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#EUCI, with other 5 organisations and 55 signatories, has written an open letter addressing concerns regarding the #DataAct.

We call on lawmakers to reconsider and clarify certain aspects of it, to ensure neutrality and legal certainty in the #blockchain industry. Image
🟣 Article 2(16)

The current definition of 'Smart Contracts' is broad, and we fear it may lead to unintended consequences for existing #SmartContracts on public #blockchains, such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, Cosmos, IOTA, NEAR, Chromia, and Polkadot. Image
We propose three alternative solutions to bring more legal clarity:

substituting 'Smart Contract' with 'Digital Contract', clarifying the scope of Article 30, or limiting Article 2(16) to privately operated and permissioned electronic data records.
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Short thread on some common Web3/DeFi vulnerabilities:

⚡️ Understanding the role of flash loans in DeFi security is crucial.
These powerful tools enable arbitrage opportunities but can also introduce vulnerabilities.

Learn how to identify and mitigate risks associated
with flash loans to safeguard the integrity of decentralized Web3 protocols.

🔏 Reentrancy attacks pose a significant threat to smart contracts.

By exploiting recursive calls, malicious actors can drain funds.

Implementing proper checks and using techniques like the...
"checks-effects-interactions" pattern can help prevent reentrancy vulnerabilities. Stay secure!

🔒 "Time-dependent attacks" may sound unfamiliar, but they can compromise the security of smart contracts.

Attackers exploit variations in block timestamps to manipulate...
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1/10 Blockchain tech is composed of different layers, and #Layer1 is a fundamental part of this ecosystem.

It refers to the underlying infrastructure that serves as the foundation 4 a blockchain network, providing the basic functionality and sets the rules 4 the entire system Image
2/10 Layer 1 blockchains, like @MultiversX, are often referred to as "base layer" or "on-chain" solutions. 📋

They handle key functions like:

✅ transaction #validation
#consensus mechanisms
✅maintaining the overall security and integrity of the blockchain.

3/10 Layer 1 blockchains are designed to be

✅and immutable.

They have their own native #cryptocurrency 🪙 (in @MultiversX is $eGLD) and can support a wide range of applications and #smartcontracts.
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Today, I'm going to walk you through the functions of the MultiSig Wallet smart contract on #Starknet. Brace yourself for an exciting dive into the world of #Cairo1 and #SmartContracts.

The constructor function is the first function called when the contract is deployed. It takes an array of owners & a required number of confirmations as input. It adds each owner to the contract, & sets up the number of confirmations needed to approve a transaction.

2/11 Image
The submitTransaction function allows only wallet owners to propose transactions. It accepts an address, a value. A new transaction with these details, marked as not yet executed, will be added to the transactions list.

3/11 Image
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1/ 💡BRC20: Dark horse or fleeting trend? Let's weigh the risks and rewards. #BRC20 #cryptocurrency
🔗Read the original article👇… Image
2/ #Bitcoin L2 architecture: Balancing security, decentralization, and scalability. Stacks shows promise as a solution.

Stacks connects Bitcoin with #SmartContracts and decentralized apps, offering enhanced security and functionality.
3/ #BRC20 introduces Bitcoin #NFTs and fungible tokens via Ordinals protocol. Data written to sats for unique tokenization.

BRC20 tokens: Standards for deployment, minting, and transfer. Be cautious of potential duplicates.
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Absolutely eye-opening talk about the intricate nature of things #Evernode, #Hooks, #SmartContracts, and #Codius from the folks who REALLY understand it.

I also really liked how @xrpl365 arranged the "lecture" since he clearly knew what questions needed to be answered. 💪
I'd also want to mention that @ShortTheFOMO was able to wonderfully clarify his opinions on certain questions I had in the back of my mind.

Seeing Hooks, XRPL, and Evernode in a way that connects to the "simple foundation" that is XRPL helped me understand it. Thanks! ☺️
It was also amusing to me to hear @xrpl365 state out loud what I was thinking about "immutability" while thinking about altering the smart contract as you can on, say, Casper.

