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🧵📌Rebuttal to Anne Rustons' latest Senate speech:
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #cashlesswelfarecard #auspol2022 #rationcard

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We have HAD so many damn inquiries, last one 128 against the card to just 6 for it = all gov and Andrew Forrest allied groups . Without announcement without calling peaks they pull this stunt! Submissions by 10 August! SIX DAYS! SIX DAMN DAYS!…
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This is a dog move by the JJ's and LNP. A complete waste of time energy and money. There are ppl on cards who are already struggling to make Sept. They - and me btw, wont be around if this bill does fail. Not that any of the listed above give two damns...they never have.
Time people did start emailing David. Be respectful please but let him know how YOU feel about the CDC program.

#cashlessdebitcard #waronthepoor #Induecard #auspol #AusPol2022 #Auspoll
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📌Debate resumes. Sukkar continues on his tirade of inconsistent realities.
Now its going to be a 'tsunami' of DRUGS and ALCOHOL! was waiting for him to bring that one young fulla from Kal up. Here is a legitimate documented voice from #Kalgoorlie…
Another cherry pick, as services themselves in the evaluation say it isn't working more women are suffering violence, and a 30% increase in DV related intakes after card roll outs in #Cednuna The eval showed Services repurposing CDC money to programs that actually work.
D&A fueled violence hasn't stopped, and nor has DV or any other social harm. THAT is the point and the ANAO and Eval data showed that. All @MichaelSukkarMP is doing is marketing a failed program. banned drinks registers remain in 7 vulnerable communities even after NT decision.
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Dept still hasn't answered why so many Indue accounts transacting only in interest payments (WE pay btw) are still open. If you didn't know, Dept has already told those exited that their accounts will be kept open for 7 YEARS. Indue receive $80pm per open account. #ausvotes
Question on notice no. 14
Portfolio question number: DSS SQ22-000142
Budget estimates
Community Affairs Committee, Social Services Portfolio
5,651 accounts generating $80pm for Indue, with absolutely NO social security entitlements going into them. $452,080.00 per MONTH
Let that sink in..

#ausvotes #AusPol2022 #auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #LNPMassiveFail #LNPCorruptionParty #LNPliarsCrooksThieves
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Starting a new thread for the second keynote address by Kamilaroi and Wiradjuri journalist Stan Grant, a multi-award winning current affairs host & author, currently serving as the @ABCaustralia International Affairs Editor. #RANZCP2022 Image
He will deliver a keynote address on Indigenous mental health on the opening day of the Congress. #RANZCP2022
Asks "how do we live in a country where our presence itself is seen to be something as hostile?" - Stan Grant #RANZCP2022
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Big week of advocacy for me. With emergency departments bursting at the seams across Australia and Aotearoa NZ this seemed an apt way to mark #ACEMWellnessWeek. We won’t have clinician wellbeing until we have a safer, fairer, better health system. ⁦…
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Scott Morrison made an announcement about reducing PBS Medicines. Trouble is he INCREASED them on Jan 1st, 2022, during a Pandemic #auspol @Mark_Butler_MP Image
Anyone see the Irony here. On the same day Morrison announces cheaper medication and healthcare - He cuts Heart scans, ECG’s from #Medicare Rebates. #LNPCutsToHealth… ImageImage
The moment Liberals Distracted Voters, while they Cut #MRI’s, sleep apnea, #spinal fusion, skin lesion treatments and #Allergy Testing in 2018.
#LNPHealthCuts @RACGP @gedkearney #Medicare #auspol2022 Image
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IPCC science states the world needs to cut emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.
*All* experts agree Australia’s targets must be higher than the global average & we must reach net zero much sooner than 2050.🧵of expert evidence👇🏼… #AusPol2022
1/ @ClimateRsrc analysis applying latest IPCCAR6 carbon budget. 50% probability for 1.5 degrees - 74% below 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2035. Generous 0.97% allocation of remaining global budget to Aus.…
2/ 2021 Climate Targets Panel analysis: Staying with the 1.5°C carbon budget required Australia have a 2030 target of 74% below 2005 levels & net-zero by 2035. Assuming a 0.97% share of the remaining global carbon budget and 50% probability.…
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@SophieScamps @KulskiTina 1. The National party under the leadership of #BarnabyJoyce are one of the major reasons for holding back progress, innovation and development within Australia.The Nationals price for supporting a minority Liberal government are expensive economically unjustified rural/regional
@SophieScamps @KulskiTina 2. pork barelling.For example the Beetrooter’s dams without environmental studies or approval by Infrastructure Australia,the experts. Trade deals that focus agricultural sector exports as if the manufacturing sector in Australia did not exist. The biggest insult of all to rural
@SophieScamps @KulskiTina 3. folk is the shady deal between the Liberal & National parties. The Liberal party agrees to NOT CONTEST rural seats if they are held by a National party MP. People living in the regions of NSW,Victoria, SA,WA & Tasmania are denied this choice at Federal elections. They can
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1. The Australian Greens deserve real credit for putting forward a bold and pragmatic anti-poverty policy like the #LiveableIncomeGuarantee #BasicIncome #UBI #AusPol2022…
2. @JohnQuiggin writes: 'The policy would increase all income support payments – for those looking for work, studying full-time or unable to work because of age, disability or caring responsibilities' #BasicIncome #UBI…
3. The payment satisfies several of the criteria people often associate with #BasicIncome. 1. Adequacy - the base payment is pegged to the Henderson Poverty Line. 2. Efficiency - 10 welfare payments are consolidated around one base rate.…
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Last night around 745pm, 3 NSW #Police officers banged on my door. When I answered, they placed me under arrest for taking a photograph in a court room.

