We need to go through what has taken place ignored by the professionals who failed this family, as @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel allows @IOPC_Help Mr Lovett who was the line manager to #CindyButts and Butts manager to Jennifer Gillian.

@CPSUK @MaxHillQC has been involved ImageImage
in just about everything in reference to @BarCouncilChair @thebarcouncil @barstandards @sra_solicitors #RuleOfLaw , am I correct in assuming this is the case @factchecknet?

@MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan am I to assume you meant what you said surrounding @KidsMatterUK ImageImage
as I am assuming the @EduPolicyInst would also agree it's your jobs #MayorofLondon #MaxHill #cps to ensure the @VictimRightsLaw @GoodLawProject @JolyonMaugham who had a hell of a lot to say in the @grenfellinquiry as @DLawrenceOBE has who both are a strong team
if they really wanted, could step in and bring @UCLBehaveChange within @CPSThinkTank that clearly @MaxHillQC @VictimsComm aka @VeraBaird @annelongfield aka @coy12022 who are all bound by their own rules to see all @ENOChildren @GSCDL are receiving the @KidsRights Image
with @BarnetCouncil @CllrCornelius @CatherineWest1 @ClaireKober #oakleighroadsurgery @MindinBarnet @MindinHaringey @MindInEnfield in 7 year's without showing any concerns for how Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 who has proved the many deliberate attempts to
divert the facts surrounding the #deniedjustice and refusing to accept responsibility by @NSPCC
@lambeth_council and @MaudsleyNHS @bsmhft @NHSCFA as @BartsHospital has remained silent for as long as this mother has been screaming out repeatedly to pay attention to
and the details @MPSHaringey had passed over being the wrong information that has never been amended dispite what @VpoDr had lead the family to believe as other members of @GOVUK @edballs @lizkendallPM or is it @LizKendallMP
@JonCruddas_1 @JackDromeyMP @DanJarvisMP @liambyrnemp @RuthSmeeth have bills that you or I the #PoorQuackArmy will never see in a year #KeirStarmer .

We need one massive #WakeoneIsOverParty, make @wabbey to answer to those who failed and continue to fail the family of murdered
@forambrose1984 .

The system in place and the professionals are not fit for purpose much less @childrensociety @ChtyCommission @TheDoctors @NIMHgov @Ofcom @PHSOmbudsman @EUombudsman @NewsFromAmnesty @BarHumanRights all controlled by Mr Hill and @Keir_Starmer .

#TonisArmy believe you are absolutely #disgusting @DavidLammy .

To mislead a @GrievingMothers into believing you were there for the family of murdered #AmbroseGGBall by instigating the set up of @clarehjohns @TheSpursgirl #thisistottenham
wirh the help from a senior member of the @metpoliceuk @VpoDr who @Ofcom allowed @BBCTwo @BBCScotland to air what you actively helped in making sure @MetTaskforce @MetCC are not held to @eyesonpolice @PolAcctProject by misleading @GREATBritain into believing @forambrose1984
had caused his own death Mr Lammy.

Many want to know why you would leave a mother with a body in @haringeycouncil mortuary over 6 years months without telling the public what was seen on #CCTVFootage just before Ambrose went @missingpeople #DavidLammy?

@DefenceHQ @rcpsych and someone who is a @RoyalInsider should become involved because we can't rely on @royalfocus1 @RoyalReporter @MirrorRoyal @_IHREC @ENOChildren who have proved are not here for the reasons many believed @UKMoments @TwitterFaith
would create #SocialJustice .

What a major failing to find #professional bodies using the same platforms to divert the process we have joined together in #hopetogether to end #corrupttories.

@DavidLammy #TheresaVilliersMP @clarehjohns #documentry #thisistottenham aired against the family's wishes a month before the @INQUEST_ORG started on repeats on @bbctwoscot @bbctwoscot that has played a majors part in both helping to cover up the truth in the @CSAQT
#LovellTwins @CSAQT but more importantly the ongoing unlawful unprovoked unnecessary stress inflicted on mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 who is in her 7th year of being tortured ignored by @Ofcom @HLFrameworksCom @CommonsSpeaker @UKHouseofLords @wabbey
@JustinWelby who has never shown concerns for the @churchofengland blocking a real #victimsoftorture by the entire establishment that is clearly set up for the rich and famous to have their voices heard leaving behind the #PoorPeoplesCampaign to continue with being insulted ImageImage
inflicting more uneasiness to what is atrocious to witness and I am not a #victims not a survivor of any form of abuse that I can only thank God for because the right now I feel insulted, raped, literally, from all I have ever believed that #politicians #government
#PoliceNationale @MoJGovUK @UKSupremeCourt actually meant something.

