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1/x Why @fuellabs_?

Fuel began as a L2 scalability technology for a monolithic Ethereum. It was the first optimistic rollup on mainnet Ethereum.

Now, Fuel is the fastest MEL. It delivers the highest security & flexible throughput, with a focus on a dev experience. Image
@fuellabs_ 2/x User Sovereignty with Fraud Proofs

Fuel was designed & built specifically to be fraud-provable, which enable support for trust-minimized light clients. Trust minimized light clients and shared data availability enables trust minimized bridges to other MEL..
@fuellabs_ 3/x ..something impossible to achieve between L1s.

What this means in practice:
• Long-term liquidity access
• Users can validate the chain without having to run full nodes
• Safely bridging assets
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Blockchain monolítica VS. Blockchain modular 🧬

Tener una base sólida es esencial, por lo que hoy explicaremos este concepto de una forma muy sencilla para que nadie se quede atrás.

Vamos a por ello, dentro hilo 🪡🧵
🔰¿Qué es una blockchain monolítica?

Las blockchains monolíticas (ejemplo: #Bitcoin o cualquier L1) constan de 4 capas, o para entendernos mejor, de 4 tareas a realizar.

1️⃣ Ejecución
2️⃣ Asentamiento
3️⃣ Consenso
4️⃣ Disponibilidad de datos
Ahora que ya sabes las 4 partes de una blockchain monolítica (vas de lujo), vamos a decir en un par de líneas lo que es cada una, y en el hilo de mañana profundizaremos un poco más en cada parte.

¿Seguimos? Venga vente 😤
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0/ @OasisProtocol is a modular blockchain network that separates execution from consensus by design. Oasis supports customized ParaTimes (rollups with custom VM implementation) & aims to be a shared security layer for rollups 🌀

A 🧵 on $ROSE and why it matters (0/23) 👇
@OasisProtocol 1/ @OasisProtocol is built on the @Cosmos SDK, uses Tendermint BFT consensus and natively separates execution (or computation) from consensus and has a two-layered architecture:

- Consensus Layer

- ParaTime Layer
@OasisProtocol @cosmos 2/ Consensus Layer:

The consensus layer accepts data from its clients (the ParaTimes) & writes the data into a block of the chain. The meaning of the data generated by a ParaTime is entirely defined by that ParaTime, making ParaTimes flexible & the consensus layer VM-agnostic
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0/ Polygon #Avail is a chain-agnostic, modular data availability blockchain built by @0xPolygon. Like @CelestiaOrg, it aims to provide rollups & L1s with a highly scalable DA & consensus layer ✨

A 🧵 on how #Polygon's specialized DA layer works & compares to Celestia (0/34) 👇 Image
@0xPolygon @CelestiaOrg 1/ @0xPolygon has been stealth building Avail since 2020 & has announced the testnet for Q2 2022 in April:

@0xPolygon @CelestiaOrg 2/ Unlike @CelestiaOrg, Polygon #Avail is not built on the #Cosmos SDK and not using Tendermint BFT. However, Avail is also a PoS network, using a nominated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm
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0/ Rollups are a key technology in blockchain scaling, even beyond $ETH. #Cevmos for example enables the deployment of EVM rollups on top of a @EvmosOrg-based rollup leveraging @CelestiaOrg's modular data availability layer

Short 🧵 on the Cevmos stack & its purpose (0/11) ⚛️👇
@EvmosOrg @CelestiaOrg 1/ #Cevmos (short for Celestia/EVMos/CosmOS) is a modular stack for building EVM-based rollups that use #Celestia as a DA & consensus layer. The Cevmos stack will center around an optimized settlement chain for rollups, based on #Evmos
@EvmosOrg @CelestiaOrg 2/ What is Celestia?

#Celestia is a modular consensus & data availability layer built on the Cosmos SDK that aims to enable anyone to easily deploy decentralized blockchains without the overhead of bootstrapping a new consensus network

More on @CelestiaOrg:

>>> LINK
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0/ One of the upcoming L1s I'm most excited about is @CelestiaOrg, a modular, chain-agnostic data availability & consensus layer that provides a highly scalable & decentralized DA solution to rollups & app-specific L1 chains✨

A mega-🧵 on why you should pay attention (0/39)👀👇
@CelestiaOrg 1/ While most blockchain ecosystems agree that the future is multi-chain, the way they envision a multi-chain world can differ heavily. Approaches that have started to gain traction over the past few months are #Ethereum (rollups), #Polkadot (parachains) & #Cosmos (zones)
@CelestiaOrg 2/ So, according to its rollup-centric roadmap, #Ethereum envisions the future to evolve around rollup-based L2 solutions. But unfortunately, rollups tend to be rather expensive to operate/use & are less flexible than L1 chains (at least pre EIP-4844 / $ETH 2.0)
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#Celestia in 5 tweets

Here are the most important things you should know about Celestia, the modular blockchain.

