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🧵#DidYouKnow? You can now purchase #HyperCycle #MasterNode through #NFTs on #BTC, #ETH, #MATIC & #ADA #CardanoNFT! The NFT is simply a pointer to the node ownership. As a #node owner, you can transfer or split ownership up to 512 nodes.

Check it out at Image
2/8 #Crypto incentives? Yes, please! As a #node owner, you can earn rewards for providing #AI computational services. It's a fantastic way to utilize your #digitalassets, and you play a key role in the maintenance and security of the #blockchain. #CryptoRewards #Security Image
3/8 You become a vital part of the infrastructure. #Node owners directly contribute to the health, speed, and resilience of the #HyperCycle network. This role isn't just technically significant; it's also personally fulfilling! #NetworkHealth #BlockchainTechnology Image
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@risa_staking is a #Staking provider & #node operator on @MultiversX & @ethereum, and a Digital Assets Manager for #EGLD & #rETH 🔥

On #MultiversX, they are Rank 79; 5 Nodes; 26K $EGLD in Delegation Cap & 1715 Delegators:…

🧵👇 Image
As a Proof-of-Stake #infrastructure provider and #validator on @MultiversX, @risa_staking rewards their Stakers with $RISA token, apart from the $EGLD rewards:…

$RISA token details from the #MultiversX Explorer:…

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1/9 🔬 Today, we'll explore how @MultiversX's Adaptive State #Sharding is an advanced technique that enhances the scalability and efficiency of #blockchain networks.

Let's dive in! 🧵👇
2/9 Instead of simply dividing the information into smaller fragments, it uses a smarter approach 🤖 to distribute the information based on its relevance and accessibility.

#sharding #blockchainsharding
3/9 The Adaptive State #Sharding uses a 🌐 network of #nodes divided into domains, each with its own task and responsibility assignment.

These nodes are divided into two categories

✅central nodes
✅peripheral nodes.
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1/10 🚀🌐 The Hypergraph by @Conste11ation is a game-changer in the #crypto world, and its potential goes beyond digital currencies. It can revolutionize different industries by providing a scalable and gasless fee structure.

2/10 🌍 #ERP software providers can create more secure and efficient supply chain management. With HGTP's ability to weave together data from different networks, enabling real-time tracking and transparency of inventory, orders, and deliveries.
$OBS @ObiusERP
3/10 💰 In the financial industry, the #Hypergraph can be used to create decentralized exchanges that allow for cross-chain asset exchanges with much faster transaction times, lower fees and greater liquidity. 💸💰
$LTX @LatticeExchange
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Don't let anyone fool you!

A SaaS App can be quite simple.

Here are a few rules that help you make the right decisions 🚀🧵
💡 Mindset (1/2)

The SaaS space is a mature, highly commoditized one where you can cherry-pick a lot of what is needed from a pool of mature services and ready-to-use modules and use well-established, common best practices.
💡 Mindset (2/2)

Just don't lock yourself into short-lived technologies or dependencies.

And let your team only build stuff that sets you apart from the competition and/or builds up real value in your startup.

Buy everything else (the commodities)
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#Illinois Senate Bill SB1887 would drive out #blockchain #node operators, #miners, and #validators, waste judicial resources, and confuse existing law in a quixotic attempt to protect Illinois consumers. Let's examine the mess in a #thread:
as a preface, This is a stunning reverse course for a state that was previously pro -innovation. Instead we now get possibly the most unworkable state law related to #crypto and #blockchain I’ve ever seen. A shocking turn of events for the #tech community in #illinois /2
SB1887 focuses on consumer protection (this is GOOD). But, the manner in which it seeks to protect consumers is to require #node operators ##miners & #validators to do impossible things, or things that create for themselves new criminal & civil liability at pain of fines/ fees /3
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Sabia que é possível usar JavaScript para interpretar variáveis do bash direto do terminal? 🤯🔥


#javascript #nodejs #js #bash #devtips #100daysofcode #node #childprocess #tutorial Image
Estava produzindo uma super aula do meu curso de Node.js Streams (em inglês), ensinando sobre como paralelizar o processamento de arquivos usando Node.js

A ideia é subir um processo para cada arquivo, e cada processo filtra os usuários que possuem o email em dominio gmail

Só que eu automatizei a validação para verificar que todos os itens foram processados e enviados para um arquivo de saida

Então primeiro fui lá e usei o `grep` para filtrar o texto do arquivo e o `wc -l`, para obter a quantidade de linhas.

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How to run the @NetworkMeson Meson #Node with free VPS in simple steps

Airdrop Confirmed

A Thread🧵
2/15 Late last year we checked how to run GAGA NODE which is also owned by @NetworkMeson.

The only difference is Gaga Node can be run on phone. Meson Node is strictly on Linux environments

In case you missed Gaga node guide here it is👇🏻
3/15 We will make use of the freeAWS VPS to run this.
Follow this video guide if you haven’t setup your free AWS account

Lets get started 😎
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Simple guide on how to get a FREE one year #VPS Subscription suitable to run most of the Nodes for airdrop from Amazon

…And how to to run the GAGANODE by @NetworkMeson

A thread 🧵
This guide covers running gaganodes by meson, you can run this node on Android, windows and Linux and VPS

But VPS has an edge because you don't have to worry about keeping your system on and connected to the internet everytime. With VPS your #Node will keep running 😎
To get access you need an email
Your phone number
And your credit card with minimum $1 balance for verification.

