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Nadler, Cohen, Lee, Swalwell, and the other abysmal morons on the House Judiciary Committee would do well in the waning moments of this #ConstitutionDay to finally read #theConstitution.
May I recommend particular attention to Articles II and III, which establish separate, co-equal branches? An Executive Branch, the entire Executive power of which is deposited solely and completely in the President; and,
a Judiciary, consisting of the Supreme Court and lower courts as Congress might create.

Not one branch, the Legislative. Not one repository of authority, but three separate and equal branches.
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It is the last #ConstitutionDay before 2020, so I wanted to tell you:

In 2005 George Soros's Open Society groups funded a conference at Yale entitled: "The Constitution in 2020"

Soros, a close friend of Hillary Clinton, had hoped to totally alter the Constitution by next year.
Of course he and his cohorts failed but literally only because @realDonaldTrump threw himself in the way.

That's why these people hate Trump so much.

They had it all planned out. I'll explain how...
@realDonaldTrump The conference boasted 2 key Obama people:

1. John Podesta
2. Cass Sunstein.

The Obama administration was meant to be a precursor to Hillary's tenure.
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In honor of #ConstitutionDay I thought I'd share some of my favorite parts of one of the greatest documents in the history of the world.

The first few are from the Bill of Rights.
Did you know that the Bill of Rights was basically the result of a compromise between the Federalists and the Anti-federalists?

This was the only way they could get the support required to ratify the original Constitution.
Here's the first amendment. This is what gives you the right to worship as you wish and to say whatever you feel like saying.
There is no such thing as "hate speech," by the way. My rights don't care about your feelings.
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232 years ago today, the framers of the US Constitution met here in Philadelphia to sign a founding document that — before making any mention of voting or a president — says an "actual enumeration shall be made" every 10 years. They were referring to the census👇 #ConstitutionDay
2. At country’s founding, the census was not a head count of every person living in US. Constitution explicitly excluded “Indians not taxed.” Those who were counted weren’t counted equally. Constitution called for counting of enslaved people as 3/5ths “of all other persons”👇
3. After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment was ratified to require the counting of the "whole number of persons," ensuring the rights of formerly enslaved people👇
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Happy #ConstitutionDay! My father liked to point out that for all of the attention we give the Bill of Rights, the strength of those freedoms rests on the structure established by the seven articles. Our Bill of Rights is much less generous than the USSR’s was—on paper. But:
He also reminded us that the Constitution is a limited document. It doesn’t contain all that is good, nor is everything in it necessarily good. That’s why the Founders provided a process for amendment. Again, from #ScaliaSpeaks:
(He used to joke that his job would be a lot easier if instead of writing opinions, he could just stamp, “stupid but constitutional.” So someone sent him this.)
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On 9/17/1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention completed their work and sent the document they had created to the states for ratification. More than 230 years later, the Constitution of the United States stands as a singularly remarkable document.
The Constitution embodies the still revolutionary notion of self-governance as the necessary means of protecting our natural rights and liberties.
Like never before those inalienable rights and liberties—and the constitutional system of government created to protect them—are under sustained assault.
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In an ideal scenario, now would be when the Winter Session of Parliament would commence. It would go on till the end of next month.

But then it's election time and MPs are currently needed to do their real jobs: Campaign.
I'm waiting for the day when the state leadership will tell their national leadership, "You do your jobs in Delhi, we can handle our state. We'll be the ones governing it anyway. Not you."
On that note, here's wishing you a very happy #ConstitutionDay!
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PM @narendramodi commences the 50th edition of #MannKiBaat reminding listeners that this Golden Jubilee episode is indeed gilt-edged in every sense of the term.
PM @narendramodi revealed why he chose radio as a medium for #MannKiBaat reminiscing how during his travels in Himachal Pradesh in 1998 a lone tea-seller in a remote snow-clad hilly outpost informed him of India’s Nuclear tests after listening to the news on radio.(1/3)
“He must be listening to the radio all day; this was a medium that was truly connected with the masses…and it was a powerful means of getting across,” the PM thought.(2/3) #MannKiBaat
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The British have left, but their ghosts still haunt the people of Bharat via the Indian Constitution.

#DharmikConstitution #CodeOfDharma
English is the only language which Indians are allowed to use in Supreme Court of India. 

This was a condition imposed by the British Parliament via Section 214 (5) of the Government of India Act, 1935

#DharmikConstitution #CodeOfDharma
Constitution Of India, the need for a referendum.

People of Bharat never approved the Indian Constitution, it's colonial provisions and institutions.…

#DharmikConstitution #CodeOfDharma
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Happy #ConstitutionDay. We should never forget the United States of America Constitution wasn’t written to restrain citizen’s behavior it was written to restrain the government’s behavior

Gov't Needs #WeThePeople, We do Not Need the Gov't
🎉#RETWEET 🎉Today, we celebrate 231st anniversary of signing of greatest charter of freedom ever crafted by human hand: The Constitution of the United States of America. I encourage every American to take time today to read it here:…#ConstitutionDay
Today is #ConstitutionDay day that recognizes adoption of the constitution of the United States & those who have become U.S. citizens. Diversity is the strength of the #MAGA because we are #WeThePeople committed to Make America Great Again Like our Founders did
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Wait. Some right-wing groups are getting close to rewriting the Constitution? On #ConstitutionDay, let's look at what's going on. Thread/
Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows for the document to be amended. Text:…
For example, as recently as 1971, we added the 26th Amendment, dropping the voting age from 21 down to 18.
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