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#FelizNavidad, os presento la imagen que creó el #PapaNoel que conocemos, el cliché que hoy por hoy se conoce a nivel global.

Es un diseño de Haddon #Sundblom (1956) llamada “The Pause that Refreshes” y es una obra encargada para la publicidad de #CocaCola.

Te cuento ⬇️ Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976)...
Quizás el origen del personaje es Nicolas de Myr o Nicolas de Bari, un obispo y santo que vivió en Turquía en el siglo VI, que legó todas sus posesiones a los pobres, muy popular y venerado como santo "milagrero".

Aquí un icono tallado del santo.

Sigue⬇️ Image
No entremos en la historia del santo, apasionante por otra parte, sino en su evolucion del personaje.

La imagen de San Nicolas llegó a América con la emigración europea, y en 1809 el famoso escritor Washington #Irving decidió relatar el cuento “Historias de Nueva York”.

Sigue⬇️ Image
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Human Rights Heroes Santa & Scrooge via @YouTube Our modern image of Santa and the character of Scrooge are icons of Christmas that were born in the era of the civil war, workers' rights. Charles Dickens and Thomas Nast artists in service to human values.
Time to educate Americans. The Origin of Santa Claus, originates from Charles Dickens written work back in 1843 prior to the American civil war, then during the War to help galvanize Union forces in the north, Santa Claus was first drawn/created -"by Thomas Nast a Cartoonist 1)
Thomas Nast first drew Santa Claus in January 1863, for Harper's Weekly. Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1929, via Metropolitan Museum of Art under CC 1.0
You could call it the face that launched a thousand Christmas letters. Appearing on January 3, 1863, in the illustrated magazine-
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Know the 7 Indian Santa Clauses

1. MK Gandhi: Gifted Pakistan to Indian Muslims. Ambedkar wanted total exchange of Hindu-Muslim population, which was fair. After all, why should India keep the Muslims who created Pakistan.
But Gandhi let them stay. Plus, he gifted Rs 50 crore allowing Pakis to invade Kashmir..

2. Nehru: Gifted Tibet and Aksai Chin to China; half of Kashmir to Pakistan; Coco Islands to Myanmar. China now uses the islands to spy on India.
Nehruddin also gifted 88% of the Indus river waters to Pakistan and yes, he gifted the Bharat Ratna to himself.
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Today is Christmas and we relate Christmas with Santa Claus. We recognize Santa Claus as someone with a White moustache & beards and with Red Coloured Clothes.

But, what if I told you that in India, there is a guy that only wears red and white!

