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In 2018 I created an ongoing #ClimateEd thread about the #ClimateCrisis.

Five years later, it's time for an update.✅

This #ClimateAction thread has a TON of info to help EVERYONE get #ClimateBrainy about the #science and facts of #climatechange.📊

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Here's the old thread, which I'll no longer be updating:

It still contains MANY informative articles and links from reputable sources, so it's worth revisiting, even if some info isn't all that up-to-date.

The old tag was #Climate_Ed.

New: #ClimateEd👍
This NEW thread will contain PLENTY of top-tier posts from MANY solid #climatescience contributors, so come back regularly to see what's been added.

#Climatebrawl folks especially, as you can use these posts to #refute #deniers handily.

Don't argue with any trolls, however! 🧌 Image
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Ask @UKLabour peers to back the extremely important Fatal Motion in the Lords.

In effect, the Govt's proposed changes would allow the police & home office to decide what is a good or bad protest.

Defend Parliamentary Democracy - Sign the Petition! 🙏
Only a few weeks ago the Government lost a vote in the Lords on the Public Order Bill to change the interpretation of “serious disruption” of other people’s day-to-day activities to mean “anything less than minor”.

The Lords opposed this change by 254 votes to 240.
Our increasingly illiberal government are now trying to reinsert this change via secondary legislation which has less Parliamentary scrutiny and can’t be amended in any way.

Baroness @GreenJennyJones has tabled a fatal motion to stop their proposal from becoming law.
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🚨Understand why people are disrupting Shell’s AGM. Short thread. Oil companies knew for sure by the 70s that their product would dangerously heat the world. They spend $1Billion a year trying to confuse and lie to the public about climate change science:
Oil companies pretend they want to lead the transition to renewable green energy but in reality they only care about their profits. They spend millions every year lobbying against green energy #Shell #ShellAGM #JustStopOil #ExtinctionRebellion…
Oil companies fund shady think tanks - front groups - and politicians to attack climate change legislation and anyone advocating for it #ShellAGM…
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✊🌍 Students Against EACOP x Just Stop Oil Youth: THURS 11th MAY @ 7PM

ONLINE TALK: Hear from those in civil resistance in Uganda, who are working to stop the construction of the world's longest crude oil pipeline through Uganda and Tanzania.

Register:… Image
Construction of the pipeline has already displaced over 10,000 people, devastating the local communities it runs through. And that's before we start on the catastrophic carbon impacts of the project.

These activists are in civil resistance in a dictatorship, and some members have even been tortured for their actions. But their drive is unfaltering and they are coming back stronger than ever this summer.

@letsStopEACOPuk @eacopkatwa
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Yesterday I got arrested whilst filming a @JustStop_Oil supporter holding a banner on the pavement near the coronation route. I'm a filmmaker and had my @bectu press accreditation visible around my neck.

Police deemed this to be "conspiracy to commit a public nuisance".
After police stopped me filming, they ripped my press pass off and handcuffed me behind my back.
Even before this protester held this banner up, myself and 4 protesters were surrounded by police and stop and searched to look for "articles to commit criminal damage". They didn't find anything.
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Why did a climate activist interrupt a snooker match?

What's the strategy here? THREAD:

#JustStopOil Image
1. This is an introductory build up action to Just Stop Oil's planned slow marches and general disruption in London.

Initial highly visual actions serve an advertising function.

Before XR did their April 2019 rebellion, they poured fake blood outside Downing Street. Image
Part of the logic of these stunts is that they serve a "come and join us" function. They seek to make people who are politically aware but inactive become active. To mobilise the people who yell at their telly onto the streets.
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🧯 Two Just Stop Oil supporters have been arrested after spraying Barclays Bank on Albion Street with orange paint, demanding an end to fossil fuel lending by banks. Barclays is Europe’s largest fossil fuel financier, providing……
💬 Lucy Timmin (44, Leeds) said:

“Barclays continues to fund new oil and gas projects when other major UK banks have refused to. The corporation is knowingly and willingly funding the genocide of millions of people in the Global South who will be killed over the next decade by……
🚷 Sign up for a slow march at

