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Good morning! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly and on the panel are two people with books about the election, David Crowe and Niki Savva, and news dot com journalist Malcolm Farr.
the opening gambit is a familiar #Insiders tweak: the claim that government politicking has trumped policy, as though political journalism operates entirely independently of, and has no influence on, this outcome.
straight to the #Insiders montage. This was the week that our dismal economic outlook, known to anyone paying attention for well over a year, was finally noticed by major media.
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good morning! The #Insiders host this week is Fran Kelly and the panel is poor old Gerard Henderson, tireless Liberal Party apologist Mike Stutchbury and the great Lenore Taylor.
the show begins with Fran smiling somewhat jarringly as responsibility for the Turkish attacks on Kurdish Peoples in Syria are placed where it largely belongs: with Donald Trump #Insiders
clip of that Marise Payne non sequitur about not putting Australian forces at risk to rescue Australians at al-Hawb refugee camp #Insiders
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good morning! This thread is brought to you from the shores of Awaba on unceded lands of the Awabakal.
#Insiders host Fran Kelly opens with truly nauseating US sycophancy. Howard was a man of steel; Morison is a man of titanium. This toxic masculinity is topped with some toxic mateship. The US is still locked and loaded, says Fran🤮
the #Insiders montage is audio tracked by Kids in America. Clips of Trump telling Iran “you’re a joke” like the immature bully he is. Morrison saying thanks mate to uncertain chuckles. That’s the best punch line he’s delivered in a lifetime: “thanks mate”.
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your #Insiders host this week is Pat Karvelas. This Sunday morning kicks off with the Trump recklessness on US-China trade and the Hastie recklessness on US-Aust and Aust-China relation. Liberals disunity [paraphrased] is mentioned.
the montage is of Aust politicians responding to the poor judgement displayed by Hastie in publishing an op-ed on US-China trade. Mathias Cormann does not approve. Morrison is “all about de-escalating” hur hur #Insiders
Mark Riley, who recently sat in silence letting Morrison tell whatever whoppers he pleased on welfare, has some comments to make about #RaiseTheRate. Oops correction, what Riley has to say are banal and dishonest Liberals party slogans #Insiders
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an accountant who collected millions of public dollars that he wasn’t eligible to receive can’t budget for a $4 takeaway coffee on the $4050 per week salary we give him along with meal, travel, accommodation, and electoral allowances. Okay mate.
Joyce claims empathy with Newstart recipients on the laughable basis that his salary has gone from 29x the Newstart rate ($8,000 per week plus perks) to 15x the Newstart rate so of course major media faithfully report this insupportable trollery as genuine. It isn’t.
There is no excuse for political journalists not covering Joyce 1/ campaigning to expand cashless welfare that profits corporate provider Indue, represented by corporate lobbyists SAS, where Nationals Party man and former Howard government minister Larry Anthony is a director >>
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Bridget McKenzie thinks Newstart is a "LIFESTYLE CHOICE" for some & asserts its not really that bad because 99% get additional allowances.

In this thread we will outline Ms McKenzie's LIFESTYLE CHOICES & her additional allowances.

Base Salary $211,250

#Auspol #RaiseTheRate
2/ Bridget McKenzie

Ministerial Bonus 72.5% of base salary = $153,156.25

Salary = $364,406.25

#Auspol #RaiseTheRate
3/ Bridget McKenzie

2 x Free Fixed Line Telephone/Data lines including installation - rental - data & calls.

#Auspol #RaiseTheRate
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.#Centrelink office visit lesson eleventy thousand: Do not cry, do not say that you are frustrated after 7 months of trying to get help for an ill family member. Even when you say it quietly & politely, you will be assessed as a threat, sat behind a glass screen separated from 1/
..the worker w/ a surveillance camera overhead. You’ll be told that this happened as “you’re upset”. Being treated as if you are a safety risk & a threat is intimidating and threatening. No raised voice, no discourtesy, no violence but you are threat. will be a threat as your presence @Centrelink asks workers to be human in a system that is set up to dehumanise you and them. It’s no surprise that more people are homeless & killing themselves. It’s a despairing & hopeless system. #RaisetheRate
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Annabel is here with an all-laydeez #Insiders! We begin by praising Morrison for doing his job by attending a routine international meeting that will produce no tangible value other than to Morrison, whose lack of foreign policy experience was not questioned during the campaign.
The #Insiders montage shows Dutton denying his ineligibility and unelectability, titbits on the Liberals indulgent dysfunction last year, and the G20 as political leaders strutting the world stage. All politics are local, and good political commentary would say so.
What the papers “say” on #Insiders is lotsa G20 images that ignore Morrison’s foreign policy judgement. Like how he sabotaged a trade deal with a religious vanity announcement. Remember when the political press could not get enough of Gillard’s “foreign policy inexperience”?
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Hi! I thought it might be useful to start a #AusVotes19 welfare thread pulling together some of the interesting news and analysis that emerges during the election campaign. There have already been a few great pieces. (I'll also shamelessly plug my own work.) #auspol
.@DawsonEJ makes the case for making the best of Labor's "root and branch" #Newstart review. Demand it is fast, wide-ranging, and the increases it delivers are sufficient, she says… #AusVotes19 #auspol
@DawsonEJ Waleed Aly today argues that, despite all the talk of a fair go from Morrison and Shorten, "#Newstart remains stalled because, for now at least, our notion of fairness is tied to the worker."… #AusVotes19 #auspol
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