Once you have the above you are cool.

To get started go to:
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Ya sabrás que se puede programar con #JavaScript 💛 en servidor: #Node 💚. Cada vez más demanda. En este HILO 🧵te dejo 5⃣ cursos GRATIS para que aprendas #Nodejs DESDE CERO ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #software #programacion #backend #typescript #it
En este curso de 8⃣h de @freecodecampES vas a aprender a usar #Node 💚y #Express completamente DESDE CERO y viendo todos los conceptos básicos que necesites. MUY 🔝🔝🔝 #software #programacion #backend #typescript #it
Si quieres un curso algo más corto, aquí en 4⃣h agarrarás todos los conceptos básicos de #Node 💚. Curso más que recomendable de @FaztTech. #software #programacion #backend #typescript #it
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Hey there! Are you interested in learning web development? Struggling with figuring out where to start and how to focus on one particular area? I've been there too! I used to jump from one technology to another, trying to learn everything at once and ended up becoming a Jack ...
of all Trades, Master of None.

But then I decided to drop everything and focus on becoming a Master of JavaScript, particularly the Backend (Node). And let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made! Not only is it a highly paid and in-demand technology, but it also ...
brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

If you want to start your journey in web development, I highly recommend taking @yu_angela's Development Bootcamp on Udemy. She has a unique way of teaching that keeps you engaged and interested. And the best part? ...
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Hello hello London! 👋🏻 We’re at IET Savoy Place, London for DSS London 2022 by #YugaByteDB. It’s gonna be super interesting tech session starting at 2 pm today! Don’t miss my #Live #Tweets in this #thread! 🤩🧵
@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImageImage
Yes, the setup is going on for the grand presentation of the #Tech #Track. The master is teaching the student here! #JustKidding Say hi to Julie Wise and Dave Roberts from #YugaByteDB! 👋🏻

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImage
We’ve got our Social Media / Content Director @rachel_pescador from #YugaByteDB here, who’s busy at work and got some cool #swag! 🤩

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImage
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The World's first Sharding-based Blockchain...

Meet @Zilliqa!

Here's an extensive project review! 🔍

All my info, blogs, crypto guides & much more can be found on my website 👇


@Zilliqa first launched in 2017, as they saw other blockchains struggling with one major problem, scalability. That is where 'Sharding' comes into play...
#Zilliqa's very own engineering team also created a programming language, 'Scilla' which is supposed to guarantee the safety of smart contracts by limiting the exposure to attacks on the blockchain.
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When #cryptocurrency projects distribute their native #tokens straight to their customers' wallets.

[#web3 glossary thread]

Important or insider knowledge, notably about the value of #digital assets such as #cryptocurrencies and #NFTs; a measure of an investment's return over and above that of the market or other benchmark.

[#web3 glossary thread]

Formerly used to describe any #cryptocurrency that wasn't #Bitcoin; however, #altcoin is now used to describe any new cryptocurrency with a low market valuation.

[#web3 glossary thread]
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Imagine getting paid for asking @Google a question...

I will leave all the official links at the end.

Please like, retweet and follow if you enjoyed this thread!

Have a look at our website for more guides & much more!👇

Imagine no further.

#Presearch is a decentralized search engine that not only rewards users for exploring #Web3 on their platform but aims to bring security and privacy to its users.
@Presearchnews launched their search engine and token $PRE in 2017.

In October 2020, @Presearchnews established that its users made over 10 million monthly searches. Today, 21 months later averages over 150 million user searches!
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Sustainability was the buzzword of the day when #node protocols were the hot topic. Obviously it was just a buzzword, as no #NaaS protocol has proved to be that.

But what IS sustainability and how do we evaluate it? A thread 👇

🧵/1 Image
First, the definition of sustainable - able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

So, sustainability is the ability to uphold that level of maintenance.

What does that mean in the context of #DeFi?

While the definition may be described differently depending on who you ask, the general consensus is;

sustainable = able to last long term.
Specifically, able to continue paying dividends (in whatever form that takes) or growing in value, long term.

