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@Team_English1 #teamenglish #EAL #Ukraine
I keep seeing lots of Tweets asking for help as a school has got new students coming from Ukraine with no English
Here are some useful sites and resources
1. A webinar for supporting new refugee arrivals…
2. A webinar specifically for welcoming Ukrainian arrivals…
3. A webinar specifically for supporting new refugee arrivals in primary schools…
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Several messages asking for exam marking recommendations. I’ve never outsourced but I know many who have used @ChapterEdu and they come highly recommended. A few things to note when outsourcing marking:
💫 ensure to carry out due diligence to ensure… ⬇️
The company are legitimate and able to trade as such.
💫 Exercise caution around any explicit mention of exam board specialisms. Examiners are breaking terms of appointment if they use their role in a commercial capacity: Image
💫 Ask questions around the company’s rigour to ensure their data is reliable. If public funds are going to be put to outsourcing marking, it’s crucial that it’s going to result in data that will be at least more reliable than any possible teacher bias that may have occurred..
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I haven’t had a push on this for a while. With the help of lots of you lovely English teachers and some fancy website plug-ins, I’ve collated a list of diverse texts for KS3.

CAN YOU HELP make this resource even better? Keep reading thread 🧵🧵🧵…
If you’ve read something great recently which you think would work for KS3, please take a moment to fill in the simple form on my website, then let me do the rest!

- prose, poetry, drama
- fiction, non-fiction
- diverse voices & perspectives
I’d also love to have some texts in translation, transcriptions of performance pieces, graphic novels - basically anything which is high quality and will engage young people, broaden experiences and ideas.
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A short thread on five things for students to remember and write about in Jekyll and Hyde #TeamEnglish

Hyde only appears under the cover of darkness...

The trampling; the meeting with Utterson; the murder of Sir Danvers Carew; the meeting with Lanyon.

Enfield’s appearance in chapter one hints at the double lives of respectable Victorian men...

Enfield recounts how he was ‘coming home from some place at the end of the world’ very early in the morning.

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A short thread on five things for students to remember and write about in Macbeth #TeamEnglish

Evil deeds take place at night...

Lady Macbeth’s scheming; the murder of Duncan; Macbeth’s second visit to the witches.

Stormy weather signifies disruption...

Storms accompany the prophecies; Duncan is murdered amidst a storm; the apparitions appear to thunder.

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A short thread on eight Biblical allusions from the AQA Power and Conflict poems:

Charge of the Light Brigade
War Photographer

London, by William Blake

‘And blights with plagues the marriage hearse’ (line 16)

Menacingly evocative of the traditional vows: ‘in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part’.
Charge of the Light Brigade, by Alfred Tennyson

‘Into the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred’ (lines 7-8)

A reference from Psalm 23 that conveys the inevitability of death and the spiritual significance of the sacrifice.
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This amazing headline has encouraged me to create a properly accessible version of thread I wrote last year on the manipulation of people's quotes in the press.

Headline: "Labour leader Sir @Keir_Starmer says Geronimo the alpaca must die."


We tend to think if we're reading someone's words first hand, like in the above headline, we're getting a faithful representation of what they said.

But is that true?

This thread demos six ways quotes can be increasingly misrepresented, with a special focus on alpacas. 🦙

Method #1: free direct voice

Faithfulness: high

Tells: no quotemarks; transcript-form; internal POV so uses I/me to refer to speaker; present tense

🔶Claire: good morning
🔶Narrator: it was not, in fact, a good morning

3/20 Mark Jenkinson  (Workington) (Con) I spent Monday morning at
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OK #TeamEnglish this thread will be a MASSIVE dump of various Microsoft Forms quizzes for you to duplicate and use as your own.

You’ll find Macbeth, Jekyll and Hyde, anthology poetry, plus others!

I’ll be adding to it through the morning and day so keep checking back! 👀🙌⬇️
Before we begin though a massive thank you to @SPryke2 and @DoWise a lot of whose questions are used in these Forms, especially for Macbeth/DrJMrH

Also, they won’t necessarily be in order as I’ll be adding based on what is first in my account.

