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My favorite video games by genre:
1. #TotalWar
2. Lately I've been trying #Anno
3. Oh, and klyska - Ukrainian #Cossacks)
1. #TheElderScrolls
2. #Assassin
3. #Witcher
Well, I love #Hellblade and similar games)
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Thread des jeux finis de 2022 : toujours la pour vous inspirer ou vous faire découvrir des trucs !
Nº1 :
TOEM : A Photo Adventure
Un petit jeu très très mignon, ou votre but est de prendre des photos et d’aider des gens. De la bienveillance bienvenue en cette nouvelle année Image
Nº2 : Train Station Renovation (Switch/PC/PS4/XB1)
Je vous ai caché ma passion pour les « simulateurs » de nettoyage voici donc mon coming out videoludique.
Dans la veine de House flipper mais avec des gares à rénover, je me suis fait happer (11h depuis hier). Moi j’adore. Image
Nº3 : Bloodstained : Curse of the Moon
Vous en avez marre des pachinko de merde et des NFT polluants de #KONAMI ?
Retrouvez le vrai esprit des Castlevania NES dans ce jeu à la fois kiffant au gameplay impeccable et au pixel art au top. Un vrai kiff. Image
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What's the deeper meaning behind it all?

Follow the white rabbit through this maze connecting art, Jeffrey Epstein, the illuminati, possible dimensional portals and... escape rooms?
This rabbit hole actually leads to more topics than just this thread, a part 2 will be needed

After reading this thread keep your eyes peeled for these symbols and feel free to send me any connections you make on your own
It started when I saw a commercial for the movie Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions

I noticed the white and black checkerboard floor and the black cube

The characters are in a bank called "Illuminus Bank"

The black cube image is also placed over lower Manhattan ImageImageImageImage
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Let us allow the deeper alignment of our divine truth and allow to feel our divine power in our heart and solar plexus. Let us claim our divine birth right and stand in the power of love and your truth.

The force of light on the Earth is more powerful than ever before.
That’s why the negative events and conditions are seemingly coming out more strongly to the surface. Fear not and stay in your power. Anything that does not match to the vibration of love are surfacing up. They are your past and old stuff.
So no matter how tempting to be scared, intimidated or to feel powerless or hopeless, it is very important to remember your truth.

Who do you choose to be? Who are you now? We see your bright beautiful light in every one of you. You are the divine source of light.
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Sharing our invited review: Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) in #cirrhosis/World #Journal of #Gastroenterology. @SRajesh_IR helms 24-page colossus discussing exhaustively recent studies #livertwitter #MedTwitter #irad #GITwitter
Full: Image
Topics we discuss include - variceal bleeding (incl ectopic), #ascites & #hydrothorax (incl chylous), #complications, new techniques, #stent size dilemma & extensive point of care algorithmic approaches in portal hypertension complications, eg: esophageal #variceal bleeding 👇 Image
#New techniques such as combined approach for difficult anatomy situation in TIPS in cirrhosis 👇 Image
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2017: #young #male after a #trip to Hills with '#Naturalists'. Fever and abnormal liver tests. #jaundice in a week. Long evaluations multiple places. Following up as fever of unknown origin. Father a pastor. Son denies everything, studious. #Liver #biopsy done.
#livertwitter Image
Classical #liverpath
Top:Lobular #inflammation, #Portal triaditis; Bottom: central venulitis, perivenular #cholestasis
Asks young man alone, 1hr #interrogation
#Cocaine induced #Hepatitis
Its pays to invest in good #clinical #history
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#livertwitter #irad
For patients with #cirrhosis without #liver failure, we believe in early and aggressive #treatment for #portal hypertension (increased liver pressure) with #TIPS and also knockout all big parasitic #shunts (done here with a plug) 1/3
@SRajesh_IR is 💯 on it Image
The #satisfaction of seeing those large bunch of #bleeding and #encephalopathy source #disappear is quite nice!
#MedTwitter #Medical #medicine
#MedicalStudent #MedEd
@SIRRFS 2/3 Image
In due course, we see the #spleen size reduce, as portal #hypertension comes under #control
Has anyone else noticed the dynamics of spleen post TIPS and its relevance? @keithppereira @CHICKVIR @SIRspecialists #radiology #aasld #easl #apasl
3/3 Image
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Did you All know, #parents on #SSI with #dependent #children who filled out the non filer #IRS #form/ #portal and promised $500 per qualifying #dependent, has not recieved this #pandemic dependent #check? Filled out on time, and intructed by the IRS, SS and numerous others?
And nothing? Some of the lowest income and disabled parents - are being forgotten. IRS tells parents who call That non filers must file next yr to get this?! Some say end of July, yet so far nothing. $500 means the world to these families with a disabled parent.
If the dependent checks do come, and a BIG IF! These parents will be the latest to be given pandemic relief checks? Did you know most parents on SSI are raising kids on $780 a month?! And these families have not revieved any dependent relief aid?!
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#crazy Useless #patient

