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When it comes to #Momentum investing or rather any other type of investing, knowing when to exit > knowing when to enter!!

#MostlyMomentum #investing #StockMarket

Following are few basic types of technical ratios, indicators, other methods, etc., you can use for exits. This is mainly for rule based investing, and non-discretionary type of investments!­
All following examples are just for illustration purpose, go with what suits your behavior as an investor, but once selected, do not change it again and again.
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$REV-Playout PT 1: Our previously implied #bullflag is playing out like we said. During the after hours today, we came retraced to re-test the 0.618 #fibonacci ratio ($8.27) and have now closed the day at $8.35. This tells us that #rev #stock is respecting market geometry... cont
$REV-Playout PT 2: Price action is suggesting what we previously mentioned, #rev may want to continue in this phase for some more time and potentially reach the channel top before the next capitulation phase starts... cont
$REV-Playout PT 3: On our first #rev #stock post, we found hidden bullish divergence in the daily #RSI indicator and it worked out nicely. We can still go into a more overbought zone before driving down... cont
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$REV-Macro Perspective PT 1: Let's take note of our macro direction. We can see on the weekly time frame that #rev #stock is playing iterations of capitulation phases. There's still be room to continue the last iteration longer. There's something we should note here... cont Image
$REV-Macro Perspective PT 2: In each of these iterations we have wicked to new lower low and #rev has used that lower wick as an area of interest and resistance before capitulating again. Our current iteration has made a new lower wick... cont Image
$REV-Macro Perspective PT 3: The reason we may play the current iteration longer is due to the support marked to the left with a red arrow from back in 2006! This backs our next thread of analysis... cont Image
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$RDBX-Before We Run PT 1: We have touched down at the bottom of both our channel and ascending triangle formations. Keep in mind that this drop has been spoken of for days now and we're pretty much where we said we'd be. This introduces a support range... cont Image
$RDBX-Before We Run PT 2: We have a support ranging from $3.63 to $4.23. Falling to the $3.63 bottom would still keep us in our higher high and higher low basis... cont Image
$RDBX-Before We Run PT 3: Our 3 Day #BBWP #indicator is running higher into the extreme highs. This can give us a clue into the incoming buy pressure. It appears as though there can be enough fuel in the coming days for a serious run to the upside... cont Image
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Dużo łatwiej jest pisać raport z portfela, gdy jest on na plusie, ale przecież my tu myślimy długoterminowo, wszakże jest to portfel dywidendowy :).
Tak więc niezależnie od nastrojów na #fintwit zaczynamy :)
Dla przypomnienia:
💫 saldo początkowe▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r.▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w obecnym sezonie▶️-4,49%
💰 na rachunek wpłynęła pierwsza dywidenda od #rokita . Gotówka dostępna▶️272,75 pln.
#ike #ikze #dywidenda #akcje
Tabela z dywidendami. Od ostatniego tygodnia nic się nie zmieniło. Czekamy na informacje z kolejnych spółek. Zobaczymy, czy ktoś zdezerteruje czy jednak każda z wymienionych spółek podzieli się zyskiem.
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Due to the current apparent contradiction between some of the higher timeframes, I decided to do a study on MAC-D crosses throughout #Bitcoin's history using the Brave New Coin liquid index $BNC for $BTC 🤓
Hope someone else finds it useful as well. 🦾💕🧵
Since the current MAC-D cross that has most people worried -as it's opposing most of its lower periods- is the monthly, let's focus on that timeframe first.
All previous downward monthly MAC-D crosses happened around the middle of bear markets and were followed by bull traps before resuming the downtrend.
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #portfeldywidendowy
Zapraszam Was do zapoznania się z najnowszym raportem z portfela :
💫 saldo początkowe ▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r. ▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w 2022 r. ▶️ +0,92%
💫 gotówka ▶️ 58,15 pln
📄 Poniżej wyciąg z portfela.
Do portfela wrócił pakiet akcji #voxel. Cena zakupu 39,90 pln.Decyzję o zakupie podjąłem 23 marca. Wtedy to pojawiły się większe obroty. Technicznie walor jest mocno schłodzony. Do tego #voxel posiada politykę dywidendową.
Kurs konsoliduje się pomiędzy 38,5 pln-40 pln. Na wykresie tygodniowym RSI jest już wyjątkowo nisko. Jeśli #analizatechniczna ma jakieś atuty, to najbliższe dwa tygodnie są okresem, w którym #AT ma szansę to udowodnić.
#ike #ikze
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1⃣Merhaba arkadaşlar söz verdiğim gibi kripto taramayı adım adım anlatacağım sizlere.

İlk önce @tr_tradingview uygulamasını açıyoruz. Arkasından görseldeki gibi takipçi kısmına tıklıyoruz.Ordan kripto takipçisine tıklıyoruz ve tüm coinler listeleniyor.

@orhnrck @kriptooffice Image
2⃣ Gördüğünüz gibi 11206 adet coin listelendi. Bunlar borsalarda yer alan irili ufaklı tüm coinler dahil, tek tek hepsine bakamayacığımız için istediğimiz kriterleri sağlayanları seçeceğiz. Bunun içim sağ tarafta turuncu bölgede filtreler kısmına tıklıyoruz. Image
3⃣Karşımıza böyle bir sayfa çıkacak. Image
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"Trading Divergences in RSI."

In this thread 🧵, we will discuss:
1. What is Divergence
2. Why are they formed
3. Types of Divergences
4. #Trading RSI Divergence
I had discussed #RSI indicator in my last thread.

