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See where the lies take you. I cannot claim to validate, but striking parallel
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This is important. We have a new #covid variant XBB.1.5 which is highly transmissible and resistant to immunity. It is sweeping through US with⬆️hospitalisations. And it's already here. UK govt need to act fast. Schools are about to reopen. #NHS is already under immense pressure
The UK is not in a good position. Infection rates are already v high (ONS Infection Survey *before Xmas* showed 1 in 45 testing +ve) and XBB.1.5 is leading to a huge increase in hospitalisations in the States. Vaccinations & immunity in UK are down; children are underprotected
Also important to remember that #COVID19 has been a pandemic of inequality. XBB.1.5 will not hit us equally. Together with #costofliving crisis, this new subvariant will hit vulnerable, immuno-compromised and people on lower incomes *much harder*. Where is the Health Secretary?
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting and timely speech from @EnvAgency's Sir James Bevan on the current and present challenges faced by UK due to #ClimateChange & how to build future resilience #IfGClimate
Opening his speech @JamesBevanEA stresses that he believes that "climate change is real" and "is the biggest threat we face". However, he acknowledges that it is often described in "overly-technical language" which can make it inaccessible to the general public #IfGClimate
Bevan cites #COP27 stats showing climate-related disasters have doubled in the last 20 years globally. Notes that 🇬🇧 has seen 4,000 heat related deaths since 2018, drought threatens our water supply this year & next, & 1-in-💯 year flood events now occur annually #IfGClimate
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#thecostofliving panel have taken their seats and are ready for questions. Image
The panel are:
Rakesh Menon, Project Leader at @FoodCycleBath
Sarah Warren, Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainable Travel
Alex Lockton, Bath and West Community Energy

We much appreciate them being here and giving up their time for this event!
Rakesh: we need to have events like this and turn up the volume!
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Christina McAnea joined five public sector workers @10DowningStreet to hand in a petition with over 183k signatures calling on the govt to take urgent action to end the pay crisis.

"Government failings are having a devastating impact on people" @cmcanea…
.@EddieBrand has worked in the ambulance service for over 35 years “The pressure on ambulance services is unprecedented, and something needs to change. The cost of living crisis means that just the basics have now become unaffordable.” Image
Trading standards officer Anu Prashar said, “With the cost of living crisis, many people are looking for ways to save money or get the best deal, which makes them more vulnerable to unscrupulous criminals.” Image
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Important @BBCPanorama episode this evening ⬇️ #CostOfLiving #FoodSecurity Image
The average annual household grocery bill is forecast to rise by 682 pounds (Source:Kantar)
Why have prices gone through the roof? E.g. a potato 🥔
-rising cost of fertiliser (gone ⬆️ by 30%)
-rising labour costs (still a shortage since brexit)
-rising fuel costs
-environmental impact (drought)
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We've published our latest Public opinions and social trends article (26 Oct to 6 Nov 2022) with insights on daily life and the #CostOfLiving

New insights include:
▪️ important issues facing the UK today
▪️ people keeping warm in their home

➡️ Public opinions and social ...
When asked about the important issues facing the UK today 93% of adults said the cost of living was an important issue📈

Other issues reported as important were:

🏥 NHS (82%)
💷 economy (79%)
🌍 environment and climate change (66%) Rotated bar chart showing  ...
91% reported their cost of living had increased compared to a year ago, while 77% reported an increase in their cost of living compared to one month ago. 9 in 10 adults reported the...
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I’ve been a registered #nurse for 3 years.

2.5 years of #covid working front line, and left burnt out, seeing such trauma left me #suicidal and needing #PTSD #EMDR therapy. In that time I was diagnosed with Autism and this year I buried my mum.

So actually @RishiSunak
I will be #striking #rcn #costofliving #ToryChaos

Your government were encouraging the public to clap for us during some very dark times.

A 72p pay rise won’t even get me three Cadbury chomps! It’s insulting to all of us #keyworkers @UKLabour @AngelaRayner
You know how you can fix this? Call a #GeneralElection and move aside for a real government, you have no mandate, no integrity, and no hope. #ToryChaos #ToryShambles #GeneralElectionNow
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🚨 | If the world grew more food, produced more energy, and stopped limiting oil production the #CostofLiving is fixed.

💥 Supply is reason for inflation not demand.

We don't suddenly want to eat more, use more energy or drive more.

Increasing interest rates don't fix it.
We do of course use more energy and oil than during the lockdowns imposed by Governments.

It makes me wonder if the companies are screwing us over for the money back they lost - its how business work.

But the world is not that much different to 2019.
As Mervyn King explains, printing load of money during lockdown a key problem in inflation.

Punishing families who work hard to buy a home is not the way.

