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I’ve gotten dozens of asks for my view on the meltdown and here it goes. (This post is a good start but I don’t pretend that this is exhaustive) 1/
To start, and I can’t stress this enough, this crew scheduling issue is well known, and it is why you pre-cancel when a storm comes. Also why pop-up thunderstorms are so hard because you can’t cancel with enough notice (also why sometimes you get canceled but TS don’t come 2/
And again, why the best solution is to Shut👏It👏Down👏 when you’re at risk of losing the plot. Canceling 200 legs before a storm and 100 more on the way out sucks, but beats canceling 600-800 during the recovery (and scale those numbers up for WN, biggest airline in the USA) 3/
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Let me introduce you to a powerful concept called the 2/3 rule.

It will change your outlook on golf and free you up while you play 👇
Golfers are way too hard on themselves.

Often, they have no idea what it takes to play their best.

And because of that, they are in the wrong frame of mind before every shot.

Here is where the 2/3 rule can help...
The good news is you do *not* need to be firing on all cylinders to shoot your best scores.

I believe you can still do it while one part of your game is not performing all that well.

And this is all relative to your current skill levels and handicap.

This applies to everyone.
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One year ago today, a group I consider family walked away from WJOX. Many people thought we were insane. Ratings were terrific, revenue was terrific and Cumulus Media was actively trying to sign us to a new contract. We were as a safe as anyone in the industry. (Big thread👇)
So, why do it? The COVID shutdown caused all of us to realize not just how little of our future we controlled but how little of our present we controlled. Our industry was full of layoffs, furloughs and working from home. We were safe, but for how long?
Most people guess it was about money but it was more about control and freedom. I’ll say this for Cumulus and WJOX management, they always payed us above market and were very hands off our product. When I say control, I mean controlling all aspects of our show.
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Just got off the phone with parents who are apoplectic about the lack of Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Edinburgh (and Glasgow per relatives) - with no mass events taking place. Is this anti-Union politics from the govt? Or are Scots themselves not huge royalists? 🤔
Meanwhile, in London:
Even crisps are getting involved #plattyjoobs
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Finishing hour fifteen in a fuel queue. No ETA. Bloody humid. Met a nice girl called Malsha who is a kindergarten teacher. Offered her shelter from the rain in my front seat and in return she offered me tea. Not seeing a ring on that finger.
Malsha left at one point and her father tagged in for her. Bonded with uncle and gave him a crash course on floating exchange rates and then on free markets. Man is a convert now. Best outcome. Uncle angry that Malsha's Scooty Pep is all she can afford. Also Malsha single.
Now only Malsha's Scooty Pep remains. I got a friend to drop me off a large Portello bottle. I'm going to have another nap. If I'm here tonight as well we might do a drinks party. The trash can in the Toyota Roomy can hold ice. No sign of fuel still. Daraz USB fan is nice.
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17th job alongside 16th as both were part-time. I was an Access database admin at SustainAbility - at the leading edge of CSR, benchmarking the environmental audits of global firms. Lovely people who wrote The Green Consumer Guide. Good work much cycling east/west #adhd #cv /17
18th job (by way of being volunteer #citizenadvocate in north London) @StMungos in Holloway. I became a @Clubhouse_Intl worker (3 weeks training in Worcester MA) Great job, many intense challenges in community mh services. Loved the job. Gained 3rd pension... at 25 #adhd #cv /18
(18th job involved me driving minibuses in USA and UK with v funny stories) 19th job @Rethink_ Social Enterprise Co-ordinator, south London. Picture framing, cafe + gardening businesses. Good role but my mental health becoming v poor by now. Took my 🐶🐕 to work 🥰 #adhd #cv /19
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94.01/ Week ninety-four, April 30-May 6, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 93 below.
94.02/ Health update: still no symptoms from my bout with COVID except for general irritability but it's impossible to know if it's different from my normal state. Isolation is lonely (big, if true) but my overall emotion is fear of making someone else sick. Dread is the worst.
94.03/ I see the #Mets won (this is a fun season so far, especially since I'm not the one getting hit by fastballs in the head) and the #NYR won and are ready for the playoffs. Best of all is post-#NFLDraft Sat. night when I get to see all the gifts my team gave me as a fan. #LGM
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62.01/ Week sixty-two, Sept. 18-25, 2021, thread begins there.