If you have not read about RSI, I will encourage you to read about that first before learning about Divergence

What is a #Divergence?

It is when price & indicator are giving a different set of information. For instance, if price is going higher but indicator is not or viceversa, this shows that there is a dispute. In ideal case scenario – If price making high, indicator should also
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#MACD is a common indicator which most of us use in the stock market.

This learning thread would be on
"𝙐𝙨𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙛 𝑴𝑨𝑪𝑫"

Like👍 & Retweet🔁for wider reach and for more such learning thread in the future.

Also, a trading strategy is shared in the end.

Before going ahead, those who want to understand what MACD indicator is and what was its history?

They can read about this in the link below👇…

An image of how MACD indicator looks like is shared.

Strategy 1:

MACD Crossover.

It's like the Moving Average Crossover.

Bullish Setup:
1. Blue Line crosses above Orange Line.
2. Or Green bars are formed after Red bars.

CAMS chart is shared for bullish crossover.

Line chart is used only for demonstration.

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Hilo recopilatorio de mi primer bloque de vídeos sobre conceptos clave en el #trading:

01 - Dow Theory
02 - Psicología de mercado
03 - Conceptos clave de Análisis Técnico
04 - Entender tipos de líneas en charts
05 - Estudio de Velas
06 - Entender Volumen
07 - Indicadores

Vídeo explicativo sobre Dow Theory:

Fe de erratas:
Parte práctica del video
-digo "líneas objetivas" cuando claramente son subjetivas
-poco después llamo resistencia a un soporte (puedo ver a los puristas afilando cuchillos)
Aquí tenéis dos vídeos sobre conceptos básicos de Analisis Tecnico

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Thread 🧵on #Indicators used in #TechnicalAnalysis.

Must read for those who wish to learn #TechnicalAnalysis.

(Re-Tweet if you like to maximize the reach.)

#Technicalindicators are mathematical calculations or pattern-based signals produced by the price, volume, and/or open interest of a security or contract used by traders who follow #TechnicalAnalysis.

Technical Indicators are divided in 4 broad types -

1. Trend Indicators
2. Momentum Indicators
3. Volatility Indicators
4. Volume Indicators

#TechnicalAnalysis #Technicalindicators
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Sır gibi saklanıp küçük yatırımcıya gösterilmeyen formüller;

*kullanıcı peryot değiştirlebilir
**kullanıcı tersini yazarak aşağı kesenleri de bulabilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image

10günlük hareketli ortalaması 50 günlüğü kesenler

*kullanıcı peryot değiştirlebilir
**kullanıcı tersini yazarak aşağı kesenleri de bulabilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image
3⃣ son 3 peryottur hacmi artanlar

*kullanıcı 3 vs değiştirebilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image
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#RealInvestmentReport is out!
The #bullish #bias kept #market holding above recent #breakout levels, but extensions and deviations from means remain extreme. We could see further weakness next week before the year-end "#WindowDressing" #rally.…
While markets did weaken slightly over the last few sessions, the #market remained above recent breakout levels. However, with a short-term #MACD #sellsignal, and #options #expiration next Friday, we could see further weakness next week.… Image
In August we laid out our year-end #target of 3750. With the #SantaClaus rally ahead, (in reality it is #WindowDressing week) we are close to our mark. 2021 will likely prove to be disappointing as we lay out the #risks.… Image
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💎Thread of Technical Indicators💎

🚀@Prashantshah267 author of two great books

📈Posted #Threads on Technical Indicators & insights.

📈Posting all the #Threads collectively here

Kudos for his efforts in sharing the knowledge..
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I am building up on the concept of #RTM shared by @heartwon in this post -

#RTM = Short-Term Mvng Avg (5DEMA) / Longer-Term Mvng Avg (20 DEMA)

He adds another #RTM: 4 Week EMA / 12 Week EMA on the #charts to get a holistic view
So the two #RTM's work like a MACD except that an #MACD plots the absolute difference between 2 mvng avgs. But since we are dividing one avg with another in #RTM we can use it to compare one stock with another which we cant do in a MACD.
I have applied the concept of RTM on F&O stocks and come up with some insights. If the daily #RTM value is above the Weekly #RTM value then I define the trend as bullish. Then I calculate the difference between Daily and weekly #RTM's across F&O stocks. Image
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📌 #Para💰 Kaybetmemize Sebep Olan En Büyük Hatalar
Bu flood ile bu zamana kadar #forex olsun #borsa olsun piyasalarda insanların niçin para kaybettiklerini kendi tecrübe ve gözlemlerime göre sizlere özetlemeye çalışacağım.
Lütfen dikkatlice okuyup beğeni ve RT yapmayı unutmayın
1️⃣ Piyasalarda işlem yapıp zarar edenlerin yaptıkları ilk hata piyasa bilgisine ve yeterli eğitime sahip olmadan bu piyasalarda işlem yapmasıdır. #Trading belki de bu dünyanın en zor işidir. Çünkü sadece eğitim yetmez aynı zamanda çelik gibi bir iradeye sahip olmaniz gerekir. Image
2️⃣ Plansız işleme girmek! Hayatımızda birçok şeyi en ince ayrıntısına kadar planlarken maalesef işleme nereden gireceğiz ne zaman çıkacağız gibi basit soruların cevabı olmadan işlem açıp kapatıyoruz. İşlem giriş seviyesi, stoploss noktası ve hedef önceden belirlenmelidir. Image
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