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Thinking this morning about the opportunities I’ve had to speak with people around the country over the last decade and how moved and encouraged I am by the character & flavor of ppl in cities and states who believe in justice and equality.
In 2012 a year before I be ame @NAACP_LDF Director-Counsel I was asked to give the MLK Day speech at the WI statehouse. Inmet the most amazing activists and people in Madison that day. My speech was fire, if I may say so. But I had no idea (then) Gov Scott Walker would attend.
He was facing a strong (although ultimately unsuccessful) grassroots recall effort. My speech (again, fire) was deemed by the press to be targeted at Walker (it wasn’t) b/c the crowd was so into it.…
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Since the #BlackLivesMatter Movement began, I've helped raise over $34.5 million for families, charities, causes, & campaigns.

A 7 person expert review board inspected every penny - including the past 5 years of my tax returns.

Their 72 page report...…
I provided:

-The past 5 years of my full tax returns.

-The past 10 years of every checking & savings account, every credit card, investment account, and money management software.

-Full access to my email & social media.

-Access to every fundraiser.…
In this exhaustive 72 page report we have statements from 47 families & 76 different fundraisers.

Each stating that not only was I never paid, but that I never had access to the funds, never asked for any such thing, and did it all for the love.…
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Thread: Epstein's death was caused by a conspiracy, but not the one so many people are posting about. The conspiracy is much larger than Epstein and his ties to Trump. #Epstein
There is a long-standing American conspiracy to dehumanize and mistreat people who've been arrested. (Black Americans suffer even worse during an arrest, e.g., #EricGarner, #PhilandoCastile, #TerenceCrutcher, etc.)
I won't shed any tears for Epstein, but I will for #SandraBland, who was wrongly arrested, mistreated during the arrest, and then killed herself in jail. She wasn't even on suicide watch, even though she told police she was depressed and had attempted suicide before.
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Easily the most devastating 48 hours of the last 5 yrs. I spent the night on the phone calling every contact I had in MN, trying to find Diamond Reynolds, then got on a.m. flight to St. Paul (the only time I’ve flown Spirit Air).
The focus & energy of the local activists was so inspiring. Out in full force, clear and steady. Will never forget it.
The courage of Diamond Reynolds, the innocent love of her daughter and the generous spirit of #PhilandoCastile cannot be forgotten. We fight on for them, for Mr. Sterling. #TerenceCrutcher, #EricGarner, and so many others.
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#BothamJean was murdered in his apartment by a white woman police officer whose name I've yet to see in print. Ok, press. Protect her identity as long as possible even though she entered the wrong apartment, pulled her gun and shot a man minding his own damn business.
By all accounts, a very good man who was minding his own damn business. #BothamJean earned a bachelor's degree from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. There's a reason you've never heard of it--it's a tiny private Christian college run by the Church of Christ.
And if you've never heard of THAT denomination, well, how can I explain the church I grew up in? Imagine the Puritans--stoic, sober and austere in their worship and expression, in their decorum. #BothamJean attended one of the few CoC unis in the US, on purpose.
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(THREAD) Could police be classified as domestic terrorists? #BlueIsis #Corruption

Here is why we need massive reforms to our "justice" system. #ConstitutionFirst

2/ According to the Washington Post, 987 people were shot and killed by law enforcement last year alone.

3/ In total, 1,147 people were killed by law enforcement last year. 92% were killed by police shootings. Tasers, physical force, and police vehicles accounted for most other deaths.
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