Evernode, or more specifically, the Hotpocked dApp, allows you to choose your design:
. . .
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Let's take a deep dive into the intricacies of Internet Protocols (IPs) like TCP/IP, their history, and how these systems parallel to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

This thread is technical - buckle up! #InternetProtocols #Ethereum
TCP/IP, the backbone of the internet, has its roots in the ARPANET project of the 1960s-70s.

It's a suite of protocols for data transmission and routing. TCP/IP is layered, each with its specific tasks:

Network Interface, Internet, Transport, and Application. #TCP_IP
The Network Interface layer (eg, Ethernet) takes care of the physical transmission of data.

Internet layer (eg, IP) ensures data packets are routed correctly

Transport layer (eg, TCP) guarantees reliable transmission

Application layer (eg, HTTP) is for user interactions
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Are you curious about the future of smart contract platforms?

Keep reading to learn more about #Kaspa's upcoming smart contract functionality.

In this short thread, I will dive into what this could mean for the decentralized application landscape.👇🏼🧵

@KaspaCurrency $Kaspa Image
What I will be covering in this thread:

-#Kaspa's Smart Contract Framework
-Customizable and Compatible
-GhostDAG Consensus Algorithm
-Expanding Network Functionality
-Concluding Paragraph

#Kaspa's Smart Contract Framework
@KaspaCurrency's team has been working on developing a smart contract platform that is expected to offer a flexible and powerful framework for building decentralized applications (dApps) on the Kaspa network.
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🌍#Agriculture & #Web3 are the perfect duo!🌾
👨‍🌾Join us on this thread to learn how this game-changing technology can revolutionize agriculture, drive value, and enhance security for a more sustainable future! 🚀… Image
1/6🌱💡Consumers today crave transparency!
🌱They want to know where their food comes from, and #blockchain provides a tamper-proof solution. With Web3, we can track every step in the supply chain, making it easier to prove product authenticity & sustainability.
2/6🌐🔄 Web3 eliminates inefficiencies, saving both time & money!
💶It cuts out the middlemen, enabling secure P2P transactions and data sharing, ultimately driving down costs and empowering the whole supply chain to run more smoothly.
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@staking_agency has released a @MultiversX #golang SDK, which optimises the time and efforts of the #MultiversXBuilders

It contains a set of free tools and .go packages for an easier interaction with #MultiversX #blockchain and its #smartcontracts

👇 Image
The #SDK can get data and callback from various areas of the #blockchain, such as:
- Accounts & @xPortalApp Wallets TXs for $EGLD & #ESDT
- Exchanges: @xExchangeApp & @Elrond_One
- #staking, ESDTs, #telegramBot and examples for each of the modules.…

A tool that generates #golang language bindings to a @MultiversX #smartcontract, called ABI2GO - is also available in the same #SDK package as beta version.

@staking_agency has added this tool on at:…

Let’s build!🔥🛠️

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Have you ever wondered what sets CREATE apart from CREATE2? Let's find out..

In Solidity, `create` and `create2` are important opcodes for smart contract creation. `create` deploys a new contract, while `create2` creates a contract at a deterministic address based on input.
Here's an example of how `create` works:

This deploys a new instance of `NewContract` and returns the address of the new contract. The formula for determining the contract address is `keccak256(sender, nonce).`

#solidity Image
create2 is more complex. It calculates a deterministic contract address using four inputs: sender address, salt, bytecode, and constructor arguments. The formula is keccak256(0xFF, sender, salt, keccak256(bytecode)).
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Hoy vamos a revisar un artículo creado por @david_seroy fundador y presidente de Old North Capital Fund y colaborador del protocolo @SovrynBTC .

El artículo se titula “Las monedas estables respaldadas por BTC serán una parte integral de la economía de #Bitcoin "
Este🧵te 🤯⬇️ Image
Comenta que “Bitcoin como cobertura contra la degradación monetaria es solo la mitad de la batalla.”, más allá de que se utilice a #Bitcoin como reserva de valor o un refugio contra la inflación, no estamos cerca de cesar la lucha. ⬇️
A medida que la deuda pública se vuelve parabólica y una nueva subida de las tasas de interés se vuelve inviable sin quebrar la economía, David, ve probable que los gobiernos utilicen los impuestos para hacer frente a la inflación.⬇️
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@evoload is a #web3 ecosystem aiming to disrupt the transportation and logistics industry🚚

Using @MultiversX #blockchain & #SmartContracts, they are building a Freight Exchange platform, a recruitment portal, and tools to help the Drivers and reward their Stakeholders.