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Food prices are also affecting people’s #CostOfLiving – some lowest priced food items increased by more than 40% since Sept 2021 📈

Our new highly experimental data tracks how the lowest prices of 30 grocery items have changed since April 2021 🥫

Groceries that have increased in price in the last year include:

🌶 vegetable oil by 65%
🍝 pasta by 60%
☕️ tea by 46%
🍟 chips by 39%
🍞 bread by 38%
🍪 biscuits by 34%

In the last five months:

🌶 vegetable oil by 46%
🍟 chips by 24%
🍞 bread by 22% Bar chart showing there was a substantial range of price mov
In cash terms, on average since April 2022:

🪙 vegetable oil rose 80p for one litre
🪙 chips rose 27p for 1.5kg
🪙 milk rose 25p for four pints Graphic stating “25p increase in the average lowest price
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The rising #CostOfLiving is having a bigger impact on certain population groups.

Characteristics affecting people’s ability to afford their energy, rent or mortgage payments include:

▪️ disability status
▪️ ethnicity
▪️ home ownership status

➡️ Graphic stating “Impact of increased cost of living on adu
55% of disabled adults found it very or somewhat difficult to afford energy bills, compared with 40% of non-disabled adults ⚡️

36% of disabled adults reported difficulty affording rent or mortgage payments, compared with 27% of non-disabled adults 🏠 Graphic stating “Disabled adults were more likely to find
69% of Black or Black British adults and 59% of Asian or Asian British adults reported difficulty affording energy bills, compared with 44% of White adults ⚡️ Bar chart showing Black or Black British adults and Asian or
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@TrussLiz & @KwasiKwarteng: the real impact of your #MiniBudget

We commissioned @Survation to run an MRP poll to break down the devastating consequences of the Govt’s disastrous mini budget on people across the country's 632 constituencies.

Follow for the results 👇
FIRST, let's look at the national #CostOfLiving picture:
🏠25% of people across the country fear 🚨homelessness🚨 within a year.

This rises to a staggering 37% for families with 2 or more children.
🛒 60% of people across the country are already cutting back on grocery essentials.

And yet:
🥫 27% fear they'll need to use a food bank within a year.

This rises to 30% for people in full-time work. This crisis is very much impacting working people.
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🚨 Starting now! 🚨

Follow this thread for live updates from our excellent panel on loneliness, chaired by @aveek18, w/ @zabrams, @JamesEvansMS, Su Moore (@JoCoxFoundation), Prof Pam Qualter (@EducationUoM), & @Matt_VickersMP 👇 Image
@aveek18 @zabrams @JamesEvansMS @JoCoxFoundation @EducationUoM @Matt_VickersMP Prof Pam Qualter starts us off - "loneliness is a subjective experience", she says, which occurs when we lack good quality relationships with others. "We're not talking about social isolation", though loneliness has the same effects on physical & mental health
@aveek18 @zabrams @JamesEvansMS @JoCoxFoundation @EducationUoM @Matt_VickersMP #COVID19 has put loneliness on the political agenda, says Prof Qualter (@EducationUoM), particularly for children and young people. Surprisingly, we didn't see a large increase in loneliness during the pandemic - but we are seeing an increase in social anxiety post-lockdown
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Kwasi Kwarteng is right to U-turn on one of his #taxcuts for the rich, but he needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with a vastly different plan if he wants to tackle the #costofliving scandal and reassure the markets and the country.

There is no evidence that lower taxes will yield higher investment or growth.

But we know that lower taxes will reduce support for those that need it the most, and deprive public services on the verge of collapse of much needed investment.

If the Chancellor is serious about tackling the cost of living scandal and shoring up the economy he will scrap planned tax cuts for the rich and instead:

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Register in advance at:

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil Image
Join Jeremy Corbyn, Ruth London (Fuel Poverty Action), Lee Jasper (Blaksox), Zita Holbourne (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts), Lindsey German (Stop The War), Paula Peters (Disabled People Against Cuts), (cont..)

#EnoughIsEnough #OccupyWestminster #ClimateChange #CostOfLiving
Gareth Lowe (Unite the Union), George Monbiot and Dr. Carmody Grey, to hear how we plan to stop the Government in its tracks in October. WE CAN WIN!

#CivilResistance #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #October1st
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📢 Do you want to make a real difference this winter? The next few months are going to be difficult for many in #Coker

So, to help residents get the help they might need, Cllrs @MikeHewitson1, @NicolaClarkLD & I have published a leaflet full of useful information 🧵 1/
From @cab_south to @Somerset_CF - we've pulled together the direct contact details of a range of local agencies, charities, and councils
In July, @SomersetLibDems declared a #costofliving emergency. We did this in recognition of the financial pressures facing households right across the county

Now we want to make sure every house in #Coker gets one of these leaflets. Will you help us make it happen? 3/
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Liz Truss’ intervention to freeze the #energypricecap for 2 years is a big one that shows the government has finally grasped the scale of the challenge.

