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Vedas - The greatest source of knowledge and the creation of the greatest knowledge and poetry in the history of the Mankind

वेद - ज्ञानस्य महान् स्रोतः तथा मानवजातेः इतिहासे महत्तमं ज्ञानं काव्यं च सृष्टिम्


#Veda #Sanskrit #Knowledge #Literature #India… Image
1. The Vedas are the source of integral wisdom, science, tradition, and culture of a remarkable civilization. They are oral compilations of the distilled wisdom of cosmic knowledge that survived from time immemorial. They are not only identified as scriptures but also as the…… Image
2. Meaning of the word 'Veda'
The word 'Veda' means 'knowledge' and is derived from the Sanskrit root 'vid', which means 'to know'. It does not refer to one single literary work but indicates a huge corpus of literature, which arose in the course of many centuries and has been…… Image
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بسا اوقات مجھے صنف نازک پر رشک آنے لگتا ہے
صنف نازک کے مطالعہ کے بغیر سائنس کا مطالعہ ناممکن ہے
کیا آپ "مقناطیسیت" کا مطالعہ صنفِ نازک کے بغیر مکمل سمجھیں گے، جب کہ آپ جانتے ہیں کہ عورت سے زیادہ پرکشش ہستی خداوند تعالیٰ نے پیدا نہیں کی
کیا آپ "حرارت" کا مطالعہ کرتے
پطرس بخاری
++ Image
عورت کو نظرانداز کرسکتے ہیں؟
جب آپ جانتے ہیں کہ محفلوں کی گرمی عورت کی موجودگی کی مرہون منت ہے
کیا آپ "برقیات" کا مطالعہ کرتے وقت عورت کونظر انداز کرسکتے ہیں۔ جب آپکو معلوم ہے کہ حوا کی بیٹیاں بادل کے بغیر بجلیاں گراسکتی ہیں
صنف نازک آرٹ کے مطالعہ کےلئے ناگزیر ہے
پطرس بخاری
اگر لیونارڈو، رافیل اور مائیکل اینجلز نے عورت کے خط و خال کو قریب سے نہ دیکھا ہوتا تو کیا وہ ان لافانی تصاویر اور مجسموں کی تخلیق کرسکتے جن کا شمار عجائبات عالم میں ہوتا
کیا کالی داس، شکنتلا، شیکسپیئر، روز النڈ اور دانتے، بیتریس کا تصور بھی ذہن میں لاسکتے اگر

پطرس بخاری
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Buckle up, crypto enthusiasts! 🌟 Prepare to witness the meteoric rise of @zethan_dao, the ultimate game-changer in DeFi and blockchain technology.

If you want to know how to be eligible for their airdrop (it's gonna be huge), then read to the last tweet. Let's Ride!!!!🚀💎 Image
♦️About @zethan_dao: Zethan is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on Zksync powered by Zethanx NFTs.

It's an excellent place for Web3 gaming enthusiasts. ♻️

#ZETHAN offers a variety of decentralized fun and addictive Skilled web3 games that will keep players entertained.
♦️Ecosystem: @zethan_dao is a comprehensive ecosystem that offers a range of mind-blowing features, all aimed at empowering users and reshaping the future of finance! 💪

♦️ZETH Token: The heart and soul of the platform, $ZETH fuels the entire ecosystem. Image
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📕🖊️**Über rechte Gedanken, rechte Verlage und Plattformen für rechte Ideologien** 📝📣

…und eine falsche Auslegung der #Meinungsfreiheit
(Ein Nachtrag zur Buchmesse #Leipzig)

Recherchen des @DLF haben erst im April offengelegt, dass Corona-Fördermittel auch rechtsextreme Buchprojekte gefördert haben. Dadurch wurde rechte Ideologie mit Steuergeldern verbreitet.

Auch auf der Leipziger Buchmesse waren, wenn auch nicht die großen, wieder rechte Verlage vertreten.
Einige Zusammenfassungen rechter Verlage auf der Leipziger Buchmesse 2023 finden sich hier:

und hier…
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1/ With exams looming nearer, I thought I'd do some threads on aspects of the #Literature texts. cc. #TeamEnglish. Here are some thoughts about HANDS 🤝 early on in #RomeoAndJuliet 🧵 Image
2/ Hands in the Prologue are synecdoche: they’re a stand-in for the dignified persons to whom they belong: Capulet, Montague and Escalus.
3/ With these names, we follow a similar logic: those are both the names of the houses and the men themselves, meaning that the staining of their hands with ‘civil blood’ 🩸 is the responsibility of their ‘houses’, not just them.
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Vedas - The greatest source of knowledge and the creation of the greatest knowledge and poetry in the history of the Mankind
वेद - ज्ञानस्य महान् स्रोतः तथा मानवजातेः इतिहासे महत्तमं ज्ञानं काव्यं च सृष्टिम्
#Veda #Sanskrit #Knowledge #Literature #India #Upnishda #Geeta…
1. The Vedas are the source of integral wisdom, science, tradition and culture of a remarkable civilization. They are oral compilations of distilled wisdom of cosmic knowledge survived from the time immemorial. They are not only identified as scriptures, but also as the fountain…… Image
2. Meaning of the word 'Veda'
The word 'Veda' means 'knowledge' and is derived from the Sanskrit root 'vid', which means 'to know'. It does not refer to one single literary work but indicates a huge corpus of literature, which arose in the course of many centuries and has been…… Image
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🧵#NamamiJagadgurum 008 on the #Jayanthi of Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava #Narasimha Bharathi #Mahaswamiji-33rd #Sringeri #Jagadguru