Hit the link —> Duplicate 👍
First up then some MACBETH key scene reviews:

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A thread on some links between art and literature...
All available in an editable booklet >>… #TeamEnglish
Sethos I Before Horus, by Unknown Artist (c.1280 BCE)

Sethos I was the father of Ramesses II (also known as Ozymandias). In the wallpainting, Sethos is receiving pharaonic regalia to emphasise his power and military success.

Link: Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci (1503)

The smile of Mona Lisa, also known as a Lisa Gherardini, is playful and ambiguous – almost like she is hiding a secret.

Link: My Last Duchess, by Robert Browning
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From today’s judgement in the #KeiraBell case: “The third Intervener is @Transgendertrd, an organisation that provides evidence- based information & resources for parents & schools concerning children with GD. @cwknews is the director of that organisation...
she has filed a witness statement in these proceedings.
She set out concerns about the lack of evidence as to the impacts & effectiveness of PBs & in relation to which patients it is most likely to help. Much of her evidence focused on the increase of referrals to GIDS of...
teenage natal girls & the cultural factors, including material on the internet & social media, which may play a part in this. She said that GIDS does not offer young people with GD a range of ways to interpret their experience, & the GIDS pathway offers a minimal challenge to...
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Lots of discussion about Of Mice and Men at the minute. Fascinated by it. I am not particularly wedded to it as a text, but I do appreciate its structure and language. Some thoughts on Crooks that most not be forgotten. #teamenglish @DiverseEd2020
The novella’s only black character is called the n word and treated badly by other characters - an inescapable fact. Teaching the text requires us to contextualise the language, gauge the impact of using the word etc. I have always pre-taught that aspect with warnings about it
And questioned the use of the word. I stopped saying the word out loud years ago when reading aloud as it makes me uncomfortable and students uncomfortable. But I have continued to teach the text. Why?
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A short picture thread around preparing for an assessment in English and the follow up activities post marking #ukedchat #teamenglish ...
We started by going through the exam details (timings, marks, key skills). After this we talked through a question together, annotating and picking apart what it was asking us to do and mistakes to avoid/things to include in an answer.
Next, we wrote an answer as a class under the visualiser which students did in their books at the same time. We wrote in every other line. In a second colour, we annotated what made it a good answer. I purposefully made mistakes and crossed things out to highlight common errors.
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THREAD: Found my grandmother’s O Level exam papers from 1954.
(kids got to keep their papers? 😮)

They’re fascinating.

Do we demand more or less of kids today?
What do the papers tell us about the curriculum in 1954?
Could you answer the questions?

Mathematics Paper 1.