But there is a sting in the tail.

By refusing to ask energy companies - who will be making £170 billion worth of excess profits over the next 2 years - to foot the bill, the government will instead be asking our public services and communities to pay for this through lower investment.

And for families on low to modest incomes, average #energybills of £2,500 a year will still be a big hit when combined with the rising cost of food and everyday essentials. Yet, the government has done very little to boost their incomes.

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🚨NEW: Liz Truss - Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail:

As the Tory leadership hustings draw to a close, with Truss the likely favourite, @allthecitizens take a look at some of the shocking and inaccurate statements from the incoming PM as she campaigned around the country🧵
One of her more notable comments, which she insists was meant “jokingly”, was at a hustings in Norwich where she declared “The jury is out” on whether French PM Emmanuel Macron is a friend or foe…
Truss, the current Foreign Sec, drew fierce criticism for the comment, with even other Conservatives like former Tory Minister Gavin Barwell stating that “you would have thought the foreign secretary was aware we are in a military alliance with France”:…
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And so it begins.
Pub in Shaftesbury ceases trading. “Supplier prices have increased to such a point that we are no longer able to pass that cost onto our guests. Our utilities alone have increased by an extra £58,000 alone.”
#CostOfLiving #Dorset
Dorset disabilities charity, @diverseability Diverse Abilities, worried how they will pay the energy bills on School, Respite Home & Adult Activity Centre. They have seen their energy bills increase 200%.
#CostOfLivingCrisis #Dorset
Fish & Chip shop Chez Fred has announced reduced opening hours, closing Sunday & Monday. “In view of the harsh economic climate that we’re all facing, together with huge increases in energy costs, it’s a move that makes sense for us as a business.”
#CostOfLivingCrisis #Dorset
./3 Image
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1/25 Open letter to @1199SEIU leaders:
At last chapter meeting we again asked why volunteer contract captains who attended orientation in late June were forgotten and kept as in the dark about contract negotiations as the rest of membership. We asked why they weren't given same
2/25 access to/participation in negotiations as 1 contract captain, who seems to be a full, active member of the Negotiation Committee from the beginning, participating in its deliberations and voting on its resolutions, and whose remote participation in each session has given
3/25 the lie to union leadership's baffling claim that remote access for members is logistically impossible. Our complaints about the role of contract captains, who are supposed to be well-informed and up-to-date on Negotiation Committee's progress so that they can inform members
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🧵🚨NEW from @IpsosUK for @SkyNews as 1 in 3 Britons say they are already finding it difficult to pay their #energybills. This rises to just under half (47%) of those in households earning <£19,999... (1)
More generally on the rising #costofliving, a quarter say they've skipped meals due to rising costs and 1 in 5 have borrowed more money ... (2) Image
Scale of the challenge faced by new PM highlighted by the fact that #trust in politicians to help with this issue is lacking- although #Sunak slightly ahead of #Truss...(3) Image
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We've collected data published over the last two weeks relating to the rising #CostofLiving 📈

Around 9 in 10 (89%) adults continued to report their cost of living has risen over the past month (3 to 14 Aug 2022) Graphic with text: Follow o...
Around three-quarters (76%) of adults reported being very or somewhat worried about rising #CostofLiving in the past two weeks Graphic with text:  76%   o...
After taking inflation into account, average pay including bonuses fell by 2.5% in the year to April to June 2022.

Excluding bonuses, it fell by 3.0% – the biggest fall since records began in 2001 Bar chart graphic:   Title:...
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Pecksniff's diary: East Anglian Bylines
"One of the most tedious chores of the week for Pecksniff has been the posturings of #LizTruss. But as prime minister her delusion is likely to increase dramatically. For the sake of your correspondent’s sanity, /1
/2 Pecksniff has decided to report [Truss'] doings mostly not on the Westminster stage but closer to home, in South West #Norfolk among her voters.
/3 So you will thrill to the political dramas enveloping #Swaffham, #Thetford, #DownhamMarket, #BloNorton and #ThreeHoles. (It’s true, my dears, honest. Google is even kind enough to give guidance on ‘Best things to do and days out in Three Holes’.)
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📈 #Inflation has hit 10.1% as prices continue to rise.

This spike in prices is all the more painful because it is hitting at a time when:

- Living standards have been squeezed for over a decade, leaving people with little cushion to absorb this

- Millions of families were already unable to make ends meet because our social safety net has been ripped up, and

- Public services are on their knees after years of underinvestment.

Leaving families & the economy to languish won’t prevent inflation getting worse, & risks a deep recession which will scar our economy.
Govt should urgently:
1️⃣ Increase the national #livingwage to reflect the #costofliving & support workers to negotiate fair wage deals

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