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🇮🇩 UTAS 🇮🇩

Rangkuman dan agenda kontingen Indonesia di #SEAGames2023 Kamboja. Dilaporkan langsung oleh Wartawan harian Kompas @iga_angga dan @AldoSallis dari Phnom Penh, Kamboja, Rabu, 10 Mei 2023. #AdadiKompas Image
Pada Rabu (10/5/2023) Indonesia menambah 11 medali emas, 10 medali perak dan 4 medali medali perunggu dari berbagai cabang olahraga SEA Games Kamboja 2023. Total Indonesia sudah mengumpulkan

🥇36 emas
🥈31 perak
🥉56 perunggu

#SEAGames2023 #AdadiKompas
Dalam laga terakhir penyisihan grup A sepak bola SEA Games Kamboja 2023, Indonesia berhasil mengalahkan tuan rumah dengan skor 2-1. Indonesia lolos ke Semifinal sebagai juara grup dengan catatan tak pernah kalah.

#SEAGames2023 #AdadiKompas
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My favorite video games by genre:
1. #TotalWar
2. Lately I've been trying #Anno
3. Oh, and klyska - Ukrainian #Cossacks)
1. #TheElderScrolls
2. #Assassin
3. #Witcher
Well, I love #Hellblade and similar games)
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A court in Rawalpindi has sentenced to death a 26-year-old woman for blasphemy.

The woman, a resident of Islamabad, was accused of spreading blasphemous messages through WhatsApp.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG #cybercrime #Rawalpindi
She also sent a "blasphemous message" to the complainant on his WhatsApp number, according to the detailed verdict issued by a cybercrime court in Rawalpindi.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG #cybercrime #Rawalpindi
According to the detailed verdict, the woman told court that she got in touch with the complainant after he joined her PUBG group and asked her to be "friendly" with him "because we were Pakistani" but she refused.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG
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#गफलत_में_मुसलमान____" पार्ट___:- 2

हमने पहले ही पार्ट___:-1 में ज़िक्र कि थी की मुसलमानों पर कितने बुरे वक़्त आ गई है और ये वक़्त हम पर क्यूँ आई है, तो आज हम अपनी पोस्ट मे इस पर तफ़सील से रोशनी डालने की कोशिश करूंगी___1/13
____:- सबसे पहले हम आपको बता देनी चाहती हूँ, जो कौम अपनी तारीख को याद नहीं रखती है, और उसको आगे तक यानी अपनी नस्लों को नहीं बताती है, तो याद रखें ऐसी कौम का मुस्तकबिल भी कोई खास नहीं होती है, जैसा की आज मुसलमानो का जो हाल हो रही है, क्यूंकि आज मुसलमान
अपनी तारीख को भूल चुके है, इन्हें ये भी याद नहीं है, की हम सदियों से सुल्तान रहे है इस दुनिया के____"

हमारे अदल ओ इंसाफ की लोग कसमें खाते नहीं थकते है, हमारे जानी दुश्मन भी हमारी तारीफ में कसीदे लिखते थे, हमारे हुक्मेरानों की तारीफ किये बिना रह नहीं पाते
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#BattlegroundsMobileIndia beta now available, early access rolling out – download and registration links here…

By @jainrounak
@jainrounak #BattlegroundsMobileIndia beta is now available for download, with early access rolling out to select users. If you had registered earlier, it might be worth checking out the app’s listing on the Play Store.
@jainrounak Krafton, the game’s developer, has added prompts asking users if they are over 18 years old and located in India. The game also states that all the data is stored in India.

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.@PUBG set for a comeback in India – to set up a local office, hire 100 employees and invest $100 million in the Indian market…


By @SanchDash
@PUBG @PUBGMOBILE @SanchDash Popular gaming app #PUBG, which had been banned in India because of its Chinese origins in September under Article 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act, is all set to make a comeback in India.

@PUBG @PUBGMOBILE @SanchDash The company behind the game – @PUBG Corporation announced that it will soon be launching #pubgmobileindia, which will be a new game made specifically for the Indian market.

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आजच्या थ्रेडमध्ये #Airtel ने #oneweb सोबत केलेल्या ऐतिहासिक डीलबद्दल जाणुन घेऊया..ज्यामध्ये ही डील नक्की काय आहे, #Satellite_internet,one web बद्दल सविस्तर माहिती,Airtel च भविष्य,#jio,#brexit,satellite internetमध्ये गुंतलेली नावे,#sharemarket..हे जाणुया..#म #धागा @dreamzunite
#bhartiairtel ने ३० जुलै २०२० रोजी #One_web या UK-based company ची‌ ऐतिहासिक ४५%‌‌ भागीदारी जिंकली..यामुळे येणार्या काळात जगभरामध्ये डिजीटल उत्क्रांती येणार अशी‌ चर्चा आहे.One web ही Satellite मार्फत दुर्गम व अतिदुर्गम भागात इंटरनेट पुरवण्याचे काम करते.२०१०-२०११ मध्ये स्थापना
झालेली ही कंपनी असुन यांचे लक्ष आहे जगात प्रत्येक ठिकाणी (डोंगर,जंगले,बेट सुद्धा!!) कमी किंमतीत उच्चप्रतीचे इंटरनेट पुरवणे.
त्यासाठी ही कंपनी जवळपास २५०० satellite सोडणार असुन त्यामुळे Mega-constellation पद्धतीचा वापर होणार आहे..प्रथम आपण Mega-constellation बद्दल जाणुन घेऊ..
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The ban on #PUBG in India has led to a rise in popularity of other gaming apps such as Garena Free Fire, Ludo King and Call of Duty, making them top gainers in terms of downloads…
#Download numbers of top 3 gaming apps between Sept 2 to Sept 5 in India

1️⃣ Garena Free Fire: 2.1 Mn
2️⃣ Ludo King: 1.52 Mn
3️⃣ Call of Duty: 1.15 Mn
Garena Free Fire, @LudoKingGame and @CallofDuty are also leading the Google Play Store’s top chart for #gaming categories in India since September 2. On Apple’s App Store, Call of Duty is at the top.
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I just think #RheaChakraborthy should stand in front of all the media houses and answer them to every question with issues that Media should be covering rather than her, 1/n
Media: Did you kill the #SushanthSinghRajput ?

