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BREAKING @ONgov guts police oversight system, scraps police complaints body, leaving only police to oversee the police. #ONpoli
BREAKING - @ONsafety mandates blood tests of suspects and criminalizes refusal if “suspected” of #HIV. #equality #charter
Nothing in @ONsafety materials online about this business of mandatory blood testing. More info needed from Ministry. Bill goes online at 3pm. #onpoli
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THREAD. (non-ranty) 😁

I wrote this last night and it resonated with many but I'd like to share a few positive thoughts out there for fearful, angry parents who want to *do* something, anything to help their autistic kids.

#AutismDoesntEndAtFord #ONPoli
Maybe you identify as a "waitlist parent" in Ontario and you think fighting for ABA is the best thing you can do for your child, here's some advice, take it or leave it, from someone who has been there.

#AutismDoesntEndAtFord #onpoli
1. Grab your towel, DON'T PANIC. Everyone and their kitten is trying to tell you, EARLY INTERVENTION IS KEY.
I'm here to tell you, it's bullshit. Your child isn't doomed without "early intervention", I promise.

#AutismDoesntEndAtFord #onpoli
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(1/6) There may a clue here about what actually happened between the former Attorney-General @Puglaas and the PMO when she asserts solicitor-client privilege as a reason not to comment further on the SNC-Lavalin affair. #onpoli #cdpoli #SNCLavalin
(2/6) There's a distinction between a lawyer's duty of confidentiality and solicitor-client privilege. Though they can overlap, they are often wrongly conflated. #onpoli #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
(3/6) The lawyer's duty of confidentiality is an ethical obligation and involves, broadly, maintaining confidentiality concerning information about one's client's business, personal, and legal affairs. #onpoli #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin
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Documents obtained by @TheVarsity reveal the potential guidelines for which non-tuition fees will be granted "essential" status and remain mandatory under the PC's Student Choice Initiative. Campus media is not on that list. #onpoli #onpse…
- Athletics and recreation
- Career services
- Student buildings
- Health and counselling
- Academic Support
- Student ID cards
- Transcripts, convocation, etc.
- Financial aid offices
- Walk safe programs
Also essential, with caveats:
- Health and dental plans, which must allow students to opt-out with proof of pre-existing coverage
- Student transit passes, but only for existing mandatory transit pass fees
"All fees not included above are non-essential and must be optional."
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(1/9) Today's announcement of a new election task force should greatly concern Canadians. Only Parliament, through its lawmakers and its independent body, Elections Canada - not the government of the day - should decide the ground rules for our elections. #onpoli #cdnpoli
(2/9) Problem #1: this task force - whose terms of reference are not easily found - is comprised of 5 senior bureaucrats appointed by the Liberal government. For some reason, the task force contains no parliamentary officials, i.e. Elections Canada. #onpoli #cdnpoli
(3/9) Problem #2: one of the goals of the task force seems noble enough - to alert Canadians to foreign interference in the election. But it will also monitor domestic activity to determine if it "undermines" the election. #onpoli #cdnpoli
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Hey @m_layton if you were smart enough, instead of slamming the province, I'd work proactively with @MacLeodLisa to get those funds from the feds. Do we not have a homeless shelter crisis that needs solving? Your colleague @kristynwongtam has stated so. #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
As for you @TOAdamVaughan what exactly has your government done to reduce the numbers of illegals crossing the border? You know...the source of this problem? I recall the CBSA arresting a woman for human smuggling, but that's on the enforcement side. #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
The irony is @TOAdamVaughan, you could suggest to the Prime Minister to stop this problem by making Roxham Rd an official point of entry, thus stopping the flow...but all you do is tweet. #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli
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When the hell is @ElectionsCan_E going to put an end to Hamish Marshall's meddling in elections across the country. "NB Proud" funded by "ModernMiracleNetwork" who's members all work for Calgary based energy co. Questerre. NB Proud hired Ballingall's co. ENOUGH! #cdnpoli #pnpcbc
Terrance Oakey was president of Merit Canada. Went to Hamish Marshall's co. OnePersuades. Merit Ontario gave Ontario Proud $50K. Then ONProud hired One Persuades paying over $30K for Advertising. Did Marshall give ONPr access to #CPC CIMS database during ON elxn? #cdnpoli #onpoli
Here is Terry Oakey with Premier Doug Ford at a Merit Ontario event on Sept. 24, 2018. This after Merit Ontario gave Ontario Proud $50K & then ONPr used that money to pay Oakey/Marshall's co. OnePersuades $30K for ads to help Ford win Ontario elxn. #Ontario #Onpoli #cdnpoli
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Ford is right, his government has done more in the last 6 months than most. So, to celebrate, I thought we'd break down some of his "accomplishments." Are you ready? An #onpoli THREAD: (1/)
Lets start with Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open For Business Act. Ford has successfully gutted workers rights, given more power to corporations and the rich/powerful in Ontario, and prevented a crucially important $1 an hour wage increase from taking place. (2/)
The now famous Bill 5, of course, slashed #topoli's control over its own municipal elections, while also changing elected positions across the province to positions that Ford can appoint his buddies and campaign donors to. (3/)
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Breaking: @TDSB Chair says Community Use of Schools grants have been cancelled.... and outlines cost to at risk and vulnerable students because of #FordGovernment cuts. memo to trustees released tonight... excerpts below. #OntEd #Onpoli
This is a further $1-million cut to Canada’s largest school board and will reduce access to school facilities for community organizations/activities, particularly in high-need neighbourhoods. Devastating #ONpoli @OntEdu
@TDSB also warning that #FordGovernment failure to commit to funding the #FocusOnYouth Summer program is putting the program at risk. Last year 600 young people were employed in this program, 11,000 children/youth participated, w proven results! #Onpoli #OntEd
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Didn't see this about Kathleen Wynne's Liberals. 🤔 Yet they caused more economic harm than you can imagine. The libs are directly responsible for the rise in food bank usage across Ontario through various tax, energy, and trade policy. Yet, you didn't mention anything. #onpoli
On the flipside, people voted overwhelmingly against Kathleen Wynne for running such a toxic government, particularly over the last 3 years...w/every decision being made with a political bent. Free tuition? Free prescriptions? A massive min wage hike? Seriously? #onpoli
With barely any consultation from the very stakeholders who have to pay those bills? The libs were so tired politically, that they were practically running an NDP Government. And the majority of Ontarians hate the NDP. Look what they did in the 90s. #onpoli
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Yesterday I spoke to Ontario's Standing Committee on Finance as part of #ONBudget2019 consultations. Told them: 1) Raise shamefully low #OW & #ODSP rates to help people and to stimulate local economies. 1/12
A single person on #OW gets on $733 in basic benefits per month. A single on #ODSP gets $1169. Avg rent for 1BR in Ottawa is $1023. Barrie, $1035. Peterborough, $850. Health Food Basket in Ottawa is $244. Waterloo, $280. TBay, $233. You get my point. 2/12
People on OW & ODSP are unable to pay for what they need. They live far below the poverty line. They live in substandard, dangerous housing. They rely on food banks & other charities. Or they go without. Increasing rates is the right thing to do. And it's smart economically. 3/12
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Yay! Municipal governance reform! (yes I said that)

