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1/ #VoICE #SelfPublishing #UnderTheSun I don’t like the tone and tenor of the tweets on recent ‘piracy’ incident by the author of a book written by a veteran. Social Media has been used in a very filthy way and hundreds of veterans with zero understanding of publishing have been
2/ so eloquent in criticising the act, naming and shaming the suspect and painting the author as ‘peedit’ ‘victim’. No Sir. We need to understand publishing field. My book, ‘Under The Sun’ was published on 27 Sep 2022. It is on Amazon and Kindle. I started writing my
3/ ‘self publishing’ journey from Feb 2022 in form of tweets and threads. You will find at least 20 threads that give graphic details of each step of publishing. I shared it real time. I added numerous novel features like printing buyers name on ‘personalised’ copies. Everything
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1/ 200 books packed after QC Check, 287 books to be packed today. ‘Under The Sun’ is BEFORE TIME. Credibility maintained at 100%. I had promised ink signed authors message and signed books PLUS your name printed on back cover for all books booked upto 27 Aug. It is done.
2/ #SelfPublishing #UnderTheSun I promised ink signed messages and authors signature for all books preordered upto 20 Sep. I have received orders for 42 books since 28 Aug. These will be ink signed in a day. I have received few orders as ‘Birthday Return Gifts’ where refers paid
3/ for 10-15 books and filled in addresses of friends for dispatch. You can save trouble of making 10-15 individual payments to write 15 addresses. Just pay and message me on DM. Can forward all addresses on wapp to me. Just need your details to forward tracking number. Make best
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1/ #SelfPublishing also means complete 360 degree management. Today is ‘sorting out’ day. 467 books to be sorted out for each reader with specific requests. Once sorting in batch of fifty books is done, I will take list of first fifty preorders and check each for ‘personalised’ Image
2/ name printed on back cover. Sorting out of book ‘Under the Sun’ in progress👇🏻. Left with 50 books to be piled up in respective bundle of fifty. Once list is double checked, we start printing name and addresses on envelopes. Next job is to put each book in correct envelope!
3/ Next job is to format excel file for e-com aggregator. I must mention here that one of the finest professionals and a human being I met in this torturous journey of self publishing was Akshat, my printer, friend and guide. He keeps trust in humanity alive. That’s him Image
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1/ #UnderTheSun What a wonderful feeling seeing my own book printed and stacked for ‘final cutting’. My book ‘UNDER THE SUN’ finally sees light of the day. All copies ready for delivery as I write this tweet. We commence the ‘logistics’ part now and prepare for dispatch.
2/ The hard work, toil, frustration, challenges, stress, deadlines and interacting and handling numerous people on way to #SelfPublishing is something that we have institutionalised. We have a 89 page scrap book in which we noted any and everything along the journey. This is an
3/ absolute ‘must read’ for first time authors. Some extremely crucial meetings with ‘retailers’ or ‘book sellers’ was an eye opener. Without reading my work how the owners of book shops convinced me of how useless I was as an author, that ‘should be happy if few copies get sold’
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Read threads with #SelfPublishing #CostCutting #UnderTheSun to understand cost cutting in self-publishing. When we started we were demoralised at Rs 6.1 lacs that came as cost to publish our book.
2/ #SelfPublishing #CostCutting #UnderTheSun Established publishers either did not want to touch a new author with a barge pole or wanted us to ‘bear cost’.

We were not ready to dilute the standards we had set for ourselves:
-Made In India paper (99% novels use imported paper).
3/ #SelfPublishing #CostCutting #UnderTheSun
-Highly acclaimed editor.
-Latest printing machines.
-YOUTH as designers for our cover art.
-High quality typesetters.
-E Commerce logistics providers
And more…

We toiled & found out cheaper ways. We simply decided to SELF PUBLISH.
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1/ #SelfPublishing #UnderTheSun My first book, a collection of my personal experiences converted to ‘Military Tales’ is being released on 27 Sep 2022.

I am a first time ‘author’ with no money to publish.

I have shot four videos so far explaining journey on how the book…..
2/ #SelfPublishing #UnderTheSun …the book is coming up and what we are found to ‘self-publish’ it.

There are so many first time authors like me with shoe-string budget.

We will, through YouTube videos on my channel and podcasts take you through complete journey….
3/ #SelfPublishing #UnderTheSun of ‘self-publishing’ including costs, sequence of work, timelines, promotion, website-payment integration…in fact everything.

We will arm you with complete knowledge and later help out self-publishers.

Uploading first video soon.
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"It’s mediaschmerz—a sadness about the news cycle and news media, which is distinct from the experience of our everyday life. I’m not sure if I think this is good or bad. It simply is. Individual hope and national despair are not contradictions." @DKThomp…
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Heute geht es beim #autor_innensonntag von @JustinePust um: #miteinanderstattgegeneinander 🤝

Ich habe meine alten Messefotos durchwühlt und diesen #Throwback von der #FrankfurterBuchmesse2019 gefunden: Meine Kollegin @carina_schnell und ich beim Stand vom @KnaurVerlag.

1/8 Carina schnell und ich grin...Carina schnell und ich grin...
Irgendwie hat mich das Bild angelacht, weil es voll positiver Energie ist. Man sieht uns den Spaß an.

Carina und ich sind einen langen, teils ähnlichen Weg gegangen, anfangs #Indie, übers @Nornennetzwerk, nun veröffentlichen wir beide bei Knaur. Wir standen uns nie im Weg,

im Gegenteil, haben uns über jeden Schritt der anderen gefreut.

Ich bin als Schreiberin aktiv, seit ich 17 war, also acht Jahre. In dieser Zeit habe ich viele Menschen getroffen, die mich weitergebracht, herausgefordert, aufgefangen haben.

Da waren die Leute des

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In “A New Copyright Bargain?”, @rgibli says that existing international #copyright laws are based on a number of assumptions that either no longer apply or have been disproven.

Is it time for a reexamination of the system we’ve developed?
One of those assumptions is that #copyright is a way to incentivize cultural production, but history and empirical evidence shows us the optimal copyright term to incentivize production is only 15-25 years.

Long copyright terms can actually discourage creativity.
It's also assumed that #copyright is necessary to encourage ongoing investment in existing works, but again empirical evidence shows the reverse: works in the public domain are more readily available.

Digitization is making it even easier for investment in public domain titles.
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