It may be fairly said without fear of contradiction that Sri Jagadguru had gone through every branch of #Sanskrit #Literature and retained

most of it in his memory. The most knotty points HH would unravel in a marvellously easy way to the intense admiration of his audience. The Sastras were Jagadguru’s playground & would revel in them as often and as much as he could. Besides, the Sastras HH was adept in Kavyas

and dramas also. It was a very favourite pastime with HH to repeat what are known as Antadi Slokas. More than a dozen Pandits may range together against the Jagadguru and still he would be a match to them all. HH would repeat from memory Slokas by thousands and all his

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Digital Spies:

In the digital age, privacy is a challenge,
Our personal data is at risk of theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

Our online lives are a digital talisman,
Hackers and cybercriminals take the plunge,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge. Image
We are always at risk, a digital malfunction,
Leaves us open to scams and identity theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.

We need to create an environment of caution,
And implement measures that give us a breath,
In the digital age, privacy is a challenge.
We must protect our data, a digital orphan,
And safeguard our personal assets from theft,
Protecting it requires more than a talisman.
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राजनीतिक दृष्टिकोणबाट विशेश्वरप्रसाद काेइरालाकाे साहित्यिक सिर्जनाकाे समीक्षा नगरेकै राम्राे।
उनका रचना धेरै अर्थमा उत्कृष्ट मात्र हाेइन, राजनीतिक रङ्समेत नपाेतिएका छन्।
साहित्यमा आधारभुत राजनीतिक विचारधारा केही देखिनु प्राकृतिक विषय हाे।
#bpkoirala #modthinks
यद्यपि वामपन्थी साहित्यमा त्यस्ताे हुँदैन, त्यसमा विचारधारा अर्थात् आइडियाेलजी या त प्रधान हुन्छ या सहायक तत्वकाे रुपमा अद्याेपान्त उपस्थित रहन्छ ।
केपी ओलीकाे वीपी काेइराला प्रतिकाे टिप्पणी यसैकाे प्रभाव हुनसक्छ ।
#modthinks #literature #bpkoirala
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Работают, братья ™️
Гей из Амстердама летит в Чечню на тезет?
Ложь. Бедный мальчик, его опять развели.
Второй сигнал: кодла Анохиной отрабатывает исламское лечение в Чечне.
Когда же вы, суки, успокоитесь?
По Анохиной у нес тред уже не один пишется. После Перемоги руки дойдут.
Темы эти вели сотрудники из одного кабинета на Лубянке. В конторе видать совсем мозги пропили: да подумаешь, #RussiaisATerroistState, вышла из всех возможных соглашении и правами человека подтерлась. Давай еще раз #чеченскихгеев отработаем, и Анохиной надо осесть в Европе, маячит
И нет сейчас среди моих сетевых контактов людей, с более свободной трактовкой вопросов пола и ислама, чем я. И мне искренне жаль мальчика, которого рвут двойные или тройные агенты @KremlinRussia
Но нет никаких шансов у нас со сволочью на мирное сосуществование.
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I love Their Eyes a lot (and it teaches really well), but it's far from the whole story of Hurston's multi-genre, interdisciplinary career. "How It Feels to Be Colored Me" (1928) is one of the great American personal essay:…
The posthumously published Barracoon is a really important historical novel:…
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Today pridie kalendas Ianuarias MMDCCLXXV AUC I offer up some posts/threads/links of philological interest I have lately seen. They are *not* ranked. Maybe I add to in new year. Said #philology is very BROAD church in the truest sense. Please, enjoy 🧵
1. Lovely little podcast with @OlaWikander which gives great example led discussion of the study on ancient langs/cultures. At the very least listen to his exegesis on his specialty, Ugaritic.
2. Here is @DrMichaelBonner (yes, another podcast). Worth listening to as he is a practicing philologist beyond the academy
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Desis in India have been aspiring to go english literature since pre independence.

They learn literary devices like similes that show blackness as sad and bad.