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[THREAD 8] Les Noeuds (Nodes)
Les Noeuds (Nodes) sont des éléments clés de la blockchain et permettent de supporter le réseau P2P entre les utilisateurs

(Merci de saluer l'effort pour mon énième Oeuvre d'Art😏)

C'est parti pour le thread 🔽
#vabosser va bosser
Les Noeuds permettent de supporter le réseau, c'est à dire valider et relayer les transactions, elles font en même temps une copie de la #Blockchain .
Validant les transactions et les blocs , les #Nodes sont très utile au développement d'un réseau comme #Bitcoin 🔽
Les Mineurs peuvent être considéré comme Noeuds sur le Réseau Bitcoin, en effet ils permettent de mettre a profit leur puissance de calcul pour sécuriser et faire valider les transactions 🔽
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#Node projects - Jun 1 update

Total of 100 sunkens (units) invested as below:

- @polar_nodes: 42
- @HordeTweets: 18
- @phoenix_fi: 15
- @grape_finance: 8
- @_ThorFinancial: 5
- @VaporNodes: 3
- Written off: 9 (busted nodes)
With current prices & rewards, initial investment will be recovered (ROI) after the following number of days:

- @polar_nodes: 378
- @HordeTweets: 83
- @phoenix_fi: 1,951
- @grape_finance: 49
- @_ThorFinancial: 547
- @VaporNodes: 1,469
Token prices compared to 10 days ago:

- $POLAR: -44% (USD), -31% ($AVAX)
- $HORDE: 0% (USD), +1% ($BNB)
- $FIRE: -34% (USD), -19% ($AVAX)
- $GRAPE: 10% (USD), +35% ($BNB)
- $THOR: -37% (USD), -23% ($AVAX)
- $VPND: -33% (USD), -18% ($AVAX)
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1/12 #Part 2⃣: StarkWare Ecosystem

👉2/12 Overview
👉3-4/12 #StarkEx
👉5/12 #StarkNet
👉6-7/12 Who is building on #starkNet?
👉8/12 Skininthegame
👉9/12 Layer #3
👉10-11/12 Roadmap
👉12/12 Comparison

#Part 1⃣: Powerl of StarkWare (👉) Image
2/12. Overview

StarkWare is STARK Proof Pioneers, bringing scalability, security, and privacy to a blockchain.

#StarkWare = #StarkEx (Validium/Volition; App-Specific, Permissioned) + #StarkNet (zkRollup; General purpose, Composability, Permissionless) Image
3/12. #StarkEx is the first product, and it is a permissioned #scaling #engine that runs over Ethereum. Just #special #purpose use cases. Ex payment, trade, swap, perp, minting NFT... that are very specific functionalities. You can see @deversifi, @dYdX, @Immutable, @Sorare Image
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What's the best long-term strategy for @DarkForestDeFi on #AVAX ?🤔

It's re-engineering the #DeFi space with a multi-protocol ecosystem where each element supports the next to generate #PassiveIncome to investors, sustainably.

Lets Break it Down... 🧵


$AVAX #Node
This isn't your average buy a node & compound/claim situation... its a vast ecosystem where all the elements inter-connect & support each other. Starting off on the right track is extremely important.

IMO a $1000 or more is the right amount to start.

#NodeLife #AVAX $AVAX #DeFi
Here's what you need to get started.

🌳 2 @DarkForestDeFi Nodes ($215 each)
🦌 2 Deer #NFTs ($210 each)
🍃 A bunch of $LEAF ($150)

Now that we got your investment allocated, let's talk strategy that is sustainable for you & the Forest.

$AVAX $NART #PassiveIncome #NFTCommunity
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[🎁#GIVEAWAY🎁] X @spring_nodes

Projet #node ultra bullish sur #AVAX

C'est le premier fork de @polar_nodes


◽️ 100$
◽️ 1 WL


• Follow @spring_nodes X @lionel_tlse
• TAG 2🐒
• Join

📌48H Image
📌Les infos ?

• WP :

• Discord :

• Twitter :
📌Le thread ?

Je vous laisse le thread de @IS7Tl, merci bg 👀

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📝Twitter Thread Contest :

You have 48h to write and post a thread on twitter on one of the following topics:

- How is Portals Finance a different node project than others?
- What makes you particularly bullish on Portals Finance?

#AVAX #Node #DeFi #GameFi

🚨 The only instructions are:

- To integrate in your thread at least one of the Portal Finance infographics made available to you in the following link:
- Embed: #AVAX #Node #DeFi #GameFi

- Post the twitter link of your thread in the discord channel "thread-contest".

And of course, remember to vote for your favorite thread.

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@DominiumFi is a protocol built on POLYGON which goal is to connect the wealth of the cryptocurrency community to real-world wealth, and by achieving that it will bring the wealth back to the people.

Tag along to discover this unique protocol. 🧵

✅Team KYC with @AssureDefi
✅Liquidity is held by a gnosis wallet
✅Treasury is held by Multi-Sig is
✅CTO is doxxed
✅Multiple Smart Contract Audits by CTDSec
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🧵 Thread on @aerariumfi, another innovative upcoming launch on #Metis based around fractional ownership or the protocol or Treasury-as-a-Service (TaaS). It takes the #node concept (which I strongly dislike) and innovates to make it sustainable (which I like). 1/17
Their #node alternatives are called fractals. Like #nodes you buy fractals using the native $AERA token. 1 fractal costs 10 $AERA. The base reward rate is 0.1 $AERA per 100k blocks on the #Metis network (roughly one day). Fractals will be tradable as #NFTs in due course. 2/17
However, unlike typical #node projects the total supply of both $AERA and fractals are finite. The objective is that by buying a fractal you are buying a fair representative fraction of the protocol, and sharing fairly in rewards/dividends from the protocol. 3/17
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