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This is what concerns me. Bear with me in this thread. Prior to #omicron sub variants, I could reassure patients & tell them they probably had a few months of protection. Not anymore. Cause if you had omicron, you are not likely protected against the newer BA.4 & BA.5 strains.
Hence your risk of infection & then reinfection is now very high. Why? Cause these #variants are escaping the #vaccines.
So for those living their lives & not trying to avoid the virus, your risk of #longcovid is very high.
I am especially pleading to the young population, the last thing you want is suffer from #brainfog & #shortnessofbreath for the rest of your lives. We don’t have a cure at this point for #longhaulers. Your goal should be to AVOID this virus but if not, avoid getting reinfected!
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Important study of #rapidtests in children

~50% Pos children still Pos for days AFTER @CDCgov guidance says they can return (at 5 days)

Among those tested via virus culture, ALL culture Pos specimens were Rapid Ag Pos and Vice Versa

Test to Exit!

Importantly, numerous children were still #rapidtest Pos AND virus culture Pos as long as 14 days out!

Even though they had NO symptoms!

Symptoms often reflect how your body is doing with the virus...

Which is VERY different than whether you are infectious!

This is a good opportunity to point out how magnificently different viral loads can be that are virus culture or Rapid Ag Pos

Some are 10^4 and some 10^8.5

So... even among specimens that are culture positive, there is a massive gradient in transmissibility

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Survey time! How long did you test (+) by #rapidtest?

I'm on Day 9 and glad to see my line starting to fade (Day 7 was strong). I feel fine (physically!) but laying low to play it safe.

Please indicate the first day that your #covidtest was (-) and share your story. Pass it on!
And.. how could I forget my fellow Canuck science communicator and advocate @SabiVM who boldly and relentlessly cuts through all the nonsense with evidence!
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I'm #COVID19 Positive.
Was bound to happen at some point
I feel terrible today: Fever, aches, chills (Immune mediated symptoms). Cough (maybe immune, maybe virus)

So, here we go.
I'll update this thread daily. See photo for rapid test results + infection/test result description Multiple tests from Left to...
I am exceedingly frustrated that b/c my wife & I didn't get dose 2 until 8/21 - we cannot get boosted yet

We have a 3 month old, Lila, who'd benefit greatly during Omicron by high antibodies in breast milk. But w/out my wife being boosted, Lila won't get much protection.

At 0-12 hours into symptoms:
No rapid Ag or rapid molecular tests were positive

At 24 hours into symptoms: All nasal tests were bright positive
Throat swab test was fully Negative

Symptoms start earlier for many ppl now (see this thread for why ()

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#RapidTest Strategy

In light of WH/@POTUS massive distribution of #rapidtests ideally to all

Imagine if

a) Add extra swabs so 2-3 ppl pool specimens

b) All Americans simultaneously test 4x in a single week

We could see massive crashes in cases & more effective future efforts
@POTUS How would this work - if most american's detected that they are infected - across the whole of the US - in a single week AND acted to isolate appropriately, we could massively temporarily reduce the effective R of the virus and bring cases tumbling down.

@POTUS Although it would last for as long as the testing is going, it could help get things a better under control and provide a better footing for ourselves in the weeks after.

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Government leaders have failed to put the health, well-being & dignity of every resident at the center of our #COVID19 response. Many of us are suffering unnecessarily and every sector is impacted by preventable challenges. 🧵 1/…
This all could have been avoided. Our government leaders could have prioritized the needs of residents rather than protecting special interests and getting lulled into believing that a privatized response would save us. 2/ #mapoli #bospoli
We know how stressed our community members feel, how our nurses & doctors are #burntout, how much our teachers & students want to safely return to the classroom & how worried our parents are for their children and their aging parents, never mind themselves. 3/

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Pandemic of #unvaccinated, more like #PandemicOfInequities‼️
🧵Below are a few interactions I’ve had in the past year with people who have been left behind by our inequitable approaches and deficit model assumptions and labels.
Shared with consent on the condition of anonymity
Case1️⃣: recent refugees, husband works min-wage in a bakery, wife pregnant and earns VERY modest income through knitting. Have 3 children < 12 yrs old.
Whole family was unvaccinated until recently.
Few months ago, one child was exposed in school. Family didn’t have access to
Case1️⃣ cont’d: #RapidTests & frankly didn’t even know that was an option. Husband couldn’t afford to take a half-day off to get tested even when symptoms emerged. He ended up in ICU—sole bread winner for the family.
Even then the wife was hesitant to vaccinate herself or her
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This is an extremely difficult time to be a scientist & even more so if you are a minority #WomanInScience.

