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Wondering what’s happening with #socialassistance reform in Ontario?

Here’s a new report from @maytree_canada on Service Transformation in Ontario Works.

It's lengthy, so I’ve tried to capture the threads with, well, this thread🧵. #onpoli…
Though the gov repealed some of its early decisions on income support, there are significant changes underway on the service delivery side, in particular changes to the employment and skills training offered to #OntarioWorks recipients that we need to pay attention to.
The paper explores what these changes are, whether they address the root causes leading people living in #poverty to need support from OW, how other countries fared when undertaking similar reforms (spoiler alert: not great), & things that @ONgov will need to consider.
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"The same, but more of it," isn't good policy for our broken system of autism services in Ontario. In the new OAP we see some positive change, such as funds for SLP & OT, but we also see bigger investments in "autism" providers that were not assessed for their effectiveness...1/4
Why does the govt continue investing in a system it's never audited? An old system that hasn't been working? We who grew up in that system now face poverty, joblessness, housing insecurity, PTSD...
18 years of an ABA-centred plan has been a massive failure by ANY measure... 2/4
The Ontario Human Rights Commission (2018) found that services for "special ed" students hasn't progressed in 40 years. Why isn't fixing that Job #1 in this new autism plan?! Instead, plan has a notorious RESIDENTIAL INSTITUTION leading "mental health" workshops for parents.. 3/4
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Hundreds, at a minimum, of educational workers have lost their jobs this year due to increased class sizes. Ford wants another 14% increase. More will lose their jobs. #onpoli #onted
The government bargaining team has no authority! Imagine that. Good grief. Basically all they can do is accept the government’s cuts. Add in Illegal Bill124 and it’s almost impossible to make progress despite Ford’s governments claims. #onpoli #onted
E-learning classes will rise from 0-2 with no justification but plenty of evidence to show this is a brutally bad idea. It’s simply away to reduce teachers. Cuts, and more cuts. Reminder: want class sizes to raise from 22:1 to 25:1. Course selections lost - almost 10,000 #onpoli
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1. Conservative policy is to frame the economy, no matter how well it’s doing under a non-Con gov, as ‘failing’, in recession, being ‘destroyed’ in order to erode confidence, cause the economy to falter so they can position themselves as white knights. #cdnpoli #onpoli #abpoli
2. Cons will flog the recession talk in unison everywhere to get people to believe it. They’ll cite myths and anecdotes about families barely making it (some aren’t doing well as is true in any economy).
3. Cons scare monger about debt,deficits as though GDP doesn’t matter. They misinform people by emphasizing large macro numbers and using the language of personal debt to confuse people into thinking the only good gov =0 debt/deficit to prime people to accept austerity.
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I live in a duplex in Mississauga. Let's say I have the funds to install solar on my house, or replace my high-efficiency natural-gas furnace, or replace my 2105 Corolla with an EV. What would be the best carbon bang for my $? #ClimateChange #onpoli #economics #carbonfootprint
Maybe @andrew_leach might have some idea?
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1/ Metrolinx just awarded a $4.6 billion contract over 30 years to build, operate and maintain an 18 km, 19 station LRT system in Mississauga. Their LRT will be up and running in 2024.…
2/ In #HamOnt, we're literally 3 months away from receiving the final bids from the consortia competing to win the contract, and the consortia are telling LIUNA they don't understand where the government got its latest inflated numbers from.
3/ Yet our "open for business" #onpoli government just decided abruptly to cancel the bid process altogether, based on a 'third-party analysis' we're not allowed to see, created by an entity we're not allowed to know.
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The cancellation of the shovel-ready #HamiltonLRT will certainly damage future growth & development in the #Hamilton area, but there will be other fallout; it will cost taxpayers tens of millions to cancel signed construction contracts.

1/3 #HamOnt #onpoli #ResignDougFord
New developments along the route were sold on the LRT being there. It’s all but certain that developers with sunk costs will sue the province.

Individuals who bought condos on the promised LRT will be suing developers.

There will be a domino-effect of cancelled projects.

There are likely businesses along the LRT route who have signed long-term leases at higher rates given the promise of increased traffic from the LRT & the condo developments it inspired. Suddenly that rug has been pulled out from under them. Lost revenue and lawsuits.

