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Got some TEA for you ☕️… #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius #FireSigns

Whew 🥵 .. someone is not ready to let your fine ass go lol. Like your ex lover is stuck on you. You constantly run through their mind. I’m hearing Future song “Wait For You”, that part when he says “Early in the
morning, late at night (I will wait for you) It don't even matter what time it is”. It doesn’t matter with your person, it’s like you are the one. Your person may have to wait for you, and your person is willing to. I feel like you and this person no matter how the arguments go,
how you both say your done, it’s like your never really done. It’s like your person wants to build a legacy with you. Living life without you is not even fun for this person anymore. Your person is in the stage of feeling like they wouldn’t be okay seeing or hearing your with
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What you need to know right now.. #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius #FireSigns

If yon have something to say, speak up. Closed mouth don’t get fed. You have the power to change things. Yes you speaking on things that may not be sitting right with you might cause some heartache and you l
may feel like your gonna lose something. But that’s okay. Make the sacrifice and do what you need to do so you can sleep a little better at night and have these constant thoughts feeling like their overpowering you all day. You are stronger than you think. You were never meant to
be someone to just shut up and keep accepting things that you don’t deserve. You are about to transform into who you were to be. You can’t be afraid and back down. You’d re moving on to be better things. It’s time to embrace those fears and doubts so that every situation in
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💭💔 If your in separation from a #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius #FireSigns

Whew… your fire sign is literally going through it. Your person could’ve heard that you are starting something new with someone and isn’t liking any bit of it. They hate your new lover and hate the fact Image
that you moved on. Your person will do whatever it takes to make this work. Your person knows that they messed up everything and feels absolutely stupid for how things have turned out between the both of you. Your person just wants so badly to change your mind about them and come
back home to you. Whatever they ran to didn’t even mean much, but that’s how it goes. What they were looking for was right in the palm of their hands and this fire sign let you go.
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Your person current thoughts/feelings for/to: #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius #FireSigns

Your person was masking their feelings for you. It seems like your person didn’t really know what you truly meant until you was gone. Now your person got some information about you and now their Image
wanting to come back and make things right with you. Now their hurting and feeling some type of way now that you may be getting to know someone new. Now your person doesn’t want nobody unless it’s you and just feels their better off just being single and working on themselves.
Your person may have also chose someone that was a bit easier for them to deal with and be with. Whoever they ran to, it wasn’t no challenge there. You weren’t allowing someone to half step and walk all over you. Now your person is seeing how things are now without you.
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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Pisces #Aquarius #Capricorn ( s m r v ) 🤔❤️‍🔥✌🏾….🤩🎉

It took some time, but someone has re-evaluated their priorities. This person might’ve had a lot of responsibilities in their life that kept them from fully focusing on this connection…
but it looks like they’ve cut ties with those negative energies that have been taking advantage of their money and time. You might’ve felt like this person strung you along and played with your heart when you were in contact, but during this time of releasing old energy…
they’ve been staring at your photos. This person has been thinking a lot of about where things went wrong and they feel now is the best time to put work into this. They might’ve walked way from this connection, but they feel they left their heart with you…
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💌 Message for #Sagittarius #Cancer #Capricorn #Leo #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “I will tell you soon that you are the one for me.”
✨ “You’ve been thinking about me, because I’ve been thinking about you.”
✨ “I want to be honest with you…”
✨ “I didn’t know what I had until you were gone.”
✨ “I want this so badly, but I’m afraid of getting hurt, so I self sabotage.”
✨ “Thinking about you makes me emotional, and I’m ready to open up to you.”
✨ “I have so much going on in my life, and I’m struggling to juggle it all at once.”
✨ “I’m secretly in love with you.”
✨ “I fantasize about our life together.”
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Mula Nakshatra
Moolam Trishul
Mula nakshatra in the Vedic astrology and belongs to the Sagittarius sign.
The word ‘mula’ literally means root or is sometimes used to refer to a group of roots tied together.
Therefore, it is often said that people born under this nakshatra are those who are keenly inclined towards research and always delve deeper into the facts they come across.
It is believed that the milky way galaxy lies in this nakshatra. Therefore, the name ‘mula’ or central is conferred upon it.
The deity associated with the nakshatra is Niriti who is also considered as lord of destruction and is hailed as contemporary of goddess Kali.
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Poorvashada is the 18th nakshatra as per the Hindu Astrology. Its ruling planet is the Venus. It belongs to Sagittarius and its range lies between 13-20” to 26-40”
It is signified using the symbol of a fan, a winnowing basket, a bed or a tusk of an elephant
The animal symbol of this particular moon sign is a male monkey, which signifies beauty intelligence and power.
Some of the common characteristics of people with Poorvashada nakshatra is beautiful and slender body with extreme emotional quotient. This means that they feel emotions to the extreme.
It is easier for those of poorvashada nakshatra to make friends.
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❤️ Love messages for #Gemini #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Libra #Scorpio #Taurus (s,m,r,v) “Someone caused a rift between us and I’m not sure why i was listening to them” there is definitely a third party in this connection. For some of you, this could be meddling friends, for a few
others, this seems to be like a baby mommy/ baby daddy who is trying to get children to affect your person’s connection/ with you. You person regrets giving their loyalty to the other party. The happiness that they thought they could get there was just an illusion they fell for.
For some of you, they’re wanting a future with you and they are being optimistic about their situation, however, their addiction is affecting their dedication towards your relationship. For a very few of you, they could be addicted to the rush for the thrill of chase and once
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🔮✨ A message for You