Week 61 below
62.02/ A custom on #YomKippur is to wear a kittel, an all white garment that has ambivalent symbolism: men wear one under their wedding canopy and they are also buried in it. I mentioned to a physician friend that it can also be seen as "Jewish scrubs."
62.03/ "But life is ironic" is just boss-level shade. I mean, I have my theological differences with the pontiff, but I can imagine we see eye-to-eye about anti-vaxxers.(h.t. @dick_nixon)

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1/ My son, new freshman at his high school, got the cover article in the weekly Torah journal, which was an awesome piece of nachas over #RoshHashanah

A few comments I feel I should make (and download available at this BE"H static link):…
2/ I did not help him directly in any way. Despite my eager offer to discuss and/or proofread, he successfully shielded himself from my relentless, avid desire to help him with a D'var Torah.

I say this because (1) it's a really good piece & (2) all the language is his.
3/ However, as a gift to me, he did say that he learned "tautological" from our many conversations (yes!) and from my meta-perspective, I see he followed the advice I give to all my homiletics students based on my decades of speeches, articles, classes & other media.
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Am going to take my time to carefully consider my prediction for the final now I'm on a roll, since I have been asked... #humblebrag
Having previously said Italy would be 'favoured' in a final against England I have to decide whether to stick with this, their victory over Spain somewhat less comfortable than it might have been.
To get to a major final you really have to be good at not losing, and England and Italy are the two teams who deserve to be in the final. On that basis you can't expect anything other than a tough, pretty even game.
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Many of my podcast guests tell me I ask really excellent questions. #humblebrag Maybe it's just like courtesy small talk but it happens often enough I'll try to believe it.
I've always been a question asker. As a third culture kid, I often asked questions that are not appropriate because I had to navigate multiple cultures. Many out-of-context questions.

Of course, I also asked too many questions of my religious establishment. 🙄
The kinds of questions I ask on my podcast is for the most part completely inappropriate in everyday living.

The most basic one: Tell me your story.

Most people are simply not trained or ready to answer that Q off the cuff.
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1/ today $TWLO has a market cap of ~$49B and announced they're acquiring Segment for ~$3B.
while it's easy to #humblebrag "i was fortunate to be a seed-stage investor 12 yrs ago" (see i just did it) and make a splash on @VCbrags, i have another story to tell.
2/ about 8 yrs ago i invested in a small #SaaS startup from Australia that was just a few people and had raised <$500K, was doing maybe $10-25K in monthly ARR (sorry if i'm forgetting exact #s but it was pretty early)
3/ we invested $100K from 500 Startups and they were part of one of our early accelerator batches, i think #5 around summer or fall 2012. they were smart, and had a functional product with a clear use case and customers.
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NEW: Big donors don't get luxury suites but they did get a swag package that included daily credentials.

Some have been making Instagrammable #humblebrag arrangements.

My story on how the $$$ set is passing the convention at home just like you and me.…
Some convention "DELAWARE SUITE" passes.… Image
Jen O'Malley Dillon and Steve Ricchetti held a private briefing for big donors on Monday

There is some after hours programming, too.…
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Indeed, just made a similar point on Radio 4 (#humblebrag), trade deals may not be significant to the economy as a whole, but for individual products they can be the difference between domestic production disappearing, stable, or growing strongly.
Usually food - check out banana wars, chicken tax, citrus black spot, feta cheese just for starters. Textiles can be quite sensitive - bra wars. Then the obscure, broom makers in NAFTA. Or even a story today about a milk product...…
And then ask, so what should UK priorities be in trade deals? Is it food and drink products, if so which ones (Scotch? Cheese?). Is it cars, or ceramics, or should we focus on services? All have supporters, lobbying intensively. But we don't know which will win. And lose.
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1/ @TransferWise Q1 Mission update:

How our team’s been making money work better internationally
📲 more convenient

All the way from our 1̶6̶ 2000+ “offices” around the world.

PS! We’re very much hiring!
2/ This is not about the pandemic. Yet it shows us that nothing’s more important than our health. Money included.

But money shouldn’t be another thing to worry about. Right now we need it to be exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

3/ Here’s Q1 in full 👇

⚡️25% of transfers now get to their destination in less than 20 seconds (up +1.5% from last Q).

