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here we go. Morrison is up. He begins with a homily but swaps out the lord for mothers coz Mothers Day see? The advice is “always be thankful”.
every job matters, every job is essential says the bloke who has deliberately excluded arts and university workers from every government announcement.
we can and we do pull together, says Scott Morrison the exclusionary, hate-filled racist misogynist whose government persecutes people on centrelink, including in violation of law and principle.
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Here’s what we’ve learned about #COVIDSafe app from today’s #COVIDー19 Senate hearing. Remember, the PM has made app uptake central to relaxing restrictions, to be discussed at National Cabinet in two days’ time.
5.1 million Australians have downloaded & registered the app. That’s 20% of population - half the 40% the PM said was “the minimum” needed for it to work.
Govt reps told Senate hearing the app’s performance was “variable” and it may not always work on locked iPhones, when app is in background, when Bluetooth signal is poor.
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The #COVIDSafe app legislation has landed. It mainly creates offences for stuff govt said would be banned - eg the main offence of collection/use/disclosure by those not conducting contact tracing (pen: 5 years prison, 300 penalty units or both) #auspol #auslaw
There seems to be a very small amount of leeway if the collection is "permitted under an Australian law" - provided info is deleted immediately.
But elsewhere the legislation says it "cancels the effect of a provision of any Australian law" that would permit or require something banned in it.
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Has anyone asked the question of whether the #COVIDSafe app is effective? Is there evidence that apps like this one have worked elsewhere?
What are the downstream consequences of using this app? If it identifies dozens of false contacts, are we stretching the resources of human contact tracers that have to follow up these contacts? If it doubles the contacts, do we need double the human contact tracers?
Will contact tracers change their behaviour and rely more on this untested app? Might they start to miss actual contacts because they weren't identified by the app? Could it actually reduce contact diagnoses?
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1. from the very beginning of this tragedy, #COVID, I have tried to alert you on how #COVID will be used to build a #MassSurveillance #Leviathan which will make the 9/11 #massSurveillance programs appear modest, if compared to this new Leviathan
2. never before #HealthData were integrated into #massSurveillance: not even the #NSA had tried it, as far as we know. BUT now with this huge tragedy, #COVID, we risk such #massSurveillance Leviathan.But there is further huge risk: the future of our #PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystems
3.if you are lucky(as I am)to live in a country with a PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystem,you have to wonder what is going to happen with these new "APPs" tracing #COVID and in some cases acquiring your #HealthData.Will #Amazon,#Google,#Palantir seize our PUBLIC #NationalHealthSystems?
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@abcnews I'd like to share a tip for iOS users that will make the COVIDSafe app significantly more effective. Currently, due to the way iOS is designed, COVIDSafe will eventually be terminated in the background unless you open it periodically throughout the day.

iOS 13 includes a default app called Shortcuts which allows you to automate tasks on your device. You can create a simple shortcut to open the COVIDSafe app whenever you leave a certain location, e.g. your home or work address. Instructions are as follows.

1. Open the 'Shortcuts' app and tap the 'Automation' tab.

2. Tap 'Create Personal Automation' and tap 'Leave' which is listed under Travel.

3. Tap 'Location: Choose', enter your home address, tap 'Done' and then tap 'Next'.

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it seems that the Health Dept #covidsafe FAQ contains some inaccuracies, or at least some things that could be easily misinterpreted.