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$4.2 Billion in tax cuts. Who pays for the loss of revenue in Doug Ford’s Ontario? Students lose as investment in education is cut. Per pupil funding down $54. Local priorities funds cut $232 million. Ford solution: scream broke! Cut educational workers. #onpoli #onted
Important to note that Ford has increased debt from $318 Billion to $360 Billion. It’s self-inflicted. Scream they are broke to pay for tax cuts. Loss of revenue is offset by removing public service workers. Services decline. They hope no one notices. #onpoli #onted
In turn, they focus on ‘union thugs’ and make them the target. In reality, tax cuts benefit the wealthier the most. Need a demon to blame though. Looking in the mirror is not an option. To further the goal legislation is brought in after certain contracts are finished. #onpoli
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Last week I wrote about why taxes are good. It was well-received. This week I’d like to write about how every government, and every political party, tends to waste or lose money. As often as not it’s actually our fault, as voters, that this keeps happening. #onpoli #olpldr 1/15
Even when we disagree on what government should or shouldn’t pay for, we all want government to be efficient with money. Politicians all promise to limit spending and reduce the deficit. We miss that being efficient, and spending as little as possible, are not the same. 2/15
Often, refusing to spend money today only costs much more money tomorrow. People know this. If you neglect your teeth, or your roof, or a highway, you’ll end up paying more when the bill comes due. Yet we applaud governments that do this, and imagine they are saving money. 3/15
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I want to talk about taxes and why I like paying them. Okay, no one really likes-likes taxes, but I believe in taxes. It's how we pay for things we need as a society. And I believe that people who have more money, and make more money, should pay more taxes. #olpldr #onpoli 1/12
Figuring out what we "need" as a society can be complex. We need roads and police - that stuff is easy. But do we need universal pharmacare, public housing, addictions programs? Opinions differ. Decent people say "well okay, but I don't want to pay for that." #olpldr #onpoli 2/12
I do want to pay for that. And more besides. Because I can pay for my own family's needs. I make good money. But I want my son to grow up in a society where other people's needs are met too. The only way we can do that is if we all contribute. With taxes. #olpldr #onpoli 3/12
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Teachers' unions demanding bigger raises (even in line with inflation) is completely tone-deaf and ignores the obvious fact that Ontario teachers are already extremely well compensated. #onpoli

Total compensation for top earning teachers in Ontario is MORE THAN $120,000 per year when accounting for the value of taxpayer funded contributions to pensions and benefits.

via CTF freedom of information request:…
There's more than 10,000 Ontario teachers on the sunshine list (earning a salary of over $100,000 per year). Under the government's current offer, they'll get a raise of over $3,000 in 3 years. Their union thinks anything less than a $6,000 in that time is "unfair."
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Alberta friends, I'd like to share some thoughts on why #ISupportBill207, and why #ConscienceRights is a litmus test issue that will show us where the UCP lines up in the context of Red Tory vs Blue Tory balance of power.

Thread 1/13

CC: @DanDWill, @shandro

As an Ontarian, I usually stay out of internal #abpoli issues, but in this case, due to the universality of the Red v Blue power struggle, as is demonstrated by the civil war within the CPC, and Ford's capitulation of #onpoli to #RedToryNation, I have to make an exception.

The Red Tories are determined to take every issue outside the purview of fiscal conservatism (ish) out of the Overton Window of any acceptable (to them) politicians. This battle will determine the future of Cdn conservatism and on whether there'll be much left to conserve.
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THREAD 1/ In May @fordnation claimed that 1500-1800 kids would receive childhood budgets each month, with the OAP waitlist completely cleared within an 18-month period.

On Nov 20 @ToddSmithPC said this plan will continue until the new program is in place.

#OnPoli #CdnPoli
2/ By those numbers between 11,200-12,600 children should have received the wasteful Childhood Budget by now. Instead, only 2,274 have received a cheque in the mail, which will only pay for a tiny fraction of the costs of evidence-based therapies. Big savings for @OntarioPCParty!
3/ A survey of 279 Ontario families reveals that the vast majority have not received a budget (funding) or even the application to apply for a budget a full 18 months after @fordnation took the reins of the Ontario Autism Program.
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1/ Today is November 19, 2019. And we are still waiting for a plan from the Ontario Government.

Advocates, parents, researchers, therapists, stakeholders have reiterated to the @fordnation government, time and again, that urgency is critical.

And here we are.
2/ going on 10 months since @MacLeodLisa flogged us with her “plan” to remedy the Ontario Autism Program we are no better off than where we were.

Throughout the summer, while @ToddSmithPC was touring the province ‘listening’, the consistent answer to our questions was that
3/ ‘The Panel’ was hard at work on their recommendations, which we saw come to fruition just shy of November. The Panel recommended Needs Based Therapy. The Panel recommended Urgent Response Services. The Panel recommended reverting back to a chronological waitlist. The Panel
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1/ Tonight, maybe three blocks away from where I sit, a Santa Claus parade is still chugging it’s way down the Main Street in Barrhaven, #Nepean. I was there. But I had to leave.

My husband left maybe 10 minutes before I did. My son Jack has severe autism, and each year we try
2/ our luck with the parade, and each year, it’s no better than the last. Too late, too many flashing lights, too many bad memories from the year before. This year may have been the nail in the coffin. He doesn’t have many words to tell us, but it’s clear this “fun” Christmas
3/ activity just isn’t for him. My husband took him ahead home leaving me with my daughter who is also on the autism spectrum.