#Aries - You could be stalling sending an email/ text, send it at once, especially if this is about you getting the closure
#Leo - Start living your life the way you want to not the way others want you to
#Sagittarius - You are worrying over small matters, release
#Cancer - A change is happening for your best, ago with the flow
#Pisces  - Your friends are supporting you at the moment, have faith
#Scorpio - Don’t be so good that you are in your own way!
#Taurus - Careful of a Blonde you know
#Virgo - Trust those nudges, they’re pointing you in the right direction
#Capricorn - Someone has been loving you from afar, this is someone who has made it obvious, but you least suspect them and their feelings
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✉️ Message for #Taurus #Scorpio #Leo #Sagittarius #Aries
( s m r v ) 💰💰✨☀️

Spirit is about to do some financial flexing in somebody’s life. You could be facing some financial constraints with no way out, but there’s always a way when spirit is involved…
There will be doors opening in ways you couldn’t even think up. The ways in which your financial prayers will be answered will be given to you in a manner only the divine could make possible. You’ll find yourself walking into financially stable period. No more…
borrowing or relying on others to help get things in order. There will be an opportunity, or a gift, coming your way that will allow you to rely on yourself and only yourself when things come about. This will bring back the forward movement you seek when it comes to growing…
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💌 Message for #Virgo #Leo #Cancer #Sagittarius #Capricorn ( s m r v ) 😓👋🏾❤️‍🩹

The last words someone said left another questioning whether to continue putting energy into a connection. This love is unrequited because someone is already committed to someone else, and you’ve…
now become their secret. This other individual that your person is currently in a connection with is a karmic that your person can’t seem to distance themselves from. I say all this because this person will be reaching out to you. They want to spend some quality time with…
just you, but they aren’t fully available. This person is interested in getting what they need from you. It seems they are very attracted to you, but they aren’t willing to make the necessary changes to take this connection serious. Keeping this person at a…
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✉️ Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Capricorn #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🥳📮✨🎁

You might be feeling on top of the world, and if you aren’t, you will be soon. There’s an offer coming in that’ll bring the happiness back where you’ve been feeling a bit heavy…
You might’ve had your eye on something from the past that you thought wouldn’t come your way, or you might be feeling like an opportunity was missed, but it’s here. It might be something you’ve given up on, or even forgot about, but this needed to show up at the right time….
This will be a victory for you and recognition will be given. There might be some temptation that suddenly arrives to try and deter you from accepting and entering this joyous time, but don’t fall victim to these lower vibrational energies. You haven’t gotten this far…
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💌 Message for #Aries #Capricorn #Libra #Gemini #Sagittarius ( s m r v ) 💙✨📖

A connection is now evolving in the right direction. Someone has wished for better days and hoped for much needed progress, so a brand new beginning within a connection will soon present itself….
There is so much love and attraction between two people, but someone, or something that was said, might’ve came in between this. Someone might’ve withdrawn their energy from the other making the longevity of this connection unclear. There’s been a switch in this…
persons energy though. They are missing this connection and the comfort of your presence so they’re hoping you can both whether the storm and get back on track in the direction towards a powerful union. They fear you might have your guard up when they reach out, but this…
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💌 Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Pisces #Libra #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🕯❤️‍🔥💪😘

Someone is done keeping their love from you inside. This person has been keeping their feelings a secret and now the time to express them and build together has come….
There’s someone who wants to begin a beautiful connection with you. They’ve daydreamed of days spent with you and the love that they hope you’ll eventually share. This individual sees how independent and hardworking you are on your own, and they feel you can add…
significant love and value to their life. They have been preparing and readying themselves for somebody to come along and grow with them. They’ve built solid connections around them and have a circle of people that they can trust, but one thing they feel they are…
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💌 Message for #Leo #Pisces #Capricorn #Sagittarius #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 🙏🏾❤️☹️

Someone will be begging you to stay soon, if they haven’t already. There’s a connection that might’ve started online. The communication and chemistry might’ve been amazing, but once you met up in…
person the vibes just want there, or they faded quickly. You might’ve found some things about them that you couldn’t tolerate, but someone got bored and ghosted. There’s been some sudden clarity on someones part. They want to come forward again….
This person might be a bit shy and never really expressed themselves the way that they would’ve liked, but they are considering taking a leap of faith. There will be communication, and the choice to entertain this connection will be entirely up to you…
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✉️ Message for #Virgo #Gemini #Sagittarius #Libra #Leo
( s m r v ) ….🍀✨🤑💞