A thread 🧵👇
1. Celestia improves scalability by separating the 3 core functions of a blockchain. Celestia is a modular consensus and data network, built to enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead.
2. #Celestia doesn’t have to execute every transaction that happens. Celestia just needs to make sure that the transaction data in the block is available. This is done through data availability sampling, which is incredibly scalable. It can be run on a phone.
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1/ As I promised yesterday, I am going to write a thread about @CelestiaOrg but before diving into what Celestia is, in this thread, I wanna start exploring some of the basic concepts that you need to know to understand why Celestia exists? Let's start 👇 .....
2/ Data availability is the problem that #Celestia is trying to solve, but what is it?

In a nutshell, we ask the following question:

Is the data behind the given block is available to the network? So that we can make sure there is no malicious transaction inside that block. 👇
3/Hmm okay, well I need to explain couple more things.

In the Blockchain, each block has 2 pieces:

1- Block Header, This is the meta-data of the given block. There are some information about the given block, one of them is the Merkle Root of transactions. 👇
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EVMOS 101: The bridge between #Cosmos and #ETH

Here's your everything guide to #Evmos, the scalable, fast, Ethereum-compatible PoS blockchain built in the Cosmos ecosystem

A thread 🧵👇
2. Let’s review a few things. We love #ETH. It’s decentralized, secure and has a massive community. But it sucks at scaling

We love #Cosmos. It’s scale. Its decentralized. But secure can be a prob sometimes.

Read my comos thread here:
3. The future is multi chain. It’s the the most optimized, resource efficient way forward.

Enter #Evmos, the bridge between ETH and Cosmos. $EVMOS is a scalable, fast, Ethereum-compatible proof of stake blockchain built in the Cosmos ecosystem
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Celestia 101: Cloud computing for #Web3
Here's your everything guide to #Celestia, the modular blockchain that's disrupting crypto infrastructure

A thread🧵👇
1. Celestia is the first modular blockchain, with the goal to be the base layer for all chains.

That way, L1 and L2 can leave the groundwork to #Celestia and focus on execution and specialization.
2. Right now, the problem with most chains is that they try to everything and are building from the scratch.

This leads to inefficiency and reduced specialization.
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1/n Architecture Diagrams on Mainnets/L2
Link below to explore on the whiteboard (feel free to comment)…
2/n Ethereum
Lot of scaling tech currently fighting for attention and liquidity.
ORUs and ZKRUs will probably start competing with tokens soon.
👉 zk-based general smart contracts looking like the next big advancement @StarkWareLtd vs @zksync Image
3/n Ethereum
👉 Big updates include the POS transition in July 2022(no code-freeze yet tho)
General architecture direction is transitioning from a monolithic one to more modular architecture.
Central beacon-chain with shards(eta 2023) and rollups in the future Image
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Bugün sadece #Cosmos ekosistemi veya kripto için değil blokzincir teknolojisinin geleceği için değerli bir proje olan @CelestiaOrg'dan bahsedeceğim. #Celestia merkeziyetsizlik ve güvenlikten ödün vermeden farklı bir yaklaşımla ölçeklenebilir bir blokzincir dizayn ediyor.🧵👇 Image
Temel olarak #Celestia, ölçekleme noktasındaki sorunsala modüler (parçalı veya görev dağılımı esaslı) bir yaklaşım ile çözüm bulmaya çalışıyor.Bugün klasik ve yaygın tek parça blokzincirlerde kabaca üç farklı katman tek bir zincir altında birlikte çalışır.Bu üç katman sırasıyla:
a) Yönetim veya uygulama (Execution) katmanı> Üzerinde uygulamanın çalıştığı, işlem gücünün gerektiği ve güncel durumun elde edilip yeni işlemler(txs) eklenip yeni duruma dönüşümün sağlandığı katmandır.
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