Mathematics Paper 2

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It is heartening how many individuals & businesses have responded to @MarcusRashford’s appeal to help children needing #FSM over half term. It is really encouraging that many people care about keeping children safe & healthy so they can grow up in the best possible circumstances
#safeguarding must always come first though. We are alarmed at some of the offers of help we have seen. We must not normalise unsafe practises such as encouraging online contact from kids, going to meet adults they don’t know & taking gifts from strangers. Safeguards must be used
We know people want to help but this must be done safely or the consequences could be severe. Sadly children have frequently been groomed with food. The guardian has reported here. Boys are more usually groomed into the drug trade. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY
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@bbcbitesize deleting your tweet & then retweeting with replies disabled is not a solution to you promoting political ideology to children. This is against new @educationgovuk guidelines. We will be writing to @GavinWilliamson & @BBC to complain. @Baroness_Nichol @Tanni_GT #LGBT
The image chosen to illustrate the article on twitter & Facebook appears to show a mixed sex changing room. Mixed sex changing undermines #safeguarding.Here is the full article from @bbcbitesize. There are a number of concerns with the article itself.
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Some ideas for ‘prep’ or ‘recall’ tasks that students can get on with whilst you make your way over to their bubble… #TeamEnglish
1⃣ Choose a selection of letters and ask student to find fitting adjectives that describe a particular character. For example, take the letters B, F, I and T for Macbeth: brutal, flawed, insecure and tyrannical.
2⃣ Pick a range of adjectives that describe a particular character or identify a key theme and get students to find supporting quotations.
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Safe Schools Alliance support good quality inclusive #RSE & #PSHE for all children. This must be biologically accurate, #safeguarding compliant & correctly represent U.K. law. The materials we have seen from many providers do not do this.
It is the responsibility of each individual school to ensure the suitability of any resources that they use with pupils. They must also comprehensively consult with parents. We will be releasing more guidance shortly on which organisations do not comply with new guidelines.
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Based on some really helpful replies to my tweet this morning, here is the first collection of word/phrase based images for the #AQA Power and Conflict poems. Feel free to use and share as you see fit! #teamenglish @Team_English1
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We welcome @educationgovuk releasing this new guidance. We are pleased to see that our concerns have been taken on board and are beginning to be addressed.
#RSE #PSHE #edutwitter #SLTchat #pastoralchat #UKedchat #pastoralthings #teamenglish #LGBT…
We are pleased to see that this @educationgovuk guidance is largely in line with our own resources. We have a selection of factsheets & template letters on our website to assist teachers & parents assessing materials.…
This guidance stresses the importance of consulting with parents. It is in the best interests of children when schools & parents work together and there is transparency about what is being taught & how. #Safeguarding children is the responsibility of every adult in the community.
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THREAD: Here’s various resources I’ve made for A Christmas Carol. The link to access all these resources is in the final tweet of the thread. Help yourself 😊 #teamenglish First up, a set of 20+ editable retrieval practice slides like this one:
There’s a set of 200 word challenges inviting Ss to develop more evaluative, conceptualised responses, exploring ‘big ideas’ such as this:
There’s a set of Tier 2 character vocab posters, like this one for Fezzieig. The vocab also features in the retrieval practice slides and is taught through direct vocab instruction starters (these slides are also included):
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Teachers, what are your best teacher life hacks? I’m thinking snipping tool, penny on your stapler, books handed in open on marked page .... that sort of thing?
#teamenglish #edutwitter #teachertwitter
This might pale into insignificance after stapler pennies, but...

Always start displays from the board centre & work outwards - makes for more even spacing.

Even better - tack up & play with layout before you commit to stapling.

Forwardise & centralise! Collect books by asking students to pass to the front desks, then ask those students to pass to the centre.
Make it a little routine - with practice, <Year 7 will announce ‘Forwardisation & centralisation complete’ & be terribly proud of themselves 😍
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A few main points from 'Just reading: the impact of faster pace reading on poorer adolescent readers' (Literacy Journal, May 2019): #reading #literacy #TeamEnglish 1. A fast read through aims to give students an uninterrupted and sustained reading experience.
2. Poorer readers are more likely to be expected to focus on discrete skills, slowing down the reading process 3. However, 'listening to and following a text read aloud by a more capable reader...a less fluent reader can experience autonomy and fluency'.
4. Teachers read the novel every day for around 20 minutes, pausing only if they became aware of comprehension difficulties. 5. Reading was 'positioned as the core activity' not a marginal one. 6. Teachers quickly recapped content of the novel from the day before.
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‘He was austere with himself; drank gin when he was alone, to mortify a taste for vintages’

Mr Utterson. Repression and gin.
A thread.

1/ Intro to Mr Utterson in Ch.1. Repression is rife in this quote. A man who isn’t comfortable with who he really is.
2/ Utterson has expensive tastes but does not want to indulge them hence he is ‘austere’ with himself. Perhaps feeling the pressure of maintaining a respectable reptutation, given that he’s well liked & a ‘respectable’ lawyer.

3/ Utterson ‘drank gin when he was alone’ - gin was considered cheap & easy to get hold of but it’s reputation as a drink of the lower classes & it’s association with depraved behaviour would be reason enough to support the fact that he’s drinking it alone. #TeamEnglish
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2020 brings a *crucial* change to JCQ Access Arrangements regs. Also, there's some misunderstanding about what is/isn't allowed. A (very boring) thread, including refs:
1. A Form 8 is no longer required for use of a reader. This means that a child does not need to fall below
... standardised scores(s) to qualify for a reader. It just needs to be the usual way of working. Such evidence can come from mock exams, or evidence of a child being read to in class.
2. Not a change but important - no formal evidence is needed for use of a word processor /2
...which is important because if your students would benefit from this way of working, then remember that it's legit, above-board, and a mode to which they're entitled.
3. Reading pens and coloured overlays (I know, I know) require no formal evidence. This is not new but /3
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