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1) If you claim to be a #Liberal today, your world must be incredibly strange. There are two types of Liberal, the #elite overlords, and the useful idiots. You can decide for yourself where you fit. But there is no doubt that you EMPOWER the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT. Lets sum it up:
2) You believe that killing a baby is your "right", but killing newborn puppies or bird eggs should land you in jail. Image
3) You believed, without evidence, that #Trump was a puppet of #Russia. When he imposed brutal sanctions, you ignored it to preserve your world view.…
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1. 🇺🇸 The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.

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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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+Upset re #COVID19 (many levels),
politics, disparities in who is most affected. Upset tho to the point of doing a video (never have) to speak up re my distress re ⬆️ anti-East Asian attacks affecting my parent's safety. I recorded this yest & didn't know if I should post.
After seeing more racist attacks w 2 Asian women in their car, a 15 yo boy bike-riding & 2 big racist events in US, I feel I had to post to not be complicit with silence. 
I'm sorry I'm not a media pro/don't know how to close caption: here's a transcript 🙏 #inclusion/2
My parents are in their 70's in BC. They have fear just walking around the block. Their best friends were verbally attacked along w rude gestures crossing the street. They want to wear a mask to do their part but are way too scared to. /3
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I am a student of MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Karnataka. So amidst this pandemic my college thought of taking online mode of examination all of a sudden. And they “EXPECT YOU TO HAVE WINDOWS ON OUR RESPECTIVE LAPTOPS MANDATORILY. AND THINK POSITIVELY”
Look at the “positive” attitude of some of our #mit Manipal faculty. They have already announced the exam dates from 12-20 june and before that “online” lab exams. Yes, “online” lab experiments without even going to the lab. Pretty sensible.
I don’t understand why can’t they follow the guidelines setup by the UGC of India and just get it over with. Students of our batch aren’t in the proper mental health right now. All our mails and other “online” mode of communications are being ignored by the institution.
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The dignity that comes from massacring a pizzeria filled with children.
Have just watched US Senate hearing into the appointment of an ambassador to Amman.

Guess how much attention the world's most wanted female fugitive living free in the capital of a strategic ally and Jordan's most important institutions shielding her from @TheJusticeDept got.
Simply beyond comprehension that the woman at the top of this thread, who boasts - boasts! - of killing many children including mine, evades US justice and lives like a queen in #Jordan because the US sees pursuing her as destabilizing its Jordanian ally.…
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#Breaking #Breaking News
CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against #BillGates #vaccine Maker #Gilead maker of #Remdesivir for DELIBERATELY Hiding Side Dangerous Damaging Effects & withholding better drugs they had responsibility to inform & change to, harming MILLIONS of people ON PURPOSE.
CORRUPT #Gilead has been Sued MANY TIMES now for their CORRUPT Anti-human actions DELIBERATELY hiding new more safe less risky & less damaging treatments ON PURPOSE knowing they will damage people FOR OVER 10 YEARS. They now DEMAND your Blind Trust as does #BillGates & #Fauci
All #HIV patients & EVERYONE who knows someone with HIV is advised to IMMEDIATELY contact the lawfirm of Miller & Zois at 800-553-8082 so they can check their eligibility for a LARGE NUMBER of #medicalmalpractice Lawsuits that may help them get some #Justice & @FBI u shud look
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@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @DanScavino
#QAnon 4281...

Text: How about a nice game of👑.

#Q link on cheese stratagems...…

The essence here is, what's the end game in chess?

What happens 1st?

Clear the board!
2) #QAnon 4282...
Drop re: @realDonaldTrump's reported usage of #HCQ.

It's his life, why the hubbub?

Is this about an election or a virus?

We're seeing a theme here...
#Q 1794 seems appropriate at this time.
3) #QAnon 4283...

#Q's are workin' logic & #CommonSense in this drop.

U expend Ur ammo when Ur in peril.
Certainly ==> #EnjoyTheShow🍿🍿🍿
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😀😀😀sekarang terbukti, tulisan saya diawal 2015 yang lalu ~ seharusnya diawal masa Jabatan sebagai Presiden, Jokowi harus menerbitkan Perppu pembubaran Parlemen dan lewat Perppu pula memerintahkan melakukan Pemilu Ulang #Pileg ~ dan sekarang juga demikian #hening @asboedionoid
silahkan dibaca tulisan ini sumbernya dari Wakil Ketua MUI @asboedionoid #hening
Bila perlu Presiden menerbitkan Perppu Pemilu, merombak sisitem Pemilu dan mengubah Total UU tentang Partai Politik. Letak masalah Bangsa ada disistem Pemilu dan Partai Politik (semua dimaknai sebagai Praktek Dagang Sapi) bukan sebagai implementasi Demokrasi @asboedionoid #hening
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Get the high waders as we go to the center of The Swamp here.
#RuleOfLaw #Truth #Justice 🇺🇸
Here are the docs sourced from US State Department (December 2009) and our own report produced from our review of USAID In Country and Regional Operational Plans:
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1) This Tweet has been #Q'd @realDonaldTrump
@WhiteHouse @DanScavino
#QAnon 4244...