I believed in all the #churchtoo had preached over my life time, I truly believed in what I was being told.

I feel I have been wasting my time by following laws that now I see as nothing more
than a Corrupt deceptive circle of people just my me who do not deserve to be paid to totally ignore real #CrimesAgainstHumanity for as long as @NewsFromAmnesty @CommissionerHR @HumanRightsCtte @UoNHRLC @BarHumanRights @BarCouncilChair @barstandards @IpsoNews all have.

I do believe 99.9% of @GREATBritain seem to have got a hell of lot in how the #RuleOfLaw works work @BarristerSecret.

Maybe under @LibDemPress @LibDems are better at seeing more @HJAcivillibs who follow @sra_solicitors @GoodLawProject
@EdwardJDavey .
Because judging by the time elections come around, with #TheresaVilliers

@BarnetLabour @David_Longstaff

@ChippingTories @ChippingLabour @BarnetTories

@LBCNews @LBC @NickFerrariLBC how to faced qre you or is it #racism
springs to the front whenever I hear you talk.

To not tell of the murder cover up of #AmbroseGGBall for 7 years before #CressidaDick @BorisJohnson
@Keir_Starmer and #COVID19 came into play but still you deliberately ignore the @InjusticeFacts

Who are you really speaking up for because no one seems to be talking up for the family or @forambrose1984 whose mother Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743
still 6 years 8 months has a body in @haringeycouncil mortuary without closure as her very own member of
@UKParliament #TheresaVilliersMP and Mr & Mrs @CllrCornelius and Alison Cornilius who have helped to to keep the #TruthMatters
buried as their #victims are left to suffer in silence all taking place as you talk of how incompetent #CressidaDick and
here @MetTaskforce are.

I think you are part of the problem @bbcworldservice being the biggest disastrous mistake to ever be allowed to continue to broadcast @DefundBBC now before they destroy more innocent people's lives and defund @Ofcom who I feel are as bad as @CPSUK
@MaxHillQC is for investigating @metpoliceuk

And you think it was any better before #idiot #BorisTheBullshitter became @10DowningStreet @MarinaPurkiss ?

He has only stopped to remove @David_Cameron @theresa_may as @Keir_Starmer is with @jeremycorbyn as far away as possible from the
Past decade of #crimesandconfessions surrounding #crimeandpunishment inflicted in nant innocent #victims.

It had to an idiot to be the one to play @GOVUK @pritipatel games.

Sorry @nazirafzal .

But if you were there, then why the hell have tou not stopped the bogus @InquiryCSA with the countless knock backs to end up excluding the worse cases of @CSE_matters and @childneglectmat cases
denying real #victimsofdoublejeopardy who have faced #victimisation by the very people in place for a decade @pienmashfilms @briangukc /@ukcolumn @JU5TLAW @LibPeck @ShirleyOaksSA founders Raymond Stevenson and @NexusChambers @LyntonBRB #MichaelMansfieldQC #ImranKhanQC
@MWillisStewart @VerisonaAbuse @KennedysLaw @VictimsComm aka @VeraBaird @LDNVictimsComm @baronessnewlove WillisPalmer.com @rcpsychForensic professionals reports totally ignored , @Lambeth_SA who also seem to be a setup also who have never been seen
has something to say on @JimmySavileNews
as the most obvious lie is seen as a mere drop in the ocean that involves far far more than #JimmySavile that wasn't dealt with then and will never be dealt with today.


Personally I think you all are not worthy to be #LeadershipDevelopment for our counrtry as I find it absolutely impossible for 7 years to pass without a single decent political member of our country have never picked up on this disgusting behaviour.

@DLawrenceOBE @NLawrenceOBE @sal2nd @MrLeeLawrence should bow thier heads in shame.

As for what #cressidadick is heard saying is beyond.

Even @LBCNews who I find unbelievable to not pick up on what has been out there for over 7 years.

