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Is it permissible to take a conventional style loan to finance/fund a #Shariah Compliant Commercial Project?
A loan is not permissible in the traditional banking operational jargon or sense!
The Credit application should have an underlying asset trade funding request inbuilt and/or an explicit tangible commercial intent stating the same, embedded in the actual financing/investment contract.
Any transaction which provides money without a trading justification will not work.
In Islamic Finance, debt-refinancing and NPA - Non-performing Asset rollovers are not allowed.
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I had asked @EthzemaLeader the following question after his controversial/deliberate remark against #IslamicBanking/#InterestFreeBanking (as it is called here in #Ethiopia). I have today watched another video of him where he tried to "Clarify" but continued to insult us more.
First of all, he has tried to defend that he is not an #islamophobe by bringing #Muslim audience & that his grandmother was a Muslim. This is the same reply many persons give when they are confronted with their #Islamophobic attitude. #BerhanuNega is no different.
You can have #Muslim parents, lived with #Muslims fasted #Ramadan, eaten #Dates or #Sambusa etc you can still be an #islamophobe. One can claim to be a Muslim but in reality be the most #Islamophobic person that hates #Muslims and #Islam. It is a lame excuse!


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Throwback to Dec to interview in New York for the force of nature (+ fellow original #mancunuan) @DaneiCesario (my tip for a future @AIANewYorkState @AIANational president) for her insightful @WallenDaub Napkin Sketch series #architect #architecturestudent #futurearchitect #riba
In fact that pic I a always use is a @DaneiCesario original when in Manchester last year...
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Jaman sekarang, umat dibikin bingung melihat kenyataan agama di masyarakat.

Dikit2 dibilang Riba, Haram, ngga Syar'ieee, Sesat, Kafir.
Gak sepaham dikit2 di-bully, berbeda pendapat dikit2 diolok-olok.
Mbok yah dikit2 ngasih duit gitu kan enak yah.

#CeritaGuruAdeirra #riba
Mengapa keadaan ini bisa terjadi?

Disebabkan begitu banyaknya orang-orang yg “Terlalu Pintar” dalam berfatwa hukum agama.

Saking pintarnya maka semua dipukul rata tanpa menganalisa akad, rukun, syarat dan konteks transaksinya.
#CeritaGuruAdeirra #riba
Untuk itu, kita semua perlu memilah dan mempelajarinya agar riba tak lagi menjadi momok, sehingga kita paham ttg mana riba dan mana yg bukan riba.

Jangan dikit2disebut riba, cuma karena istilahnya lagi beken aja.

#CeritaGuruAdeirra #riba
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📢 votre islamo-attention 🙏🏼😅
[Thread] Les passages polémiques/problématiques du livre de Tareq Oubrou ⚠️ celui qu'on voudrait propulser à la tête de l'islam de France...
Ce livre m'a paru problématique par les généralisations opérées par Tareq Oubrou. Par ses diagnostics à l'emporte pièce, souvent stigmatisants envers les français musulmans. "Réconciliation" mais après quelle conflit avec la France? On est en embrouille avec notre propre pays?
Selon Oubrou, comme les français musulmans sont source d'inquiètude pour les islamophobes, on doit modifier le culte. On doit s'adapter et ployer le genou face à l'intolérance. Tension qu'on aurait créé en "s'installant" en France (faux l'islamophobie c'est surtout post 11/09/01)
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#Muslims r one of the most financially excluded citizens in #Ethiopia & their primarily reason is #Riba. But I wonder how & where the data for such reports are collected? "Financial inclusion in Ethiopia: 10 takeaways from the latest Findex" via @WorldBank
Citizens who identify themselves as #Muslims account for 34% of the #Ethiopia'n population (CSA, 2007). This large segment of the society was demanding Shari'ah Compliant #finance for long time. Banks first responded by introducing 0% interest A/C #financialinclusion @WorldBank
Banks attracted millions of customers and mobilized billions of Birr in deposits. Sadly, customers were unaware that these deposits are not #ShariahCompliant and they were subjected to successive devaluations which has impacted them a lot. #financialinclusion #Ethiopia @WorldBank
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