I could see it in an ER setting, maybe?
2) #QAnon 4245...
Link2 @VincentCrypt46 👇🏽
All good points & added together, they give commanding overview of how corruption is working its way thru the #WuhanFlu sitrep.
3) #QAnon 4246...

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 84eaad No.9184840 📁
May 15 2020 11:04:54 (EST) NEW
Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth.
Our indigenous bias = A vote 4🌎 [ ! ]
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Rep. @TGowdySC asked in 2017 @Comey, "So how would you begin your investigation, assuming for the sake of argument that a U.S. citizen's name appeared in the Washington Post and the New York Times unlawfully. Where would you begin that investigation?"

We have the LIST! #JUSTICE
§798. Disclosure of classified information
(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States...
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@DevinNunes, lets out that #CriminalReferrals are in the works 4the #RussiaGate hit job, which attempted 2remove the duly elected #POTUS, fabricated a means 2syphon $ 4a their hoax, which they worked & subsequently profited from!
#DrainTheSwamp🐍[ ] [ ]…
2) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @DanScavino

Didn't know until now, but #QAnon dropped this link, just in!

@DevinNunes is looking 2take prisoners!
#LockThemAllUp [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
3) #QAnon dropped an anon's links & text about the unmasking's origins.

How do they explain, so many of the requests being PRIOR 2the #Kislyak call that SUPPOSEDLY predicated the investigation?

Time 4those, that have so abused the #Constitution & #ThePeople, 2pay!
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Obama knew all the details of the wiretapped General Michael Flynn calls with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. WHY?!

@RaymondArroyo asks Kevin Brock what Andy McCabe, #2, said today that Flynn case was properly predicated investigation.

• Kevin Brock - Fmr FBI Intelligence Asst Director, "What Andy McCabe just said there is an untruth and it's been established..."

#FactsMatter #JUSTICE
Kevin Brock - Fmr FBI Intelligence Asst Director:

• "Did the FBI conduct this interview on behest of the White House?
• Was it motivated by their [FBI] own well established personal biases and prejudices against the President?"

• "If it's either, its abominable!"

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Thread 05.07.2020
!!NEW Q - 4135!!
13:06:49 EST

It's time to wake up.
!!NEW Q - 4136!!
13:19:31 EST

When do you expend ammunition?
For what purpose?
Prevent public exposure of truth [slow limit reach]?
Coordinated media roll-out designed to instill 'fear' into users re: discussing 'Q' re: risk of account termination?
Coordinated media roll-out designed to silence a 'conspiracy' they deem to have significant potential [anti-[D]] ramifications re: 2020 P_election?
You have more power and influence than you realize.
Welcome to the Revolution.
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1/ Wow what a drop.
not "soon"
not "happening"


"this week and next"

[ongoing UNDERSCORE now]

What can this mean?
2/ re: DECLAS?

from [C]oats' successor @RichardGrenell ?

on 5/4
flips to 45

3/ Optics are perfect

the White House, per @RepAdamSchiff "guidance", has NEVER SEEN the info about to be released by @RichardGrenell

not one jot or tittle of 53 Transcripts, 6000+ pgs

The coming #justice is so poetic it hurts

h/t @VeritasVital
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Revelation 12:11 says

