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Just listening to @abcsydney and someone is talking about Mycobacterium leprae transmission.

They said it transmits by droplets.


Aerosol is chief suspect.

#MlepraeIsAerosolBorneToo Image
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This in the @NatGeo today. Statement from @WHO that #monkeypox doesn’t spread like COVID-19 (true) in tiny airborne droplets (not so true).

We know aerosol does play a part in monkeypox transmission, even if not major. See thread that follows. Image
A short thread on evidence of the role of aerosol in #monkeypox transmission.
The problem is, if you ignore a route of transmission, no matter how minor you think it is, it will stifle contact tracing and disease control efforts.

This thing is going to do a slow but inexorable burn, probably over many years, always tending towards fitter strains.
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CO2 Meter Reads Dangerous Levels within minutes

Imagine what this is doing to your child, wearing it all day!

Take The #Masks Off Immediately

#UnmaskOurChildren #Mask #UnmaskYourChildren #Unmask
#UnmaskOurKids #MasksInSchool
#MasksDontWork #MaskMandate…
The stain of the forced #masking of children will forever live on as an unparalleled and unequivocal moral abomination. A society that mainstreams institutionalized child abuse is a society that does not deserve to exist
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CDC came out with another incremental update on #mask & #respirator guidance today:…

Clarifies N95s aren't in short supply & can be worn again!

It's still not perfect, but it feels like we're at least inching in the right direction. Some thoughts via a🧡.
2/ New statement that most respirators (i.e. #N95s) "are disposable and should be discarded WHEN they are dirty, damaged, or difficult to breathe through."

So you CAN #ReuseN95s‼️
See, e.g.:

That's *much* better guidance than to toss after a single use!
3/ Also clearly states that:
"Loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection ... and well-fitting NIOSH-approved respirators (including #N95s) offer the highest level of protection."

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What are 'non-disposable' hi-fi #masks and are they effective respiratory protection? Another short 🧡...

Disclaimer: To demonstrate mask features/types, I will show example images of masks and credit their source. I do not endorse these or any brands, or specific masks.
2/ I will discuss 2 types of non-disposable #facemasks. The 1st has layer/s of #N95/#FFP2 material internally and usually cotton outer layers. They are marketed as being washable & re-usable. The 2nd is called an '#elastomeric' or 'half-face' #respirator. Images: @vogmask @3M
3/ Important: if the mask comes with a certification (e.g. CE mark in the UK/EU; NIOSH-CDC label in the US) then they have been tested and fulfil the requirements of relevant product standard e.g. #FFP2/#N95. If this is absent, the mask may use the materials but not be certified.
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A rash of mask tweets 🧡.

On elastomeric masks, N95s, KN95s, FFP2s, KF94s, care and fit, sourcing, testing, real-world examples & tips, warnings, children's masks, cute alternatives - and why you might want to upgrade now.

#facemask #facemasks #Masks #COVIDisAirborne Image
Why you might want to strengthen your first and most important line of defense.

Bear in mind the type of people you are sharing your supermarket air with.

#facemask #facemasks #Mask #Masks #MaskUp #COVIDisAirborne ImageImageImageImage
One of the best primers on new mask technology in one short interview.…

Teases out technical classifications of 'hi-fi' (high-filtration) masks such as N95s, KN95s or KF94s - and why cloth & surgical masks are not an option now.

Think '2022', not '1918'. Image
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Well it’s #RespiratorWeek !

Show us your favorite #respirator / #ElastomericRespirators and tell us what you love about them! Image
I love my @envomask because of it’s super comfortable and grippy gel seal, no glasses fogging, low profile, and really awesome breathability. I love that so many aerosol experts and healthcare workers use it too! πŸ₯³#RespiratorWeek Image
More on the CDC website re: #RespiratorWeek NIOSH respiratory protection week 2021…
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#COVID19 and #FaceMasks:

We have recently updated our guidance on face masks' use.

1. Their use in the community could be considered, especially when visiting busy, closed spaces - such as grocery stores, shopping centres, or when using public transport. Image
2. They should be considered only as a π—–π—’π— π—£π—Ÿπ—˜π— π—˜π—‘π—§π—”π—₯𝗬 measure, not as a replacement for #PhysicalDistancing, cough and sneeze etiquette, #HandHygiene & avoiding touching of one's face. Image
3. π—₯π—˜π— π—˜π— π—•π—˜π—₯! Proper use of any mask (including the home-made ones) is π—©π—œπ—§π—”π—Ÿ, as failing to put it on or off safely may lead to an increase of probability of getting infected with #SARSCoV2! Image
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With the #COVID19 outbreak, it is important to use language responsibly. Here is the first entry of our new #ContagiousWords series, defining the buzzwords and terminology dominating today's conversation. #Pandemic #PandemicsCost
@ilariacapua Language is powerful, so we must be sure and accurate in the ways we communicate science. #Epidemic #ContagiousWords #COVID19
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