Their Freight Exchange platform aims to disrupt the traditional workflow and replace it with a #web3 based one, where the service fees and costs are locked in advance using #smartcontracts and services gets rated by quality.

They introduced the "Proof of Distance" concept to offer their Stakeholders a mileage rewarding scheme with every mile driven using their solutions.

"Proof-of-Distance", "Driver's reward formula" and more details can be found at:

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1/🎉 Ready for a ticketing revolution in the #event industry? NFT-based ticketing could be a game-changer, providing transparency, security, and innovation! 🎟️🔐 #NFTTicketing #TicketRevolution
2/😫 Tired of scams, hidden fees, and counterfeiting? #NFT tickets offer a customizable experience, from VIP passes to collectible tickets that could increase in value over time. 💎🚀 #TicketingSolutions #DigitalTickets
3/🌐 Companies like Ticketmaster, YellowHeart, GUTS, and NFT Tix are already exploring the world of #NFT ticketing for events. But what about scalability for massive global events? 🤔 #EventTech #Scalability
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1/4 We love ♥️developments that, through their simplicity, can solve a problem with astonishing ease.

🙋🙋‍♀️How many of us end up holding small amounts of various tokens in our wallets that never seem to grow?

#xDustconverter has long since offered us an interesting solution. Image
2/4 Something as simple as:

✅ going to
✅connecting your wallet
✅selecting the coins you want to convert to eGLD
✅and clicking "convert small amounts"

will allow you to make a profit from those small amounts you store.

#crypto #conversion #savings
3/4 And the incredible thing is that it's an open-source tool! How awesome is that?!" 🎉🙌

You can view the code of the #xDustConverter smart contract using the new SC validation feature on the explorer at…
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[1/12] 🧵 @Conste11ation ( $DAG) is a highly scalable and secure distributed ledger technology (DLT) that achieves zero/low trust interaction platforms, peer-to-peer (P2P) internet overlay protocols, and platform-neutral computation description language. Let's dive in! 🚀
[2/12] 🔐Zero/Low Trust Interaction Platforms (Shared Security):
@Conste11ation creates a shared security environment through its L0 consensus mechanism. L0 allows metagraphs (custom consensus apps) to maintain their own L1 layer while sharing L0 security with the global network.
[3/12] 🌐This shared security model reduces the need for trust as metagraphs inherit the security of the global L0 network. It's similar to Polkadot's shared security model, where parachains share security provided by the relay chain. #cryptocurrency #DAG
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#SmartContracts are LIVE on the @Aleph__Zero Network 🎉 Now what?

Here are the Top 10 Projects to watchout building right now on the $AZERO #blockchain that may boost the adoption 🔥👀

Thread 🧵
Note: they are not in any specific order 🤓
#AlephZero #web3 #crypto
1.) #Common #Privacy #DEX

@get_common is a multichain Privacy Decentralized Exchange and Universal Wallet powered by $AZERO @Aleph__Zero aiming to solve the MEV problem


To learn more check their website
2.) #Angelblock #Launchpad

@AngelBlock_io a #DeFi protocol aiming to solve the fund-raising problems of #web3 and serve as a Launchpad for both startups and investors, building on $AZERO @Aleph__Zero


To learn more check their website
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@PulsarMoney is a #Web3 Protocol offering instant on-chain finance automated tools via #smartcontracts powered by @MultiversX #blockchain

First module, currently available on #Devnet, consists of liquidity/treasury vaults, assets streaming and vesting #smartcontract 🪙

Liquidity Vaults are meant to ensure the stability of a project and build trust with investors by locking the LP tokens for a set period of time, protecting against rug pulls and other quick drain of tokens.

