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#FreedomConvoy2023 #FreedomPlanet2 @freeexpress @BROTHERTOFOSCUK I as one of the #freedomfighters has all every single #Intensivstationen to have every single member of @UKParliament #msmenemyofthepeople #MSMLies who have been involved in the the past decade of #abuseofpower
Committed by @Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @Greenpeace and even the #LooneyTunes #looneyparty

Official Monster Raving Loony
Who like all are asking for donations #ffstatus.

Hi. Please don't skip this 1 minute read. This Friday December 23rd, we request your support.
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WATCH NOW: Moral Monday Rally in Georgia | A Moral Call to Vote…
The National Co-chairs of The Poor People’s Campaign (@UniteThePoor) & Rev. Dr. Alvin O’Neal Jackson address the crowd in Atlanta, GA #MoralCallToVote
"As of right now, we are still homeless. I am here to talk to those mothers that are homeless right now that are in the hotels waiting for someone to knock on the door to give us food for our kids for that day. I'm asking for our children's sake, that we #vote." - Zan Armstrong
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The recent @uscensusbureau report on poverty shows a dramatic decline in 2021. This decline is in part due to the organizing of the #poorpeoplescampaign (&others) for policies that center the poor. Problems that remain are in part because those policies have so far been temporary Image of the Poor People's and Low Wage Workers Mass Assembl
Make sure to look at the #supplementalpovertymeasure numbers. The #SPM is a much better measure than the #OPM because it accounts for govt programs, common expenses and differences in costs of living. This is the measure we focus on.
Although better, the SPM threshold is still too low: for a 2-adult, 2-child household, the SPM threshold was about $31k. $31k is just 1/3 of what this family would need to live in Chicago. It's 1/2 of what they would need to live in Holmes County, MS.
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WATCH: Mississippi Moral Monday Nationwide Speak Out…
Poisoning of water is immoral!
Poisoning someone’s water is sin! Poisoning of water is immor...
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Urbane #Dokumentation in #Wort & #Bild, sowie #Kommunikation zu den Aspekten sozialer #Fliehkraefte
im Zeichen der #Externalisierung von politischer Verantwortung - Das war 12 Jahre #Plasmogen5

Es wurde mir das Wohnen & Arbeiten durch das #SGBII genommen, aber nicht das Sehen!
Ich habe mich in 12 Jahren um Transparenz in einem Teilbereich von #Gesellschaft bemüht, worin dank dem TV mit seinen #ScriptedReality - Formaten nur #Fremdzuschreibung & Soziale
Ressentiments wirksam waren.
Es gab Zeiten echter Reichweite & ich habe diese für Mitmenschen genutzt
Als #Mensch und reflektiertes #Leben habe ich diverse #s erlebt:



und zuletzt das "#IchBinArmutsbetroffen"

Bis zu dem letzten # gab es immer ein Miteinander.

Wir haben uns gegenseitig bestärkt & Erfahrungen ausgetauscht.

Ohne Wenn und Aber!
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This is the outcome of the CRT mania. A CRT mania that began with people (including many Christians) misrepresenting what CRT is to the public and seeking to discredit it because it sought to distract people away from actually addressing racism.

Our education is truncated: 🧵
My younger school years, we didn’t really talk about histories that didn’t make America sound like a perfect country. Our bipartisan governmental system was propped up as a perfect system where I was led to believe that every person had a voice that was heard.
I pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and felt weird about it, but didn’t have a conceptual framework for knowing why.

Little did I know that “one nation under God” was added later - & signaled a type of Christian nationalism.…
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HAPPENING NOW: Poor and low-income people from all over the western US are coming together in LA to speak out as we head towards the Mass Assembly in D.C. on June 18.

While we're marching, here are some important facts: if California were its own country, it would represent the fifth-largest economy in the world, and yet more than half of California’s residents are poor and low-income.

In L.A. County alone, a single individual would need to make three times the poverty threshold to meet basic expenses like housing, child care, health care, and transportation.