Look, it’s needed. Desperately.

Glad to see this a priority and pleased to see people like Michael Fenn involved in the review.

8 Qs he and the team will need to cover....thread (now nicely connected!)....👇🏼 #onpoli
What’s the primary driver in looking at potential changes - cost savings? Fewer layers? A catch-up to population swells? +? Form follows function.
What will new governance structures have in purview? Transit planning? Housing? Economic development? +?
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1/ Here's my first @YouTube video of 2019. I discuss what can be expected this year in Canadian politics and the role religion could play in the political landscape of the country. If you enjoy these videos, please share, like and consider subscribing!

2/ As a complementary reading, you can check-out my co-written text with @afebresg on the political impact of the Christian Right, published in the @ConversationCA last December.

#ChristianRight #uspoli #cndpoli #onpoli #abpoli…
3/ We were both also interviewed by @rick_gibbons on @1310NEWS about our Conversation article.…
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Anatomy of a winter surge
CHF: congestive healthcare failure

This is what 🇨🇦 healthcare system looks like from the inside
#ONpoli #canadawaits
Several hour waits in emergency department (ED)

patients spilling into hallways, ICU beds full, precious ED beds full with admitted patients because no beds in hospital = no bed admit (NBA).

This scene plays out in hospitals all over ON and all over 🇨🇦. every.single.winter.
Patients repeatedly approach nursing station:
“how much longer?”
“when is it my turn?”
“how many doctors are working?”
“why is this taking so long?”, “why are you guys so slow?” “you call this an emergency?”
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Lets look at some @CPC_HQ Income double dippers! For those prudent fiscal warriors who 6 figure salaries aren't enough yet rail against minimum wage increases and basic income pilot projects: Erin O'Toole, Scott Reid, Ted Falk, and David Tilson. @CPC_HQ #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Hey look, Erin O'Toole currently earns employment with Regent Law Professional Corporation. It must be nice for Erin to be moonlighting while GM in his riding is shuttering operations and 2500 of his constituents are losing jobs! Way to look out for number one. #cdnpoli #cdnecon
Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston @CPC_HQ MP Scott Reid, currently earns employment income as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Giant Tiger Stores, Ltd. I wonder how is relationship with the Ontario PC Party influenced the repeal of Bill 148? #cdnpoli #onpoli…
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1) We need a Lie tracker on Andrew Scheer, Doug Ford, & Jason Kenney

Those I follow who are excellent sources on the carbon tax are
@trevortombe @andrew_leach, @EcofiscalCanada @kevinmilligan

The rest of the thread is mostly ammunition against lies
#cdnpoli, #onpoli #ableg
2) Andrew Scheer begins new year with warning of skyrocketing carbon taxes

"The Liberal carbon tax is just about raising revenue for government."

