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We're kicking off day two of the @TRACK_EUCO with a panel on "How the European Council Works" with Christian Lequesne from @sciencespo, Secretary-General @CloosJim, as well as Paula Reppmann and @DariusRibbe from @uni_greifswald

Here are some highlights!

TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim kicks the day off with a keynote speech drawing on his years of experience leading the General Secretariat of the @EUCouncil

Jim has started his intervention by recapping the earliest days of the @EUCouncil, where the heads of state of the European Community decided the policies being passed were too important for them not to have a forum for discussion

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The @TRACK_EUCO conference "Spreading Knowledge about the European Council" is starting as we speak! The event, co-organised by @ceteus and TEPSA, is all about the @EUCouncil

Join us LIVE 🔴 or follow along here for the breakdown 👇

Our TEPSA Executive Director Mariam Khotenashvili is giving the welcoming remarks to the conference, where there is significant participation from the TEPSA Network throughout the agenda - we look forward to discussions!

On the @TRACK_EUCO side, Harun Suratli from @ceteus, manager of the #TRACK project, gives a second set of opening remarks on the work of the project to spread knowledge about the @EUCouncil

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We're LIVE! 🔴

Join us on #Zoom for "Shaking EU Solidarity in the Western Balkans" with @donikaemini, @alrakaj, and Irena Pandeva to learn more about #Kosovo, #Albania, and #NorthMacedonia

How has #COVID19 impacted EU solidarity?

Highlights below 💪

"When we were writing this book, we didn't know how #COVID19 would stand as a test of #EUsolidarity"

- @JohannesPollak, co-editor of the "Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals" series introduces our event

This event is indeed based on our upcoming third edition of the series: "Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", co-edited by moderator @JohannesPollak along with @MichaelKaeding and @_PaulSchmidt


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🇸🇮 #PPCLjubljana DAY 2 is kicking off as we speak! Join us LIVE on #Zoom for our first panel of the day, from the #InDivEU Project!

As always, we are highlighting the key takeaways here, so stay with us for #PPCLjubljana day 2!💪

Our first panel of the day is all about #DifferentiatedIntegration and the #FutureofEurope: @MichaelKaeding (@unidue) is moderating the discussion between Sandra Kröger (#InDivEU/@UniofExeter), @bonomimat (@IdeaEu/@IAIonline), and Magdalena Góra (#EU3D/@JagiellonskiUni)

We are also going to enjoy a keynote also from @dubravkasuica, VP of the @EU_Commission

"In our work on democracy, the #CoFoE is a process to bring all Europeans together"

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The #InDivEU panel at #PPCLjubljana is going LIVE 🔴 on #Zoom!

Join us over at the @tepsaeu Pre-Presidency Conference!

Below are our key highlights


First up in the panel is a keynote address from @EU_Commission Vice-Presidency @dubravkasuica, who talks about her brief in the Commission: democracy and demography

The #CoFoE is a key theme of the speech: citizens' role in shaping the #FutureofEurope is a priority of the conference, and citizens from across Europe can deliberate with each other

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Our DiCE Townhall: "Differentiated Integration and Migration: The Perception of Reality and Policy" is starting soon! Be sure to join us online via #Zoom or follow along here for the highlights!

#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio @FDVLjubljana #H2020


Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving the opening welcome to our townhall


#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio #H2020
From the @tepsaeu side, @gbonacquisti gives her own welcome, introducing DiCE as a project, and kicking off the programme

We bring together three excellent projects on #Differentiation: #InDivEU @IdeaEu and @EU3Dh2020

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LEITURA DE BALANÇO: Mosaico Tecnologia ao Consumidor S.A. ou para os moradores de Botafogo, no município do Rio de Janeiro apenas #Buscape #Zoom ou para a galerinha do mercado financeiro #MOSI3
BALANÇO: Destaco as principais contas em que veremos as aberturas em notas explicativas/twittes.
DFC/Caixa: Caixa operacional positivo em 10,2M, Caixa de investimento negativo em 0,7M e Caixa de financiamento positivo em 495M (principais impactos em contas a receber, deposito judicial, pgto de empréstimo e IPO), totalizando 504M de aumento de caixa.
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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR
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"The post resonated at a time when weary people across the world are experiencing #ennui, 3dread & more work-related #stress during the coronavirus pandemic."… #socrates #soul #zombies
1/ "Since he described his epiphany a week ago, his post has been liked over 200,000 times. It has received more than 10,000 comments from readrs describing how their own brushes w death had led them to step back from work & take stock of the way they had been livng their lives."
2/ "Even those who have been lucky enough to keep their jobs have questioned their #purpose in life as they spend long hours on #Zoom calls and answer #emails into the night."
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Im #Zoom Call stellt @lesmoureal gerade klar, dass #Luca App und Backend #OpenSource werden sollen. Zeitplan scheinbar bis Ende März.
Kuriose Veranstaltung. Statt kritischer Nachfragen viele Werbeblöcke. Sinnhaftigkeit des Ganzen? Überlastung der Gesundheitsämter? Gefahr als Feigenblatt zu dienen?