Rhea: No, it was suicide, just like other 10,281 #Farmers and 32,559 #Dailywagers did last year. Please cover it. #Nextquestion 2/n
Media: Where did those 15 Crores go?

Rhea: it is in the same place where our #GDPData , currently at -.23.9% down, is going. Please cover this point also. #Nextquestion 3/n
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#PUBG stands for "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds"

#FAUG stands for "We Can't Even Come Up with An Original Name for A Game We Want To Copy And Sell In The Name of Nationalism."
I mean come one... thoda toh originality? A little bit? Maybe?


OK then.
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Banning #PubG is fine.

Real question is why India hasn't produced world-leading apps. With our "English advantage" aren't we a "software superpower", but have practically zero product companies to show for vs China where they study in Chinese-medium.

Here is an answer. Contrary to the propaganda, English is India's liability. It cuts off 90%+ people from technology and technical education. Even the remaining percent don't really get proficient unlike those studying in mother tongues, the world over.

Why? Why is India unable to rise up on the value chain and produce world leading apps and technology products?

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#PUBG is banned in India. In case you don't play the game but want to sound cool when you talk about it with your friends, we've got five fast facts - just for you! 👇🏾 Image
1. #PUBG has nothing to do with pubs or alcohol drinkage.
It stands for Player Unknown's Battle Grounds.
2. If you win in #PUBG, you get to see the phrase "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".

This expression came about in the aftermath of the Great Depression. People who gambled and won money could afford chicken dinners, which were otherwise considered a luxury. Image
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India bans #PUBG, WeChat Work, and 116 other Chinese mobile applications - by @pabsgill…

#chineseappbanned Image
@pabsgill This is the third time that the Indian government has issued a list that targets mobile apps made by Chinese companies.

#PUBG #chineseappbanned
@pabsgill The first list came out on June 29 after the #GalwanValley skirmish, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead and an undisclosed number of casualties on the Chinese side. This included the the popular short video streaming app #TikTok, UC Browser, Xiaomi's Mi Community and 56 others.
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#JustIn | #PUBG, 118 other mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government.

- The decision was made by the Ministry of Electronics and IT on Wednesday.

- Earlier, the government had banned 59 apps, including #TikTok

Earlier in June, the government had also banned Chinese apps in India, including popular apps like TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIt, Club Factory and more.

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GOI is considering increasing customs duty on 20 product segments including laptops, textiles & aluminum goods to restrict Chinese imports.
Steps taken over past 2 months with this one will result in China losing more than 100 Billion USD if quantified.…
For everyday PLA stays at LAC, we'll bleed them financially.
When the time is right, we'll bleed them in flesh & blood too.
GOI has decided to straightway bar Huawei & ZTE from 5G Bidding. Ban will be announced in a week or two following PMO's approval.…
China's loss will not be 100 Billion USD. It'll be more.
GOI hitting Chinese big manufacturers Xiaomi & Oppo.
The BIS, India's Quality Control Agency has delayed approvals for mobile phone components & TVs, jeopardizing production plans of Xiaomi & Oppo.…
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If you're celebrating #PUBG being saved as a personal victory, you're :
- A teenager.
- Not fulfilling your potential in life.

A video game shouldn't be the centre of your world if you're a grown adult.

Life is the true video game.
And others are racing ahead of you, my friend.
Funny that all the backlash comments on this one are either

- Teens/college students. I understand this. Life will harden you later.

- Aspiring gaming creators. Good energy. Prove me wrong.

- Mid 20s corporate employees. Along with ganja and daaru, this is your new escape.
Find me an entrepreneur, high potential start up professional or talented freelancer who believes that #PUBG being saved is a personal victory.

These types of humans have bigger, more important battles to fight.

The lesser your ambition, the more you'll defend nonsense.
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"Data-access requests that most Chinese mobile applications make outnumber their non-Chinese alternatives."

My Extensive analysis of Mobile applications+devices of Chinese firms & the possibilities of Data harvesting.…

#dataprotection #TikTok #Mitron
Ever wondered how many permissions you grant when you install a Chinese app on your mobile handsets?

When data is regarded as the vital fuel for the digital economy, data-access requests that most Chinese mobile applications make outnumber their non-Chinese alternatives.
Either available on the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store, these applications usually list permissions they require for installation.

A comparative analysis of Play Store information reveals startling facts about the volume of data Chinese applications seek from their users
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In an action that is wrong-headed in every possible way, the Gujarat police have arrested 16 young people for playing an online multiplayer game game.

In that light, a thread- What we have got wrong about #PUBG, we have been getting wrong about young people.

#PUBGban (1/11)
Arresting youth for playing #PUBG/gaming is a new low. Even for a country that has successfully criminalized adolescence and regularly puts young people behind bars for expressing consensual desire. (2/11)
One can chalk the #PUBG arrests to the fact that police are confused by new media or as a cynical attempt at publicity. But it is part of a larger ever-present narrative:

In which the state wants to control what young people eat, read, how they act, think & how they play (3/11)
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