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#FIC2022 : la DGSI rappelle l'importance de la « culture d'hygiène et de sécurité informatique »... dans un fichier .pdf rédigé avec un logiciel non mis à jour depuis plus de 2 ans, et totalisant 11 « vulnérabilités exploitables ». /1
Sur @nextinpact :…
#OSINT #ProTip : la 1ère chose à faire quand on ouvre un fichier (.pdf, .doc, .xls, image, etc.), c'est d'aller vérifier les métadonnées, (n-ième) illustration : /2…
Accessoirement, les recommandations de la DGSI sont bien évidemment pertinentes, et l'on ne peut que saluer (et rediffuser) ses rappels à la diffusion d’une culture d’hygiène informatique en matière de cybersécurité. /3
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They created a new, chaotic era of politics/democracy by allowing Trump/the GOP to govern by tweet. MTG, DT & ALL other elected nuisances who get booted from Twitter for inciting fascism created the precedent for their own exclusion, not just from social media but public office.
If social media’s really supposed to be a free market of ideas and conservatives really love free markets as much as they say they do, they should be able to let the chips fall where they may, but they can’t/won’t b/c they’re still butthurt that fascism lost the 2020 election. 🥴
Also the alt lefties are still mad that socialism lost the last 2 Democratic presidential primaries despite their damndest efforts to sabotage the process & because STILL WE RISE despite their online harassment, shadowbanning and slander. They all want a safe space for fuckery.
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#Propaganda #protip: Never underestimate the power of the Big Lie. There have been NO studies about the implications of this, long term, because there CAN’T be. They would have had to sit on the #vax for YEARS to conduct them. We’ll find out the implications in future years.
Did you know the word “cisapride.” It’s the name of a drug introduced to the U.S. market in 1993, and ‘voluntarily’ withdrawn from the market in 2000. (It’s still available for vet use). Why was it withdrawn? It kills people. OOPS!

How did it ever get approved?
There were deaths among the test subjects in the clinical trials. But there didn’t seem like a lot of deaths, it was plausible that they were coincidental, so the regulators made a judgment call and approved it.

That is not a scandal. The scandal came later.
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#Propaganda #protip: Never forget that #Editing is #Lying.

Read this #WaPo story:…. Than look at this 3-tweet thread by Michael P Senger: . Almost NOTHING of what Senger points out as misinformation appears in the WaPo piece.
And of the one or two claims that do make it in, there is no hint whatsoever that the claims might be false.

The CDC has stated that the vaccinated can catch and spread the disease, e.g., but Kagan’s statement to the contrary is not challenged.
Another egregious example is in this Vox story;…. The #Biden administration apparently claims that covid is more deadly than smallpox, yellow fever, or cholera. That is complete nonsense, unbelievably wrong.
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THIS MORNING: Join us for our webinar featuring @celinegounder, who will brief us on the latest happening with the Omicron variant. Live tweets happening here at 10 a.m. PT. #Thread
@celinegounder @celinegounder is an infectious diseases specialist, internist and epidemiologist. She is a clinical assistant professor of medicine and infectious diseases at @nyugrossman and cares for patients at Bellevue Hospital Center. She also founded @justhuman501c3.
Public health officials are talking about a triple whammy -- Omicron, the Delta variant, plus the seasonal flu. Join us now for this talk.
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#Propaganda #protip: This is an example of #IntellectualBaitAndSwitch. And a typical #gamma move.

Mr. Arthur asked " Is there any real difference between [Rittenhouse] and a child soldier on the Ethiopian border?" I replied, showing some of the differences.
Now he opines about "well-trained militia(s)", trying to imply that this has some bearing on his initial question. It's like pointing out that Ethiopian child soldiers and Rittenhouse both are members of the human species. True, but it has no bearing on the subject.
It's a typical gamma move in that gammas can't bring themselves to admit they made a mistake. Instead of acknowledging that his initial wisecrack was wrong, he has to find something else he can claim to be right about, and tell himself it cancels his previous error.
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.#Protip: A nice example of deception, this. A calm reasonable tone. Who would guess Mr. William is #lying?

Yes, go read the letter at… Although there are frequent mentions of "threats," the examples given are people showing up at school board meetings
and angrily opposing policy. Why, some of them even shouted, and made other loud noises. The Horror! Oddly, when done by #Leftists, this is regarded as perfectly legitimate.

The letter references a news story on said "threats." Read the story,…, and the
"threats" turn out to be people shouting, and failing to show the proper respect to school boards.

The letter says "the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes."
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#Protip: This is interesting numeric propaganda. Fried makes claims, but doesn't release data to support them.

And if what I can deduce from the figures is correct, I can claim masks made covid infections AS MUCH AS THREE TIMES WORSE THAN COUNTIES WITH NO MASK REQUIREMENTS!!!
How can that be? We have to plod through some numbers, that make plausible guesses about the data not shown.