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So it’s clear for everyone to see, this is the agenda of the extremists who call themselves Republicans & even the so-called moderate Dems who stand w/ them:

take away a woman’s human right to choose, which disproportionally hurts poor & low wealth women…
Take away poor women’s human right to receive healthcare.

take away any possibility of universal healthcare.

take away living wages.

take away voting rights.

take away union rights…
take away any possibility of addressing climate change or paying off unnecessary student debt.

take away all the revenue they can from the government by giving tax cuts to the greedy….
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We’re LIVE from outside the Rockwool plant in Kearnersville, WV. #MoralMarch
This toxic polluting plant is just a stone’s throw from an elementary school, because in WV it’s illegal to put a school next to a plant but not the other way around! (Photo: @StevePavey)
🎶 Somebody’s been hurting our children and our planet and it’s gone on far too long, and we won’t be silent anymore 🎶

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Join us online now for the launch of the Harper’s Ferry-to-Martinsburg #MoralMarch on West Virginia!

We opened this morning in Harpers Ferry with a prayer from two local West Virginia faith leaders: “Creator, how grateful we are to stand here on holy ground. ... Together we ask for a new birth of freedom, a just share of the wealth of this land for all.”

(Photo: @stevepavey) Photo by Steve Pavey
Katrina Fernandez stood with us—and six of her children—today to say: “I’m concerned that my children are being poisoned by a factory that’s allowed to just let chemicals go in the air. ... We can’t take any more stuff in our bodies.” #PoorPeoplesCampaign

(Photos: @stevepavey) Katrina Fernandez and three...Image
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WATCH: Calling The Nation to a Meeting NOW - March and Dedication…
June 18 will be not a day but a declaration and not an end but a continuation. #MeetUsInDC

RSVP now:…
We must assemble here in the nation’s capitol and have a meeting! #MeetUsInDC on Saturday, June 18.

(Photo: @stevepavey) Meet us in D.C. on Saturday...
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SPECIAL REPORT: The Poor People’s Campaign releases “The Poor People’s Pandemic Report,” a generationally significant report that uncovers things that will shock the nation’s conscience and the political establishment.…
54 years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered as he begged this nation to address poverty, racism, and militarism. It is shameful that today we have 140 million poor and low-wealth people in this nation.
Even in a global pandemic, there hasn’t been a systematic assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on poor and low-income communities. COVID-19 data collection does not include data on poverty, income, or occupation, alongside race and pandemic outcomes.
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WATCH: Bishop Barber & the #PoorPeoplesCampaign join Selma-to-Montgomery March | Fight for the Vote Rally…
“I’d rather my voice be hoarse from marching in the rain two days ago than have a clear voice from saying nothing.” @RevJJackson Amen #FightForTheVote #PoorPeoplesCampaign Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. spea...
Powerful words from Alabama’s first Black woman poet laureate, Ashley M. Jones @ashberry813. #FightForTheVote #PoorPeoplesCampaign Alabama’s first Black woman...
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On Sunday in #Selma, I spoke on behalf of Elliott Smith, the great-nephew of Amelia Boynton, to remind the nation that Selma was not a day but a declaration: Our deadline is victory! #Selma57 #PoorPeoplesCampaign
Selma was not just about voting rights either. Rev. Dr. King linked the fight for voting rights and the fight for economic justice. We can’t talk about one without talking about the other.
When 140 million Americans were either poor or one emergency away from poverty before COVID, when we have less voting rights today than in 1965, & we’ve seen nearly 1 million deaths from COVID, many needlessly, we shouldn’t need anything else to tell us we need a movement!
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WATCH: Bishop Barber Joins Memphis 7 | We Shall Overcome Starbucks Union Busting! #PoorPeoplesCampaign…
Working at the Tennessee 2018 state minimum wage, it takes 94 hours of work per week to afford a 2-bedroom apartment.…
Religious leaders in Memphis, if you’re not standing with these Starbucks workers in this moment, it makes your faith terribly suspect. #WhyWeOrganize #PoorPeoplesCampaign
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Going live with organizing Starbucks workers in Buffalo, NY, at 11am ET!
Organizing for the right to have a union and fight for economic justice goes hand-in-hand with the fight for the right to vote. The two should never be separated.
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Bishop Barber, NC PPC News Conference | Fight for the Right to the Ballot & Freedom of Expression & Road Ahead to Victory…
“On April 2, we will join the Moral March here in Raleigh, which will propel us into June 18 [in D.C.].” —Ana Blackburn @NC_PPC