#Racist #Literature influences the social life style, culture and literature of India. Image
How did English literature become part of Bengali / Tamil/ Hindi literature in 2022? Why should Indians reads Conrad, Maugham, Orwell anymore in school? Bharat needs a grand narrative. Otherwise the world majority sees the word Bharat and
they go "Bharat detected opinion rejected". They box the Bharatiyas into a category titled "ignore".

Years of anti-bharat-brainwashing by English literature poetry/prose iassociates barsat🌦️ with death/sadness and black Kali as negative.

Barsat is life.
Kali is Maa.
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in my #AI and #Literature class we will be spending the next 2 weeks diving into AI co-writing tools. My first impression is that the world just cleaved in two. 🧵
2/ People are right to doubt the hype *right now*. The tools are limited in terms of actual quality. This is what we aim to explore in class. How "good" are these things at which tasks?
3/ But it's very clear that they are close enough to suggest that in some not very distant future they will be good enough to integrate into your writing process. Nature is already saying that's *now*.…
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Why are the #humanities dying? Why is enrollment dropping precipitously, why are departments shutting down from lack of funding and support? A 🧵by a former English professor:
The answer: the humanities are becoming more and more irrelevant, and its stakeholders are refusing to critically address its irrelevance.
A case study from my former field, #literarystudies: the central object of analysis in literary studies has not changed for century: only novels, poetry, drama are acceptable. Everything else is either on the margins or relegated to another department.
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Also, fangen wir mal hinten an, Ich werde jetzt nach und nach #Literatur zu den #Luftreinigern twittern, um die Diskussion zu substantivieren.

I'll do that mainly in English, at times in German.

Let's start. (AC-1) Nature News, October 2021.
1 Image
Of course, this is only a #News article in @Nature. The paper, at that time only a preprint, now appeared here:

AC-2 =
2 Image
In this work, authos state "Here we present
the first data providing evidence for the removal of SARS-CoV-2 and microbial bioaerosols from the air using portable air filters with UV sterilization on a COVID-19 ward."

I think this is true, in the paper actually particles...
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#Decolonization is working well when the ilk of @sagarikaghose start writing stuff like "India should move past the decolonisation debate".

Who wants to go first to destroy her narrative?
@IndiGenBharat @Sushmita4Rights @Birdie4canary…
@IndiGenBharat @Sushmita4Rights @Birdie4canary Who wants to go first to destroy her narrative?
#Decolonisation is just beginning in India. The Raj is still not dead in colonized minds in India. There is no debating that decolonisation is the need of the hour. English language is not a measure of intelligence.
PG Wodehouse, Shakespeare are not taught in Britain. Why are they taught in India? Britain’s imperial desires #Racist #Literature wanted to influence Indian social life style, culture and literature of Indian subcontinent. #Decolonize
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بلوچی ادب کے ادوار
بلوچی ادب ہر کھٹن اور رنگین زندگی کے ہر موڑ اور ہر موسم کا عکاس ھے۔
بلوچی ادب راست بازی، راست گفتاری، غیرت و محبت، حمیت، سخاوت، مہمان نوازی، حقوق، قول و قرار کی پابندی، عزم و استقلال، اخلاصِ عمل کا ترجمان ھے۔
آغاز میں شاعری کےموضوع یا
تو جنگی ھوتے تھےیا بارش اور فطرتی یاپھر عشقیہ۔ بلوچ قدیم ادب میں قصیدہ سرائی نہیں ملتی۔ ڈائریکٹ، سچی اوررواں شاعری ھوتی تھی۔ غزل کاوجود نہ تھا۔
طویل نظمیں ھوتی تھیں جن میں صرف بحرکاخیال رکھاجاتاتھا۔ بلوچی ادب کوچار ادوارمیں تقسیم کیاجاتاھے؛
پہلا دور__یہ دورسولہویں صدی کاshivalrey
دور تھا۔ اس دور کےشعراء رندولاشار کے مابین لڑی جانےوالی تیس سالہ تاریخی جنگ کی مفصل تاریخ پر مبنی شاعری پیش کرتا ھے۔
اس دورکی شاعری کاموضوع انسانوں کابےدریغ قتل، بہادروں کےکارنامے، بزدلوں اورمیدان جنگ کےبھگوڑوں پرلعن طعن، نفرتوں وحشتوں اور رونگٹے کھڑی کردینےوالےواقعات، قحط وبھوک،
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لاہور جب کبھی ساحر (ساحر لدھیانوی) ملنے کے لیے آیا کرتا تھا تو وہ چپ چاپ صرف سگریٹ پیتا رہتا تھا
قریب آدھا سگریٹ پی کر راکھ دانی جھاڑ دیتا اور پھر نیا سگریٹ سلگا لیتا
اور اس کے جانے کے بعد صرف سگریٹوں کے بڑے بڑے ٹکڑے کمرے میں رہ جاتے تھے
امرتا پریتم /رسیدی ٹکٹ