Liquidity Vaults or Lockers details:…

Treasury Vaults uses the same mechanism as the Lockers but are dedicated to projects using ESDT tokens allocations, looking to prove to their communities that their tokens are locked for a period of time into @PulsarMoney #smartcontract 👀⬇️…

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The weekend is for relaxing and recharging, but there’s also an opportunity for Builders to learn more, share, and enhance their skills.🛠️

Today we share a resource from @JankMichael about testing @MultiversX #SmartContracts using the GWT style.

The article about "Testing @MultiversX #SmartContracts using the Given-When-Then (GWT) style" is available at:…

The source code of the #smartcontract they referenced in the article is at:…

The Smart Contract used in this repository was created based on the default ping-pong example contract provided by the @MultiversX team at:…

It is the same contract, supplemented by examples of tests written in the Given-When-Then (GWT) style.

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🚨𝘼 𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙🚨

What has been going on in March in the @Aleph__Zero $AZERO Ecosystem and other news in the #crypto space!
- Banking crisis
- SEC / Coinbase
- EU MiCA regulations
- Nasdaq
- #AlephZero new projects
- #SmartContracts launching
- The flippening

and more... 🤓🧵
To those of you living in a cave for the last few weeks here's a recap of what has been going on;
Due to the Banking crisis and the bankrupcy of several big Banks like Crédit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank and now Dutsche Bank coming next, markets have seen increased volatility...
As a matter of fact as the news hit the markets we saw panic selling and the mother of all bear traps where #bitcoin fell to the 19k's and was followed by a rapid recovery and pump to the 28k's as smart money moves from Banks to #Crypto
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I wonder why so few big #crypto influencers overlook #kaspa. The performance of $kas in the last months should create enough attention.

But here are some reasons why Kaspa won't stop rising for a long time yet, and maybe some will wake up to it.
Upgrade to #DAGKNIGHT Protocol: Surpasses Blockchain with DAG technology in speed & cost-efficiency. Ideal for daily use, increasing demand & value. 🚀
#Rust Rewrite: Enhanced security & performance. Boosts trust, minimizes errors, improves network reliability. 🔒
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@SmartBazaar_ is a coding free tool for launching ESDT tokens and #SFTs on @MultiversX

A user-friendly launchpad for projects looking to easily create, manage, and sell their token w/o any coding skills required, with #smartcontracts ready to deploy from UI dashboard.

🧵👇 Image
Currently, contracts available to deploy are for ESDT and #SFT creation, but others will follow, such as staking, auction, airdrop or NFT creation.

There are also options to send ESDT/NFT/EGLD, purchase ESDT/SFT, vesting and claiming ESDT tokens.

The ESDT #smartcontract allows you to create, import, send and create a sale for your ESDT token.

Vesting and Sale is customizable and the #smartcontract can be updated, if needed.

Same for #SFT, plus support for multi-collections, sales & simplified built-in functions.

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👷‍♂️ Are you a builder, eager to create something amazing?
We understand that feeling and that’s why we’re offering you the Phala Builders Program.

Read the @PhalaNetwork Builder program information below to learn more⬇️ Image
🧑‍💻Join the program and get access to some of the best minds in the blockchain industry to guide your project from conception to deployment and beyond.

#crypto #developers #blockchain #CloudComputing #smartcontracts #eth
🌟 If building is your passion, this program is for you. We offer up to $50,000 in PHA tokens, technical assistance, and marketing support.
🔧 Follow these simple steps to join the program:
1️⃣ Fill out and submit an application form.
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1/11 🚨 Attention developers! The new EU Data Act may impact smart contract development, but @Conste11ation $DAG offers a solution for building dApps in compliance with new regulations. Here's why you should consider Constellation for your projects. 🌐 #EUDataAct #SmartContracts
2/10 📜 The EU Data Act is not specifically aimed at the crypto industry, but it focuses on IoT data. However, it could have implications for smart contracts, which underpin DeFi infrastructure, if the scope isn't clearly defined. ⚠️ #IoT #DeFi
3/10 🔐 Article 30 of the Data Act focuses on "essential requirements regarding smart contracts for data sharing" and includes rigorous access control mechanisms, trade secret protections, and termination or interruption possibilities. 🛡️ #SmartContractRegulations
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