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Scientists at NASA are closely monitoring a gigantic sunspot called AR3038, which has doubled in size in the past 24 hours. The sunspot's hazardous area faces Earth directly & might send solar flares our way if it bursts. Here's more. #Sunspot…
Sunspots are a common event on the Sun. However, the rate at which AR3038 has expanded has alarmed the scientists. If it emits flares that would reach Earth, there is a chance that radio communication networks might get disrupted for tens of minutes—a cause of worry worldwide.
Sunspots are black-colored regions on the surface of the Sun, which are colder than the other areas. They emit powerful bursts of radiation. Sunspots are very cold because they develop over locations with extremely powerful magnetic fields.
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While it's great to see the debate over solar cycle predictions and #SunspotCycle25 feature in the @nytimes it is unfortunate that the story leaves an impression of a lack of consensus/physics-based understanding. Thread 👇🏾1/n
@NYTScience #SpaceWeather #SunspotCycle25
First, the story by @overbye nicely connects understanding Sun's magnetism with exploration of other active stars and #exoplanets, wherein stellar activity influences conditions suitable for hosting life. It describes well how solar storms create #spaceweather impacting us 2/n Image
But there are many issues that are misleading or sometimes simply incorrect. It says "A new cycle of storms will begin any day now". Well, #SolarCycle25 has already begun in late 2019. An early report on this is already published. See 👇🏾3/n… Image
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#CrowdStrike have produced fascinating research into #SUNSPOT malware, which was used to implant the SUNBURST / SolarWinds backdoor.

Here are my Threat Hunting tips to:

➡️ Find the malware on disk
➡️ Find the persistence
➡️ Decrypt the log files
➡️ Find if it's running

The malware exists on disk as taskhostsvc.exe

You can use the following commands to look for files on Windows

dir taskhostsvc.exe /S /B
where /r . taskhostsvc.exe
SUNSPOT used a scheduled task set to execute when the host boots

You can find Scheduled Tasks so many ways; two methods are to use Autoruns (from sysinternals) or browse the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree
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#Sunspots! They're back!

This is my view of Active Region #AR2778 on the #Sun, yesterday 2020-10-28.

Fun fact: Sunspots are temporary, dark, and *cold*! (in relative terms)

Fun fact: There are MORE today!
(Go look:

#outreach #scicomm #spaceweather Active Region 2778
The previous image of #AR2778 was processed into false color, using RGB curves.

The input data, started from the actual monochrome capture (using a green photographic filter), like this.

#solar #astrophotography #sun #outreach #spaceweather Solar Active Region AR 2778
Just for fun, here is a close-cropped view of this #sunspot group. It's continuously changing, as they do, but it's obvious from hour to hour.

Fun on the #Sun!

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