Middle-aged man, loves his #family, #farming, drives a cab, #happy. Son & wife at #home. Father-son relationship strong as rock. One #morning, son finds father mumbling to self. Mother says he hardly slept
Mumbling becomes angry ramblings. #Clinical LAENNEC WAS TAUGHT THE IMPO...
Has very little #breakfast. Walks excessively. Goes and lies down, only to get up and walk again. Family interactions little. Sleeps well for 2 hours from 12 to 2PM. Lunchtime. Groggy #father gets on the lunch table and defecates near plates and food. Son and mother aghast.
Father has gone mad. Calls the friendly neighbor, brings his car, rushes to #Medical specialty #clinic nearby. Father disoriented. Son gets the Fword from his own father multiple times, he is shocked! Then comes hurling of abuses after which they restrain him in the car.
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More power to #irad
#Bleeding #varices and plug assisted transvenous #occlusion by @SRajesh_IR
Varices dissappear (arrows)
Wonderful to see how portal vein size increases (B➡️D) after shunt occlusion. #interventional #MedTwitter #radiology #livertwitter #GITwitter
1/2 Image
Similarly, intrahepatic #portal vein caliber increases(B➡️D), making further #TIPS procedure technically more amenable. Large shunts are like blood parasites for portal vein. Shunt+varices long gone! (circled, A➡️C) #cirrhosis #MedTwitter
#hepatology #irad @SIRspecialists
2/2 Image
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🤓Here are our lecture presentations for #DDW2020
1/1 #Gut #microbiota and role in clinical events & #treatment response in #alcoholic #hepatitis. LEfSE, Conet and NetworkX analysis.
@AASLDtweets @DDWMeeting @AmerGastroAssn #medtwitter #MedEd #AcademicTwitter Image
2/3 Introducing 'Anticipant TIPS' in #cirrhosis and #portal hypertension Image
3/3 Role of GM CSF therapy in advanced cirrhosis awaiting #Liver #transplantation Image
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@wombling @alisdair73 @js1972 @jhmoy 1/ OK. Sorry for the delay but here is where this is coming from and why this does NOT mean that we are all idiots (or dont believe in cloud). Lets start. The main rational for why Fiori Cloud was started was that the TCO for setting up Fiori on SAP Business Suite was, ahem, high
@wombling @alisdair73 @js1972 @jhmoy 2/ The idea was - Why dont we (SAP) take away the burden of running the FES from your shoulders and run all that fiori stack on the cloud. This way - you can get up and running with Fiori in weeks instead of months. Sounds good? Yes. We started with a limited set of Fiori apps
@wombling @alisdair73 @js1972 @jhmoy 3/ All of which came from the Business Suite. And then came S/4. The rational was the same - why dont we make your life easier - Just on a massive scale. In fact - just dealing with the scale of loading and managing those thousands of Fiori Apps coming from S/4 took away a big
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Kepada yang nak kahwin. Boleh lah check pasangan masing-masing dkt portal ni.
Mal = untuk kes kes kahwin @ anak luar nikah @ etc

Jenayah = untuk kes janayah

Fikir-fikirlah sebelum membuat untuk berkahwin

#kahwin #portal #jawi
Memandangkan perkara ni mendapat sambutan,

Meh aku ajar mcm mana nak check

Pertama :
Pergi bahagian semak status kes
Kedua :

Kemudian pilih samada




Kemudian masuk kan IC pasangan anda

Dan click "cari"
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