Last night I went on @globalnews radio thinking I was going to talk about the differences between PCR & other screening methods for COVID—basically science.
The conversation was steered towards border policy & that some want more restrictions to be removed. Doing my duty as a scientist & using the best current evidence, I noted the rise in cases 🌍, the not so perfect💉 rate in some places & importance of using #RapidTest
I then urged my fellow Canadians to be prudent & cautious when making travel arrangements.
The host then made an off-the-cuff remark on how “if I were in charge of making that policy I would probably close the border”—a completely inappropriate misinterpretation of my advice‼️
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Zahlen steigen und die Konsequenzen bleiben aus. Wenn wir solch hohe Infektionszahlen akzeptieren, dann akzeptieren wir
- Arbeitsausfälle durch Quarantäne
- Klassenschließungen
- Todesfälle bei Menschen, die sich nicht adäquat schützen können
- Die Durchsuchung unserer Kinder, ohne zu wissen, was das für die Kinder bedeutet
- Verzögerung anderer wichtiger medizinischer Eingriffe in den Universitätskliniken
.....und vieles mehr.
Dabei muss es doch kein Lockdown sein, um hier den Entwicklungen entgegen zu wirken.

Einfache Massnahmen sind effektiv:
- Masken in Innenräumen
- Abstand
- Testen mit Schnelltests, wann immer die oben genannten Massnahmen nicht durchführbar sind, egal ob geimpft/ genesen
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KAI Tambah Stasiun Layani Rapid Test

Kabar gembira nih buat Railfriends yang akan menggunakan kereta api saat ini KAI menambah daftar stasiun yang menyediakan layanan rapid test Covid-19.

Layanan rapid test saat ini tersedia di 21 stasiun dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau yaitu Rp 85.000.
Layanan rapid test ini tersedia di Stasiun Gambir, Pasar Senen, Bandung, Kiaracondong, Cirebon, Cirebon Prujakan, Semarang Tawang, Tegal, Purwokerto, Kroya, Yogyakarta, Solo Balapan, Madiun, Blitar, Jombang, Surabaya Gubeng, Surabaya Pasarturi, Sidoarjo, Malang, Jember, Ketapang.
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Rapid Test di Stasiun

Railfriends akan melakukan perjalanan dengan kereta api, tapi galau mau rapid test di mana? Tidak perlu galau dan repot, Railfriends, karena kamu dapat memanfaatkan fasilitas Rapid Test yang tersedia di stasiun loh!

#keretaapikita Image
Cukup dengan menunjukkan kode booking KA kepada petugas dan membayar Rp85 ribu, kamu dapat melakukan rapid test di stasiun.
Stasiun yang menyediakan layanan rapid test ini adalah Stasiun Pasar Senen, Gambir, Bandung, Kiaracondong, Cirebon, Cirebon Prujakan, Semarang Tawang, Tegal, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Solo Balapan, Madiun, Surabaya Gubeng, Surabaya Pasarturi, Malang, Jember, dan Ketapang.
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"Perlu dan penting disampaikan bahwa rumah sakit dalam menetapkan tarif pemeriksaan rapid test sgt dipengaruhi oleh jaminan ketersediaan dan keterjangkauan harga kit rapid test  pasaran"

#PERSI… lewat @idntimes Image
Kemarin, saya dimintai tanggapannya an. #PERSI oleh @idntimes atas kebijakan batasan tertinggi tarif #rapidtest antibodi Rp 150 ribu.

Saya sampaikan 3 hal :
1. Komitmen PERSI
2. Variabel penetapan tarif
3. Harapan PERSI.

Meski masalah sebenarnya tidak sederhana dan tidak mudah
Tanggapan #Persi:
PERSI tentu mendukung setiap kebijakan Pemerintah dalam upaya pencegahan penularan Covid-19.

Persi juga pastinya mendukung kebijakan rapidtest terjangkau tarif dan mutunya terjaga.

Itu komitmen PERSI.
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Penolakan terhadap tes Covid-19 marak terjadi. Ramai di media massa pun di media sosial.

Tuduhan adanya konspirasi, stigma negatif penderita #COVID19indonesia, juga provokasi menjadi beberapa sebab penolakan tes.

Berikut analisis berdasarkan data 12 Mei -12 Juni 2020.


Berita penolakan tes #COVID19indonesia terpantau dinamis di media massa, terjadi di berbagai tempat dan hampir setiap hari.

Di media sosial, hanya beberapa insiden yang viral.
Umumnya penolakan tes muncul dari warga di zona rawan dan dari pasar tradisional. Image

Ketidakpercayaan warga mendominasi alasan penolakan tes. Ekspresi tersebut dipicu stigma negatif #COVID19, beredarnya hoaks konspiratif kesehatan, hingga provokasi dari oknum masyarakat.
Ada pula penolakan bermotif ekonomi, seperti yang terjadi di pasar Cileungsi.
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