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I'm catching up on some of the recorded sessions & will start a thread on the 'Impact of the UN Committee’s statement in 2019 in relation to the minimum age of criminal responsibility', one of #RANZCP2022's recorded sessions, presented by Invited speaker Dr Enys Delmage
Dr Delmage is a consultant in adolescent forensic psychiatry and has worked in an adolescent forensic inpatient unit in Porirua, New Zealand, since November 2017. He has an interest in the law as it relates to #RANZCP2022
Minimum age of criminal responsibility is defined as the age below which is deemed incapable of having committed a criminal offence. Below this age, children are 'doli incapax' - incapable of knowing that what they were doing was wrong- Dr Delmage #RANZCP2022
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I'm going to join the session about codes of ethics in psychiatry. Three presentations by Paul Appelbaum, a "godsend" for psychiatry with an international perspective, Izaak Lim & @sidney_bloch #RANZCP2022

Follow @coopesdetat for tweets on 'psychosis and schizophrenia'
Prof Paul Appelbaum is, among other things, a Professor of Psychiatry @ColumbiaPsych, joining us live from New York- @appelbap #RANZCP2022
History of the World Psychiatric Association's involvement with history - @appelbap #RANZCP2022
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Starting a new thread for the next keynote by
Assoc Prof Loyola McLean, talking about 'changing bodymind: on attachment, trauma and regulation' #RANZCP2022…
How do we bring two or more very different points of view together, how do we bring the past and present together? How do we move forward as individuals, as dyads, as a college? - A/Prof McLean #RANZCP2022
To First Nation's people around the world, how do we move forward, how do we open up a future? - A/Prof McLean #RANZCP2022
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New thread to kick off our next keynote from Assoc Prof Loyola McLean, who will be speaking on trauma, attachment and mental illness #RANZCP2022
McLean asks us how do we bring the past and present together in a way that changes the future. As a Yamatji woman with a stolen story this is lived experience. The Dreaming offers hope #RANZCP2022 ImageImage
In Western cosmology we join the dots to tell a story; in Aboriginal culture the spaces are joined. There is more than one way to see and solve the same problem, McLean says. Sometimes the perspective we take is crucial #RANZCP2022
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First keynote is by Prof Belinda Lennox @BLennox4, from University of Oxford, speaking about 'autoimmune psychosis-current state of play' #RANZCP2022
Schizophrenia/psychosis is a brain disorder, with neurological as well as psychiatric symptoms. The question being discussed is what evidence is there that some psychosis is autoimmune - @BLennox4 #RANZCP2022
Have diagnostic criteria and therapies - but not as much as known about the cause of psychosis - @BLennox4 #RANZCP2022
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Beautiful views in Sydney for the third day of #RANZCP2022! The third day sessions will start soon.
Below is a thread of 5 key takeaways from sessions I saw on Day Two, a day which focused on priority populations and the impacts of climate change.
1/ Important to embed cultural safety into mental health service provision that is based on authentic co-design, allowing culturally appropriate and flexible methods of sharing knowledge - Dr Kashyap #RANZCP2022
2/ Healthcare workers, including psychiatry clinicians, need to be open, honest and acknowledge own vulnerabilities - A/Prof Coleman #RANZCP2022
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While @coopesdetat is following Tim Flannery's keynote, I am going to jump in and catch up on the Indigenous mental health session from yesterday -@AlisonSBarrett. #RANZCP2022
Session chair, Dr Emma Adams, provides a heartwarming acknowledgement of country and lovely introduction to the presenters - Prof Helen Milroy, A/Prof Mathew Coleman, Dr Shraddha Kashyap & Dr Jemma Collova #RANZCP2022
Broad overview of Transforming Indigenous Mental Health & Wellbeing Project, aiming to improve Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander mental health through Aboriginal leadership and authentic partnerships. #RANZCP2022
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Fabulous thread 👇by @coopesdetat following today's Presidential symposium on #COVID19 #RANZCP2022...