🌡 Attend a welcome talk at

💸 Support us at

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #NoNewCoal #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange…
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Yesterday we went to court for having blocked oil infrastructure and glued onto the painting Scream. We did these to demand an end to oil exploration in Norway. Why? Because we believe that humanity can do better than to give in to extinction. 🧵 ImageImage
Systemic changes do not happen easily. They require shifts in the public debate and values. By blocking oil infrastructure, we aimed to start this debate by targeting the problem. No one noticed. So we decided to try something that would definitely be noticed. Image
Scream is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Munch himself described the work to be an “infinite scream passing through nature”. We glued a banner onto the safety glass saying “Fossil fuels are choking humanity" to make it clear what is causing the scream of nature. Image
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#CIVICUS is an international non-profit organisation, dedicated to strengthening citizen action & civil society around the world. It's focus is on regions where participatory democracy & freedom of association are at risk - now including Britain.…
The UK has joined Hungary, South Africa, & Poland, having been downgraded from ‘narrowed’ to ‘obstructed’, in a new report by the @CIVICUSMonitor, a global research collaboration that rates and tracks fundamental freedoms in 197 countries and territories.
According to the report, People Power Under Attack 2022, the government's introduction of a range of restrictive laws, particularly on protest, & the UK government's attempt to undermine human rights, led to the downgrade.…
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While all this focus is on @GaryLineker, he gets criticised a lot for tweeting about this because he understands that most people don’t understand the magnitude of what we are facing in our kids lifetimes and maybe our own. Worth watching. A thread #MOTD #MOTDboycott #football
If you’re in any doubt of the facts: NASA Oxford… Met office… Margaret Thatcher Stephen Hawking The PR campaign against the facts:
How millions is spent on PR, lobbying and disinformation, to stop you from understanding they are polluting the world as they earn billions and billions: #JustStopOil…
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Überraschende Studie zu den Protesten von

Ich möchte heute Informationen und Gedanken mit Euch teilen zu einer Studie, die ich besonders interessant finde - über die Wirkung von Straßenblockaden, Gemälde-Bewerfungen und anderen nicht-legalen Klima-Protesten.
Es geht um eine Randomisierte Kontrollstudie (RCT, Randomised Control Trial) mit 3000 Teilnehmenden, die 2022 in Großbritannien durchgeführt wurde. Sie wurde vom GSCC (Global Strategic Communications Council) finanziert, von @SteveAkehurst beauftragt und durchgeführt von Opinium.
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Sunak will today propose broadening the definition of “serious disruption” even further, in a draconian new public order bill to help police stop what he calls a “disruptive minority” from using tactics such as blocking roads & slow marching.…
Sunak's proposals to help the police stop disruptive public protest, means heading even further down a route that has drawn heavy criticism from civil rights groups. The UK Govt now more closely resembles an illiberal authoritarian state than a functioning modern democracy.
Sunak - mistakenly imho - believes the public & business will support the government’s efforts to stop protesters causing serious disruption following a series of high-profile protests by groups such as #JustStopOil and #InsulateBritain.
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🖼 Just Stop oil supporters Hannah Hunt, 23 and Eben Lazarus, 22 were found guilty of aggravated trespass and criminal damage for gluing onto the frame of Constable’s Hay Wain after covering it with a modern vision. Image
Hannah and Eben, who represented themselves, stated:

“This demonstration was an act of expression aimed to raise public awareness of the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, not an endeavour intended to damage private property, nor a reckless, unconsidered act of vandalism.”
The prosecution argued for a custodial sentence but was rejected by the judge in view of the reasons cited for taking action.

🖊Sign up for direct action:
🌡Learn more:
💸Support us:

#JustStopOil #Climate Image
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🦺 Yesterday, 13 #JustStopOil supporters were accompanied by at least 17 @metpoliceuk officers on a slow stroll through London. 30 strong, the odd pairing marched along the Strand to demand an end to all new oil and gas in the UK.
🚓 The Met even turned up with five patrol vans and proceeded to slowly drive the convoy behind the Just Stop Oil supporters along the entire route of the march, causing traffic delays.

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh #CivilResistance #A22Network #NoNewOil

🍻 A group of Just Stop Oil supporters then arrived at a Leicester Sq Spoons to celebrate a birthday — the officers posted up on the opposite side of the road to keep watch, reportedly ignoring calls to join in for a “cheeky one on the clock” from the Just Stop Oil supporters.
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🦺 Jan Goodey, a 57-year-old #JustStopOil supporter from Brighton, was today sentenced to 6 months in prison for taking part in an action on the #M25 in November to demand an end to new oil and gas in the UK.

#FreeJan Image
🛣️ Jan was arrested after climbing a gantry at Junction 16 on November 7th — he appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today and was found guilty of causing a public nuisance. This was the first trial under this new statutory offence enacted under the PCSC Act 2022.
⚖️ The magistrate imposed a sentence of 9 months, which was reduced to 6 months as a result of a guilty plea. The magistrate spoke of wanting to use his sentencing as a “deterrent” against further disruption of ordinary people going about their “lawful business”

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🍺 Four #JustStopOil supporters stopped off for a drink at a pub today after around 80 police officers and 6 police vans followed them on a walk around London

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh #CivilResistance #A22Network #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #COP27
💬 from a pub, Matt said: "The protest is over and the police are following us, it’s disproportionate and unnecessary.

