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They call Harry scathing ,I think the MSM is severally scathing towards Harry.
Harry has and is doing what many of us want to do,hold the MSM to account,the utter rubbish the MSM print everyday all over their front pages is boring,uninteresting and more than a tad out of touch,
Do they know the NHS is at crisis point?,do they know that @SteveBarclay and @RishiSunak is playing chicken with our lives?,watching the Government do nothing! literally nothing to avert this impending crisis in the NHS is of no consequence to them,the #CostOfLivingCrises is of
No interest maybe they know like us it's actually a #CostofGreedCrisis.
Why won't they hold this Government to account?,why do they avoid the important issues,maybe, just maybe they are closer than they would like us to know and understand,who knows.
Back to Harry I say good for
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🚧 From 12.15pm today, 15 Just Stop Oil supporters have blocked Commerical Street by Spitalfields Market in London. They are demanding that the government halts all new oil and gas licences.

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh #A22Network
💬 Hazel Agombar, 53, a mother of three and charity worker from Winchester said:

“I've spent 15 years ""soft"" campaigning on the climate crisis. I've got to the point now where I feel driven to take direct action.

#CivilResistance #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #UK
🦺 "I would never have believed that I - a quiet middle age woman - would find myself preparing for action that will likely lead to my arrest. But the time has arrived. The situation is so serious. "

#OccupyWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
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🧑‍⚖️ Earlier today, supporters of Just Stop Oil marched from Downing St to Westminster Magistrates’ Court and stood in solidarity with fellow supporters who had plea hearings there today.

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh #CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough Image
🚔 Metropolitan Police have begun remanding supporters of Just Stop Oil in custody to immediately charge them for alleged obstruction of the highway.

#OccupyWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK #Government #FossilFuels
🏛 We will not be intimidated by changes to the law and we will not be stopped by private injunctions sought to silence peaceful people. We understand that these are irrelevant when set against the collapse of society as we know it.

#CivilDisobedience Image
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⌚️ At 8:30am today, two Just Stop Oil supporters sprayed orange paint from a fire extinguisher over the premises of @ROLEX in Knightsbridge, demanding that the government halts all new oil and gas consents and licences. #FreeLouis
⏳ Jennifer Kowalski, 26, an environmental scientist from Glasgow, said:

“There's no point in having jewel-encrusted watches when they're destined to be lost in floods and climate change is happening now. An energy crisis is happening now."

#FreeJosh #JustStopOil #A22Network
"We do this because we want to protect the things and the people we care about. I'm not willing to stand by as the refusal to improve life for everyday people causes my loved ones to suffer.”

#CivilResistance #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough
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🚧 At 9am, 31 Just Stop Oil supporters disrupted traffic on Cannon St, Queen Victoria St and Garlick Hill near Mansion House tube station, demanding that the Govt halts all new oil and gas consents and licenses.

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh
🦺 Tommy Burnett, a 30-year-old taxi driver from Kendal, said:

💬 “I'm taking action because the status quo needs to change; we cannot continue using fossil fuels when we know it is causing increasingly severe weather and making areas of the world uninhabitable.

💬 “I'm in civil resistance because I believe people's health, & the health of our planet, is more important than the wealth of a few.”

#CivilResistance #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #OccupyWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis
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Just to save everyone the time (not being funny it's getting boring and irritating) yes I've read the forde report,yes I've seen the labour files,anyone who is trying to discredit the @UKLabour to me is wasting their time,I will be voting @UKLabour in the General election.
No there's no doubt in my mind,no I don't need educating,I'm a big grownup girl who actually has a mind of her own,now let's talk about the important issue that are affecting our country. #costoflivingcrisis or more appropriately #CostOfGreedCrisis the fact that #DemocracyMatters
Democracy is being destroyed,has anyone taken the time to see what really happened in government yesterday?. #ToriesThisIsOnYou #ToriesOut105 #WhoVotedForThis we didn't, it's time for a #GeneralElectionNow time to put the country before the party @Conservatives.
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🏛 Yesterday, Susan Hall, chairman of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee told the Telegraph:

“The silent majority are sick to the back teeth of having their lives disrupted by the gridlock that these demonstrations cause.
“It makes no sense to me at all that the police are not able to remove these people.”

💀 Well, Susan, ordinary people are sick to the back teeth of having to accept that their children won’t have liveable future.

#JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #OccupyWestminster
🛢 It makes no sense to anyone at all that the Government is pushing through new fossil fuel licenses, when 77% of the UK public want the Government to do more to tackle the climate crisis.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK #Government
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🤝 Earlier today, supporters of Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain came together to demand an emergency response to the climate and cost of living crisis by blocking roads outside Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament

📷 Pictured: Reverend Sue Parfitt, 80

#CivilResistance Image
🕊 Democracy is a precious & essential part of our society. Our leadership must always be accountable to the people, & if they are not, we risk oppression. We are, without a doubt, lucky to live in a liberal representational democracy, & when the time comes to vote, we should.
So why then, are people acting politically, with Civil Resistance, outside of this mechanism?

Read here:…

#FreeLouis #FreeJosh #CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #OccupyWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange
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🚨 BREAKING: Arrests taking outside Buckingham Palace 🚨

Metropolitan Police officers have begun arresting 30 ordinary people currently peacefully blocking the Mall.

#FreeLouis #CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough
These actions take place as the UK launches its first oil and gas licensing round since 2019 on Friday, aiming to award more than 100 licenses to ramp up domestic oil and gas production and destroy the lives of every future generation.

#OccupyWestminster #ClimateCrisis
The disruption will end when the Government makes a statement that it will halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK. Meet at 11 am outside Downing St. every day of October to Occupy Westminster.
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The UK now has a record number of billionaires with 177, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

The combined wealth of the UK's billionaires stands at £653 BILLION, up more than £55bn (9.4%) on the total wealth of the billionaires in last year's Rich List.

Out of 275 parties in 61 countries, the unhinged UK
@Conservatives are now THE most economically right-wing major party in the western world.

They are completely unmoored from the British public on economics, & way out of step even with their own voters.…
The "general recipe for creating highly satisfied citizens: ensure that state institutions are of high quality, non-corrupt, able to deliver what they promise, & generous in taking care of citizens in various adversities".

The opposite of Britain then.🇬🇧

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@KwasiKwarteng "Now that Tory donors have hoovered up a fortune betting against the pound, the Party has a guaranteed massive war chest, so we can spend a fortune on propaganda convincing gullible voters that we give a shit about them, suckers!"
@KwasiKwarteng Multimillionaire Tory donor Alasdair Locke, who has extensive North Sea interests & chairs Motor Fuel Group, which owns 900+ petrol stations across the UK, says he does not approve of the decision to scrap the abolition of the 45% top rate of tax.…
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Multimillionaire hedge funder Crispin Odey, who has donated £1.7m+ to the Tories, UKIP & pro-Brexit campaigns, has made another killing betting on Britain's economic meltdown, saying his bets against Govt bonds are “the gifts that keep on giving”.…
Odey, who was a leading backer of Brexit, came to prominence during the 2008 financial crisis, when he made a fortune shorting banking shares.

And now Odey has made another killing by wagering against British government bonds, with his firm's main fund up 145% in 2022. Image
Odey is on the Sunday Times Rich List for his £825 million fortune, & he has personally managed some $4 billion in assets Odey Asset Management.

Back in 2007 Odey’s firm incubated Jacob Rees-Mogg’s just-launched Somerset Capital Management before it received regulatory approval. Image
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The cranks at US libertarian billionaire-funded #Spiked have sent an email asking for money to help fund their divisive propaganda: "It’s a difficult time out there financially for many people... Over the next few weeks, we’re doing a donation drive!"
#Spiked are divisive & dangerous, ideologically extreme, #propagandists.

A joint investigation between @DeSmog & The @guardian revealed that #Spiked US Inc. received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation between 2016 & 2018 to the tune of $300,000.…
#Spiked is just one of the myriad #propaganda wings of the dangerous free-market growth ideology having profoundly harmful impacts on individuals, communities, societies, countries & democracies across the world, as well leading to environmental degradation & the #ClimateCrisis.
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GP JAILED FOR PEACEFUL CIVIL RESISTANCE: “I have no regrets, I offer no apology and I will breach the injunction again.”

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK
One Just Stop Oil supporter who appeared in a Birmingham court yesterday was jailed, five were remanded and another eight were given suspended sentences for sitting peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal to demand an end to new oil and gas projects in the UK.
Sarah Benn, 55, a GP from the West Midlands, was sentenced to 32 days in prison after being found guilty of her third breach of the injunction. She has already served 8 days in prison earlier this year after breaching the Warwickshire injunction in May.
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Steven Jarvis (66, Bideford), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil terminal. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm breaking this injunction
because it's unjust.
The establishment,
the judiciary
is protecting
the oil companies
that are killing us.

