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#BreakingNews #Ireland #FamilyLaw #SecretCourt #OpenCourt #October1st #FourCourts #Dublin #Tusla #Barrister calls the people in the #courtroom CRAZY 🇮🇪🤔🇮🇪 #AngelaRay V #Tusla #ChildAbuse
🇮🇪🧐🇮🇪 #WeThePeople ARE NOT CRAZY WE ARE #Parents been subject to "Legal Abuse Syndrome"
Learn more here and add any information or stories of #Tusla #corruption and #childabuse to Angelas video with the #AngelaRay hashtag and any other hashtags of choice and don't forget to like and #RT to help someone else fighting these animals #TuslaNFFP
#TruthBeTold It's true you know
#AngelaRay V #Tusla

🇮🇪🤔🇮🇪 @angelar05702940 will you post the video from a few days ago of you approaching your one #Ryan in the #Carlow #Tusla office when the evil witch turned her back like satans 👿 favourite #child 👇
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Today is #October1st - #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth is 'over', but if only it were the actual end of childhood cancer too...

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped spread awareness in some way this month /1
Whether you've painted a stone, decorated your front door or shop window, put gold flowers in your garden, bought & worn a gold ribbon, shared a social media post, changed your profile picture, worn gold, made a donation or had a conversation about #childhoodcancer, thank you /2
Whether you ran in gold for @Coventryparkrun, took part in the treasure hunt, or were part of the minutes applause for Ben at @covblazehockey, @CoventryRugby or at the Juniors Crown Green Bowling match, we thank you /3

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1. Genesis 4:15b reads:Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. After the sixth seal is opened, there are signs in the heavens of the return of Christ and the servants of God(not the elect or church), are sealed as a sign of God’s protection..
2. The 144,000 are sealed prior to the trumpet judgments which will impact the land and the sea, as well as, those who have taken the mark of the beast.

I think I've commonly seen the servants of God associated with the 144,000, but as I read this, it can be interpreted...
3. As though the 144,000 are those who are sealed in a method different from the servants of God. The servants of God will know Ephesians 6:11...We will just put on the armor of God(& likely already have without [their] knowledge). So, back to these 144,000...
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“Exercise Damisa”

On the 15th of January 1966, the Nigerian army led by Major Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, carried out the first military coup in Nigeria. They attacked the cities of Lagos, Ibadan, and Kaduna as well as blockaded the Niger and Benue Rivers.
The military accused the politicians of corruption. In Nzeogwu’s words:"We wanted to get rid of rotten and corrupt ministers….We wanted to gun down the bigwigs our way."
In the weeks leading up to January 15th, Nzeogwu often took his troops on a night-time “training exercise” known as “Exercise Damisa”. Some of the men were unaware that the military exercise they were participating in, was actually a practice run for a military coup to
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💥Gen. Mark Milley is taking over as the nation’s top military officer against a backdrop of controversy over defense aid to Ukraine that has triggered a presidential impeachment inquiry at a time of persistent threats from China, Russia & Iran
Important Marker
Gen. Milley-prepared to "lay it on the line" to keep America safe
Our adversaries should know never to underestimate our skill, our capability and our combat power
MI will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country…
#October1st #TuesdayMorning
Gen Flynn-Army Rangers decent #Stealth
US Army Pic-Paratroopers landing
Gen. Milley U.S. Army was sworn in
Mission-Protect America-Defend the America (US Constitution) against all enemies, foreign or domestic
Military In Control #TrustThePlan
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Flynn Could Fry 4 Treasonous US Presidents
@GenFlynn exposed the world’s biggest terrorist sleeper cell headquartered in US-Radical Islamist Fetullah #Gulen’s network net worth $200B
The real reason Flynn was targeted #ClearFlynnNow…
@Potus #QAnon #WWGIWGA
▪️Whistleblower @GenFlynn Exposes the $50B Gulen Network: More
▪️Powerful Than George Soros/Gulen Throughout America/CIA Backed ▪️Mullah Behind Failed Turkey Coup
▪️How Clintons Gave Birth to Mullah #Gulen’s Terrorist Network
@Potus #QAnon
👉@GenFlynn exposes Gulen Terrorist Network inside the US
👉@sibeledmonds explains how #Gulen was brought into the US during the Clinton Admin. & given immunity/protection
👉Gulen donates to Clinton Foundation
👉Operation Gladio=False Flag Attacks
@Potus #QAnon #OperationGladio
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👉Hunter Biden’s $1.5 Billion Bank of China Deal
👉Joe & Hunter Biden fly on Air Force 2 to Beijing,China
👉10 Days later
👉Hunter Biden’s gets a $1.5B deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporation, With the Gov…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn What drives Adam Schiff’s never ending hysteria?
Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers
#QAnon #FridayFeeling #Ukraine #WhistleblowerComplaint
@POTUS @GenFlynn Gangster Joe Biden Ukrainian Threats
👉Biden “threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees if #Ukraine's leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor” #Biden
👉Panic in DC
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #LivePDNation #SaturdayVibes
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Chapter 10 in Wonderland.
The Lobster Quadrille.
What color is lobster when cooked? Red
Their lobster is cooked.
Kavanaugh confirmed, Indictments unsealed, grand juries unveiled
"No reasonable prosecutor would bring sexual assault charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh based on the public evidence"…
Why is Kavanaugh so important?
Treason cases against former high level govt employees (including Clintons and Obamas) will go all the way up to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has already answered the question as to how he would vote.
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