LIAR: 90% of it goes back to Citizens. #cdnpoli
3) Trudeau’s carbon tax takes effect in industrial heartland

"Consumers in the holdout provinces will receive federal payments that will exceed their carbon tax bill in a bid to cushion the blow"…
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Some in Alberta protesting about pipelines not getting built yesterday is not only silly , it's downright dangerous. Why now ? The Harper clowns had 10 years to facilitate the construction of pipelines and did nothing. #cdnpol #abpoli
Cons try to make these protest look like some kind of grass root movement but in reality they are the ones that conceived the narrative & funded it as well , most likely with foreign money from Koch brothers or other dark sources , Russia perhaps , who knows for sure. #cdnpoli
This is all part of the Conservative campaign of lies. The more lies they tell and repeat , w/ Media help , the more those lies become a normal political tool of the alt-right #cpc party. #cdnpoli #abpoli
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Manchild @samoosterhoff sent @NiagRegPolice to my home today. Sam’s angry I posted stuff already in the public domain. Police told me I’ve done nothing wrong.

It’s pathetic that elected officials send Police to scare voters.

I’m not scared.

#onpoli #news
Even funnier is that Police told me Sam has printed all my tweets.

Wow! What a pathetic excuse for a human.
Police said they reviewed all of my tweets and found nothing wrong.

The officer wanted to ensure that I knew what type of details would be crossing the line. He was very professional and friendly, I was impressed.
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In 1995, the PC govt created the “Red Tape Commission,” which led to cuts & deregulation of water safety, which led to the deaths of seven people at Walkerton. Those deaths led to the Clean Water Act, which the Ford govt now believes to be red tape… #onpoli
From the archives: Mike Harris, his Red Tape Commission and the Walkerton inquiry… #onpoli
Here is Part 1 of the Walkerton Inquiry Report, with several chapters outlining the PC government’s role in the tragedy. In Part 2, the report recommended what became the Clean Water Act, which the Ford government now believes to be red tape… #onpoli
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As we head closer to the Holidays and a New Year, today seems like a good day to take stock @fordnation. So let’s do that. #onpoli. Here’s a snippet of your accomplishments since forming gov’t:
You cancelled the Green Energy Act and contracts, throwing contract law & the jobs of the future to the wind, sending a message to investors that #Ontario is in fact not open for business.
You ended cap & trade, irresponsibility claiming that this decision resulted in lower gas prices & offering no plan for the greatest challenge facing this generation and the next.
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🚨Thread alert: I have some things to say about Doug Ford *retroactively* cutting funding for @CMO_OSFO. #midwives #onpoli #fempoli
The work of Midwives is sacred. They literally usher new life into the world. They work with moms and their newborns for weeks after birth to make sure they are supported and healthy. The work of midwives is also gendered work.
It's work that inherently holds less value socially because it is caring work done predominantly by women for women. We literally just proved this in a groundbreaking court case won by midwives that showed the Ontario Government was discriminating & underpaying them.
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BREAKING: Less than a week before Toronto police Supt. Ron Taverner is set to be sworn in as OPP Commissioner, Interim Commissioner Brad Blair
has filed a formal request to the Ontario Ombudsman’s Office relating to the process of Taverner's appointment #onpoli
The interim commissioner says he is "seeking a review of potential political interference in the OPP Commissioner appointment."
Included in Blair's letter to the @Ont_Ombudsman: "OPP members have shared with me their concerns that the process was unfair and their feeling that the independence of the OPP is now called into question."
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I’m holed up at Elections Ontario parsing political and third party financial statements #onpoli
Of note: top PC donors who gave the max $1,222 include Ford family lawyer Gavin Tighe, who was just appointed to the Public Accountants Council, Peter Van Loan, now-retired MP and lobbyist, a bunch of real estate developers + investors, and the Yogen Fruz family #onpoli
Ontario Proud, an anti-Wynne conservative political advocacy group, spent over $447,400 on election advertising, and received more than $512,000 in contributions, about 90 per cent of which came from corporations #onpoli
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1/ Some more details on yesterday's #HousingNow Proposal by Mayor @JohnTory in #TOPoli.

Here's a Public-Map of the 11 Sites / 13 Addresses with Links to @_CreateTO - where available... #OpenData #OpenGov…
2/ ...most of these sites should be "As of Right" to build new HIGH-DENSITY Housing on what are now cheap/subsidixed Surface Parking-Lots near #TTC Stations - including new @CrosstownTO Stations in #TOPoli...and stations serviced by the new Vaughan extension...
3/ ...but in #TOPoli - the Deafult setting is "NO" - and Councillors have fought efforts to reduce CHEAP parking-spots at #TTC stations in the Past...…
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