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Everything he has is either in the color Red or White or both.
Who is this Guy? And why is he so obsessed with Red & White?
In the busy streets of Bangalore there is a house that stands out from the rest. It has the colors red & white. His owner calls it 'The red & whitehouse' Image
When you step into his house it is like stepping into another world. He basically took his favorite colors and put them on everything he owns.
The walls, bed, plates even his Matchbox or his toothpaste have to be in red & white. If the object has any other color he won't buy it Image
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#MerryChristmas2021! If I had one wish from #SantaClaus, what would it be?
With the #OmicronVariant, there’s a lot of chat on what countries should do with #COVID_19 vaccinations – start boosters or complete the first round of the recommended two doses for everyone? If boosters, should it be for all, or select populations? My take.
As a global community, there is no question what we should do – work towards #VaccineEquity, and make sure that every eligible human gets their two doses. Remember, none of us are safe, unless all of us are safe. Cliched, but true.
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Siapa itu #SantaClaus?
Nama: Nicholas of Myra atau Nicholas of Bari
Dilahirkan pd abad ke-3 masihi sekitar 280 A.D
Mati pada 6 Disember 345 atau 352 A.D
Memegang jawatan Bishop kawasan Myra (sekarang dlm Turki Moden) pd abad ke-4 masihi.
Nicholas of Myra dianggap suci & keramat maka diberi gelaran Santos (Saint/Santa) oleh penyembahnya dlm kalangan Kristian.
Dianggap wali keramat bg: pedagang,pelaut,pengembara, kanak-kanak, dll. Disuci & dipuja di geraja² Greek, Roman Katolik, & Eastern Orthodox.
Basilica St Nicolas di Bari, Itali dianggap tempat persemadian tulang² keramatnya & terdapat air yg keluar dari kuburnya yg dijadikan bahan Tabarruk dikenali sebagai: Manna of St Nicholas.
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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the tweets
Not a user was stirring, not even in fleets
The drafts were all scheduled for the a.m. with care
In hopes that virality soon would be there
The children were all nestled all snug in their snaps
Their instas, their twitches, their lit tiktok apps;
And mamma in her Pinterest, and I in my LinkedIn,
Had just settled down (the edible had kicked in)
When out on the lawn there arose such a ruckus!
I cursed the doorbell stream app I'd deleted for 'Among Us'
Plus the wi-fi was down, so I leapt from my bed
Flung open the window and lifted it over my head.
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#RealInvestmentReport is out!
The #bullish #bias kept #market holding above recent #breakout levels, but extensions and deviations from means remain extreme. We could see further weakness next week before the year-end "#WindowDressing" #rally.…
While markets did weaken slightly over the last few sessions, the #market remained above recent breakout levels. However, with a short-term #MACD #sellsignal, and #options #expiration next Friday, we could see further weakness next week.… Image
In August we laid out our year-end #target of 3750. With the #SantaClaus rally ahead, (in reality it is #WindowDressing week) we are close to our mark. 2021 will likely prove to be disappointing as we lay out the #risks.… Image
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Mi propósito para 2020 será el mismo que tuve en 2019 (ver una película al dia) peeeeero para subir la apuesta añadiré ver también toooodos los extras de las pelis que tengo en formato físico. Sí, eso incluye todas las pistas de audiocomentarios.
Tengo más de 180 largometrajes
Empiezo con #SilencioDesdeElMal y resulta que no tiene extras. Not bad, así compenso cuando me toque ver las docenas de horas de extras de la trilogia de El señor de los anillos. La revisión me da que pensar lo que le gusta a James Wan las viejas chungas y moñecos creepys
Contiene cortos animados con anécdotas de los creadores, un video de Buzz en la @NASA_es y el globo de Buzz en el desfile de acción de gracias de New York. Bravo por la originalidad de contenidos. Revisionar #ToyStory por enésima vez es gloria
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¿Cómo (no) reconocemos las galaxias más masivas y distantes del Universo? En el último artículo #MNRAS #astronomia del año te contamos la historia de la elusiva NGP6_D1. La explicación para todo público en el hilo 👇 1/7 #SantaClaus #Olentzero @inaoe_mx Image
NGP6_D1 es una galaxia brillante descubierta por casualidad por el satélite @Planck en la región del Polo Norte Galáctico (NGP). Planck estudiaba el fondo cósmico de microondas, reliquia del Big Bang (imagen), y otras emisiones de astros son contaminantes a limpiar. 2/7 Image
NGP6_D1 tiene la peculiaridad de detectarse como una galaxia brillante a longitudes de onda > 850 micras pero no se detecta en longitudes de onda más cortas, con @ESAHerschel. Es lo que llamamos una “galaxia caída”, porque se “cae” de los catálogos en las ondas cortas. 3/7 Image
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#HematologyTweetstory #6: the ‘pawn ball megakaryocyte’. We’ll revisit Dr. Frankenstein from Tweetstory #1, discover the origin of Santa Claus, and travel from Boston to Las Vegas – a flight the clever guys from the MIT Blackjack Team used to make every Friday. #hematopathology/1
‘Pawn ball’ megakaryocytes have 3 distinct nuclear lobes; this is abnormal. The first reference I’ve found that uses this term is a 1984 @BloodJournal paper by David Rosenthal & William C. Moloney (1907-1991). Dr Rosenthal @DanaFarber led @Harvard Health Services until 2011/2
Moloney, who became the champion of the 'pawn ball meg.' concept, came from @TuftsMedicalCtr & the old Boston City Hospital to become hematology chief at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (now @BrighamWomens) in 1966. He continued to work until he turned 90 in 1997. @BrighamHeme /3
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Here comes #SantaClaus, Here comes #SantaClaus #naas @GardaTraffic @kfmradio @moattheatre @NaasBall
Our neighbours @DrossEvolution gave out this little #snowmen to kids in #Naas to be decorated. Aren’t they amazing? ⛄️
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