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Via @voxdotcom:
“On Thursday, @CDCgov recommended those living in communities w/ high levels of infection wear face #masks indoors in public settings, even though the federal mask mandate is no longer in effect after it was overturned by a federal judge.”
“Research shows that #masks, if used correctly, can be a valuable tool for reducing the spread of the virus. But the CDC’s #mask recommendation for people living in areas w/ high risks of Covid-19 this week was met with mixed responses online…”
“…Some have criticized the agency’s inconsistency in its #masking policy, while others tried to paint the CDC’s motives as political, pointing to the upcoming midterm elections…”
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Our team continues to monitor #COVID19 regional transmission & hospitalization data in this period of expected increased transmission with early spring holidays and travel.

Here’s what they’re seeing (1/7) 🧵⤵️
There are clear indications of increasing #COVID19 transmission in the Philadelphia region through our school-based testing program, as well as rising emergency department visits in the Northeast.

But to date, these increasing emergency department visits have been nowhere near the levels of Dec-Jan & have not been accompanied by significant changes in daily hospital admissions, which are still low.

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1/ There is no country with better results than Sweden.

It explains the radical framing against Sweden. Such evidence must be attacked.

So claim the opposite as most CCN watching people can't read graphs.

Dear Swedes: defend your country against this cabal!
2/ Let's add all countries? Here we go.

Which line is lowest? Is it the green one? That's Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden dear anti freedom, anti democracy #nocovid clan.
3/ Subset Sweden versus the #nocovid #nofreedom #nodemocracy #nolaw #lockdown #masking #childmasking #schoolclosures #CCP #WHO #WEF #curfew #policeviolance #mandates #QR radicals.

Truth cannot be supressed regardless how many propaganda news articles people write.
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Yes we do feel. We feel too much and sometimes too big for our bodies. It is socially unacceptable for us to show our authentic selves so we suppress our emotions to blend in; it hurts. #autismawareness #masking #actuallyautistic #fullspectrumofemotions tbc
It is physically exhausting but more importantly it is heartbreaking. We live a life where being surrounded by friendly people is lonely because we wear a mask of society’s design. We often go unloved because we go unknown. We are sad. #autism #fullspectrumofemotions tbc
And when the sadness becomes too much - but we still need to be accepted by society in order to grow, earn, provide, LIVE - we shut the emotions down completely. We become only actors. Sometimes we forget who we are. #autismawareness #actuallyautistic #fullspectrumofemotions tbc
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Autismo e o mundo das Fadas 🧵👇

Existe uma antiga lenda celta que diz que quando as fadas visitavam o mundo dos humanos, trocavam seus filhos pelos filhos destes, levando as crianças humanas ao seu mundo.
As crianças fadas tinham dificuldades de se adaptarem ao novo mundo e muitas vezes ficavam presas entre os dois.

Ficar perdido neste meio, dificultava sua comunicação com os humanos.
Algumas até conseguiam falar; outras apenas repetiam o que lhes diziam, como se fossem o reflexo de um espelho mágico; haviam também aquelas que falavam uma língua inteligível pelos humanos, provavelmente, o idioma das fadas; e existiam também as que não soltavam um único som.
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1/🧵🎥 Politicians & Media are sending messages to take down #COVID protections.

In US it’s premature. Why?

📍>50% adults are NOT protected w #Booster
📍>75% of kids 5-11 are NOT fully #Vaccinated
📍Feb 8th >3,000 died
📍>17,000 dead in past week
📍>60,000 💀 January

2/ Last week I had moments where I thought, “It really is sad that society has to keep masking up & those poor kids in school haven’t seen people smile in so long.”

THEN…I thought about how dangerous it is for #CovidKids who get #longCovid to have to live that way.

3/ People continue to contract #Covid from children who skate through #Omicron initially while adults spend 3 weeks in ICU & die.

Denmark 🇩🇰 Israel 🇮🇱 South Africa 🇿🇦 will be safer faster.

US 🇺🇸 will lag behind by YEARS.

Messaging about an end to the pandemic is premature!
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“The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections” 🔥

- Michelle Ford

(Post 1 of many) ⬇️

#Covid #Covid19 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Michelle Ford:
(Part 2 of many)

“after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law. 
We have a case number!!!!

So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Nextdoor listings - essentially EVERYWHERE and

#Covid-19 #Fraud
(Part 3 of many)
Michelle Ford:

“ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.  

I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA

#Scam #CovidScam
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CO2 Meter Reads Dangerous Levels within minutes

Imagine what this is doing to your child, wearing it all day!

