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not hearing any of that infamous balance on the wireless today.
be a good day to #RaiseTheRate.
RN busy prosecuting the myth of royal neutrality.
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🚨 Check out our latest paper in @IJBNPA

We ask "Is high food insecurity the new normal?"

Our study showed the prevalence of #foodinsecurity in #Tasmania #Australia was 28% during lockdown, 20% after restrictions eased and 23% at 1 year post lockdown.… Image
Food insecurity is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels (or lower) without intervention!

Vulnerable groups such as young adults, temporary residents and families with dependent children are still struggling to put healthy food on the table every day. Image
The Tasmanian Government know that emergency food relief is NOT the solution to #foodinsecurity.

BUT substantially MORE investment is required for initiatives if they are serious about building food system resilience & reducing #foodinsecurity… Image
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Government Budgets.
There's no such thing as "not enough money" to be able to #raisetherate.
Source: The government itself.…
Don't believe me? Read the government's Budget Review.…
In fact, there's a fun little nugget of information here.
The "1 trillion debt" shock propaganda is just that, because not only is Australia one of the lowest gross debt countries around, as the economy improves (which #raisetherate would do), the debt actually drops!
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just #RaiseTheAge cowards. Stop giving police more powers to wreck lives. Take one away.
AG talkfest today. They would rather expand police powers to criminalise and incarcerate Black people than take away the police power to target and criminalise Black children. Image
the chief law officers in every jurisdiction are going to announce today that these blokes are the solution to domestic violence. Image
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there is no data on Aboriginal and Tortes Strait Islander women so your report is jeopardised - Veronica Gorrie👏🏼👏🏼 #QandA
and what about police violence, says Gorrie. Aboriginal women are falsely identified as perpetrators by police.

This happened to my niece. She was thrown in the wagon - it was a wake - and driven 90 kms away “for her safety”. She was terrified. They could have killed her.
it’s because they don’t give a shit about us they do not care about Aboriginal women - Gorrie.
Yes it is.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️this Sunday on #Insiders are Guardian politics corro Amy Remeikis, 9fax columnist and former Labor staffer Sean Kelly, and murdoch foreign affairs writer Greg Sheridan. The interview is with federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
opening spiel: hopes fade of wage rises says Speers, based on a plea from the RBA governor, who spent the last seven years calling for wage rises and for the federal government to #RaiseTheRate. #Insiders
what Albanese is not saying - a specific wage rise beyond the 5+% for workers on the minimum wage - and where he is going - to patch up relations with France (not said: which were trashed by Scott Morrison) and to shake hands with Zelensky. #Insiders
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Pretty disappointed with how #TheBusiness portrayed me. I told a much larger story than this, and though it is well summed up with an angst around affordability that doesn’t go away, including rent, petrol, food, essentials (not mentioned) it was so much more than that. #auspol
There was no mention of the #RoyMorgan #unemployment statistic of 8.5%, nor that the ABS figure of 4% is fanciful in not counting anyone as unemployed who works just one hour a week, or has weeks off having worked in the gig economy, or who is sick, injured, etc. #auspol
That employees are working those #jobs created by the need to clean up after the recent #floods. That right now employment going down - is to be expected - as the #casual labour market has soaked up the extra workers needed and under and unemployed people have stepped up. #auspol
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good morning☀️happy new year! This week on #Insiders are Guardian Politics editor Katharine Murphy, 9fax (AFR) correspondent Phil Coorey and Perth radio host and columnist Gareth Parker.
The interview is with Labor leader Anthony Albanese.
opening spiel: speculative claim about omicron wave, statement that “political bruises remain”.
What’s the Morrison government perspective, skip?
Well, it “wasn’t the summer we hoped for, especially for the government”. #Insiders
montage is politicians and journalists on omicron. The Albanese line about being easier to get covid that rapid antigen tests gets a run. So does Chalmers locating responsibility where it belongs. #Insiders
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are ABC broadcaster Pat Karvelas, 9fax chief corro David Crowe and Perth radio host and columnist Gareth Parker.
The interview is with shadow Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
This thread is not fact-checked.
Opening spiel: “ugly protests death threats and fake gallows”. Speers says federal and state leaders are “split” over the violence.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? The condemnation lie came first. Then the phoney freedom comms. #Insiders
the montage, unwisely in my opinion, gives coverage to the worst threats made by protestors. Hanson gets a go too. Labor is framed as criticising the federal leadership when Labor leaders also unconditionally condemned the extremists. #Insiders
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Hi everyone 👋

An update from me.

For 16 yrs I have had the incredible privilege of being a Greens Senator for WA. I will be forever grateful for the trust & support you have given me.

I want to let you know that my time in Parliament is finishing soon.

I am extraordinarily proud to have been part of our Greens Senate team and the only party prepared to call out growing inequality and advocate for genuine climate action.

