that we breathe.
2. Air supplied respirators: They have a separate source of compressed uncontaminated air (pic)
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(#COVID19 thread) I've thought quite a bit about the #COVID19PANDEMIC and have come to the conclusion that traditional containment strategies may not be sufficient. I believe #MASKS4ALL are the *only* way out of this mess. Here is why: 1/
#SOCIALDISTANCING is a luxury most on the planet can't afford. Imagine 'work from home' #WFH applied to working folks, such grocery workers or the people who are delivering packages all over the west, or to >99.9% of people in resource limited areas. 2/
#COVID19TESTING is CRITICAL but isn’t ready for immediate global scale. Reagents/PCR/CRISPR/serology tests in short supply, expensive, not ready to stop the global pandemic. Not ready now or possibly ever for developing world.… 3/
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MAR 22 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: GLOBAL 316,659 w 13,600 DEATHS Beginning at 9AM Most stories WaPo Live Updates.
Derek Hawkins, Kim Bellware, Lateshia Beachum, Adam Taylor and Brittany Shammas
Or link is in tweet SEE EARTHQUAKE in #Croatia below
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 2: #Trump still #MAGA lying. “I invoked the Defense Production Act, and last night, we put it into gear,” Trump said on FRI Infomercial. NO, per @FEMA chief
“No. We haven’t yet,” FEMA Admin #Gaynor said Sunday on @CNN’s #SOTU “State of the Union.”
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: #DUBAI#UAE flagship carrier, #Emirates, announced Sunday that it would move to suspend all passenger flights by Wed in response to #COVID19 .
we cannot viably operate passenger services until countries re-open their borders.
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MAR 19 #WWIII #COVID19 MD THREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo: Siobhán O'Grady, Rick Noack, Marisa Iati, Alex Horton, Miriam Berger and Katie Mettler
March 20 at 7:31 AM PT .. skip all TRUMP lies, JUST FACTS HERE FRONTLINE TROOPS @AMSA_News @ANANursingWorld
MAR 19 #WWIII vs #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: Way too late for #Fresno #McCarthy THIS IS #WWIII on our #AmericanSoil. Against tiny but vicious Enemy #COVID19 ...AND OUR #FRONTLINTROOPS Need #N95 masks #ProtectiveEquipment (Like #China has) HERE is a 60 page PDF #HANDBOOK @usairforce
MAR 19 #WWIII vs #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: FIRST the toll to date. 250,000 Reported CASES (Remember MANY Countries do not report..including #Turkey #Russia ) 11,000 DEATHS #Italy passed #China #Spain up 30% @WHO @maddow @CNN @JohnsHopkinsSPH @UCSF @BuzzFeed @SCMPNews @guardian
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#COVID19 tests (First and second confirmatory tests), are free for all citizens. The country has enough testing capacity as only 10% of total capacity has been utilized per day so far.
An order has been placed for procurement of an additional 80,56,365 #N95 masks and Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers.
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This is a MUST SEE video on the #Coronavirus in Italy. The #ICU intensivist explains the epidemic and treatment- Report From The Front Lines @JAMA_current - YouTube #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #COVID
This is a good summary but somewhat inconsistent to what we have been hearing on #twitter about #italy. The question about triaging those sick and above 60 yo was NOT answered directly. He said the goal was for everyone to get an ICU bed but was that successful? 1/
There are many pictures of hazmat suits which is somewhat different and more aggressive than the reports we have been hearing about #coronavirus in Lombardy 2/
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Bé, posem-nos en situació. #SARSCoV2 està a casa del veí i ara toca pensar que fer. Ja he fet un fil previ sobre la capacitat de persistència i resistència a la desinfecció dels #coronavirus. Ara anem a això de la protecció respiratòria.
Primer, #SARSCOV2 però també els anteriors, #MERS i #SARS, NO SÓN AEROGENS. NO és poden TRANSMETRE per l’aire. Els #coronavirus pesen, van cavalcant en gotes, que tenen un pes i volum que les fa caure en el primer parell de metres. Això sí, allò que cau, es diposita...
sobre superfícies i les contamina.
Quan un esternuda o estossega genera aquest núvol de microgotes, inestables, q cauen, no hi ha #coronavirus a 10 o 15 metres de distància. Per evitar això és per la única cosa que són útils les mascaretes quirúrgiques,
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Mediante comentário publicado online no @LancetChildAdol Wang et al. sugerem a adoção de um plano de contingência pelas #UTIs #neonatais afim de proteger e resguardar estes pacientes durante o surto 🌍 do novo #coronavírus #2019nCov : 📲… @SBPediatria
"1. Adotar precauções padrões para a higiene e desinfeção das mãos na entrada da #UTI #neonatal e o fornecimento de #EPI como luvas, máscaras #😷 #N95 ou #PFF2 e #óculos de proteção para #TODOS os #profissionaisdesaúde
2. Limitar & restringir imediatamente o n. de visitas nas UTIs #neonatais, assim como o uso de #EPI por parte de #visitas.
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