#PoorPeoplesCampaign #MoralMarch #ToThePolls Ana Blackburn, tri-chair, North Carolina Poor People's Campa
The gathering in Raleigh, NC, on Saturday, April 2, will include North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia mobilizing to June 18 in Washington, D.C. #PoorPeoplesCampaign #MoralMarch #ToThePolls Bishop William J. Barber II
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WATCH: #MoralMonday June 18 Mobilization Tour Launch | AL, FL, GA, MS, & TN #PoorPeoplesCampaign…
“Justice is what love looks like in public.” -Dr. @CornelWest
“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” ―Zora Neale Hurston Bishop William J. Barber II
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WATCH: Bishop William J. Barber II sermon “When Wise Black Men Show Us How to Walk Through This World” #WorshipCelebration…
If you wish to make an offering/donation, you can do that online on the Greenleaf Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) website:
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Yesterday the NC Supreme Court honored the powerful protections in the NC Constitution—a Reconstruction Constitution forged by a historic, fusion, multi-racial government—that makes the right to vote a fundamental one in the state of North Carolina.
It is protected here by the Equal Protection Clause, the Free Elections Clause, the Free Speech Clause, and the Freedom of Assembly Clause of the NC Constitution. The court found that the maps passed by the NCGA violated all of those provisions
and are “unconstitutional beyond a reasonable doubt” under NC law. The NC Supreme Court made history in finding partisan gerrymandering was recognized under the NC Constitution as unconstitutional,
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The fight against racist police violence is not and never has been a denunciation of all police. Standing against violence and murder of police does not mean a person doesn’t support the efforts to reform racist police violence. Both things can be true at the same time.
I pastor a church with former police officers in it, and we support the efforts of police to secure the community. These same police officers denounce those who wear the uniform when they commit racist violence and murder against Black, brown, native, and poor white people.
If a police officer refuses to do their job, because one of their colleagues is prosecuted for murdering innocent people, or a police officer says their morale suffered, because they’re trained in reform that is long overdue to weed out bad actors or system flaws within policing,
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WATCH: Protect Voting Rights & Pass Build Back Better Now | #PoorPeoplesCampaign Press Conference…
Join us in Washington, D.C., on June 18 for the Mass Poor People’s & Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly & #MoralMarch on Washington & #ToThePolls! Learn more and RSVP online now to let us know you are coming: #PoorPeoplesCampaign
Congress ratified the 15th Amendment on Feb. 3, 1870, but states used poll taxes, literacy tests, and other ways to block its implementation and abridge the right to vote. Now senators are refusing to take action and stop new voter suppression laws.
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We need to go through what has taken place ignored by the professionals who failed this family, as @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel allows @IOPC_Help Mr Lovett who was the line manager to #CindyButts and Butts manager to Jennifer Gillian.

@CPSUK @MaxHillQC has been involved ImageImage
in just about everything in reference to @BarCouncilChair @thebarcouncil @barstandards @sra_solicitors #RuleOfLaw , am I correct in assuming this is the case @factchecknet?

@MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan am I to assume you meant what you said surrounding @KidsMatterUK ImageImage
as I am assuming the @EduPolicyInst would also agree it's your jobs #MayorofLondon #MaxHill #cps to ensure the @VictimRightsLaw @GoodLawProject @JolyonMaugham who had a hell of a lot to say in the @grenfellinquiry as @DLawrenceOBE has who both are a strong team
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WATCH: #PoorPeoplesCampaign Press Conference & National Launch for June 18, 2022! #ForwardTogether…
We’re committing to go full, all-out in building the #PoorPeoplesCampaign: A National Call for Moral Revival in this moment of our national sickness. When we see political and physical insurrection; when we see assaults on the poor and low-wealth;
when we see wide-spread assaults on voting rights and democracy; when we see misinformation campaigns and billions spent to divide us; in this moment, we are committed to mobilizing the largest mass assembly of poor people & low-wage workers in this nation’s history on June 18.
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