Leaving the Senate is not a decision I’ve taken lightly.
Being your voice in Parliament has been one of the biggest honours of my life. After more than 16 years, it’s time to hand on the baton.
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This week sees my life and peace of mind, housing security and finances all messed with by the Department of Housing, Qld and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment - JSP’s oversight body. Social Housing screw up! & threats of loss of JobSeeker from anon body. #auspol
I am so over this draconian system. Where is the recourse? I have an active on-foot complaint about Job Search Providers, unresolved - and some anonymous JSP sms’s me today, Saturday morning, saying I’m jeapardising my JobSeeker payment - they don’t say how. #auspol #RaiseTheRate
This directly affects my ability to pay my rent and survive.
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.@Senator_Patrick your voicemail at Parliament House now states your are being inundated with calls against the cashless debit card - and only invites messages from people on other issues. I left you a message anyway.

Don’t support the card! #auspol #RaiseTheRate #PovertyKills

If anyone else wants to call Senator @Senator_Patrick here is the number for Parliament House in Canberra. Just ask reception to be put through to his office. Ask him - his answering machine - NOT to support the card. #auspol #NoCDC
If Senator Patrick supports this he supports ineffective legislation that delivers only cruelty and sanctions - to people in #poverty.

These are not criminals, they are people deemed eligible for Social Security. #PovertyKills #ServicesnotSanctions #RaiseTheRate #auspol
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As interim Sec of AUWU Brisbane Branch, I notified a meeting to elect executive tomorrow 5pm, Mon 25/5.

This was done with full cooperation of AUWU management.
I have since been locked out of my AUWU email address.

Please resolve this
so I can chair this meeting.
Since calling this meeting unknown people in AUWU management have removed my access to the AUWU email address I was given. This is the address I called this meeting from. They have changed my password and locked me out. This means whoever runs this meeting is posing as me.
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A thread about how our 'welfare' system dehumanises, divides and gaslights us so that only the most desperate seek help, and then are punished for doing so. It’s about why the government thinks they can ignore disabled people in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.
Yesterday I spoke to @lauramoates about the social security horror show, COVID19 and why we need to #RaiseTheDSP. I spoke *a lot* so not everything made the cut. I want to share some of the things that couldn't be included in the story.…
Politicians and lots of other people in the community have made the choice for a long time to be happy for people to starve or not be able to pay rent and to be homeless. And now, when all of a sudden a lot more of us are going to be in that situation, the government realises:
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We are concerned to hear the Federal Government is considering a national expansion of the cashless debit card. [1/2]…
Up to 40% of the people relying on Newstart are people with #disability, who can face extra costs that compulsory income management does not consider.

We need to #RaiseTheRate, not overcomplicate it.

Read more:…
Fight back against the proposed expansion of the cashless debit card.

Call Minister Ruston’s office in Canberra – she is the Minister for Social Services. Please be polite, and explain your concerns about this proposal.

Phone: (02) 6277 7560

Email: Banner text: Ditch the Cash...
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Bridget McKenzie thinks Newstart is a "LIFESTYLE CHOICE" for some & asserts its not really that bad because 99% get additional allowances.

In this thread we will outline Ms McKenzie's LIFESTYLE CHOICES & her additional allowances.

Base Salary $211,250

#Auspol #RaiseTheRate
2/ Bridget McKenzie

Ministerial Bonus 72.5% of base salary = $153,156.25

Salary = $364,406.25

#Auspol #RaiseTheRate
3/ Bridget McKenzie

2 x Free Fixed Line Telephone/Data lines including installation - rental - data & calls.

#Auspol #RaiseTheRate
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.#Centrelink office visit lesson eleventy thousand: Do not cry, do not say that you are frustrated after 7 months of trying to get help for an ill family member. Even when you say it quietly & politely, you will be assessed as a threat, sat behind a glass screen separated from 1/
..the worker w/ a surveillance camera overhead. You’ll be told that this happened as “you’re upset”. Being treated as if you are a safety risk & a threat is intimidating and threatening. No raised voice, no discourtesy, no violence but you are threat. will be a threat as your presence @Centrelink asks workers to be human in a system that is set up to dehumanise you and them. It’s no surprise that more people are homeless & killing themselves. It’s a despairing & hopeless system. #RaisetheRate
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Hi! I thought it might be useful to start a #AusVotes19 welfare thread pulling together some of the interesting news and analysis that emerges during the election campaign. There have already been a few great pieces. (I'll also shamelessly plug my own work.) #auspol
.@DawsonEJ makes the case for making the best of Labor's "root and branch" #Newstart review. Demand it is fast, wide-ranging, and the increases it delivers are sufficient, she says… #AusVotes19 #auspol
@DawsonEJ Waleed Aly today argues that, despite all the talk of a fair go from Morrison and Shorten, "#Newstart remains stalled because, for now at least, our notion of fairness is tied to the worker."… #AusVotes19 #auspol
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