This was mainly due to the roll out of instant payments to Mexico for all transfers up to $1000USD; and significant improvements across Asian countries.
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RV resuscitation! screen for RV failure with POCUS (and records if you have em) #thepeoplesventricle #StoweEM20 by @mattroginski ImageImageImage
incorrect probe rotation can cause RV size to be underestimated! Matt’s own echo has great TAPSE #humblebrag #StoweEM20 by @mattroginski ImageImage
D sign on short axis
RV dilation in subcostal
#StoweEM20 by @mattroginski ImageImage
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@JohnBoelts @manan73 @channah_rock @RobertWager1 @UArizonaCALS There were a number of factors in why irradiation of leafy greens as a food safety treatment looked promising then stalled out.

But first: it’s safe, effective, flexible, and thoroughly studied.

So why is it still so niche?…
@JohnBoelts @manan73 @channah_rock @RobertWager1 @UArizonaCALS The big spinach outbreak/recall of 2006 was tragic for the victims, and was insanely expensive and sector-damaging for spinach and had a giant spillover impact on all leafy greens, bagged and whole head.
@JohnBoelts @manan73 @channah_rock @RobertWager1 @UArizonaCALS But while the spinach outbreak/recall was huge, there were multiple lettuce outbreaks/recalls about every year. Looking at 19 big lettuce recalls and one gigantic spinach recall, pressure for action was high.

Public, industry, regulators all needed something done.
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#Humblebrag alert: Harvard's Shorenstein Center has just published a very long and detailed case study on how great @motherjones is:…
@MotherJones As the case study makes clear with many charts and graphs and an in-depth timeline about all things @MotherJones, our success is due to the relationship with, and support from, our readers:…
@MotherJones If you care about non-profit media, or really just media, there are lessons learned (and pitfalls that still remain) in how we have steadily grown as others have boomed and busted. We bet on readers, not advertisers or VR or pivoting to video or...…
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Tonight on NBC the #DemDebate starring...
#DemDebate starts with @ewarren's 'it's doing great' slam poem.
.@amyklobuchar is promising free community college. What are you offering? (Points at magazine picture of a Maserati.) #DemDebate
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Let’s do it.
Goals of workshop:
1) What is the current state of the field - what do we already know?
2) What are the funded near-future plans? What might we know soon?
3) What are the potential future advances that could be important?
4) How can NASA help?
Intro by @Astro_Wright - what are technosignatures?

(Autocorrect has no idea what to do with the word ‘technosignatures’ if you get even a single letter wrong.)
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OK, if you're following #nebrasummit , I'm wrote up some stuff* re the @RasputitsaRide section from earlier
*stuff being long rambling Kramer fashion Tweeting, because promoting doesn't have to be complicated but a complete understanding helps
First: Go read this:

Wrote up what seems like a random topic because a separate example can be helpful in getting people to see the forest through the trees
this should be an appropriate enough background to talk about why Rasputitsa was such a weird foreign body at #nebrasummit today. I'm sure y'all have your own perspectives on how to talk about Customer Empathy BUT ATTEND AND WRITE YOUR OWN TWEETS NEXT TIME
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It's time: #Godzilla v. #Destoroyah! Scientist 2 meddling kids: First u warn me to not make an oxygen destroyer. Now U want me to make one! #kidsthesedays @Elreynetwork #kaiju
I said I could make one. I didn't say it would be easy. #Godzilla v. #Destoroyah @Elreynetwork #kaiju
Ooh-this movie ha=is #graphic sensitive viewers' warning! @Elreynetwork on the scourge of magamonster violence. #Killitwithfire #Kaiju #cadmiummissles #Godzilla
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Amid all the lovely #humblebrag posts in our timelines, think of the #LawStudents trying to decode the language used by referees in legal directories, to find out about firms/chambers and their lawyers... [1/n]
'wealth of experience' = [equity partner nearing retirement]

'massively improved its positioning' = [hired a marketing Svengali with directory contacts]

'Rising star' = [desperate for partnership, and will use this as ammunition]
'Friendly' = [unworried by a firm's time-recording system]

'Pro-active' = [charges for work in solving problems which haven't yet arisen]

'Engages in ADR' = [a convert to mediation after a swingeing adverse costs order and a client complaint]
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