Wird als "Shitstorm" delegitimiert 😒
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New: The White House’s use of Zoom for meetings raises China-related security concerns… @washingtonpost
Exclusive: @RepJimBanks letter to @WHCOS Ron Klain: “Why is Zoom being used, rather than alternatives, given the history of Zoom meetings being infiltrated by agents of the Chinese Communist Party?”…
Former senior Trump administration official: “The NSC was terrified of Zoom. The NSC went out of its way not to use Zoom for any meetings because they were told it was not safe to use Zoom for any official capacity.”…
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Meet Jay Chaudhry (@JayZscaler), the man who studied under a tree in #Himachal to become one of the world’s top billionaires today


By @SanchDash Image
@JayZscaler @zscaler @SanchDash The 62-year old Jay Chaudhry, the owner of the cybersecurity firm @zscaler, has climbed 577 spots in #HurunGlobalRichList2021, and has also made his way into being one of India’s top ten richest.
@JayZscaler @zscaler @SanchDash Chaudhry and his family own 45% of the #Nasdaq-listed ZScaler, which is today worth $28 billion.

@zscaler #HurunGlobalRichList2021
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"@DelhiPolice is probing Marine Patterson, a member of the UK chapter of Extinction Rebellion (XR) as she allegedly drafted the content along with #NikitaJacob and Shantanu for tweet storm on February 4 and 5. Her footprints were found in the entire conspiracy", sources say.
"It has been revealed that Marina Patterson had prepared a package and added to the document through hyperlink.
“The #Toolkit was accidently published when she was simultaneously editing it", investigators said. (2). #ToolkitTruthProbe
Pattinson wrote "Police are attacking protesters, many are injured, many have disappeared & many are already reported dead. This was part of the conspiracy to create unrest among the protesting people. #ToolKitExposed
#Toolkit (3)
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@FatimaFaid vraagt of er zicht is op andere vormen van voedselpakketten (buiten de voedselbank) in de stad worden uitgedeeld. En of er zicht is op een toename van de gezinnen die dit nodig hebben. Kan de gemeente iets met deze toename? #Gemeentegajenogbewegenmensenhebbengeeneten!
@FatimaFaid vraagt of jongeren oververtegenwoordigd zijn bij de #avondklokboetes en als dit zo is kan hier iets aan gedaan worden?
@FatimaFaid : ''Zelforganisaties maken zich zorgen om hun bezoekers Kan de gemeente zelforganisaties ondersteunen met online faciliteiten: #zoom #MicrosoftTeams en #livestreams? Of kan de #gemeente een tegemoetkoming regelen voor zelforganisaties die dit niet kunnen betalen''.
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Watching ACCESS DENIED right now with Deaf expert Tim Riker signing, "I don't see any Deaf individuals that have tenured teaching positions. So it's really hard sometimes. There are boundaries to planning my future."

