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#WestHarbour track work will reduce travel to Niagara by 20 minutes! Learn more👇 (1/4) Currently, trains leaving W...
Currently, trains leaving West Harbour Station must back up toward #Aldershot Station before they can continue to east #Hamilton and #Niagara region. The current project will solve this issue by connecting the dead end track at West Harbour Station to the main line. (2/4)
To make room for the new tracks, an existing storm line is being relocated south of the new tracks. As this new line will be lower than the James Street Bridge footings, the footings must be strengthened/deepened. (3/4)

This is the estimated timeline: To make room for the new tr...
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Ford is destroying our local hospitals. Together we can force the Ford gov’t to stop privatizing our hospitals and take urgent action to address this unprecedented crisis.

Join @OntarioHealthC and allies at events across #Ontario over the next few days -🧵with details: 1/6 Poster that says "Ford is destroying our local hospital
On Friday, Dec. 9th at 12pm, #Ottawa is turning out to Faircrest Heights Park (550 Smyth Road) to help #DefendHealthcare

2/6 Poster that says:  "PROTEST IN OTTAWA. Ford is destroyi
On Friday, Dec. 9th at 12pm, #Niagara region is turning out to Fourth Ave and First Street South (across from St. Catharines General Hospital) to help #DefendHealthcare

3/6 Poster that says:  "PROTEST IN NIAGARA REGION. Ford is
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🧠 Hey #VFX artists! Here are the best @UnrealEngine hacks you're not taking advantage of (but definitely should be!). 🧵

Up first: birds! 🐦🐦🐦
⏺️ How to fix UV Seams caused by math. [🧵2/17]
⏺️ How to use @UnrealEngine's Dot Product function to create desaturation controls. [🧵3/17]
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In this thread we are going, finally, to implement Navier-Stokes simulation in Niagara. We should obtain something like in the gif below. #ue5 #niagara #vfx #gamedev #math
Following the steps in Stam's Stable Fluids paper, let's split our original problem into smaller ones. Basically, we solve the momentum equation (apply forces, advect velocity and diffuse it) and after that we force that computed velocity to be divergence-free using the pressure. Image
We know how to solve (from the previous thread...more or less) all the elements of last picture, except maybe the "advection" step. Luckily, it can easily solve using a method called "Semi-Lagrangian scheme". Again, I recommend you take a look to @nvidia GPU Gems blog. Image
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It's time to solve some fluid dynamics equations! These are the well-known Navier-Stokes Equations which describe the motion of a viscous fluid. #ue5 #niagara #gamedev #techart #houdini #math
There are three or four unknows in this system of equations, depending on whether we are in 2D or 3D case. The main unknows are: the velocity (two or three components) and the pressure.
The first equations, one for each component of the velocity, are called "momentum equations" and are basically Newton's F=ma applied to a little fluid element. The last equation is the "continuity equation" and it means that the flow is incompressible, i.e., density constant.
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Before getting into the fluid simulation thing we are going to talk about "programming" in a simulation stage and why do this. #ue5 #niagara
Let's suppose we have a scratch pad like the one in the first picture. As we know, this scratch pad runs for every cell in the Grid2D. But, what is it exactly "running"? Image
Every scratch pad, when we are in "GPU mode", is translated to HLSL code. Fortunately, Niagara can show us this translation. If you select your emitter (and you are in the "Generated Code tab") you should be able to choose "Particle GPUCompute Script". Image
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At the end of the first thread, we set the same value for all cells in the Grid2D. Now we are going to make something more interesting. #ue5 #niagara
(2/13) Let's create a scratch pad in the Simulation Stage. In this one, we are going to use the node "Execution Index", that assigns an integer for each cell, and set as the value of the cell. Previously, we normalize it using the dimensions of our Grid2D. Image
(3/13) For debugging tasks, it is useful ticking the "Preview Attributes" flag in the Grid2D definition. When you enable it, you should see something like the second image. In this case, I've chosen a low number cells so that we can see clearly the differences between cells. ImageImage
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I'm going to write a few shorts threads for those who are starting in the wonderful world of simulation stages in #ue5 #niagara. The ultimate goal is code a (simple) fluid solver in 2D/3D that allow us, for example, driving particles by fluid simulation in a similar way as games
(2/15) like Returnal or God of War does.
(3/15) As (I hope) you know, Niagara is a highly customizable particle system framework. You can put logic on every step: when the emitter spawn, when it updates, when a particle spawn and when it updates. Furthermore, you can add new attributes to particles to play with.
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1/ Fermin Soto Sanchez.