If you go down the thread, you get a link to a spreadsheet that is less than self-explanatory. After clicking on column P, and doing some formulas, things clarify.
We have forty-five school districts with no mask requirements, with data for only 15. The number of "cases" listed in columns B through H seems to be the sum of staff and student cases. The cases in I are the total for that district, through the week ending September 20th.
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So here's an interesting thread.
First of all, this guy clearly agrees with me about the idiocy of Rufo's tweets about the US pushing "woke" feminism in Afghanistan.
Secondly, he thinks it's bad that we tried to promote basic human rights that are contrary to "traditional Afghan society," like female education or female judges. He also thinks it's gonna make Muslims hate us everywhere. (#ProTip: almost 20% of judges in Pakistan are women.)
Third, I actually *don't* think it's a great idea to occupy countries & try to make them more liberal. But yes, I think that despite the failures, more modernization & women's rights in Afghanistan is a good outcome that may have lasting effects.
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#Protip: If you want to see what self-blinding looks like, this is a good example.

'Oh, our programs for women didn't try to push "woke" versions of "gender nonsense." We just tried to push education for women that was bound to destabilize traditional Afghan society, and
make women judges, which was definitely against Afghan cultural norms. Surely that couldn't have been a bad idea? Even #OrangeManBad was in favor of it.'

Now if we'd been willing to build walls around the border of #Afghanistan, and put enough of an army in there to defeat the
#Taliban and keep infiltrators out, and take over all police and judicial roles, and leave those forces there for at least a half-century, we might have had a chance at changing Afghanistan into the kind of country Young wanted to make it. (We'd almost certainly have created
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FAQ: Is there anything you learned in 4 years of college that actually applies to your current job?

Answer: Not much, but yes. Here's one thing: I had 1 professor promise that if you ever showed a number in a presentation and didn't give context, he'd fail you on the spot (1/4)
That context should always either be a history/trend of that number has changed over time, OR how it compares to its competition (2/4)
Don't just tell me the market cap of a company is 10 billion and move on… that means nothing. Why are you telling me? Is it because last year it was $3B? Great, now I know they’re growing. Is it because their competition hit $6B? Now I know they're the largest in the space (3/4)
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3 years ago, I was being put to sleep before surgery & while I knew everyone in the OR, I was frightened. I was fighting back tears on the table.

Today, a patient gushed to my attending that a fellow held her hand before falling asleep

A thread 🧵1/
The patient said that she normally doesn't get scared. She works in healthcare. She's seen it all. But something about being alone, naked, while people mill about you without seeing YOU was scary.

I know, I felt it too. I felt childish asking someone to hold my hand.
I asked her where she'd be going during her "anesthesia holiday", to which she replied a beach🏖️. No friends. No family. A few books📚. Teeny, tiny bikini👙. Mai tai's.

My attending smiled & said, "you realize the fellow who held your hand is Dr Muldoon"
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Start believing in Reincarnation, particularly the basic philosophy of several ancient religions that you'll likely come back as one of your descendents or relative's descendents (same basic DNA heritage)...

You can dev 500+ year timeline horizons and start winning
For instance, I have setup what's called an Unrevokable Living Trust that no one can change the bylaws of. It's like the same basic thing as an #Ethereum smart contract, only legalize...

Trusts are like a non-profit corps that operate per a programmed contract with money/assets.
You can freely gift Trusts assets or (if you programmed it in the orig contract) sell them assets, but you can't "change" it and no longer own anything given (immutable).
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#protip "Plus tes évaluations anti numérique sont outrancières et non étayées, plus ça va buzzer en France". Mieux que les +2 % de la tribune du Shift ⤵️
+2,7 millions de tonnes de CO2 = 45 TWh électriques (à 60g/kWh), soit +9,5 % de la conso électrique française (2019 = 473 TWh). +6,7 Mt CO2 = +23,5 %. Comment peut-on publier des chiffres aussi énormes en ordre de grandeur sans tiquer ? Pourquoi pas +200 % tant qu'on y est ?
Le PDF anti 5G est là, je vais lire.…
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'Pequeña' guía #SEO con (casi) todo lo que necesitas tener en cuenta para posicionar tu pyme.

Abro hilo⬇️
La pandemia ha supuesto un claro PALO para todo el mundo, pero especialmente para el pequeño negocio.

Google está intentando fomentar el apoyarles estos días, y parece buena idea sumarse a la causa dando algunos tipos para mejorar su visibilidad online 🙃
Si tienes una pyme, lo primero que necesitas es una ficha en Google My Business.

Puedes crearla aquí:…

Es básico, ya que la necesitarás para salir en el pack local de todo este tip de búsquedas. Gran protagonista de la función.
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Today's reminder that Bill Barr is a menace who refuses to look at facts and evidence in his effort to cage people.
[Barr is giving a fear-mongering speech to police chiefs (again) because his biased law enforcement panel was declared as such by a federal judge (who also declared the panel’s meeting process illegal) and so now he doesn’t get to put out a biased report.]
#protip: Don't take your advice on law enforcement and public safety from this guy. He's talking about lots of cops, private enterprise, and religious schools. Seriously.
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Next in our series for #TipsforRxStudents and things to do now for #PharmRes apps ... CV development!