#DeafTalent #AcademicAbleism #DJAB
Tim signed about all the careers he considered: "Maybe I'll be a doctor. But I don't know any Deaf doctors. Maybe a lawyer? Finally I went into corporate. But I wasn't moving up in the company. Then I went to human services. There was a lot less resistance there." ASL Interpreter Ben is a wh...
Tim is signing in this image "Then I went and got my Master's at Gallaudet." He wanted to do a #PhD but orientation was not accessible. So he wondered: "If orientation isn't accessible, how will the PhD program be accessible?" #AcademicTwitter #IsYourPhDProgramAccessible ASL Interpreter Ben voices ...
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#AXXAers a short(ie #shortsqeeze hopefully) #update on one of $AXXA’s #VC companies:
$AXXA Great #zoom call over the weekend w/our #French #VentureCapital Office. We received confirmation of a #USD $250,000 #INVESTMENT into one of our early-stage startups from a reputable international #VC funder.
(let's focusing on #VC before we move to other divisions)
$AXXA Our #French #VC Group will be increasing its stake in this #startup. For confidentiality reasons, we will not disclose the name of the #funder until the second #stage #Funding round is complete.
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You know why ppl show up at the very second a class/mtg starts? It can feel awkward to sit in a room quietly or walk in on a random convo. Structure your pre #zoom time. Begin w/intentionality. It doesn’t have to be content focused, community building is good too! Some ideas...
Polls! Polls are an awesome way to start. I like using text and upvoting ones. Here are examples of the same question 2 ways. First upvote. Love this format b/c participants can see each other’s responses on their devices & choose ones that resonate for them. #prezoom
Here’s the same #prezoom question in a different poll format. Students don’t see other’s responses until they appear on the screen. I like to chat about what I see and invite others to do so too. Key: the question & instructions on how to engage are visible at entry.
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Join the #VIADUCT_EU Guest Lecture on the results of the December European Council, with @UniCologne's Wolfgang Wessels and @SenemAydnDzgit from
@sabanciu 💪

Join in on #Zoom now or otherwise follow along here for some highlights!

On Dec. 10-11, the European Council met, discussing among other topic, EU-Turkey relations in light of recent developments and the October conclusions.

In October, the Council concluded that they would pursue better EU-Turkey relations

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Our #VIADUCT_EU Guest Lecture: "The EU-Turkey Statement: how its policy formulation informs the future prospects of the deal" is now 🔴LIVE!

Join us on #Zoom or alternatively you can follow some highlights here!

Ieva Koreivaite from @VU_LT is currently welcoming us to the #VIADUCT_EU Guest Lecture and presenting today's speaker: @MCVinciguerra from @Cambridge_Uni

.@MCVinciguerra's lecture focusses on the EU-Turkey Statement: she will put the Statement into context, assess the impact of the #RefugeeCrisis, give an overview of the Statement's formulation, and finally assess the Statement's current status and future prospects

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இணையத்தின் ஒரு நிமிடம் 🌐🌐
'' One minute of

இன்று உலகில் #450கோடி மக்கள் இணையத்தை பயன்படுத்துகின்றனர். ImageImage
நிமிடத்துக்கு 4.16 கோடி தகவல்
நிமிடத்துக்கு 319 புதிய users இணைகின்றனர்.
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В период пандемии много людей ушли на удаленку, при этом далеко не всем это нравится. В этом треде расскажу несколько простых вещей, которые сделают работу из дома более комфортнее. Поддержите ретвитом #Ковид19 #работа #проблема #удаленка #зум #zoom Image
1. Найдите уголок в квартире, который будет вашим перманентным рабочим местом, где будет стоять ноут, зарядка, блокнот, ручка и что ещё вам нужно для работы
2. Если нет стола - купите его, подойдёт любой, даже самый душманский, главное постоянный, чтобы не бегать с кухни на диван и обратно, вот у меня такой из икеи за 800 рублей Image
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Irgendwo ist heute #TagDerKinderrechte. Zumindest mal am #CampusDonaufeld.
Wegen dem #Lockdown leider nicht so feierlich, wie ursprünglich gedacht, aber dafür mit einem #Zoom für alle #Klassensprecher_innen.
Und ich darf als #Vertreter des #Elternverein wieder dran teilnehmen👍
Also viel schlechter als wir Erwachsenen machen die #Volksschüler_innen das auch nicht.
Ohne Stummschaltung dazwischengequatscht wird nur, wo auch Erwachsene dabei sind.
Die #Moderation liegt wweitgehend bei den #Campussprecher_innen und da habe ich auch schon Schlechteres erlebt.
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Recently, the @FinMinIndia notified that ‘aircraft leasing’ will be considered a financial product. This will be permitted at GIFT City—India’s International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). This may seem like a minor development, but is a big step. Here’s why - a thread <1/13>
@FinMinIndia The #aviation industry is going through a rough patch. @IATA expects air traffic will take years to recover to pre-pandemic levels. Over time, #zoom and #googlemeet can eat into the air #travel business market. <2/13>
@FinMinIndia @IATA The other reasons of #airtravel: leisure, #education, visiting friends & relatives could see a bounce-back. Recent trends show that the demand can quickly fill up when #lockdown opens. The 'winter schedule' will have more than half the pre-#pandemic capacity deployed <3/13>
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