You are loved and valued. Many people are grieving your death.

You died a few m from Woodland School while walking your bike on 7th St Louth (Regional Rd 34) after spending an afternoon with your friends, checking out the boats in Pt Dalhousie harbour
2/ You died far away from your home, leaving behind three young children and a wife, who you worked hard to support, as well your parents, family, friends and co-workers.

Fermin, your death is a travesty and an injustice.
3/ Niagara is your home and these roads belong to you, your coworkers and to all of us.

Your death should leave us with many questions.

Why haven’t the local roads been made safe for you and thousands of your compagneros who live and work in our community?
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I'll be live-tweeting updates on the #OnElxn in #HamOnt and #Niagara tonight for @TheAgenda. Check out TVO (on TV), go to, or cruise our social media for live coverage starting at 8 p.m. ET.
Here are the ridings I'm watching:
Haldimand-Norfolk, where polling aggregators are predicting a win for PC candidate Ken Hewitt, mayor of Haldimand County…
Flamborough-Glanbrook, where pollsters predict PC former sitting member Donna Skelly will be re-elected…
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#Niagara #NiagaraFalls
Just in:
Crews responding for a Gorge Rescue at the ‘Wooden Stairs’ at the Whirlpool Center; 3500 Niagara River Parkway. @NiagParksPolice @NiaFallsFire two female hikers in need of assistance stranded on a rock cliff. Rappelling will be required.
Aerial requested to assist with rope rescue in the gorge. Unknown injuries - hikers are reportedly located in a spot they can’t move from and require a high-angle rope rescue for extrication.
Hikers located by the aerocar platform. Crews making contact.
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1/N Some folks asked me to share my setup in #UE5 for how I used #Niagara to generate tiling ocean waves using Fast Fourier Transforms. This thread will hopefully shine light on the process and serve as a guide to those wanting to do the same. #gamedev #realtimevfx
The method for generating tiling ocean waves using FFTs can be summed up in these steps.
1. Precompute the h0 lookup table where each texel contains the encoded values needed to represent a wave. Its called h0 because that's the variable Tessendorf gave it in the original paper. Image
Everything needed for the sim is stored in this texture. From it, a wave's speed, magnitude, direction and frequency can be derived based on the Texel's location and the data stored within. The dark areas are from a "spectrum" that is multiplied to produce realistic ocean waves.
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#onpoli #VoteFordOut here are key ridings where you can make a difference by voting strategically to prevent the Doug Ford Conservatives from forming government.
Ajax riding, the strategic vote is Ontario Liberal. Otherwise Ford may win this seat. Don't be fooled by his candidate that was on the school board, they have no interest in public education. NONE. Image
#Brampton East a riding that could MOVE to Doug Ford's PC's if the voters don't support the NDP in this riding. Image
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1/6 A year and a half later, I finally finished my black hole project. #madewithunreal and now powered by #Niagara, this shader/sim implements physically correct gravitational lensing, which bends the light in all kinds of groovy ways! #gamedev #realtimevfx #astronomy #UE4 #UE5
2/6 A weird phenomena of gravitational lensing is the photon-sphere. @ScienceClic hooked me up with the equations I needed to represent this. When done correctly, zooming the camera in yields the same image repeat over and over to infinity (it gets small though)!
3/6 The accretion disk was my main focus this time around. I ended up learning how to write fluid solvers because I didn't want a static texture that was just warping around the event horizon. I wanted something alive, dynamic and violent.
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Tonight in #Toronto, @TourCNTower will be illuminated for International #Holocaust Remembrance Day #IHRD. #WeRemember @WorldJewishCong Image
Tonight in #Niagara , @NiagaraFalls will be illuminated for International #Holocaust Remembrance Day. #IHRD. #WeRemember @WorldJewishCong Image
Tonight in #Vancouver, @bcplace will be illuminated for International #Holocaust Remembrance Day. #IHRD #WeRemember @WorldJewishCong Image
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Mungkin Anda menyukai konsep permainan slot Niagara Falls dan ingin melihat apa lagi yang ada di luar sana. Untungnya, ada game dengan tema sebanding yang tersedia. Berikut adalah beberapa yang akan membuat Anda keluar. #niagara…
Di alam, seperti mengunjungi Air Terjun Niagara: Call of the Wild: Jungle Spirit: Hutan mungkin tampak seperti seruan luas dari air es Air Terjun Niagara. Tetapi pemikiran bahwa itu adalah tempat yang eksotis.…