I'll be wrapping the session on PTSD and military and veteran's mental health in the following tweets. #RANZCP2022
First presentation in this session is by Andrew Khoo from Toowong Private Hospital - 'navigating the assimilation of evidence-based PTSD recommendations into the private practice management of real patients' #RANZCP2022
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Back on deck at #RANZCP2022 and tweeting from the #COVID19 symposium. @CroakeyNews will be at the session on PTSD and veterans' mental health. @RANZCP President @DrVinayLakra getting us underway. Jeff Looi giving an overview first up on pandemic impacts on mental health Image
Looi says MH consequences to date in Australia less significant than seen elsewhere, but was and continue to be increased demand on NGOs and agencies like Lifeline. Anxiety and depression increased but peaks lower than expected at 10% #RANZCP2022
As high as 25% in other comparable countries. Can't draw equivalence as different approaches in different countries. Some groups eg HCWs more affected. Most presentations tended to peak and subside, says Looi. Imposition of restrictions were found to ^ impacts #RANZCP2022 Image
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The first of today's concurrent sessions are about to kick off! To prepare for this afternoon's keynote by Tim Flannery on #ClimateChange and #MentalHealth, I'm going to catch up on and tweet out yesterday's symposium, which is now available on demand. #RANZCP2022
Follow @coopesdetat who is going to jump into the 'training during pandemic' session and also #RANZCP2022 for more Congress discussions!
Chaired by Dr Cybele Dey, presenters incl A/Prof Fiona Charlson, Tara Crandon, Georgia Langmaid & Charles Le Feuvre @DrCybeleDey #climateactionnow #forhealthssake #RANZCP2022

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Will be tweeting next from a trainee forum at #RANZCP2022 featuring @skyekinder, @mbismark, @SellittoT, @SArunogiri and others. Should be good! Content to thread below
The intrepid @CroakeyNews will be catching up with some on-demand content on the #ClimateEmergency, so follow along with her tweets, which should serve as a nice entree to this afternoon's session with Tim Flannery #RANZCP2022
@skyekinder getting us underway for the trainee session. Past 48 months have seen significant disruption to training due to #COVID19, exacerbating underlying issues in the College including paucity of trainee representation, she says #RANZCP2022 Image
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First up at #RANZCP2022 today is a keynote from Prof Jayashree Kulkarni, women' mental health expert and international leader in reproductive hormone use in psychiatry. Says her talk will be provocative, deliberately Image
Reflecting on the recent #RoeVWade developments in the US, Kulkarni says progress is not linear and seems to regress. Points to @TamePunk as just one example of the growing sense of injustice. 47% Australian women have experienced mental ill health, cost in billions #RANZCP2022
Kulkarni calls for redesign of all inpatient units, change diagnostic categories that affect women, focus on women-centred therapise, consider unique neurobiology of women, in codesign with women #RANZCP2022 Image
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And, we're off for the second full day of #RANZCP2022. This morning's keynote address is Prof Jayashri Kulkarni AM, director of Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre, is today’s first keynote speaker @jayashrikulkar1 @maprc1 #RANZCP2022
The focus of her keynote will be women’s mental health #RANZCP2022
Prof Kulkarni starts off by stating she is likely to move around the stage and provoke us with her speech - there is much to be done and "time is up"- @jayashrikulkar1 #RANZCP2022
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Hope everyone is well-rested and ready for the second full day of #RANZCP2022. We will be back for more live-tweeting soon.
Here is a thread of 5 key takeaways from the sessions I saw on Day One...
1/ It's as important to consider psychological & social factors of a person as biological. "It doesn't make sense to focus on one aspect of a person in understanding & treating psychiatric disorders"- @AllenFrancesMD #RANZCP2022
2/ The #biopsychosocial theme was emphasised by discussions about importance of narrative therapy & story-telling in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Connection to language, land & spirituality vital for recovery - Stan Grant #RANZCP2022
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There was no consultation with private psychiatry clinicians in transitioning in response to COVID19 at the beginning of the pandemic - A/Prof Jeffrey Looi @ Australian National University #RANZCP2022
Retention of telehealth is having ability to maintain care, but it is also about acknowledge the technology-divide and patient preference - A/Prof Looi #RANZCP2022
Technological adaptations were made during the pandemic, but patients will still want to meet their therapists in person - A/Prof Looi #RANZCP2022
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Saretta Lee & Katerina Theocharous up next to present a literature review about clozapine and chemotherapy #RANZCP2022 Image
Research questions to determine how continuation or cessation of clozapine during chemotherapy impact patients risk of haematological adverse and psychiatric adverse outcomes #RANZCP2022
It is feasible & often desirable to continue clozapine through chemotherapy, due to high risk of mental state deterioration from cessation. But, continuation requires a multi-disciplinary approach - Saretta Lee #RANZCP2022
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First concurrent sessions after lunch break are about to begin. I'll be tweeting from the consultation-liaison psychiatry session. First presentation is titled 'Health anxiety in a general hospital setting' by Michael Murphy, Ben Storer & Haldane Begg. @blackdoginst #RANZCP2022 Image
Definition for health anxiety on the attached slide. Health anxiety is normal but can turn into a pathological state - Michael Murphy #RANZCP2022 Image
DSM-5 set up to help GPs and other medical (nonpsychiatric) clinicians #RANZCP2022 Image
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Next, I'll be tweeting from concurrent session about Frantz Fanon, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, political philosopher. Follow @coopesdetat for tweets from the Presidential symposium and #RANZCP2022 for more discussions from the Congress.