"They followed us from one pub to another, what’s the point? They look exceptionally silly."

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #UK #M25
Shaun, 25, said: "We've just come to the pub for someone’s birthday and they’ve got two officers standing directly in front of the pub.

'There were vans with their lights flashing, parked in a bus lane, with about ten or so officers watching us.

'Literally four of us at a pub"
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At 8:00am, #JustStopOil supporters marched slowly onto the road at Shepherds Bush Green, demanding @RishiSunak halt all new oil and gas licences.

#CivilResistance #A22Network #COP27 #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #M25 #FreeLouis #FreeJosh
💬 Hannah Smith, 20, a student from London said:

“Why is the government refusing to listen? The people of this country have had enough, and we deserve better from our leaders. Don’t let them convince you that we can’t make change. When we move as a collective, we have power.”

We are Just Stop Oil.
We are demanding.
That the British government.
Immediately halts.
All new oil and gas licences and consents.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #London #UK #Government #FossilFuels #CivilDisobedience #COP27
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Here's an interview I just did with Ben Kentish on LBC about the impact of #JustStopOil protests.

The full interview was about 7 minutes; this is part 1 (1/5)
here's part 2 of my interview with Ben Kentish on LBC about the impact of #JustStopOil protests. (2/5)
here's part 3 of my interview with Ben Kentish on LBC about the impact of #JustStopOil protests. (3/5)
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Just Stop Oil announces M25 protest halt urging Londoners to 'honour' soldiers for Remembrance Day 🪦

Just Stop Oil announced it will halt its actions on the M25 for Remembrance Day today (Friday, November 11).

#JustStopOil #RememberanceDay…
In a statement this morning, the campaign group said it will pause its campaign of civil resistance, after blocking the M25 motorway at morning rush hour for four days in a row from Monday, November 7 until Thursday, November 10 🛣️

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M25 traffic: Chaos as Just Stop Oil block motorways for fourth day in a row 🚨🛣️

Just Stop Oil activists have blocked the M25 motorway for the fourth day in a row this morning (Thursday, November 10).

#M25 #JustStopOil…
At 6.30am, activists were joined by people from Animal Rebellion who climbed onto the overhead gantries of the M25 in multiple locations and in both directions, causing police to halt traffic 🚨
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🚧 From 6:30 this morning, supporters of Just Stop Oil climbed onto the overhead gantries of the M25 at multiple locations, demanding that the Govt immediately end all new oil and gas.

#M25 #COP27 #COP27Egypt #A22Network
🐄 They have been joined by supporters of Animal Rebellion.

🥫 Phoebie Plummer, a 21-year-old student from London said:

“As a young person, the only future I see before me is one of mass famine, severe droughts, wildfires, floods and societal collapse.

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh
“I understand people must be frustrated with us, and rightly so, but we have to disrupt daily life because we are hurtling towards climate catastrophe, yet the Government continues to betray me, my generation and people in the Global South by issuing new oil licenses.”
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🦺 From 6:30am, around 10 supporters of Just Stop Oil climbed onto overhead gantries of the M25 in multiple locations, causing police to halt traffic.

🛢They are demanding the government halt all new oil and gas licenses.

#COP27 #A22Network #M25
Sam Holland, 20, said of the government's plan to license more oil:

💬 "I'm getting screwed over. I'm twenty years old. What does my future look like when I'm forty? It looks like there's no food on the shelves. It looks like people fighting in the streets."

Isabel Rock, 41, has a message for her nephew.

“I’m doing this for my baby nephew and his unborn sister. I want them to have a chance at a future. The government is responsible for criminal inaction on the climate crisis. They should be in prison."

#ClimateChange #ClimateAction
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Yesterday, myself, a documentary filmmaker and @tomsdinner, a press photographer, got arrested by @HertsPolice whilst filming the @JustStopOil protest from a public footbridge over the #M25.

Police had no interest in seeing press ID and handcuffed us instantly on arrival. They said they needed to search me for items which could be used to commit criminal damage. Obviously, they found nothing, so an officer said “just arrest them for conspiracy instead then”.
We were held in custody for about 13 hours and were questioned by the police, who tried to get me to reveal my journalistic sources and give them the pin to my phone. Tom's house also got searched by police and they took his daughter's iPad.
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