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My daughter had a reaction to HIB or Pneumococcal at age 7 months. She had what I would call a "change in affect". She was smiling, babbling and engaged before those shots and for 48 hours after she would not smile, she did not babble, she stared off into space.
She is now 15 and I have been researching vaccines for the last 16 years. I would encourage you to research vaccines just as thoroughly as you would anything else. If you are unsure, research until you are sure. Do not make a decision until you can do so with confidence.
You can always get a vaccine later but you can never take it back. There are a few things you should know to start:

1. The FDA says a person can handle 4-5 micrograms of aluminum per kilo of body weight per day. A 12 lb baby can handle about 27 micrograms of aluminum.
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£20m global research project into next generation T-cell therapies to target solid tumours in children, including #Rhabdomyosarcoma & brain tumours

We are proud that Scott - Ben's Dad - is a patient representative on this globally significant research project /1
This project is funded through the @CancerGrand Challenge programme, organised by @CR_UK and @theNCI National Cancer (USA)

Scott has worked with the research team since April 2021, helping provide a patient view on their research plans and the funding application... /2
And it has all paid off because the project has been successfully funded!

The "NexTGen" project will now spend the next 3 years developing T-cell therapies in the labs and, crucially, working right through to trialling them in actual clinical trials with children... /3
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Many thanks to @worldsiop for focusing attention on #SriLanka
Since many have inquired here is a thread about the current ground situation. Its going to be long, so apologies in advance.
Childhood cancer in #SriLanka -
Around 750 children are diagnosed with cancer in SL each year and almost all of them are treated at the #NCISL. As in all public hospitals in SL, @ NCISL all care is provided with no cost to patients/caregivers.

Problem - Due to a multitude of reasons #SriLanka is facing an unprecedented financial crisis highlighted by an acute forex shortage. This has huge impact on medicine availability as most meds (specially cancer meds) are imported to the country.

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Today is International #ChildhoodCancer Day.
#Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents. Each year, an estimated 400,000 children and adolescents of 0-19 years old develop cancer Image
The most common types of #ChildhoodCancers include:
🔸 leukemias
🔸 brain cancers
🔸 lymphomas
🔸 solid tumours, such as neuroblastoma & Wilms tumours

Most #ChildhoodCancers can be cured with generic medicines & other forms of treatment, including surgery and radiotherapy.
Attention to physical and cognitive growth and nutrition are also important

#cancer Image
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#onkonurse #onkologie #oncology #fuckcancer #ChildhoodCancer


Hawi ist 16 Jahre alt und kommt aus dem Sudan. Seine Eltern und er sind extra nach Deutschland gereist, damit er bei uns behandelt werden kann. Sein Vater arbeitet im gehobenen Dienst, der Familie geht es
also finanziell gut. Sie waren zuvor schon in Kairo erzählen sie mir. Dort habe man Hawi schon einmal mit Chemotherapie behandelt, weswegen Hawi auch bereits eine Glatze hat. Alle drei sprechen sehr gutes Englisch, Kommunikation ist also kein Problem. Doch auf meine Frage, was
für ein Tumor Hawi hat weiß keiner so Recht eine Antwort. Das habe man ihnen in Kairo nicht gesagt. Keiner hätte sich Zeit genommen mit ihnen zu reden. Nur dass es ein großer Tumor im Bauch sei. Man habe Hawi operiert, konnte aber nicht alles entfernen.
Uns allen kommt die ganze
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WHO & @StJudeResearch announce establishment of Global Platform for Access to Childhood Cancer Medicines which will provide an uninterrupted supply of quality-assured #ChildhoodCancer medicines to low- and middle-income countries
Each year, an estimated 400,000 children worldwide develop #cancer.
The majority live in low- & middle-income countries. Survival rates in these countries are less than 30% compared with 80% in high-income countries #ChildhoodCancer
The new platform aims to provide safe and effective #cancer medicines to approximately 120,000 children between 2022 and 2027, with the expectation to scale up in future years
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Over 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer is the leading cause of death in children around the world, but what's the most important factor that determines childhood cancer survival?
#ChildhoodCancer # #ph260720 via @WHO
Despite the influence of cancer genetics, disease stage, or age of the child, the most important factor that determines childhood cancer survival is where they are born.
#ChildhoodCancer #ph260720
Over 80% of children with cancer live in low- and middle-income countries where 4 out of 5 children die from their disease, versus high income countries where 4 out of 5 children survive. This difference is known as the pediatric cancer survival gap.#ph260720 #ChildhoodCancer
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Thrilled to be here to talk about something so important today! Concerns after #childhoodcancer tend to live on, and so often in the form of its impact in academics. #CSSMChat
A brief intro about our experiences. My son was dx at 2 yr old. And regressed in speech. So we began support while still in treatment with speech therapy. #CSSMChat
Hearing loss was determined as moderate to severe after my son's first dose of cisplatin. He was fitted with aids right away & we began to work with him immediately. #CSSMChat
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Are you a part of this SME group, @davidcnorrismd?
Trial design and biostats folks, your expertise is needed. DM me for details on how to join this SME group. #biostats #trialdesign #bayesian #ChildhoodCancer
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On International #ChildhoodCancer Day, we express support for children 🧒 and adolescents 👧 with #cancer, survivors and their families