اس کے جانے کے بعد میں اس کے چھوڑے ہوئے سگریٹوں کے ٹکڑے سنبھال کر الماری میں رکھ لیتی تھی
اور پھر اک اک ٹکڑے کو تنہائی میں بیٹھ کر جلاتی اور جب ان کو انگلیوں میں پکڑتی تھی
محسوس ہوتا جیسے اس کا ہاتھ چھو رہی ہوں❤

امرتا پریتم کے"رسیدی ٹکٹ" سے اقتباس

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Can computational methods assess the #sentiment of complex texts? In an article with my fabulous colleagues from the @WZB_Berlin, @unipotsdam @LMU_Muenchen @JungeAkademie, we answer this question by applying #dictionary and #scaling methods on a sample of #literature reviews🧵
The article is also a practical #guide to help researchers select an appropriate #method and degree of preprocessing for their own data. Our #corpus consisted of 6.041 summaries of reviews of contemporary German #literature acquired from @perlentaucher00 (2/9)
The linguistic #complexity of #literature reviews differ from other texts with regard to their #language-- ambiguity, irony, metaphors, etc.-- are comparatively difficult to capture with #computational approaches. So how did our different methods fare? (3/9)
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For over 400 years, history has been haunted by Anarkali, the beautiful court dancer who was buried alive by Emperor Akbar, for her love affair with Prince Salim (Akbar’s son and the future Emperor Jahangir). But is the story fact or #fiction? The truth will surprise you! 1/11 Image
This tragic love story has many modern retellings, including the 1960s classic Hindi film Mughal-e-Azam. But if Anarkali is just #folklore, whose grave lies in the magnificent ‘Tomb of Anarkali’ in the heart of #Lahore, the former Mughal capital? 2/11 Image
The grave bears the couplet in #Persian: ‘Ah! If I could behold the face of my beloved once more, I would thank God until the day of resurrection’. It is signed by ‘Majnun Salim Akbar’ ('Enamoured Son of Akbar'). It’s the only clue we have. 3/11
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I teach a course on #Pakistani #Literature at @binghamtonu. This time around I started every class with playing a song on @YouTube.

This served various pedagogical purposes and also helped latecomers 😂

Here's the list of songs we listened to this semester
1. #Punjabi folk + West coast rap

Kandyaari-ae haey tere do nain...
Chakwal Group and @iambohemia @cokestudio
2. #Punjabi Tappe by one of the most beautiful Punjabi couples: Veena and Anant @anantkiveena

When it comes to tappe, national borders don't mean shit
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Ok #AcademicTwitter. This month, I'm entering my 3rd year of PhD! yayy🎉

I was looking through my 1st research journal and found these "tips" I had written for myself. I thought I'll share them here.

So, here's a 🧵of #PhDtips for those starting their PhD!

#PhDlife #PhDchat Image
1. Maintain a #PhDjournal📒
Experiments, results, failures, meetings w/ guide, seminars, weekly plans, proposal brainstorming, talk prep - everything related to your PhD in one notebook.

(coursework & journal notes can be separate, but I used the same note. 1 note/year for me)
2. Read a lot of journal articles. A lot.
It is the best way to take your research forward!

(I wanted to try the #365papersChallenge, but couldn't keep up. I read way fewer papers than I want myself to. This could be my sign from the universe to step up!)
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31 اگست 1919ء_____
گوجرانولہ کی جنم بھومی
والد کرتار سنگھ اور والدہ راج کور کی اکلوتی اولاد
استاد گھرانے میں پیدائش
چھوٹی عمر میں شاعری کاآغاز
16 سال کی عمر میں پریتم سنگھ سے شادی
1935 میں پہلا پنجابی شعری مجموعہ "ٹھنڈیاں کرناں" شائع
پنجاب کےبٹوارےکی چیخوں،
آہ وبکا، قتل وغارت میں مکمل ادبی روپ کی تشکیل
بھارتی جنتا ایوان کی رکن
تین دفعہ "ڈاکٹر آف لٹریچر" کی اعزازی ڈگری ملنا
پہلا اور آخری عشق ساحر لدھیانوی
ان کی تحریروں کے اُردو، ہندی، تامل، مراٹھی، انگریزی کے علاوہ فرانسیسی جاپانی اور ڈینش اور کئی مشرقی یورپی زبانوں میں تراجم
ادب کا اعلی ترین "گیان پتھ ایوارڈ" ملنا
"ساہتیہ اکیڈمی ایوارڈ" پانے والی لکھاری
"صدارتی پدم شری ایوارڈ" پانے والی واحد خاتون
آل انڈیا ریڈیو کی پنجابی اناءونسر
پنجابی زبان کی صدی کی شاعرہ
خالص پنجابن اور صف اول کی مصنفہ امرتا کا
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