Many journalists have made the claim that the app only records "close contacts", meaning within 1.5m for 15 mins. This is false.
A close reading of… shows this is not the case, but you need to read the thing in its entirety to understand this.
For instance, 'How does the app know a “close contact” has occurred?' says 'The proximity for a close contact is approximately 1.5 metres, for a period of 15 minutes or
more. '

But, it also says… 'The app records the encrypted reference code, time and proximity of two users,
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I've just installed #covidsafe and want to capture my thoughts on the experience and the general principles behind the app here, especially as they relate to privacy and trust in the government. My last thread on this was 11 days ago and is still relevant:
The summary of that thread is that in essence, I viewed the app as very low risk to privacy due to the intended design and assuming it's effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19, it has significant potential upsides. I also suggested ways to maximise privacy and transparency.
I'll defer to health professionals on how effective the app is in managing the pandemic, but I will say this: we all have confirmation biases that draw us to people reinforcing our own views. If you don't like the app, you'll find professionals agreeing with you, and vice versa.
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📌There is one thing that pets my peeve while dancing on my last nerve... Crisis Actors and the Fake News who are in on it... thread👇 #FakeNews #crisisactor #covidsafe #SandyHook
📌Same woman👇
📌Space Shuttle Explosions... ya... never happened!
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Just got this notification on iOS implying the app DOESN’T work properly on iPhone unless you have the #covidsafe app open and phone unlocked. No mention in the documentation about a ‘power saver’ mode? Simple ‘fix’? Turn the phone upside down of course. 🙄 ⁦@SaysSmithy
People will think they need to turn on iOS’s Low Power Mode, which as @arielbogle has pointed out, could make the functionality worse! At best @GregHuntMP & @stuartrobertmp don’t understand the technical detail. At worst is irresponsible implying that this app will work on iPhone
France, Germany, the UK & Singapore have been unsuccessful in asking Apple to lift the restriction on continuous Bluetooth scanning while the app isn’t open on screen - how is the Australian app different having solved this iOS privacy based limitation?…
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Interesting conv with a SENCO last week about some neurodiverse children prefg to be homeschooled and running 'virtual classes'.
1. Children with #ADHD were showing incredible enthusiasm in #learning at their own pace.
2. Children with #Autism were discovering that they 1/2
could spend time in looking at a subj matter in depth and 'specialising' in it (one pupil enthu about #Lyridsmeteorshower and prepd a presentation)
3. Anxious children were focussing on their #learning than their anxiety.
What does that mean for #education in a #COVID society?2/
It actually made me think:
1. We need to re-think education as #learning not simply aggregating facts
2. A #covidsafe society will need the diversity in skills that today's children will have if they #Learn and are not simply #taught
3. Children with ⬆️self-esteem learn more
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The #covidsafe app is now available in Australia 😷

However, it's a shame that they have decided not to release the source code for full transparency.

Luckily, I'm a curious chap and also a professional mobile developer.
So, I've downloaded and decompiled the Android app using the freely available, open source tools apktool and JadX.

Here are my findings for those who are interested interested:
First things first, the app is not obsfucated (scrambled); this means we can decompile it to a level almost as good as having the original source code.

They may not have released the source code but there is a clear intent of transparency displayed by not obsfucating it.
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Curious, the #COVIDSafe source contains a handful of references to the SG gov namespace complete with typo. Doesn't match the Play Store's live ID/namespace for AU or SG apps though. Haven't found any other references either. ImageImage
I'm dealing with a decompiled version of this app but it seems *very* crude and thrown together. Lots of things referencing multiple points of configuration with some parts being configured, others hard coded, others generated. Very inconsistent.
This seems like a sub-optimal way to delete data older than 21 days ago... bu that could also be the decompiler not noticing the int constants are from Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY etc. Image
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The #covidsafe App will be useful for public health and will save lives. However, there are still some areas of concern in relation to privacy that means whether YOU choose to download and use it is matter of YOUR circumstances #auspol
In the Australian hierarchy of legislation, a ‘Ministerial Determination’ (under an Act) would not override the provisions in an actual Act passed by the Parliament - e.g. such as the search warrants provisions of the Crimes Act #auspol #covidsafe
The #covidsafe app ‘Ministerial Determination’ was introduced at the stroke of a pen yesterday and @GregHuntMP has the discretion to change it tomorrow, or the next day, or at any time with another stroke of a pen #auspol
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