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange
"The taxpayers
of Warwickshire
are supporting
the protection
of this oil company
and it's this oil company
that is causing the
cost of living crisis,
that is causing the
death of the taxpayers
of Warwickshire.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK #Government #fossilfuels
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Steven Gingell (Proprietor, 56, Manchester), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil depot. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm here because
I have to be here,
I've got no choice.
I've got three
lovely children
And what future are
they going to have..
I really fear for their lives."

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
"Let's take a pick of the
unfolding series of
crises that we face this week
in Pakistan.
A third of the
country is underwater.
Those people who are least
responsible are up to their
necks in water.
It's criminal it's genocidal
what's happening it's fucking
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Tez Burns, a 34 year old bicycle mechanic from Swansea, was imprisoned last week for peacefully demanding that the #Government stops giving out new oil and gas licences. Oil is causing the climate and #CostOfLivingCrisis, making us poorer, destroying jobs and killing us now.
“Civil resistance is our best chance of ending the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis, everything else has been tried and failed. It is the best use of our time and energy if we want change to happen.
“Rather than wasting billions subsidising the rising cost of energy and putting more money in the pockets of the oil companies, protect your citizens by investing in renewable energy and insulating our homes.
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Mitch (57, Derbyshire), on why they took non-violent direct action at the massive Kingsbury oil depot. Mitch is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to 2 years in prison & unlimited fines.
#CivilDisobedience #October1st #BlockadeWestminster
"We need to stop
burning fossil fuels and
change to green renewable
energies like solar wind and water.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis
"Yet the government has
just announced over one hundred
new gas and oil projects. This is madness."

#UK #Government #fossilfuels #CivilResistance
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Expectations for #Brexit benefits have in fact mirrored hopes of #iraq invasion unearthing WOMD.

Hopes for cheaper food/fuel have seen 🇬🇧 prices soar above EU as 🇬🇧 businesses drown in red tape.

Even #Brexit opportunities minister failed to identify Brexit bonuses.

But … 🧵
Rees-Mogg was promoted to business secretary and now in charge of cutting regulation to “boost business-led growth and investment”.

A crucial job as 🇬🇧 is crushed by global energy crisis — a role that one of wealthiest in cabinet is expected to relish.

But who will benefit?
@MarkJLittlewood says JRM is instinctively opposed to heavy-handed regs … he once observed that he’s not sure it wld have been possible to set up Somerset Capital due to growth in financial regs.

Regulations introduced to protect people from repeat of 2008 financial crisis.
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The inextricable link between material consumption & GDP makes infinite-growth incompatible with ecological sustainability - so how do we transition to alternative economic paradigms founded on the reconciliation of equitable human well-being with ecological integrity?
Even within mainstream economics, the growth orthodoxy is being challenged, and not merely because of a heightened awareness of environmental perils...…
In “Good Economics for Hard Times,” two 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Economics, Abhijit Banerjee & Esther Duflo, say larger GDP doesn’t necessarily mean a rise in human well-being—especially if it isn’t distributed equitably—& the pursuit of it can sometimes be counterproductive.
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What a MESS 🤣👹. #AcademicTwitter y’all having a nice lunch break?
Hey tenured white men, I DID ask nicely the first few times. Stay cool today. It’s a scorcher 😂🔥❤️‍🔥
@Kimjacobarriola @ravibell @laneygradschool @EmoryUniversity

What about that 25% raise “we” have been discussing for 67 uninterrupted days? weigh the costs, get back to me, I’ll be setting the #academic world aflame until you do. Rock boats!

#Antivost Lustberg, PhD
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Dear fellow Brits.
This 👇🏼 is not something that just happens to other peoples kids - it’s totally arbitrary and could happen to your kids too.
Wake up to the reality of deregulation and privatisation before it’s too late!!
“Capital and the Carceral State: Prison Privatization in the United States and United Kingdom”…
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I signed up as organiser with @dontpayuk, because I want to help as much as I can in my local community while #CostOfGreedCrisis is looming over us all.

Meanwhile, some leftists spread, frankly, hilarious statements about Don't Pay UK. A 🧵. 1/14
One of the common themes in these complaints is something like: it looks too professional, surely it can't be genuine grassroots! To these people, I say: you sound like you would not be able to organise your own bday party. People have jobs and skills and brains. 2/14
Activists organised and continue organising things big and small, often without being paid and with, literally, no budgets. Many work their arses off after their day jobs just because they believe in something. If you are unaware of it, then the joke is on you. Be better. 3/14
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