I wonder @RhonddaBryant if you would also agree with what I have shown in this #tweetorial to be totally unacceptable as @UKParliament pretend this is not happening leaving a mother without answers for over 7 years left with a body in @haringeycouncil
mortuary over 6 years 9 months ignored by all #LeadershipOfService in @HumanRightsCtte @barstandards @BarHumanRights ?
Watch “The Truth Project / Voicing CSA: The Mouse” by @slurpystudios on #Vimeo vimeo.com/235004702

@Phil_VCSA @voicing_csa
New Met commissioner must rebuild public trust in police, Priti Patel says


Sent via @updayUK

That will never happen @UKHomeSecretary @pritipatel @ukhomeoffice .

Well there is enough in this tweet thread that should bring both @Keir_Starmer @BorisJohnson and the entire @GOVUK down if #MSM told #thetruth .
@UnrollHelper can you please unroll. Thank 🙏🏼

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Forget #wellnessjourney if this is acceptable without question @MentalHealthGov @SOS_Initiatives is going to be on the increase if this is how the @CrimeVictimsOrg show #victimsupport .

No seriously @haringeycouncil @BarnetCouncilPR

What gives @BarnetHomes
the f$##/#$/ rights to turn a blind eye to 7 of the crulest unlawful @actionfrauduk @NHSCFA #corruptleaders across the world to sit down and decide now is the best time to really go for the jugguler vains @BarnetCitizens @Nlondoncitizens .

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Check out Brantsta2's video! #TikTok vm.tiktok.com/ZMLng4eTS/

@AzeemRafiq30 I'm afraid you have been played just as you were when you were playing for @YorkshireCCC
@Yorkshirecb, and I am here to tell you after reading those words "the fight continues. "!

has compelled me to go this far and tell you what you will never ever know and will be throwing your money and your life away because of the people who are overseeing what includes #CindyButts.

I will try to try to make this as short as possible in hope's you will
will acknowledge what this woman has been party to for almost 7 and half years of what has left a mother with a body in @HaringeyToday for over 7 years because of the actions of Butts, her line manager Chris Lovatt and her colleague Gillian the leading investigator
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Oct 6, 2021
Each morning I come onto @Twitter I pray there is some kind of @Hopeforjustice for #AmbroseGGBall.

But instead to witness @DavidLammy posting the most #sadistic #Facebook post to date knowing how he has treated the mother of murdered @forambrose1984 leaving her with a body in
@haringeycouncil without a single word from @NCLCCG_Haringey or #AndrewWalker since last June 2020.

Toni aka Ruth Lovell has been telling @GREATBritain how she has been treated by @metpoliceuk @MPSBarnet @MPSHaringey @MPSEnfield @CPSUK @IOPC_Help #CindyButts, @VpoDr
#bernardhoganhowe who has told the world how much we trust the #PoliceState, well 80% I do believe he quoted, to then be allowed to walk off
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Oct 5, 2021
@Michell55125993 , this is the one part of this circle of #corruption I have never understood.

OK, fair enough if @metpoliceuk want work with a bully and #Thugs, they are after all two of the same.

However, @BarnetCouncil Mr&Mrs @CllrCornelius who was so on
point with what she knew @MPSBarnet @MPSHaringey @MPSEnfield @MPSColindale where Rebecca Bird who failed Toni over the weekend #AmbroseGGBall went #Missing, and failed the family when lying under oath that she was not on duty over the weekend Toni was left in the freezing cold
without any kind of help whatsoever from the dedicated Missing Persons Unit, again, #AndrewWalker cherry picking what ever he felt was of help to clearing the #police, but what needed questioning eg if Bird was not the person talking to Toni over the weekend in question,
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Oct 5, 2021
The funny thing is, I am absolutely bored when I listen to @StaffordScotty
But even funnier still is what @ADPAC6 has stated, #WeMatter when saying #Congratulations @ICALondon .

I hope you do not take me the wrong way as this is no way aimed at what ever work @ADPAC6 do as
I have never heard of you until I came across this tweet, however, the person you are talking of is not who you are placing on such a privileged respected level who many who have not been chased off over the years that #TonisArmy have been fighting for #justice4ambrose
and the #LovellTwins👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏾 being the @ProductsSystem part of the exposed bogus @InquiryCSA set up by @theresa_may and @NSPCC @PeterWanless claiming to be dealing with historical @ChildJusticeInc @Lambeth_SA being one of the boroughs included in the #iicsa.
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