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Excited for the start of “Podcasts as Pedagogy” with @WhitneyMartinko @flipping_A_tchr @erin_bartram and Fabricio Prado, chaired by @BFWorldPodcast host @lizcovart. #AHA20 #s191 #teaching #podcasts…
Chair @lizcovart is letting the audience know that the session is being recorded for *possible* future use (depending on audio quality!). #AHA20 #s191
Prado teaches at @williamandmary, where he often assigns podcasts in his courses on colonial Latin America to “emphasize the wider Atlantic world.” #AHA20 #s191
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My next (and sadly my last) #AHA20 livetweet for the #sschat community bright & early on a Sunday morning....

"The Role of History Educators in a Time of Crisis" with @chriscmartell @HSGlobalHistory @TrevorGetz4

What *needs* to happen in history education?
@chriscmartell @HSGlobalHistory @TrevorGetz4 @chriscmartell is up first: focus on building bridges between historians & history teachers
a few thousand self-identified historians/professors in US
1.1 million elementary generalists are often overlooked when considering 'who teaches history'
@chriscmartell @HSGlobalHistory @TrevorGetz4 18% of the almost 300K undergrad history majors report they wish to become K-12 teachers!
Decline of history majors is bad news for public ed

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So this semester I'm teaching an interdisciplinary seminar that has to do with segregation in American cities, and I'm so excited about the online mapping projects I've found that I have to share them here 🤓

They not only superimpose HOLC maps over a contemporary one, but you can also download hi-res scans that you can just keep zooming in on

(Plus, check out their list of resources)…
Next up, @policymap has the HOLC maps uploaded too, plus you can crossreference other data

(Follow the link in the article below, which will tell you more about the possibilities they offer)…
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With so much interest in history classroom simulations these days, I thought people might be interested in a few social studies research articles.


#sschat #historyed #historyeducation #socialstudies #edchat #k12chat
Essential reading: “Simulating Survival,” Simone Schweber’s 2003 article in Curriculum Inquiry in which she reports on a full semester of close observation of a teacher’s Holocaust simulation…
Schweber enters the classroom with significant reservations about these kinds of simulations. By the end of the study, she’s much more open to the possibilities they offer
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Looking for a good summer read? Here are just a few ideas for articles about social studies, if any of you are into that kind of thing...
#sschat #historyeducation #historyed #edchat #socialstudies
Daniel Byrd's SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION AS A MORAL ACTIVITY: TEACHING TOWARD A JUST SOCIETY provides a powerful argument about the role of our field in sustaining democracy…
Vakil & colleagues on THE INTERDEPENDENCE OF SOCIAL STUDIES AND SPECIAL EDUCATION talks about why citizenship & self-determination are important for Ss with cognitive disabilities - and why that matters for all of us
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Hi there! I have a lot of new followers (!!) who are of the college faculty/academia world and I thought I’d take the opportunity to address a couple things I’ve noticed as I’ve transitioned from college to high school teaching over the past 7 years. A thread... /1
So I see a lot along the lines of “What are they teaching these kids in HS? Why don’t HS teachers teach X? Why can’t my college students do Y?” And I’d like to give some context. I myself complained mightily about my students’ shortcomings as a college prof, but now that /2
I have some experience “on the other side” as it were I feel like I can help to clarify what most college faculty might not be aware of that will help re: the reality of HS teaching. We tend to remember what high school was like for us (in the 80s/90s for most of us) and /3
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2018: My Year of Reading. A thread that follows my reading journey from January to December. Every book I've read with a 280 character review. Tagged a few folks who influence the shape of my literary life 📚 #THEBOOKCHAT #DisruptTexts #TeachLivingPoets 📚
1. Never Let Me Go; Kazuo Ishiguro: A supremely crafted narrative begins unassumingly, but quickly reveals a different notion of childhood innocence and coming of age. The conversational tone fooled me into thinking I was walking into a world I understood. Nobel worthy.
2. We Should All Be Feminists; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: As an author who breathes eloquence, Adichie doesn't disappoint. This short book/long essay is insightful and logical and human. If we want to raise boys without the toxic masculinity, this is on the required reading list.
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Thread. Last month I published an article about how resistance within slavery needs to be something we center in social studies classes
#historyed #sschat #socialstudies #slavery #slaveryarchive
It's in The History Teacher, but they don't publish online until 6-12 months after the paper copy, so - what with #SlaveryWasAChoice trending & last month's @splcenter @Tolerance_org survey & articles - I'm tweeting through it here
Basically, my argument is that we need to represent the PERSONHOOD of enslaved people - and that doing so means recognizing that *they resisted in countless ways* that go far beyond the narrow textbook renderings of self-liberation/escape & uprising (although those are important)
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