@coopesdetat Frantz Fanon symposium presenters are: Stan Grant, A/Prof Steven Knoblauch @nyuniversity, Dr Daud Saeed @PREMHA3, A/Prof Sally Swartz @UCT_news & Dr Kathomi Gatwiri @ Southern Cross University #RANZCP2022
Fanon grew up on French-colonised Caribbean island of Martinique, with African heritage, enabling him to gain an insight into the impacts of race and colonialism #RANZCP2022 Image
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Starting a new thread for the second keynote address by Kamilaroi and Wiradjuri journalist Stan Grant, a multi-award winning current affairs host & author, currently serving as the @ABCaustralia International Affairs Editor. #RANZCP2022 Image
He will deliver a keynote address on Indigenous mental health on the opening day of the Congress. #RANZCP2022
Asks "how do we live in a country where our presence itself is seen to be something as hostile?" - Stan Grant #RANZCP2022
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Next up is Stan Grant, on determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health. Opens with a greeting in his father's Wiradjuri language. Grant's father wrote the first Wiradjuri dictionary, once arrested for speaking it in the street #RANZCP2022 Image
How do we live in a country where our presence has long been seen as something hostile, to be erased, asks Grant #RANZCP2022
The first action of a black person in the world is a reaction says Grant, citing Frantz Fanon. His own experience of this was aged 5, sitting in class. A classmate asking 'why are you so black'. Not 'why am I so white', because white was the status quo #RANZCP2022
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Time for the keynote presentations - the first speaker is Prof Allen Frances, an internationally-renowned psychiatrist & author of 'Saving Normal' and 'Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyses the Age of Trump' @AllenFrancesMD @DukeU #RANZCP2022
He will provide an address in praise of the #biopsychosocial model, which posits that psychological & social factors such as employment, housing & relationships are as important in understanding a person’s health as biological factors. @AllenFrancesMD @DukeU #RANZCP2022 Image
It doesn't make sense to focus on one aspect of a person in understanding and treating psychiatric disorders- @AllenFrancesMD #RANZCP2022
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Now we are hearing from @RANZCP President, Assoc Prof Vinay Lakra @DrVinayLakra, who acknowledges that "If we have strong connections with the government, we will be able to deliver better health services for the community" #RANZCP2022 Image
.@DrVinayLakra also acknowledges it is pleasing that #RANZCP2022 can meet in person for the first time in two years but some measures to keep #COVIDsafe - wear a mask, take a RAT test before attendance & to not attend if feeling unwell.
Some #RANZCP2022 facts - 1500 in-person delegates, 500 attending virtually & 310 presentations incl posters- A bumper Congress!
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The #RANZCP2022 Congress hears a Welcome to Country by Uncle Allan Murray, acknowledging the First Nation's people of Gadigal land, Eora nation & First Nation's people in New Zealand, a trans-tasman congress.
#AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe Image
The #RANZCP2022 Congress will hear opening address by The Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC @bronnietaylor, Minister for Mental Health in NSW.
Acknowledges the impacts of the past few years - Catastrophic fires of 2019/2020 damaged national psyche, communities have become disconnected during pandemic, and then suffered again during recent floods - @bronnietaylor #RANZCP2022
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Day 1 of #RANZCP2022 is starting soon! Am looking forward to tweeting up a storm over the next few days. The program is jam-packed full of great presentations, updates and conversations about #psychiatry & mental health.
I would like to acknowledge that I will be tweeting on the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and respect their spiritual relationship with their country. I also pay my respects to Elders past and present.
#KaurnaCountry #RANZCP2022 Image
A little bit about me - I started working with @CroakeyNews at the beginning of the pandemic writing the #COVID19Wrap, a summary of COVID research, news and updates. I am also a research assistant @UniversitySA. You can find me on Twitter @AlisonSBarrett.…
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