Take The #Masks Off Immediately

#UnmaskOurChildren #Mask #UnmaskYourChildren #Unmask
#UnmaskOurKids #MasksInSchool
#MasksDontWork #MaskMandate…
The stain of the forced #masking of children will forever live on as an unparalleled and unequivocal moral abomination. A society that mainstreams institutionalized child abuse is a society that does not deserve to exist
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FYI: even with mild #covid people still have to stay home from work/school! This is why schools are closing & businesses scaling back- WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE RESOURCES! Even with #mitigation/#vaccination mass infection isn’t the answer- we want lower RATES of infection
The calls for uncoupling infections & hospitalizations are necessary as we will be living with #COVID19 forever- BUT RIGHT NOW THERE IS A LOT OF CIRCULATING #VIRUS! To address THIS issue we need everyone to use all mitigation measures: #masking, #testing, #stayhome if sick.
Reading piece after piece about why we can’t close schools & how we want no #masks are premature! No one wants to shut it down. But we need tools AT SCALE. That means counties & states need massive influx of #masks & #tests& people to administer tests, #contacttracers too
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Read this.
#suicide among #students in #highered.
Then TRY, just TRY, to explain to me why #masking/#distancing/#quarantine/#remoteschool are necessary
It's not just the littlest ones, who don't even know what it means to go to school without a #mask
It's not just the elementary students, who aren't growing or developing normally
It's not just the middle school kids. This is when they're supposed to be stretching their wings. It's also the last chance to catch academic issues before high school
It's not just high school students, who are supposed to be getting ready to launch
Or college students, striking out on their own for the first time.

It's Every. Single. One. of them
It's time, even with #omicron, to be done with rules and mandates.
Let our kids be kids
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1/Pleased to share our work, systematically comparing the three US FDA EUA vaccines with regards humoral and cellular immunogenicity, and effectiveness in >40M individuals from public health reports.
@GaihaLab, @BalazsLab, @MGHPathology @CAPRISAOfficial…
2/ We compared the immunogenicity and effectiveness of moderna (mRNA1273), Pfizer (BNT162b2) and J&J (Ad26.COV2.S) vaccines. Crucially, we have control groups with and without prior infection in the immunogenicity studies, standardized assays, multiple different assays etc.
3/ We find a significant hierarchy where Moderna > Pfizer >>>J&J by binding antibodies (spike or RBD, by multiple assays), neutralization of wildtype or variants (incl. delta), and CD4+ T-cells.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/10/2021…
‘Last, best, and final offer’ from Deere to UAW members…

#ContractNegotiations #ContractProposal
We’re Heading Straight for a Demi-Armageddon…

#ClimateChange #mitigation #consequences
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/14/2021…
Scientists scramble to harvest ice cores as glaciers melt…

#IceCores #GlacierMelt #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
Beware the ‘multi-demic:’ Masking this fall will fight more than COVID-19…

#masking #COVID19 #flu #PublicHealth
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“One study…found…#schools that required #masking had…37% lower incidence of #COVID19…Another study…found…high levels of #mask wearing among students helped keep…rate of in-school spread…to under 1%…as…cases were surging in the wider community.”
@mgodoyh goes on:
“Not masking could be disastrous for schools, says Julie Swann, a department head and professor at North Carolina State University who leads a #COVID19 forecasting team funded by the @CDCgov
Adding handful (4) of tweets from experts on #Masks in #Schools 🧵here:
1st, former @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD reminds us #PPE good enough for doctors in the hospital can help mitigate spread in our schools, including high quality, fitted & authentic #N95 #masks.
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#CovidIsNotOver so @CME_UofC and @AlbertaPLP #COVIDCorner is back for another season starting Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 7-9pm…REGISTER NOW…… [1/4]
Topics will include #publichealth, #masking, #VaccineMandates, #VaccinePassports, #Vaccines and #LongCOVID in kids and safe school openings [2/4]
What a great line up of speakers including Al-Noor Nenshi Nathoo (ethics) @Lorian_H (legal/privacy) of #VaccineMandates #VaccinePassports and @Dr_Jim_Kellner (vaccines in kids) and Dr Stephen Freedman (Long COVID in kids) [3/4]
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/20/2021…

#taliban #afghanistan #history #narrative #OpEd
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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“Let me entertain you”.
Using wit, humour, and conversation as a way of trying to fit in.
A (very) late diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic perspective on social
Someone I know outside Twitter, who’s also late diagnosed, told me how she gets by in an office job.
Other people seem to tolerate her as long as she keeps them entertained with amusing stories and anecdotes.
But if her energy drops, and she can’t keep it up, they’re unkind.
This made me so sad.
‘Masking’ is often seen as voluntary, rather than something we’re obliged to do because other people find our authentic self objectionable.
Too serious. Intense.
It’s not autistic acceptance if we have to earn our keep by putting on a social performance.
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Few days back, came across the thought that future generations will be surprised that we could manage a vaccine for a pandemic so quickly and yet could not manage equitable distribution for the vaccine. A 🧵 on potentially what else about the pandemic would surprise 1/
2) That it took so long for public health bodies to accept the fact that a respiratory tract infection, that can be exhaled by infected individuals, can also be inhaled by vulnerable individuals.
3) That the idea of #filtering the air we breathe (#masking) could be so controversial
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I would like to ask people to talk about “identities” instead of “labels” when talking about descriptions of yourself or others that are self-chosen and proudly-carried. I am thoroughly sick of saying people talking about “why label yourself”; “I don’t want to label my child” etc
when talking about important diagnoses such as #autism and #ADHD that are utterly essential to self-understanding and often become proud, self-chosen identities as a child grows up, and it’s even worse when people talk about #gender and #sexualities as “labels”.
Ultimately, “labels” have no function for the self; they exist purely for interactions with others. That doesn’t mean they can’t be useful and empowering, but to my mind it’s a huge misapprehension to describe #gender and #sexualities in this way and plays right into the idea
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