Each year, approximately 400 000 children 🧒 & adolescents 👧 of 0-19 years old are diagnosed with #cancer around the 🌎🌍🌏

The most common types of #ChildhoodCancer incl.:
🔸 leukemias
🔸 brain cancers
🔸 lymphomas
🔸 solid tumours

Most types of #ChildhoodCancer can be cured with generic medicines and other forms of treatment, including surgery and radiotherapy. Treatment of childhood #cancer can be cost-effective in all income settings.

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Was a pleasure to deliver a lecture on neuroendocrine #lateeffects of #childhoodcancer to @LondonPaeds @RCPCHtweets trainees today. Some top tips ICYMI (aka how to make a paediatric endocrinologist happy):
1) Measure children at diagnosis (weight AND height). Very useful for future monitoring. If you can assess puberty too.
2) Do baseline pituitary function (ACTH/cortisol (ideally morning), TFTs, U&Es; IGF-1, LH, FSH, testosterone/ estradiol) ideally for all brain tumours (and definitely for all sellar/ suprasellar tumours) at diagnosis, in that priority order if you can't get enough blood.
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As a pediatrician & bioethicist, I find myself thinking a lot about the effects of #COVID19 on children, both currently and & in the future. These effects appear to influence nearly all aspects of kids' lives: their health, families, education, & everything between

[A 🧵...]
Early on in the pandemic, it appeared that children (for reasons that still are not totally clear) were less susceptible to the severe sequelae of #COVID19

Data are still emerging, but recent work supports these early reports. Severe illness in children can be significant but occurs far less frequently than in adults, as reported via a large international collaboration in @JAMAPediatrics:…

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Live: Opening of the #EB146 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "Thank you for your moving tributes to our late friend & colleague, Dr Peter Salama. The expressions of sorrow over the past week & of admiration for everything Pete did & everything he was say it all. We miss Pete now & we will always miss him"-@DrTedros #EB146
@DrTedros @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO "2019 was a very rewarding year, and a very tough year, as we pushed hard to finalize the design phase of transformation, while fighting emergencies, launching new initiatives and striving towards the “triple billion” targets"-@DrTedros at #EB146 #HealthForAll
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How much #ChildhoodCancer is there in the world? What does that even mean? In this thread I’ll discuss some recent data to answer this q.

Short answer: There is (likely) much more than you thought!

(For the long answer see my recent 1/14
First, credit where credit is due: these numbers come from research teams led by Dr. Jennifer Yeh and Zach Ward from @HarvardChanSPH, and Dr. @lisamforce and Dr. Bhakta from @StJude. I made the graphs using R (#rstat!) and @hadleywickham et al.'s #tidyverse packages. 2/14
Incidence: How many kids in the world get cancer each year? Previous estimates had it around 200k, but recent estimates put it closer to 400,000 children yearly! And 90% of kids live in LMICs – where treatment is often substandard or unavailable.
(…) 3/14
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I was diagnosed with #childhoodcancer stage III Wilm’s tumor when I was four years old. I received a nephrectomy, full abdominal and pelvic radiation, and a year and a half of chemotherapy including #vincristine. You all knew this was coming.... thread 👇🏻 #cancermeds4kids /1
If you haven't heard, we are facing a massive disaster in #pediatriconcology right now because there is a shortage of the chemo drug, #vincristine, which is used to treat (and often cure) a ton of types of #childhoodcancer including mine. Pardon me, but this is super fucked up /2
The drug company, @TevaUSA (@tevapharm) decided to discontinue #Vincristine because of “business reasons.” Which we all know is code for profitability. They did not give enough notice to the other supplier, @pfizer, to have enough time to ramp up production and meet demand /3
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Today is #October1st - #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth is 'over', but if only it were the actual end of childhood cancer too...

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped spread awareness in some way this month /1
Whether you've painted a stone, decorated your front door or shop window, put gold flowers in your garden, bought & worn a gold ribbon, shared a social media post, changed your profile picture, worn gold, made a donation or had a conversation about #childhoodcancer, thank you /2
Whether you ran in gold for @Coventryparkrun, took part in the treasure hunt, or were part of the minutes applause for Ben at @covblazehockey, @CoventryRugby or at the Juniors Crown Green Bowling match, we thank you /3

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