A streak of good luck and fortune is headed your way. You’ve seen slow progress and very little reward for the efforts you’ve put into something, but that steady progress has led to a bountiful…
reward. This could be in regards to finances but an opportunity will lead to a period of stability and relief. This could be an offer coming through that someone has been waiting for. You might’ve held back from doing certain things or cut back from spending but this time…
is coming to an end. The sacrifice will be worth the payout. Spirit is proud that you’ve chosen to stay focused, and diligent in order to reach this goal. No more imbalance, it’ll be smooth sailing for you. There might also be a connection forming on the horizon...
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💌 Expressions from their heart for #Sagittarius #Virgo #Leo #Pisces #Aries #Taurus ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “I was confused about what I wanted in the past, but I know I want to make you all mine now.”
✨ “I never meant to make you cry.”…
✨ “I feel spiritually married to you. Like you’ve been mine forever.”
✨ “I know I pulled away after I said I wanted a future with you, but life became unbalanced and it made me insecure.”
✨ “I can feel you silently suffering. I can hear your heart and soul cry out for me. My love, nothing goes unnoticed.”
✨ “I want us to talk through things properly instead of fighting and getting mad about it.”
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✉️ Message for #Libra #Taurus #Sagittarius #Leo #Scorpio
( s m r v ) 🤝🤑✨

This next chapter in life that you find yourself walking into is all about successful partnerships in regards to your finances. You might be feeling stuck when you think…
about your stability, and negative spending habits and endeavors have never left you in a position to expand financially, but there will be an opportunity or offer presented to you that will help move you forward. This will bring in the right people that will see your…
worth as an individual with a lot to bring to the table. If this is in regards to a position at work that others are fighting for, you will stand out from the rest. The choice will be easy, and you’ll get it over anybody else who might feel like you’re competition…
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💌 Message for #Leo #Sagittarius #Virgo #Gemini #Capricorn ( s m r v ) 😳🗞🥰✨

You might stumble upon some news from the source itself, or from someone you know, but there has been a separation between two individuals who have been together for awhile. There was a lot…
occurring behind closed doors, as in every relationship, but someone felt stuck in a connection that they didn’t want to be in any longer. There was some spying on another individual, I’m assuming this is your energy, that was occurring while this past connection…
was still in progress. Someone felt there was a block to you, and they couldn’t express the way they felt about this connection and the bond you both shared. They were looking for signs in regards to you and the direction they should take, and at the time…
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💌 Message for #Taurus #Aquarius #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius
( s m r v ) 😥💭

You, or someone you are connected to, might be having some internal conflict about this connection because it’s not the right time for this union to come together. Spirit is asking that you…
release and let go of this individual. This person has a history of being in toxic relationships, they don’t know what a good connection is, or what a healthy connection is supposed to feel like quite yet. There’s growth that needs to be had within them, so this cycle of…
waiting and wanting them back must come to an end. This connection that you long after is stalling progress for one that is meant to come your way. This past person was a lesson that was meant to elevate you to higher levels of love and commitment, but before…
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✉️ Message for #Leo #Aquarius #Aries #Capricorn #Sagittarius ( s m r v ) …..😌⛱✨

You might be coming out of a tough cycle in life at the moment. There might’ve been multiple things that you felt were weighing you down with no relief in sight, but there is a bigger…
change occurring that will be propel you upward into much happier times. There has been stagnancy, obstacles, and heavy burdens, but it had to occur. You just went through some heavy clearing. There was a release that needed to happen, and then a pause, so that…
past debt could be cleared. There’s no more surprises from the past that will come to trip you up, you’re walking into endless possibilities. I’m not saying life will be a cake walk, there’s always twist and turns that come up, but there wont be lingering wounds from the…
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💌 Message for #Sagittarius #Pisces #Cancer #Virgo #Aries
( s m r v ) 📜🙅

Remember the promises you’ve made to yourself. You’ve chosen to honor who you are, and you’ve finally decided to want better for your future, so this is not the time to go backwards…
There is someone in your energy who you have a soul connection with. This person might be taken already, or they might have an agreement with someone else, but they admire you from afar. In the past the conversations were amazing, and you felt a bond to this person…
like no one before them. This individual might’ve been the cause for you accepting less than what you deserve, and you might’ve found your standards reflecting less than your worth when it came to this connection. You let a lot slide that you shouldn’t…
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💌 Message for #Cancer #Sagittarius #Libra #Leo #Virgo
( s m r v ) ✒️ 📖💗

Someone is manifesting and rewriting a love story. This connection might’ve been through a bunch of in and out phases, and individually you both might’ve been through so much, but there’s a new spark…
within this connection that has the potential to show itself soon. In the past someone enjoyed being the center or attention. They enjoyed standing out in the crowd and sometimes their arrogance got the best of them. This person brought heartbreak and…
disappointments because of their actions. They might’ve been deceptive, and controlling because of their own insecurities, but something in life created a time out for them. This standstill allowed for you both to have a change in perspective….
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