and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

So let's remember the testimonies of the past 3.5 years.
2/8 🙌👆🇺🇸 They never thought she would lose
🙌👆🇺🇸 Removal of penalty/ Obamacare
🙌👆🇺🇸 Right to try vets
🙌👆🇺🇸 Not enforcing #501c3
🙌👆🇺🇸 1A 2A secure
🙌👆🇺🇸 America will never be a communist Nation as long as I'm president.
🙌👆🇺🇸 #EndTheFed your watching it
3/8 🙌👆🇺🇸 Expose the darkness
🙌👆🇺🇸 corruption reveal/removal
🙌👆🇺🇸 Unprecedented exacutive/gov stepping down
🙌👆🇺🇸 Unprecedented war on human trafficking/child abuse
🙌🙌🇺🇸 Restoration of wealth
👆🙌🇺🇸 Restoration of America first
👆🙌🇺🇸 Restoration of farmers
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Exactly 2 years back, a Marathi Entrepreneur, and a hardworking interior designer named Anvay Naik and his mother committed suicide due to financial stress. The major reason was he didn't get paid for the work he had done for Arnab Goswami's Republic Tv studio @dhruv_rathee
Even after repeated requests, Arnab failed to pay him his long pending dues. Anvay's wife had lodged a FIR against Goswami 2 years back. The, then BJP Government and police failed to take any action against Arnab. @dhruv_rathee
There were many news articles and coverings done on social media 2 years back but it seems everything was suppressed out. On account of Mr Anvay Naik's 2nd death anniversary, his wife and his daughter seek justice! #JUSTICE #arrestArnab

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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 04 Mai 2020

Q posts n°4078 à 4095
Thème: "Vous allez adorer la Fin"

Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Q post n°4078

L'arme est verrouillée sur la cible (éclairée).
(le Tir est ) programmé pour un avenir proche.

Fait référence aux systèmes d'armes dans lesquels un radar (ou un laser) "peint" ou "éclaire" la cible, pour qu'un missile en approche puisse atteindre la cible.
3) (suite)

Tom Fitton (Juducial Watch) a été repris par Q

"La Russie n’a jamais été le but. Le ciblage de #Trump a eu pour objectif de protéger Hillary C (et Obama, Biden, McCabe, Brennan, Comey, Schiff, etc et leurs co-conspirateurs) de poursuites."

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Today at SFI:

External Professor @DaniSBassett (@Penn) on addressing #inequity in the scientific community caused by #bias in #citation practices—focusing on the evidence of a growing #gender imbalance in the reference lists of #neuroscience research.…
The proportion of #neuroscience papers with woman first or last authors grew from 1995 to 2018, but the undercitation of female authors actually *increased* in that time.

SFI's @DaniSBassett (@Penn) on #gender #inequity in the scientific community:
Undercitation of #neuroscience research with first or last woman authors appears to be driven predominantly by the reference lists of papers written by male-male teams.

This is not to say, however, that all men undercite women, or that women do not also undercite women:
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Q Thread - 04.26.2020!!
!!NEW Q - 3988!!
17:38:57 EST
Q posts @MariaBartiromo status! News: sources tell her that @GenFlynn will be completely exonerated this week. It was a total fraud. A Set up.
Thank You, Lord!!
#QAnon #Justice #VindicateGeneralFlynn 🇺🇸
Screenshot from Q Research!!
Q3988 04.26.20 17:38:57 EST

#VindicateGeneralFlynn 🇺🇸#Justice #QAnon
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1. When and where do we draw the line?
When you’re right to peacefully protest is taken away and the #FakeNewsMedia publicly smears you, then will you stand?
It is only the land of the free, because of the brave!
2. This is how you lose your #Liberty and #freedom
Given away, one small piece at a time.
#ReopenAmerica #ReopenIdaho #WWG1WGA…
3. Freedom, is never more than one generation away from extinction
We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream
It must be fought for, protected, and handed down for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children....
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The protection of indictment by grand jury extends to all persons except those serving in the armed forces. That includes commander in Chief @BarackObama. Military personnel are subject to court martial. #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #TheGreatAwakening #Justice #Q
Rather than grand jury indictment or trial by jury. 5th Amendment Article I section 8 clause 14 clearly states a service member may be tried in military court even if they are civilians as long as they were a member of the armed forces when the offenses occurred.
As Commander In Chief of the US Armed Forces Barack Obama was a member of the US Armed Forces and thus subject to US Uniform Code of Military Justice. His arrest has to be conducted by Military Police and he will be arraigned in a Military Court where his charges will be
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It is a desperate pitched #battle that #humanity is waging to stop the deadly advance of the #coronavirus.

Since its appearance in #Wuhan #China three months ago, the pandemic has infected one million people and killed 50,000, on a planet inhabited by 6 billion human beings.
Much of the world's population today is #besieged in cities, entrenched in their homes, as an extreme measure to escape the #plague & save lives.

We’re living, without a doubt, a time of tension & psychological crisis, while science, in a fight against the clock, is looking in
medicine for a solution to the challenges of the #pandemic.

The coronavirus is telling the world, in all shades, that #life is more important than #capital, because without life there is no factory.

Salvation is in human #solidarity and not in the perversity of Donald #Trump,
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