Yang membuat hubungan itu terjalin.
Grafik 3D menambahkan banyak efek keseluruhan. Wolf Reels: Game ini membenamkan Anda di alam liar bersama serigala, salah satu spesies alam yang paling menarik.
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With advance polling starting tomorrow and the leaders' debate tonight, here's my attempt at a handy-dandy #Elxn44 resource guide for those in need. It's non-exhaustive and #HamOnt focused, but should be broadly applicable.

Firstly, the election is on Sept. 20. [1/11]
There are several ways to vote, as outlined by @ElectionsCan_E: voting in-person on election day, in advance polls (Sept. 10-13 from 09:00-21:00), by mail (apply before Sept. 14 at 18:00) or at any elections Canada office (before Sept. 14 at 18:00).… [2/11]
Elections Canada’s Voter Information Service allows you to search for your electoral riding by postal code, and see which candidates are running there. It will also show you where you can vote in advance polls, or on election day.… [3/11]
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📮❓Last week, the province earmarked select areas for priority access to COVID-19 vaccines, saying that people who live in postal codes identified as “hot spots” are at an above-average risk from COVID-19. Then came the questions. [1/12]
On what basis had these postal codes been selected? Why had some others with higher case numbers not received priority status? Those questions have been difficult to answer in #HamOnt and #Niagara, because the local public-health units themselves were not consulted. [2/12]
“I think it’d be helpful for us to understand in greater detail how they were selected so we could better explain why these are the hot-spot neighbourhoods. I think that’s the part that’s a bit frustrating,” says Niagara’s acting medical officer of health, @mustafahirji. [3/12] Dr. Hirji stands by a sign ...
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1/ One of the perks - and also a disadvantage - of doing research cross country is that you see patterns but not everywhere you can dig deeper into individual circumstances. A THREAD on #mafia #ndrangheta #LCN #Canada #Niagara #NewYork #Hamilton #Buffalo #Toronto etc
2/ first, the #Niagara region is today - criminologically speaking - the most interesting region where #mafia identity is constantly defined, redefined and negotiated. Difficult to pigeonhole in just one box (#ndrangheta #LCN) families from Buffalo to Hamilton have their own.
3/ you can look at them from either a local perspective (the cities) or a global one (North America at the centre). Not because their activities are always global but because their identity might be. Why? Because what you see locally might not be the whole story.
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THREAD: #ndrangheta #mobilità questa settimana ha fatto notizia. Prima di essere catturati dall'isteria per questa #mafia che è ovunque, diamo un'occhiata all'analisi dei fatti. Innanzitutto, la 'ndrangheta NON è una, può AGIRE COME UNA in Calabria e solo quando necessario.
2 / L'unità è nei 1) comportamenti mafiosi, 2) unità familiare, 3) coordinamento orizzontale in territori "densi" di mafia. La particolarità della 'ndrangheta è che #etnia - calabresi - conta enormemente per la resilienza dell'organizzazione, ma NON per le attività criminali.
3 / in #Argentina arresti per traffico di droga hanno coinvolto un italiano a Buenos Aires, non calabrese, un argentino di origine italiana, un uomo di Rosarno legato al clan #Bellocco - si tratta di affari, non di etnia.…
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Go #Niagara! For taking this seriously, washing hands, not touching yer face, & keeping a distance. We're able to learn from other countries and many regions in Ontario ahead of us in #'s of cases and with community spread. Be prepared. We're chasing down the virus for now.
Chasing the virus by finding cases and managing those at risk has been an extremely effective approach worldwide in the successful countries. Our hotline has short wait times now but thank you all for your patience as we ramped up.
This containment phase might not last long. Be prepared for more closures and make plans for how you would proceed in terms of daily activities. Remember that essential services would stay open.
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Some video capture of testing new #Niagara features with combining with Landmass Fluidsim and Raymarched.

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