I was not cuffed but I was told to remove my jewellery and any strings and I was body searched outside my home.
I was put in the back of the police van and driven to the station. I was told that they could detain me for 6 hours. I was put in a cell in the custody department.
I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed.
I declined. I was told it would be done anyway.
Before we left my house, an officer stormed in and walked into my kitchen while filming. I asked him if he had a warrant. He said that as I was under arrest "there could be knives or scissors and I don't want one plunged into my neck."
I said but it's a photo charge. #auspol
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1/ We’ve just released our pre-election recommendations for the next federal government – whether Liberal or Labor.

A thread on the key takeaways from our 2022 Orange Book. Be warned, it’s epic… #AusPol2022 Chart demonstrating priorit...
2/ We’re calling for major tax reform. The government should increase or broaden the GST and better target currently wasteful tax concessions (such as the 50% CGT discount and super tax concessions) to fund income tax cuts. This would boost incomes for Australians over time.
3/ The high cost of childcare creates barriers for women to take up more paid work. Reducing out-of-pocket childcare costs and boosting parental leave (including for Dads and partners) would free up families’ choices and boost workforce participation, particularly for women. Chart showing children are ...
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Scott Morrison, Sat Jan 29 (while clasping an unlucky koala in front of media): "We love to throw our arms around koalas, & they love to throw their bear arms around us when we get to have a cuddle. What this is about is continuing to throw our arms around our koala population".
Continuing? In the last 20 years, Koala numbers have halved in QLD & dropped 60% in NSW. Land-clearing, drought, & fire mean koalas are currently on track for extinction by 2050.
The $50m is earmarked for monitoring, research, & habitat restoration. The latter's near-pointless without climate action & the previous 2 will confirm we need climate action. There's no mystery as to why koalas are dying. Our climate, farming, & development policies are lethal.
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My best buddy, a lawyer in London, spoke to me today about the debacle. I’m surprised, she said, the Australian government did the right thing in regards to Djokovic. My answer:
hey are like Boris; they have no basis upon which they do the right thing; they always act according to political stuntism. Everything they do is for the wrong reasons. They are in there just to rip off the system of democracy for their own benefit.
So, if they ever do the right thing, it is to fix a mistake.
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