The Parade has been cause for reflection for me. A year ago, we stood roadside, and with just the right amount of happenstance, @MacLeodLisa’s
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The Road Map to Environmental Action is kicking off @SwanseaTownHall. #ParkHP residents are designing a community action plan to tackle the climate crisis. "We're trying to change the world," says Sarah Doucette, former Ward 13 city councillor and founder of @Green13Toronto. A poster saying A brochure with
The event runs from 7-9pm at 95 Lavinia Ave. It's a nearly full room and the event will be starting a minutes late.
Attendees are ticking their priorities for climate action on the local, provincial and national scale.
#TOpoli #ONpoli #cdnpoli
#climateaction #ClimateCrisis BuildingsTransportationFood and agriculture
Its not a #ParkHP event without a bit of heckling, provided tonight by someone who thinks Sarah Doucette, as a former politician, should not be MC. Sarah responds "everyone is political" + that she is MCing tonight as a member of Green13.
Tonight's hashtag is #ParkHP4Climate
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A few thoughts on the 2-tier system ("dream-hoarding" per @stephenfgordon riffing on @RichardvReeves) We shouldn't be surprised. The wealthy will always find ways to get a leg up (see @tammyschirle's tweets about selecting; she's right).… @globeandmail 1/
@stephenfgordon @RichardvReeves @tammyschirle @globeandmail What we don't have in our current "one-size fits all" system, where the gov't funds and runs almost all schools, is a means by which the poorer can get both the means to choose, and a variety of options from which to choose... 2/ @cardusca @globeandmail
@stephenfgordon @RichardvReeves @tammyschirle @globeandmail @cardusca Currently, those with the funds and means of working the system to their advantage do so, to nobody's surprise. Here's another example @OttawaCitizen… This will continue unless structural changes with real re-distributional power takes place. 3/ @cardusca
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Peter Downing of #Wexit strongly denies that his movement is pushing anti-muslim rhetoric, and is looking at legal options against those that claim it does. /1…
Let’s see what happens when we search “muslim” or “Islam” in the main group. /2
There’s more, of course. /3
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I would like to talk a little, if you will bear with me, about power and platforming.

#AutismDoesntEndAtFord #onpoli
I am a non-autistic parent of autistic children. I’m a pretty poor, disabled woman who is tired 24/7. But I have tons of privilege - white privilege, educational privilege and in the context of autism policy, parental privilege.
I’ve decided to leverage the privilege I do have to:

1) boost autistic voices with respect to autism policy specifically, and autism in general.
2) support autistic-led organizations as much as I can and
3) demonstrate that there are parents of autistic kids who oppose ABA
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[1] The autism program should be equitable, outcome focused, supported by research. It could become a model for other programs that supports all children with disabilities including ADHD, FASD, ABI, IDD, genetic disorders (and more). ⁦…
[2] Ontario psychologists made a number of recommendations to the autism panel this fall. Here is the copy of our report. #onpoli
[3] The ministry Health must consider regional disparities when in comes to providers. We mapped all psychologists, child psychiatrists and paediatricians in a Ontario. Close to 2 million Ontarians had no access to psychologists in their communities. @celliottability @ToddSmithPC
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1. Before he was elected, @FordNation promised he would see the Basic Income Pilot through...

Once elected, he killed it.

Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

He's going ahead with it anyway

#cdnpoli #ONpoli
2. Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, NB Premier @BlaineHiggs he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

While he will go ahead with a Made in NB carbon pricing scheme, he is still involved in the court case.

#NBPoli #CdnPoli
3. Before he was elected, AB Premier @JKenney promised cuts wouldn't go beyond a certain point and that he'd respect city charters.

He waited until the #Elxn43 vote was held to drop a buget in which he betrayed those promises and many more.

#ABPoli #CdnPoli
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Everyone has a hilariously short and selective memory when it comes to policy.

Gather round children, and I'll explain the tragedy that's Ontario's electricity prices.

The story features a great cast of characters like the PC Party, and Enron.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #onpoli
Let's travel all the way back to 1998. This is when a PC led government passed "The Electricity Competition Act"

This gem deregulated energy prices in Ontario. The passing of the bill ended 94 years of zero-profit energy for the province. This guaranteed you will pay more. 2/9
Later that year, the Cons setup the Market Design Committee. The most powerful company represented in it was a company, little known outside of the energy sector - Enron.

Fun fact: Kinder-Morgan is the company formerly known as Enron Canada. 3/9
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1/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

Here's the supporting docs to my podcast interview with @canadianglen

The ORIGINAL exposé by Mercedes Stephenson on Global News concealed Conservative Party as source of the racist video depicting PMJT
2/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

That disingenuous story by Mercedes Stephenson was followed up by David Akin, also from Global News

That same afternoon, he told PMJT to step aside & quit the election so someone else could take over LPC…
3/20 #CDNpoli #Elxn43 #TrudeauBlackface/#Brownface

Global News then dramatically edited its original story by Mercedes Stephenson, to finally admit they received the PMJT video from Conservative Party

But they concealed that significant edit too #Ethics
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