This is a personal document that should be YOUR voice highlighting the many accomplishments that YOU have achieved! 🏅

We can build one together! 👏

1. A header of name and contact info = prominent at start of CV!
2. 🤔 of the layout ➡️ CV headings! Helps you "bucket" your accomplishments.

Example of initial CV 👇 (Helvetica font, 11+18 font) Image

Before we start:

1⃣ Format = personal! Do what you want (but consistent, easy to read)!
2⃣ Tailor to position! Order headings to highlight for position!
3⃣ Note table for contact info ➡️ save sig ⏳ in formatting. "No border" will prevent it from showing (if saved as PDF)!
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#ProTip if you are considering buying a #Subaru (or any) SUV to sleep in with a car tent like in this pic. Do NOT buy a car with a powered/automated trunk door. You have to leave it open all night. It can drain the battery unless disabled. And disabling it is a pain.
@meghana27 Image
A very random condition I had for my new car was it NOT have an automated trunk. Reason was memories of the 2005 Bombay Flood and how cars with all powered doors became coffins. Turns out it helps with this issue too. We can just use a carabineer to trick a manual door.
But if you have an automated trunk, you'll have to dig into the relays to disable the power drain and it might void your warranty. Even if not, most of us aren't competent enough to play around with electronics of a modern SUV. Just get an SUV with a manual trunk.
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@AshaRangappa_ Mention of Neal Rauhauser was a cover, besides being an anonymous agitator, he was connected to a Minority Report regarding Trump's Epstein Cartel Maniple/Nocent #PizzaGate Assassin/Agent Provocateur《 Edg E《 EDGAR [MADDISON¡] WELCH🚹 ! 🚹

nosky is tawdry
@NSAGov @PCLOB_GOV @UN ImageImageImageImage
@AshaRangappa_ @NSAGov @PCLOB_GOV @UN I am about to ramrod Seditious Conspiracy straight through to @NSAGov if they do not break the news nationally on OdESSAGate today.

Consider doing your part.

@AshaRangappa_ @NSAGov @PCLOB_GOV @UN
Remember Sobibor Anacostia Bolling GRU U29155 Ant Massacre of Trump 20102020 BluePersTreasonWave.

RUy/Script Pic4
замените машины для подсчета голосов в Детройте и обеспечьте
голосование не менее чем на десять
тысяч ROSETHORN NSA/CSS still Avery's ToS ID ImageImageImageImage
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hey folk, y'all listening? I want to talk about @TheDemocrats platform drafting process, sorta flying under the radar, and some climate specific things in it. Will use #DNCClimatePlatform.
quick background on the platform drafting process... well, read my thread from Monday. Hasn't been covered in any mainstream outlet yet.
(more background) if you read my Monday PM tweets, or on the @ClimateHawkVote email list, or actually watched DNC Youtube hearings, you know that this sham of a "public hearing" is highly choreographed. #DNCClimatePlatform
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Okay, a little #protip time, and then Imma log out of here for the rest of the day to write, kids. Ready? Here it goes.
1. I am presenting this b/c I've been part of another person's pitch where I am the "veteran show runner" aboard the project -- it's his script/deck, not mine.
2. That said, the writer of the project/pitch has never done anything in animation before, hence... where I enter. I took my dude's materials & very gently asked if I could revise the stuff that I knew for a fact for would not work for the execs who would be reading it.
3. I did my thing. He agreed with most of it... but I didn't go hardcore on the goods b/c I knew upon going into a collaboration with this gent that he had LOTS OF FEELINGS about how good the project is. That's fine. I saw potential in the PREMISE, which is why I came aboard.
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You can use arrow keys to move the cursor in macOS Terminal.

Left and right arrow will move left and right by character.

Option-left and right arrow will move by word.

ctrl-A moves to the beginning of the prompt and ctrl-E moves to the end. 1/20

#macOS #Terminal #protip
When you want more memorable Keystrokes you can create your own in the ‘Keyboard’ tab of the ‘Profiles’ area of Terminal Preferences. 2/20

#macOS #Terminal #protip
You can also navigate the Terminal prompt with the mouse pointer: Option-click (⌥-click) in the prompt moves the cursor there. 3/20

#macOS #Terminal #protip
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#Protip: hou je hoofd leeg deze dagen. Ga een keer zitten en haal alles wat in je hoofd zit eruit. Waar wil je de aandacht op leggen deze weken. En popt er iets op terwijl je huiswerk aan het begeleiden bent; gooi die gedachte snel door via apps als @braintoss #thuiswerken
#ProTip2: hou je plek overzichtelijk, juist nu thuis. Zorg dat je een plek hebt voor alles (organisatie) en leg alles op z’n plek (discipline). Ook digitaal zijn er oplossingen als @msonenote en @evernote. #thuiswerken #wekunnendit
#ProTip3: zet mail notificaties en social media notificaties uit. Maar plan ook een paar momenten in je dag dat je wèl mag kijken. #thuiswerken
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