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So here is the solve I was talking about for jaggies when baking a rounded model to a chonky one. (A tutorial thread)...

#gamdev #gameart #techart
Here is the problem. You have to bake the left mesh to the middle mesh. As you can see, they dont overlap well.

I got ya fam.
Step one. Unwrap your low. Then add some guiding edges to the model- DO NOT smooth your uv out- leave it as is.
Step two, move the guide edges so that they wrap around the model snugly.
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Okay, so here is a small chunk of a normal map texture. this is a classic mistake new artists make. The fine textures you see are baked in.

#gameart #techart
This kind of detail is better added in shader.

You can tile a smaller noise map over and over, and blend it onto your baked normals. If you need to control where, you can use a mask.
This has many advantages.

1: your textures do not need to be anywhere near as big to get fine details.

2: As you are tiling the detail noise, those fine details can be even finer.

3: Your textures will compress better.
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Little techart breakdown of our #GGJ21 game Abyssal Plains 👇

you can play it here

#gamedev #techart #shaders #GameJamWithHoudini Image
The terrain was made in Houdini with heightfields. Cluster node to split each biome, then use each cluster as a mask to set different noise settings per biome. Polyexpand2d on each cluster to create the breaches mask.

#gamedev #Houdini #GameJamWithHoudini ImageImage
I also used Houdini to scatter the props on the terrain, only exporting points as .csv ( using Labs CSV Exporter ) then wrote a tiny script to import them in Unity and spawn the prefabs instances on them.

#gamedev #Houdini #GameJamWithHoudini ImageImage
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this technique to render realistic smoke / cloud super FAST is not as well known as I thought so here we go
(a thread)
#UE4 #gamedev #techart #vfx #realtimevfx
we know the smoke / cloud simulation must come from *somewhere*, like Blender or Houdini simulation. when we make a flipbook, the most traditional way is to BURN EVERYTHING we see as end result on the sheet. but that feels a little dry doesn't it
one way to get more gold outta the simulation: bake out the normal. although normal doesn't work well with volumetric rendering, you can do it if you want and it does add some details to the result (example from Houdini)
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This is a seagull I made for The Pathless. I made it without using skeletal meshes or even blendshapes, to keep it cheap. I used a couple tricks to get nice animation regardless! Tech-art break down in thread: #techart #gamedev #UnrealEngine #ThePathless
To get this level of animation fidelity, I first modeled 4 keyframe poses for a flap cycle, kind of like how you would make blendshapes.
Then I projected each pose to UVs, and transferred them to 4 UV sets on a base mesh in a straight glide pose. I made sure that the poses only differed on horizontal and vertical axes, since the depth is not captured with this technique.
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