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For all the new ECTS out there:
Advice I wish I knew as a first year ECT, after my first year teaching:
A thread…
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Disclaimer: I am definitely not a pro but I have been through quite a journey during my first year teaching and these are the things that turned it around for me and allowed me to end the year with a better work life balance and strong love for the profession
1. OBSERVE -as many different teachers as you can, as often as you can. Just because you aren’t a trainee anymore doesn’t mean you can’t set observations up yourself - this was hands down what had the most positive impact on my teaching this year and helped with specific problems
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Stonewall are relaunching “School & College Champions Awards”.

Schools must must refer to latest @educationgovuk guidance & their #safeguarding knowledge & not sign up.

@jo_bartosch for @LesbianGayNews

#edutwitter #LGBT #LGB #RSE #PSHE #ukedchat #teacher5oclockclub #SLTchat
“The awards cut across every aspect of the operation of the school...advising teachers to “introduce yourself at the start of the year using your pronouns and encourage students to do the same.”

This is compelled speech. #Teachers contact your unions.

‘in her evidence to @Commonswomequ
earlier this week Stonewall CEO @Nancy_M_K claimed: “one of the things that’s really important to say is that we don’t advocate for the removal of the single sex exemptions.” ‘

This is untrue.

#WomenEd #edutwitter…
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We are today attending the virtual hearing for #AllisonBailey’s claim against Stonewall & Garden Court Chambers.
Discussions on redactions in papers.

Ben Cooper QC for @BluskyeAllison arguing against redactions.


Ben Cooper trying to establish communications between individuals at Stonewall & individuals at Garden Court Chambers. Arguing names of individuals is relevant and they put in public domain.
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From today’s judgement in the #KeiraBell case: “The third Intervener is @Transgendertrd, an organisation that provides evidence- based information & resources for parents & schools concerning children with GD. @cwknews is the director of that organisation...
she has filed a witness statement in these proceedings.
She set out concerns about the lack of evidence as to the impacts & effectiveness of PBs & in relation to which patients it is most likely to help. Much of her evidence focused on the increase of referrals to GIDS of...
teenage natal girls & the cultural factors, including material on the internet & social media, which may play a part in this. She said that GIDS does not offer young people with GD a range of ways to interpret their experience, & the GIDS pathway offers a minimal challenge to...
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.@Stephen__Adams writes about @bbcbitesize Pronouns article

We have made a formal complaint to the BBC.…
Tanya Carter says : “The BBC is promoting a damaging ideology to children. In so doing, they are breaching their own guidelines on editorial impartiality and the 1996 Education Act, which stipulates that an education provider cannot promote a political ideology to children”.
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@bbcbitesize deleting your tweet & then retweeting with replies disabled is not a solution to you promoting political ideology to children. This is against new @educationgovuk guidelines. We will be writing to @GavinWilliamson & @BBC to complain. @Baroness_Nichol @Tanni_GT #LGBT
The image chosen to illustrate the article on twitter & Facebook appears to show a mixed sex changing room. Mixed sex changing undermines #safeguarding.Here is the full article from @bbcbitesize. There are a number of concerns with the article itself.
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One of our supporters has successfully challenged her children’s school on their use of the Genderbread figure in #RSE. This graphic goes against latest @educationgovuk guidelines.
#edutwitter #WomenED #LGBTedchat #SLTchat #PSHE
#pastoralchat #LGBT #NQT…
The new @educationgovuk guidelines state that external resources used by schools must be ‘evidence-based’ & that ‘materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used’ #edutwitter
We thank her for sharing this so that other #parents & #teachers are able to adapt for their own use. We are a grassroots movement who rely on sharing skills & resources. Please see previous thread incorporating concerning use of the genderbread graphic.

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Safe Schools Alliance support good quality inclusive #RSE & #PSHE for all children. This must be biologically accurate, #safeguarding compliant & correctly represent U.K. law. The materials we have seen from many providers do not do this.
It is the responsibility of each individual school to ensure the suitability of any resources that they use with pupils. They must also comprehensively consult with parents. We will be releasing more guidance shortly on which organisations do not comply with new guidelines.
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Whether you’re remaining, returning or starting in your Reception class this academic year, we have got a thread to signpost some of our free EYFS maths resources available…

#primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #backtoschool #mathschat #EYFS
This blog examines a range of potential mathematical opportunities within play including subitising, counting, comparing, classifying and regrouping:…
This video is great for Reception & KS1 alike to explore adding one more and finding one less to a range of numbers. Opportunities to explore number magnitude, order of numbers & practise lots of vocabulary.
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Year 6 teachers of the world unite! Whether you’re remaining, returning or starting in Year 6 we have got a #year6support maths thread to signpost some of our free year 6 resources available…

#primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #backtoschool #mathschat
Just under a year ago, Laura Dell focused on the skills needed to tackle the KS2 SATs Reasoning papers by looking at ‘representing’ and ‘re-presenting’ maths problems: Read more here:…
This KS2 game focuses on place value, decimals & rounding & can be easily adapted to add support/challenge. Despite the simplicity, there are lots of opportunities for pupils to apply other mathematical skills &through careful questioning:
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Year 5 teachers, assemble! To help you support pupils transition into year 5 we have created a thread to support teachers, NQTs, newbies, returners & experienced UKS2ers…

#primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #backtoschool #mathschat
This blog from the summer term focuses on non-digital games requiring minimal resources (pencil and paper, dice, dominoes or cards). ttps://
Talking of gaming, this video is packed full of multiplication games to revisit and sharpen up the facts secured in LKS2:
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Calling Year 2 teachers! Whether you’re remaining, returning or starting in Year 2 we have got a maths thread to signpost some of our free Year 2 resources available…

#primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #backtoschool #mathschat
Reactivating and building on from learning from year 1 is going to key and this blog includes simple but effective ways of using games involving dice, dominoes and cards:…
This video includes an excellent collection of fun KS1 games - all targeted to improve children's number sense. Lots of opportunity for consolidating language & assessment:
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Providing a smooth transition between the EYFS & year 1 will be more important than ever this year. We have created a thread for teachers, NQTs, newbies, returners &anyone interested in the wonderful world of Year 1 maths…
#primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #backtoschool #mathschat
This blog first published in 2018 remains popular, with practical examples of how to develop manageable and meaningful mathematical recording in KS1:…
This is great for Rec & KS1 children. This is a tug of war style game where children get the chance to explore adding one more and finding one less to a range of numbers. Opportunities to explore number magnitude, order of numbers & practise vocabulary.
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Year 4 can sometimes feel like the ‘inbetweeners’ of primary. Not quite UKS2 but miles away from KS1. It's a great place to be though & we have created a Year 4 thread to support teachers, NQTs, newbies, returners & experienced LKS2ers… #primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #mathschat
The NC expectation for the end of year 4 is recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12. This blog provides practical advice to support the recall, and crucially the understanding, of the times table facts:…
The video demonstrates how the remainder game can be a fun way to explore what happens in division. Children explore the number in each group (when sharing) or the number of groups (when grouping) and remainders.
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Who's in year 3 this year? The step into KS2 can be a big leap for some pupils. We have created a Year 3 thread of some of our best bits to support teachers, NQTs, newbies, returners & experienced LKS2ers…
#primarymaths #NQT #edutwitter #backtoschool #mathschat
As pupils move into KS2, gaps in a true understanding of place value can creep out. This blog examines how securing regrouping ten ones for a ten when counting up, and regrouping ten ones for ten when counting down, can support more complex calculations:…
Fancy a game? ‘How to place race to 100’ is perfect for reactivating knowledge from year 2 and providing an invaluable assessment opportunity:
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10 tips for NQTs (and maybe experienced teachers too 😉)

A thread for an #NQT
1. Keep it simple.

You probably won’t get through everything you’ve planned. Don’t worry about it and move on.
2. Schedule how you will use your PPA.

Don’t lose your PPA chatting about nothing with whoever is nearby.
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In light of seeing this article today I thought this might be appropriate...

10 tips for NQTs (and maybe even experienced teachers too 😉)
#NQTsurvival #nqt #nqtchat…
1. Keep it simple. You probably won’t get through everything you’ve planned. Don’t worry about it and move on.
2. Schedule how you will use your PPA. Don’t lose your PPA chatting about nothing with whoever is nearby.
3. Learn some essentials. Get to know the office staff, the caretaker, work the guillotine and photocopier.
4. Figure out who are the lemon suckers - and avoid them.
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Just spent 1/2 hour in the ☀️ colour coding my planner so that I keep on top of marking and homework. I don't know how anyone does it without a system 🤯
Pink = set homework
Green = collect books
Yellow = collect/check homework
Red pen = books to mark
#geographyteacher #NQT Image
I definitely rotated that image. Och well.

I have this system because I like to be really organised, keeps me clam with all the other NQT stresses.
Also, I got quite a lot of grief back in September (September of my NQT) for having missed my 2 week marking target for one class
Double marking on a Thursday because I like to get out as early as possible on a Friday.
This system ensures every class is marked/whole class feedback prepped every 2 weeks, and that every class gets one piece of homework every week.
Started using it after Oct half term.
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